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King of the World by Boadicea the Victorious

Clean, Serene, and Dewy-Green......but fit for a King?

To be completely honest, this is not what I expected from a scent named: "King of the World" but it's everything I look for in a green and clean warm weather scent...(aside from my favorite crisp, green camphorous scents.) This can be described as soft, very soft yet strongly projects wafts of fresh, dewy green, and pillowy white musk. Shortly after application, a whisper of lightly powdered fruit appears. The fruity accord smells slightly candy-like at this time and its dry but never overpowers the main theme. There is subtle depth in the addictive deep dry down coming from a sandalwood/vetiver juxtaposition. Stunning trail. Absolutely bottle worthy. Initial rating is a 9.5 but could easily reach a 10/10.
26th July, 2018

Kyara by Di Ser

Atypical Agarwood
I was so curious to experience what many regard as THE holy grail in the oud world known as: Vietnamese Kyara Oud, that the choice was fairly easy in making one of the most expensive blind fragrance purchases to date: Di Ser Kyara. Kyara oud is said to be atypical of the standard agarwood scent profile in that it does not produce animalic, fecal or barnyard-ish qualities. Kyara oud is wild, extremely old, rare, and commands an exorbitant price (€500 for 1 gram.) When burned, it is said to have a calming, euphoric, spiritual effect. The packaging is simplistic, modern, and elegant. The square unlabeled clear glass bottle (with a dark brown wooden cap) is housed in a gold cloth pouch neatly tucked inside of a smooth sanded wooden box. The box is tied shut with a thick purple string folded neatly in a bow. There are pamphlets inside describing each of the fragrances offered by the company as well as some interesting information about the house of Di Ser, Japanese culture, agarwood, and more. The opening was pungent and pleasantly medicinal. This medicinal bite remains throughout the life of this scent. The scent that followed was mind numbingly fresh, crisp, minty, and camphorous. The patchouli shows it’s strength here and normally this accord would impede me from wearing in hot weather but this is the exception. I’ve worn this scent 4 out of the last 5 days (95°F weather.) The patchouli here is so masterfully blended and of the best quality I've ever smelled (Prior to this, favorite patchouli coming from Roja Parfums H-The Exclusive Aoud.) Here the patchouli lacks the typical dank/dark musky profile Im so used to. Accompanying the Hamanasu Japanese Rose (Rosa Rugosa Thumb) is a sparkling fresh and slightly powdery sweetness that balances the deep woody heart and base notes. The fragrance opens strong and tapers down close to the skin at the 4-5 hour mark. As I write this, the scent has lasted more than 12 hours on my clothing and I’m still catching wafts of it.Tenacious for an all natural extrait. Expensive but I already wish I had a backup.
08th July, 2018

Vetiver Spice by Bella Bellissima

This is easily the greatest vetiver fragrance I've smelled. It can be described as soft, dry, a bit dusty yet smooth, slightly sweet citruses balanced perfectly with a touch of creaminess and warm subtle soft spices accentuate a delicate woody accord. Overall, I find there is a perfect balance of florals, citruses, woods, and spices.
12th March, 2018
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Walimah by Areej le Doré

“Florals Steal The Show”

As strange as this sounds...I’ve sampled this repeatedly but it opens up ...reminiscent of grape kool-aid but then shifts quickly to the most realistic white/yellow narcotic and crisp floral with the slightest hints of chocolatey musk. I loved the opening and the mid which then reminded me of the cleanest sheets just out of the drier. That scent of the florals passing through the windows open in the summer. Unfortunately, the final phase was a real turn off for me. The end result was extremely floral, feminine, and that’s it. I really couldn’t understand the hype in this scent. Sample before purchasing unless you are really into florals. Had this stayed like the opening or even the mid, I would be all over it buying a full bottle and a backup. While I respect this scent and all the naturals that went into this composition, I didn’t like where it went.
04th March, 2018 (last edited: 07th March, 2018)

Mousse de Chene 30 by Le Labo

I must admit, it took a bit of research and repeated wearings to break down this fragrance in simpler terms. It was one of the most difficult scents for me to describe but I think I've nailed it in "Plain English."
If you have ever had the chance to sample oak moss absolute like I have, you would immediately recognize the distinct aromatic qualities in this perfume. The oak moss accord is quite pronounced here but in the tenacious synthetic form (Evernyl.) It can be best described as a very warm, dark, slightly sweet, rich, earthy, creamy-woody aroma. Soon after the opening, you immediately notice that this fragrance isn't as dark as you think it would be. There is an undeniable fresh spicy, zesty, rosy nuance (known as pink pepper) that we see so much in Geza Schoen's work (Ormonde Jayne Black Gold, Isfarkand, Escentric Molecules) and even some similarity with Le Labo's Chicago City Exclusive, Baie Rose 26. I immediately recognized this note from the initial spray as I am a huge fan of Geza Schoen. But, the spices seem to come from various angles here. It's fresh yet also very dynamic. A balanced blend of Bay oil and Cinnamon creates a distinctive mild clove-like, spicy-warmth that lingers throughout the dry down. All in all, this fragrance is very warm/comforting, addictive, woody, creamy, smooth, fresh and spicy!! Mousse de Chene 30 will get plenty of use this fall and winter.

Overall rating 9/10
07th September, 2017

Cèdre by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

If you are like me, then your nose periodically (often) needs a break from the loud, intense, beastly fragrances that permeate your nostrils for 12-18 hours, often causing a massive headache. Why do I do this to myself over and over again, I ask.
Cèdre by 06130 is one of the fragrances I will reach for when I need a versatile scent that requires no thought of the setting, weather, appropriate clothing,etc.. A concoction of subtle spices, super soft florals, laundry-like musk.....and a whisper of citruses....none of which stand out over the other. It's hard to rate any of these notes as "intense"...rather, they are all working pleasantly/gently together in harmony. After applying, the first thought that came to mind was standing outside on a spring day, flowers and trees blooming, while hanging clothes just out of the wash machine out to dry on the clothesline. There isn't much more to the description other than what has been said already in previous is a mixture of subtle spices, clean musk, light citruses and florals. The composition isn't too powdery and it isn't too soft. It's just right. This is my kind of fragrance.
10th May, 2017

Musc 25 by Le Labo

Out of everything I own, Le Labo still remains my #1 fragrance house. I find their fragrances to be unique and versatile. I really enjoy the sleek, modern, and simple personalized design of the bottle. Le Labo Musc 25 can be described as being a warm, soapy, powdery, dense/thick, clean white musk which also contains a <<slightly>> dirty-sweet, animalic appeal. The powdery aroma can be best associated with a barbershop-esque Clubman Pinaud and unlike that of Johnson and Johnson baby powder. I would absolutely concur with henri435que's review when he correlates Musc 25 to Maurice Roucel's Musc Ravageur and Le Labo Labdanum 18. While there is an obvious parallel between these fragrances, Musc 25 has this irresistible and alluring sex appeal that is absent in the others. Most of my friends who I've shared samples with have ultimately purchased a full bottle. One appealing quality with this fragrance is that it is versatile and can be easily worn during the day or night (including after a shower or before bedtime) and throughout the year whereas I do not find Musc Ravageur or Labdanum 18 that easy to wear in the hot and humid weather. I usually apply a few extra sprays to ensure the fragrance will last an entire shift (8 hours.)
06th April, 2017

Oud by Manos Gerakinis

Main notes include: Oud, olibanum, vanilla, and coconut.

Oud is amongst the Parfums de Jour collection which also includes Petit Grain and Gardenia. Mr. Gerakinis points out that these fine fragrances are known for their versatility. They exude deep and soft accords which are wearable day, night, and any time throughout the year. It can be a daunting task for me to break down a fragrance without knowing the note list, especially when the fragrance is so well blended as it is with M.G. "Oud." Before I became acquainted with the ingredients, I described it to a friend as a clean oud which is non-offensive and unchallenging. The overall vibe is warm, comforting, soft, slightly-powdery, smooth with a buttery, and slightly tropical vibe. I would not classify "Oud" as a gourmand nor is it overly sweet. I typically avoid overly sweet fragrances and gourmands simply do not stand the test of time on my collection. It shares some similarities with M.G. Petit Grain (another outstanding versatile, warm, soft, powdery, comfort scent) after I give it a full wearing. After confirming the notes with the perfumer himself Mr. Gerakinis, I felt somewhat vindicated as I had envisioned some of these notes were present. Performance wise, it projected and lasted a solid 8 hours (4-5 sprays.) In fact, I feel as if I over applied the fragrance. Once again, I underestimated the fragrance and ended up giving myself a migraine headache. Overall, I am excited to have found this wonderful line of truly unique, luxurious, niche fragrances and hope they expand their horizon beyond Europe. Sidenote: I've tested four of Gerakinis' creations and three out of four led to full bottle purchases. Overall rating 9/10
05th April, 2017

Artek Standard by Comme des Garçons

I've been wearing this fragrance consistently since I acquired it and will likely finish this bottle before anything else that I have in my collection. This and Dry Clean are my favorites of the CDG line. What can you expect with Artek Standard? It is sharp, especially in the opening and you are immediately hit with a poignant lemon-y tea metallic accord with a cedar backbone. The saffron appears clean and a floral musk supports these quirky notes. Artek shares some characteristics with Santal 33 by Le Labo (both have that sharp woody backbone) but there is no sandalwood at all in this fragrance. I've layered this with CDG Synthetic Series 6: Dry Clean and some how they work wonderfully together. It is very clean and versatile. With respect to performance, you can spray this 10x without offending anyone yet it isn't a weak concentration either. The fragrance is weird but very attractive and easy to wear. Who is better at creating abstract/avante garde fragrances than Comme des Garcons? I really recommend this to any CDG fan....
24th August, 2016 (last edited: 25th August, 2016)

The Smell of Weather Turning by Gorilla Perfume

An obscure, medicinal, smoky, earthy and incredibly crisp minty scent. On top of all these natural smelling raw materials, you get a vision of a cold front on its way with rain approaching. Some fragrances and aftershaves immediately come to mind: Andrea Maack Coven, Chiseled Face Summer Storm, and Phoenix Artisan Accroutments La Tierra Mojada - Scent After The Rain. The common theme with the aforementioned petrichor which is that aroma released in the air immediately following rainfall typically after a dry spell. The performance is stellar...3 drops of oil projected for an easy 6 hours.
16th May, 2016

Oro 1920 by Bois 1920

In the realm of Tuscan Leather "alike" leathers, this reigns as #1. Incredibly rich and refined. It lacks the smokeyness and rough edges that are present in Tuscan Leather. At one time this fragrance was near $900 and now it is much more affordable in the $175 (discounted sites) and $340 (Barneys) range. If you are a leather addict like I am, this should be in your collection and chances are, it will be your most loved as well.

10/10 in all categories.
04th October, 2015

Royal Mayfair by Creed

Windsor has always been my #1 fragrance and I remember being mesmerized from the first moment I sniffed it. Nothing has been able to top it. Still to this day, I am blown away by it. As far as Royal Mayfair goes, this is the best smelling batch to date. There are some significant differences yet Royal Mayfair still resembles Windsor. For starters, the fragrance is overall a brighter, easier to wear, more fresh & vibrant fragrance. Eucalyptus, lime and pine dominantes the fragrance whereas the musky rose we normally see in Windsor is well hidden. In terms of performance, I am already finding that Royal Mayfair is superior to Windsor. Higher sillage and longer lasting top notes....Windsor fans get your nose on it!
23rd July, 2015

Royal Service by Creed

The scent is somewhat similar to Original Cologne or Pure White Cologne...however I find that Royal Service is unmistakably more rich, more delicate, and the differences lie in the subtle use of iris and amber. Whereas, OC remains more of a dominant citrus and light floral (neroli.) I did a comparison side by side to OC and noticed in the opening, they are alike but shortly thereafter in the dry down, distinct differences emerge. The flacon is a sculptural hand blown 5 ounce glass decanter!
09th June, 2015
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Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse by Creed

So Fresh and So Clean!!!!This scent evokes memories of summer picnics and happiness. I agree the performance is average at best however, I would recommend carrying a decant. This fragrance is calming. It opens up with beautiful mandarin, bergamot, and lemon then dries to a mellow ambergris/mandarin combination. I really enjoy the dry down in this one. It is not loud, overly citrusy or sharp. This is definitely one of my favorites for warm weather. For those looking for a great spring and summer addition, look no further.
25th April, 2015

Eternal Oud by By Kilian

If you are a hardcore fan of By Kilian Musk Oud (like I am) and you own a bottle in full presentation, then list it for sale and sell it for as much as you can. Then, buy Eternal Oud. This is Musk Oud "Extreme." The notes are amplified and this fragrance is much more refined than Musk Oud if you can imagine that. Incredibly opulent and very intense...a little goes a long way. Performance is impressive! Highly recommended.
11th April, 2015

Aldehyde 44 by Le Labo

My most worn Le Labo! It is so comforting and exudes vibes of cleanliness. I thoroughly enjoy this fragrance from opening through dry down. It is a dry, sweet, soapy, aldehydic floral that is neither masculine nor feminine. There is a monstrous dose of clean white musk in this fragrance that produces a detergent like vibe. I literally wear this fragrance every single day after I get out of the shower right before bedtime although I do wear it during the daytime too. I find it incredibly versatile despite the negative reviews here. This fragrance lasts all day long (I strongly disagree with shellshell40's review regarding performance.) If you own a bottle, you can get refills from LeLabo in Nolita (NYC), otherwise you are out of luck as it is a discontinued city exclusive.
10/10 in all categories.
10th April, 2015 (last edited: 17th May, 2015)

La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

In the opening, La Yuqawam opens up with sweet raspberry and saffron followed by a very smooth suede in the dry down. The incorporation of frankincense counterbalances the sweetness of the raspberry. In the two hours of wearing this fragrance, I have already determined that I prefer wearing this to Tuscan Leather. I have worn Tuscan Leather for two years and decided it is time for a change. Another leather that I should recommend would be Bois 1920 "Oro" which is a much more refined version of Tuscan Leather. La Yuqawam should satisfy those looking for an inexpensive quality suede/leather fragrance that can be worn any time of the year!

26th March, 2015

Amber Aoud Absolue Précieux by Roja Dove

Ahhhhhhh, the Crown Jewel of My Collection. The price is now out of reach ($1250 for 30ml) but I was fortunate to obtain this before the latest price hike and at a discount thankfully. Regardless, it is worth the money spent and will outlast most bottles in my collection. I need no more than one spray.....YES....(((1))) spray to the chest. If over applied, I will suffer an intense migraine. I've owned it for over a year and have not put an observable dent in the bottle. Extremely opulent, deep, exotic, and intense this fragrance is Roja Dove Amber Aoud on STEROIDS. It works well on its own or layered to enhance the parfum concentration. This has an incredibly high concentration. A real masterpiece....
26th February, 2015 (last edited: 06th November, 2015)

Essence of Oud White Leather by Bella Bellissima

Bella Bellissima White Leather opens with an insanely rich creamy guava and pungent-sharp saffron. The oud is very clean and blended to perfection. There is no barnyard or animalic notes. The leather is soft/supple and incomparable to fragrances such as Tuscan Leather, Montale Aoud Leather, Blood Concept Type O, Bois 1920 Oro, ETC.... Think along the lines of the aroma of a brand new soft leather wallet or handbag. Some words I would use to describe this one.......Opulent, versatile, and unisex. In the dry down the leather, vanilla, and oud become more prominent. 10/10 in all categories.
20th February, 2015

Safari Extreme by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Super creamy exotic sandalwood infused with warm vanilla, wildflower and clean agarwood. One of ASAQ's best sellers. Each time I wear this fragrance I fall even more in love with it. I have the Safari Blend as well and this is even more intense. Try layering them together for the ultimate experience.
23rd January, 2015

United Arab Emirates by Roja Dove

Aside from Amber Aoud, this is one of my favorites. It is extremely pleasant to the nose! It shares some similarities with Roja's Fortnum & Mason's Taif Aoud (similar rich taif note) but this fragrance has much more depth. Although, the Taif note is much more pronounced in Fortnum and Mason Taif Aoud. There is a lot going on with UAE Aoud and it seems impossible to accurately depict all of the notes. I would simply describe it as a beautiful taif rose with clean aoud infused with a semi sweet/spiced honey. There are a variety of florals used here but it is so smooth. No issues with longevity and the fragrance lasts throughout my 8 hour shift at work (with 5-6 sprays.) If you are a Roja Dove fan, this is a must own. It is now accessible to all and available on the Roja website.
15th January, 2015 (last edited: 17th March, 2015)

Wild Leather by Mancera

This fragrance opens up spicy and smokey with a raw leather vibe. Shortly thereafter, the smokey nuances settle and a citrusy rose begins to join the party. The citrus saves the fragrance in my opinion. Without it, the frag would be too dirty for my liking. It gets better and better as it dries down...if you are a true leather fan, this is a must sniff!
29th November, 2014

Vanille 44 by Le Labo

Breathtakingly good!!! I do not prefer to wear vanilla fragrances and this is the ONLY fragrance I will wear. Spirituese Double Vanille is a little too sweet for me but this one here is so comforting and a little more masculine. Non foody, soft, with a trail of incense and gaiac wood, Vanille 44 pairs perfectly with my bottle of Le Labo Gaiac 10. The two were made to be worn together I believe. I agree, the price is unreasonable, but it is what it is and once you own it, you own it for life and you will always be able to get refills whenever you'd like at a 20% discount (if you own the 50ml, 100ml, or 500ml bottles.) Without a doubt, Full Bottle Worthy!!!
19th September, 2014

AnOther 13 by Le Labo

Clean to the core....What does it smell like? Yes, the resemblance is there...of a brand new magazine taken out of the plastic and opened for the first time(That fresh smell of the magazine paper)... But, it is so much more than that. I use this fragrance so much in the warm weather because I never get bored with it. In general, I prefer iso e super and ambroxan and in this fragrance, both notes are pushed to the max. The cleanliness can be described as "sterile", metallic, salty sweet, velvety and smooth....NOT clean like laundry....or fresh cotton. This fragrance is very hard to dislike. Another 13 is one of my favorite offerings from this house aside from Gaiac 10.
30th June, 2014 (last edited: 08th July, 2014)

parfums*PARFUMS Series 6 Synthetic: Dry Clean by Comme des Garçons

Fortunately, I was able to snag a bottle of this fragrance (which happened to be laying around in a C.D.G. shop...miraculously!?!?) with the help of a friend who lives half way across the globe. Imagine the smell of a freshly chlorinated indoor swimming pool, now think of Downy liquid fabric softener. Dissolvents, natural smells, synthetic chemicals (nail polish remover?) and the intermingling of these notes sounds scary but somehow it all works wonderfully. Incredibly CLEAN and super attractive. Such a shame that this is discontinued which makes my bottle even more precious :)

30th June, 2014 (last edited: 03rd July, 2014)

Blue Encens by Comme des Garçons

This is one of the most gorgeous incense blends I've experienced and I'm also comparing to Amouage BUT BUT evaporates off of my skin in literally 1 hour.... It does evoke a cool, blue effect, and it is easily wearable in heat which is impressive. Very fresh, metallic, crisp incense is the best way I can describe it.... The sillage is about average. I wish it lasted longer and projected better. I say this.......if you love incense and you are a fan of Comme des Garcons.....this is a must try. I wouldn't have sold my bottle had this lasted longer but the performance was absolutely abysmal.
30th June, 2014

Neroli by Roja Dove

Strong, sharp and rich floral (neroli) in the opening which mellows out and softens as time goes on. Styrax is a bit intense upon initial application but this fades rather quickly. Quality is unmatched. A beautiful unisex (but slightly leaning toward feminine) fragrance to have in your collection for warmer months. Many people make the reference of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and I agree except this fragrance is far superior in performance and quality. It is a bit pricy but well worth the money in my opinion as it would outlast a 100ml bottle of Tom Ford N.P.....
08th June, 2014

Serpentine by Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons Serpentine
-Once again, Comme des Garçons exercises it's right to be different. Right off the bat, I knew this was a keeper. Serpentine opens with notes of dewy green grass, tons of musk and aldehydes. The asphalt is done right here and produces a flinty (almost peppery) edge which offsets the green preventing this fragrance from becoming lame and one dimensional. The iris smoothens out all of these mentioned notes and provides a bit of softness in the dry down. The back of the bottle reads "The Grass, The Trees, The Lake, And You"...Overall, I find the fragrance to be remarkable and very wearable. This fragrance successfully paints the picture of a green, ozonic, and urban environment.
07th June, 2014

Confetto by Profumum

Remarkable....Confetto opens with an incredibly pungent almond+vanilla (with a slight rubber note.) I am usually anti-gourmand and loathe fragrances that smell like food (or are too sweet) but this fragrance captured my attention. It is velvety smooth and super attractive/alluring. I applied one dab to my wrist from a tiny metal roll on decant and the scent bubble was impressive for such a minuscule amount applied. One full spray projects for 24 hours (or more) and will fill a room. This is somewhat sweet BUT not sticky or overdone. Although it may not be versatile and easily worn in the hot and humid weather, I am impressed and am happy to have added this to my collection. Nothing I know of smells like recommendation is to purchase a sample from Luckyscent before you buy the full bottle. The .7 ml sample would be enough for 2 or maybe 3 wearings. A few swipes on the pulse points would be suffice.
31st May, 2014

Musk Aoud by Roja Dove

Gorgeous opening with an animalic bite that is reminiscent of the odor of sex. This luxurious musk settles fairly quickly leaving behind an intensely rich aoud that is strikingly similar to Roja Amber Aoud. It isn't monotonous to own both, it really isn't. The price has been increased making it hard to justify the purchase. The longevity and sillage is somewhat disappointing however, I defeat this issue by spraying the bottle 8-10 times. The atomizer projects such a long and ultra light/fine mist. One spray from a Creed bottle is equivalent to 3 or 4 sprays from a Roja Dove so it needs to be applied generously. Instead of complaining about the performance like others do, I simply spray a few more times and I'm happy.
27th May, 2014