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Versace l'Homme by Versace

It choked me out when I sprayed it.

I bought this thinking that it was Versace Pour Homme, I should've remembered better but I didn't. I was bummed, but decided to try it anyways, and it was just so friggin' strong I couldn't breath. That pissed me off more because I had already bought it. I do find it useful to spray in the bathroom after I poop, though, and I sprayed it on the other side of my room and went away for awhile and came back and it smelled fresh like I had just done laundry. I honestly don't think I can wear this though. Super disappointed that it smells nothing like Pour Homme, Versace should change their boxes up.

Pros: Smells god after an hour or so.
Cons: Way too strong and offensive.

20th May, 2013