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Embers by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

I'll add a review. This is for the 2012 release of which a sample was kindly provided by a BN member:

Description (presumably for the 2012 release) from Fragrantica. I think these are usually taken from the house's marketing: "It contains a hefty dose of rare and precious Mysore Sandalwood, hand made bourbon vanilla tincture, labdanum, benzoin, rose otto and a few special herbs and spices… a unisex perfume is worth its weight in sweet dreams. Perfect for cool & cold weather, Embers is luscious, warm and cosy, like snuggling up in front of a fire with the love of your life, sipping hot chocolate whilst a blizzard rages outside"

Notes from Fragrantica: "Sandalwood, Bourbon Vanilla, Spices, Benzoin, Bulgarian Rose, Labdanum, Herbal Notes

My impressions: A powerful, sweet, vanilla, almond and fenugreek blast with a bit of a phenolic, medicinal note (that I have read some refer to as Band-Aids). I seems to be especially sensitive to this medicinal note, as it has bothered me in many fragrances. I do not get any of the eucalyptus or bergamot notes mentioned by some others. A true Mysore sandalwood is there from the beginning, but it plays second fiddle to the strong gourmand notes to me. The sandalwood starts to get stronger after a while when some of the opening notes begin to settle down. I get a hit of a nice powdery rose and some incense smoke, and the amber base accord. The vanilla and gourmand spices are still there, but more balanced in the overall composition. The scent is close wearing and incredibly long lasting. The powdery rose is not too prominent to bother my like the powdery note does in Crabtree and Evelyn Extract of Mysore Sandalwood, but it is enough to bother my girlfriend, who calls it "too feminine".
22nd July, 2021 (last edited: 21st July, 2021)