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Sì by Giorgio Armani

A current, musky fruity-floral...

So, I can see the appeal of this one, in the sense that a lot of younger women would like it (and I actually do know someone in their 20's who wears this). I find that this is the type of perfume that embodies the designer market right now. It's a patchouli-fruity-floral musky scent. Generally speaking, the Si line by Giorgio Armani is probably (to my nose) close to a fruity floral version of the Coco Mademoiselle line by Chanel. I sense some similarities in terms of the warm, powdery vibe but Si tends to depart in the more current, fruity direction. I do get the cassis (which has a blackcurrant like vibe) and also the musky vanillic notes, with the freesia adding to the florals along with the rose (and possibly a faint hint of jasmine or hedione molecule). I also think this might have cashmeran (and I think the ambroxan).

Overall, it's not a bad fragrance by any means. it is good in terms of projection and performance. For me though, I prefer the Si Intense version, which I find is a more grown-up and improved version of this one. I would happily recommend that one as a more versatile and universal choice, whereas I see this as working more for a younger and more current audience out there.
12th February, 2020

Kapsule Light by Lagerfeld

Generic yet classy...

Kapsule Light is a fragrance which is Karl Lagerfeld's take on a generic, light crowd pleaser... done in a fun, playful way. I also like the fact that it is not trying to be phenomenal or ground-breaking in any way. Instead, we get light florals, with wood and spice. The addition of nutmeg is a unique feature and is welcome here. I do enjoy it very much. The citrus is nice, and gives me an eau de cologne impression. I think this would work almost anywhere. It would probably shine in hot weather and perform great. I do see this as a casual and fun fragrance which is inoffensive yet still done with taste and class when compared to later releases etc. Not spectacular but still enjoyable enough if you're looking for a casual scent.
26th January, 2020

Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

Ambient spice...

I do like this one, a lot. I think if you are just getting into fragrances, this one might take you by surprise. This fragrance shows you why the scents made in the 1970's were in a class of their own. Karl Lagerfeld - Classic is a soft oriental full of amber, vanilla, carnation and spice. I get nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, all combined with a sweet, almost syrupy amber with vanilla and creamy sandalwood. I even get a hint of 'candied orange' in the beginning.

I do see how this scent belongs to a certain era. I find it very playful and almost borderline gourmand in it's vibe. I find it has good projection, sillage and longevity (many eau de toilette concentrations from the 1970's and 1980's were stronger than they are today).

I also see this as being unisex, so a confidant woman could certainly pull this off. I would recommend this for mature noses and generally for people who are well-seasoned in vintage perfumes. They don't make 'em like they used to!

I think that this fragrance, like many of it's peers, could be released today and it would be a niche unisex scent. All the more special that this is widely available as it is. The closest male fragrance I can think of comparing it to would be Aramis - JHL. Having said that, this is lighter, more playful and overall more versatile and fun. I love it!
24th January, 2020
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Shea Eau de Toilette by Body Shop

Creamy nutty scent...

Mmmm! I really like the smell of this one. It reminds me of cocoa butter or shea butter but in perfume form! This is a great skin scent which I would imagine would also be great for layering. The vanilla and tonka bean add together to make a creamy oriental scent. Absolutely beautiful.

Ultimately a nice, inoffensive scent with medium to weak projection and longevity, more suited as a body mist or skin scent. Saying that, a perfect base for layering. A yummy scent and one which I like wearing.
12th September, 2018

Classic Cologne by D.R. Harris & co.

Cologne with a twist...

So this Eau de Cologne by D. R. Harris is a great take on an old formula. What I love about it is that it has the note of lemongrass, which is always unusual, and one which, in this case lends a very refreshing and unique feel to the whole fragrance.

The classic citrus and herbs combination is there, but you can tell (as with all products from this company) that they use really high quality ingredients. I think the way this is made is exquisite. A really good fragrance in my opinion.
08th September, 2018

Jaïpur Homme Eau de Parfum by Boucheron

Smooth, Sweet, Spicy Oriental...

This is a very nice fragrance. I have the Eau de Parfum version. Jaipur is the first fragrance that I've tried from this house, and I'm very impressed.

I detect a mixture of cold and warm spices (including cinnamon). I also get a clove like note, which I think is the carnation mixed with a hint of cardamom. The spices here are blended so well with the powder, it's fantastic. You also get the myrrh, the amber, tonka bean and vanilla and it is extraordinary. This reminds me of Habit Rouge (more so the Eau de Parfum, as it has that Guerlain powdery vanilla vibe to it (Jacques Guerlain once said: "there is no good perfume without vanilla"). In that respect, I find Jaipur an exceptional men's fragrance. The quality here shines through. It's an Eau de Parfum for men launched at a time when that concept was very rare. It is probably a more formal perfume and would go well with evening events and events in cooler weather in general. I wear it casually as well as I love the smell so much.

Overall, I think if you are someone who considers themselves a "gentleman", and you appreciate well-made perfumery and fragrances for men, you should check this one out. This one isn't to be missed as the quality for the price (designer level) is very high here. One wouldn't expect anything else from a talented perfumer such as Annick Mennardo the queen of myrrh, resins and balsams. A wonderful oriental composition in almost every sense of the word.
08th September, 2018

Organza by Givenchy

A grown-up floral beauty...

So, from my experience, the house of Givenchy has always specialised in making distinctly feminine perfumes. In the sense that the one this reminds me of (which my mother used to own) was Ysatis, which again was a very grown up and feminine fragrance.

With Organza, I get a sweet honeyed jasmine with supporting notes of tuberose and gardenia. There's also orange flower and honeysuckle and this really comes across as another variation on a sweet, white floral. The vanilla, amber and nutmeg, along with the soft woods, really ground this fragrance and lend it a very smooth aspect. Well-rounded and complete - nothing lacking here, very polished.

Overall, I think it's a beautiful smell. The really great thing here is that it's not really a cloying monster or a badly done fragrance in any way. It's balanced perfectly and with style. I could see this working for dates and nights out with a loved one. Not clubbing but very intimate and personal moments and occasions with a partner. I see it also as something of an evening perfume. I believe it's very sultry and womanly. I could recommend it as the quality is there. You would probably have to be okay with a white floral done well, with a hint of honey and warmth. For what it does, it hits the mark. Really quite good.
05th September, 2018

Herod by Parfums de Marly

Great tobacco fragrance...

I had heard a lot about this one. A very nice tobacco fragrance which is enjoyable and has a vanilla and cinnamon vibe here which I love. Very luxurious and satisfying and one which I believe is perfect for formal and the cooler seasons. The tobacco is sheer and it manages to give a dry, almost humid feel to the fragrance but at the same time is great when combined with the cinnamon and vanilla. I would recommend this to people who like a good take on a well-made tobacco fragrance. Really good.
26th August, 2018

Extract of West Indian Limes / Extract of Limes by Geo F Trumper

Fleeting yet authentic Lime...

I have tried a few lime fragrances, and can say that this one does open with a very authentic burst of freshly cut lime. I have lime essential oil, and can tell you that the oil used here is of a high quality. No other ingredient need be used, because if the oil is good enough it is multi-faceted enough to be a fragrance.

Having said that, this is not a perfume or an eau de toilette, this is an extremely traditional eau de cologne which was meant only as a refresher throughout the day. So if you are looking for a fragrance to last and wear, look elsewhere (and there are very good an interesting options out there). I would say that if price is an issue, you could go for other options, but as a refresher and an authentic top note this is fantastic, just don't expect it to last more than a few minutes. Lime in all it's glory, but only for a brief instant, before fading into the air. Meant more as a quick spray to refresh yourself in hot weather, so for all other situations probably not good value for money.
26th August, 2018

Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

Real Quality...

I am so pleasantly surprised by this one. Eau des Baux strikes me as a fragrance which is worth a lot more than it's price tag. Extremely well made, to a level beyond what is expected from a house such as L'Occitane. It is a sweet, herbal woody scent which is reminiscent of other woody orientals (notably Tobacco Vanille). There is little not to like here, as it is warm, soft and never too loud. I find it strikes just the right balance of each note and works beautifully throughout the day.

I get the cypress, a wonderfully green and also dry herbal note, mixed with tonka bean and incense. The dryness comes from the woods, incense and cypress, with a hint of herbal background, and the sweetness, which is almost honey-like, comes from the vanilla and tonka bean.

I really think that, as a masculine fragrance, you cannot go wrong. It could even work on a daring lady. Eau des Baux really is phenomenal when you consider the price it costs. I think that people who like the honey, tobacco like fragrances, or woody orientals in general, will like this. Otherwise I would recommend trying this first. Another aspect which I like about L'Occitance is that they offer matching products to this, and I tried out the shower gel before trying this, which in itself has a fantastic aroma and feel. Overall, I cannot recommend this highly enough, for lovers of dry, herbal, woody orientals etc. Really nice. Lovely!
26th August, 2018

Casamorati Bouquet Ideale by Xerjoff

Absolutely wonderful... an instant hit!

Oh my! I have to say, what a lovely one this is! This has risen to be one of my favourites. It is a fragrance with which I was complimented on instantly (which is rare!).

So, I received this as a sample from a friend on the site. I decided to wear it, and within hours I was complimented! When I wear it, I feel luxurious, I feel content. It's such a masterfully blended perfume that it feels luxurious and ostentations, but also very warm and inviting. It's hard to describe. It's very much like wearing a very warm fur coat, or something beautiful and practical at the same time.

This perfume is quite well blended, so it's hard to pick out all the notes. I definitely get sandalwood and vanilla, and coumarin. I think the whole perfume revolves around this base. It reminds me a lot of Guerlinade, the famous base used by the house of Guerlain, which involves rich, deep vanilla. In fact, it reminds me quite a lot of Samsara and Héritage, both by Guerlain. The rest consists of a beautiful array of floral notes, along with nutmeg, cedar and cinnamon. It's a wonderful fragrance.

I came into this not expecting much from this one. Going by the name alone I thought "oh, it'll be floral, and that's it". How wrong I was! This is a beautifully warm, soft, vanillic woody fragrance. Even though it's female-marketed. I feel it would suit a man's skin equally well, and I personally received compliments whilst wearing it. So it's a winner for me. Yes the price is high, but it's also quite good quality as well. A really good item by Xerjoff.
26th August, 2018

Bergamote Soleil by Atelier Cologne

Sweet & Sour Bergamot... the best there is?

Well, I haven't tried a fragrance that focused unashamedly on the Bergamot note before. Bergamot is such a workhorse note which helps so many fragrances (for example every chypre has to have bergamot). In fact, some of the most classic fragrances out there would not exist without Bergmot, so it is a seminal note in perfumery.

In this fantastic example from Atelier Cologne, the note is given it's full space to breathe, it is at the centre of the party... the star attraction. I personally find this one very tart. Tart and sour in fact. It is sour and tangy and you can almost taste it, the high quality bergamot oil used here. It is bold and green and oily and sour, with hints of both bitterness and sweetness around the edges. Really good quality. In terms of performance I have to say it's not as strong as I thought it would be, but it does last a while.

Ultimately, I think that because of it's sheer simplicity, it's not something that attracts me. What I mean to say by that is, I'm not a fan of a purely bergamot note. I like bergamot in all my favourite fragrances, but this is like pure, high quality, zesty bergamot oil. It's quality is undeniable, but purely for my own tastes, I go for other citrus fragrances. If you are a fan of green, zesty citrus, then by all means do try this one out, as it is highly recommended. For myself, I own other fragrances from this house which I prefer, and I will continue to try more fragrances from this house as well.
26th August, 2018

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Beautiful almond and tonka fragrance...

I absolutely love the notes combination here. This fragrance has that sweet, nutty almond facet combined with the tonka bean aspect. The orange blossom also gives a nice, fresh aspect to it (especially when combined with the citrus). The leather and cedar round off the base here. It's a lovely lovely fragrance.

I see this one as very playful and laid back. It doesn't take itself too seriously. I also think that it would be a great hit with a lot of people. Nothing negative here. Just the right amount of gourmand sweetness and playfulness. I can see myself wearing this fragrance a lot. Refreshing and sweet, with just enough woody base and masculine aspects to keep it going. Extremely well made. I like it very much.
26th August, 2018
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L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Wonderful, sensual fragrance...

This is a great addition to the Guerlain house. This one has got me instant compliments and it's one which I feel extremely comfortable wearing I must say!

I love the way this one takes the sweet gourmand vibe of the original and gives it a richer, deeper vibe. It's more velvety and sensual, and that's what I like about it. I still get the tonka bean and almond, and it's taken to a whole deeper level.

This reminds me a lot of the great Heritage by the same house. That is also a very warm and velvety oriental fragrance which I have been complimented whilst wearing.

Bottom line: I think if you want a niche quality fragrance at a designer price, then pick this one up. It's definitely worth the quality in my opinion. Well done Guerlain!
26th August, 2018

Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

An old classic..

This one is special. It reminds me of the old, masculine style of perfumery. This is almost the quintessential barbershop fragrance. To me it's a leathery fougère . It's also mossy and has the rose, vetiver, lavender and carnation. It's very sophisticated and done in an exceptional style of perfumery, from arguably one of the best decades in perfumery.

This fragrance, like Tsar, which was released over a decade later, is very masculine and refreshing. In fact, I find this has a barbershop quality much like Rive Gauche pour Homme. You get a very masculine blend of dark herbs, spices, oakmoss & vetiver etc. and it's wonderful. I like it very much.

If you are a fan of the old style of masculine classic perfumery, this is one to try out. Good for the price too.

26th August, 2018

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

Darkly sweet, slightly syrupy, herbal lavender gourmand...

I do like this one. A sweet yet very herbal and dark lavender based, syrupy gourmand fragrance. It's very nice. I get the coffee and lavender, but that isn't a combination I haven't seen before. In fact, New Haarlem reminds me a lot of Eau Noire from the Collection Privé by Dior. The lavender and coffee, and the note of immortelle, were central to that fragrance.

Here it's taken in a slightly more gourmand direction. I do get the maple syrup reference. I find the whole fragrance on the edge of gourmand (as in it could be considered a gourmand whilst also trying to be a fougère).

The lasting power on this is phenomenal. Very good value for money I would say going by the performance. Again, the price is not cheap but I can see the quality here (also Maurice Roucel is a master perfumer of a calibre second to none). He's done a fantastic job with this one. I could see this working great in the cooler weather for sure. Good stuff!

26th August, 2018

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

The "One" Redux...

So, for my impressions with this one, I am reminded of The One for men by Dolce & Gabbana. I find Pure Excess extremely similar in that it is a warm, spicy oriental with ginger, amber, vanilla etc. Not only that, but it also has the same poor longevity of The One (or maybe even less) which would make me recommend this only for summer use in hot weather (and summer nights).

The perfumers here apparently wanted to evoke the smell of skin, and there are a few different perfumes that try to do that in fact. I do get the faint impression of warm skin and I think that this, coupled with the fact that the projection and longevity are not good enough to be worn throughout the day, I would recommend it for summer date nights with a significant other, and for use in intimate occasions.

As for myself, as I already own The One, I can't see myself purchasing this. However I would recommend it for summer date nights, as well as hot summer days, because this really only has the longevity of an eau de cologne, not an eau de toilette.
26th August, 2018

Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

Walking the line...

So, with Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford, I feel this fragrance really treads a line here. This is a little more than tobacco and oud, although they each present themselves in different ways. I detect a hay-like quality to the dry tobacco here which mixes with an ambery, yet medicinal oud to make something quite heady and intoxicating. This one can be heavy. I have read that the inspiration for this came from "dokha" (p.s. the word in Arabic, دوخة, literally means "dizzyness"). In other words, a very strong blend of tobacco and herbs designed to give the smoker a hit-like buzz when they inhale. In this fashion, the fragrance succeeds. It's like herbal tobacco smoke mixed with oud smoke. It's a smokey fragrance!

Again, it's up to you whether it's something you want to smell like. It is wearable of course, I would just exercise caution here and I do believe that a little would go a long way. Very intoxicating in a burnt wood and sweet tobacco kind of way. It's an interesting and intriguing one to say the least.
26th August, 2018

Royal Mayfair by Creed

A unique, perfectly balanced floral...

Extremely impressed by this one. I find it a wonderful floral which is completely unisex. Very classy and sophisticated smell.

The story goes that this is a re-interpretation of a previous Creed fragrance, which was allegedly created for the King of England, Edward VIII back in the 1930's.

As for the smell... I get rose, even some violet, jasmine, along with juniper (the "gin" note) and citrus (the lime note). It is one of the nicest fragrances with rose that I have smelled, and I like it very much. I get a eucalyptus note also which gives it a balanced medicinal vibe.

I can see this as a formal fragrance, for a man or a woman. I also have to address the issue of price here. This is a fragrance supposedly made for royalty, and you almost have to be royalty to buy this! I personally have a sample decant of this, but it's hard for me to invest that much money in a fragrance such as this. However undoubtedly it is brilliant and if a person has enough money to spare, I can see this being justified on smell, projection and performance. A very regal small which is floral yet balanced and sophisticated and is perfect for man or woman. I think it's great. As with all Creed fragrances, do try on skin first, however I don't think you'll be disappointed in any way. In my opinion only worth the price if money is of no issue to you.
26th August, 2018

Cologne Noir by Van Cleef & Arpels

Spicy, Fresh & Peppery...

I like this one. I have smelt this kind of smell before though. The use of ginger and black pepper together is not new, and has been done before. I think it is a nice mix, although in my experience the house of Comme des Garçons does black pepper the best. I can't say the longevity is the greatest, although it lasts a few hours initially, but dries down fast. It seems like a fragrance that is light in some aspects, so I think it's limited in where it can be worn and when. I think this would be great in Spring in particular and during the change of the seasons. I get the cardamom and bergamot and orange, these all add a freshness when combined with the pepper and ginger. For me, I don't find this too different from what exists out there and I think that because of that I would only recommend it if you love it after trying it first. Still this house (and the Collection Extraordinaire line) are very good but it's just worth trying out on skin first.
04th May, 2018

Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

Sweet Noir...

I have only tried the Eau de Parfum version of Tom Ford - Noir. I can say that the original in Eau de Parfum is stronger than this fragrance. Although this is labelled "extreme" I don't get anything loud here.

What I do get, is a sweet, spicy woody oriental, which is very well suited to cooler weather. I personally would wear this to work or formally. I can see it being worn at night or even on a date. I love the ambery, resinous vibe mixed with the pistachio etc. However I wouldn't consider this a gourmand in an overt way. It's subtly sweet. I pick up some peppery like nutmeg and woods too. I think it's blended together well but feel it's performance slightly lacking. I do think it's more versatile than people think it is and I think in the right setting this could work very well. It's one to have around for the right occasion.
24th April, 2018

Cinnabar by Estée Lauder

Warm, spicy & gorgeous!

I've been wearing this one recently and I must say, it has certainly left an impression on me!

Cinnabar is a very unusual and beautiful fragrance. It is based around cinnamon and deep spices like benzoin, tolu balsam, amber & other resins. These are combined with slight floral notes of rose, lilly and carnation. This gives it a very deep, warm, spicy, slightly powdery smell. It reminds me of red dust. Shimmering red dust with powder and spice.

It is a very opulent perfume. People will notice you in some way or another. I don't think it's loud, but if oversprayed it will project at least 6 feet around you.

It is said that Estée Lauder launched this one to coincide with Yves Saint - Laurent Opium released within months of each other. Other sources say that YSL copied her in releasing Opium. However I find differences between them. This one has a higher concentration of cinnamon, whereas Opium has a whole blend of spices.

Overall, I think Cinnabar is a wonderful fragrance, and an example of a beautiful, warm, emotional type of perfumery which has an old, classic feel of class and sophistication. I imagine the woman wearing this to also be wearing fur and pearls and a hat. I don't imagine an old or middle aged woman either. For me this fragrance would suit anyone in their the late 20's and above. Of course it can also be worn by someone younger, but I think it has a "grown-up" kind of confidence to it which you need to have as well to pull it off. I wear this, and also the men's version Aramis JHL.
26th March, 2018

Givenchy III by Givenchy

Why I love vintages...

As soon as I smelt this one, it took me right back to the reason why you can't beat a vintage chypre. There's something about the fresh combination with the oakmoss and delicate florals done right that just allures and entices you. Truly a lot of French fragrances made during this era were exceptional, composed with care and artistry.

I get a lot of the fresh floral & slightly fruity citrus top, with the galbanum and jasmine coming in, balancing the harsh bitterness and the dusty oakmoss with a vibrant hint of citrus and bright floral. The orris root, sandalwood, lily-of-the-valley and even coconut come together absolutely wonderfully here, with a honeyed gardenia note that compliments other white florals and even hyacinch. Really a fragrance which is multi-faceted and extremely well put together and enjoyable. It's a joy to wear and defies gender classification in my opinion. I'm wearing the vintage eau de toilette and it's really something else. I can't speak for modern formulations or versions but if you do get a chance to try vintage and you are a chypre fan just buy it. If you like Mitsouko and No. 19 then this is a great and unique companion to them. One which has to be experienced. Exceptionally good and what real perfumery is all about.
18th March, 2018

Eight & Bob by Eight & Bob

So, I've had the opportunity to test this one extensively. I have mixed views on Eight and Bob - Original. Whilst I find it interesting, I don't think it offers anything new. It seems to be a mixture of citrus, herbs and sweetness. But then, it's also priced higher than say something like Habit Rouge by Guerlain. In fact, considering the house of Guerlain (even their designer line for men) I don't see why this one would be placed higher than that. That being said, the story is interesting, but I feel that this brand may possibly suffer from the Creed ego trip that feels they need a special story and to sell each fragrance. Based on it's own merits, it's not niche-worthy, and it would've been better at a lower price (in order to sit among designer-level fragrances), as it doesn't offer anything beyond designer level.
28th February, 2018

Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

Deep, dark Vanilla...

Now, I must start by saying that I have tried the other fragrance that this is compared to, and I really can't find much difference between them! I'm referring of course to Le Couvent des Minimes - Cologne of the Missions.

What I will say, is that Spiritueuse Double Vanille is a much darker fragrance. The rum, balsams and tobacco really add depth to this fragrance. The performance and longevity are good and it lasts for most of the day with me (but is not the strongest). I don't find this one completely gourmand however. I think it's very wearable in many different scenarios (all year round).

I find the fragrance great for people who love the house of Guerlain as it has their signature vanilla accord. I think gourmand lovers would also like it as well, however for everyone else I think there are other fragrances that do what this does, and which come close to what this does, for less. In that regard, unless someone is a collector or a fan of Guerlain, I can't see this being worth a full purchase. I do recognise that this was a big hit for Guerlain and many people loved it when it came out, but I feel that gourmand and oriental fragrances now are diverse enough with vanilla that you can get more value for what you pay for in terms of a vanilla fragrance. It's a great fragrance though, that is for sure.
28th February, 2018

Club de Nuit Intense for Women by Armaf

Rose de Nuit...

I do like this fragrance. It has a great rose-patchouli combination. I do get the "dark" and "gothic" aspects, and the saffron, nutmeg and agarwood that add the the mystery here.

This is the first fragrance I've tried from Armaf and I can see the quality is decent. I find the projection and power is good too. It lasts for a long time, which is great. The drydown is long and settles to a faintly sweet amber and patchouli combination. I like it and I think it's versatile and could be worn in the cooler seasons and even on warmer nights too.

I had no reference point before trying this fragrance, so I don't have anything to compare it to. However I do know that the rose & patchouli combination is a well known trend in perfumery (almost as popular as rose and oud is these days!) so I have seen this before in other fragrances, and I still think this is great. Great for nights and dressed up occasions, great on a man or woman, and good on performance, projection and longevity. A good and well smelling fragrance for the price. Give it a try if you like dark rose fragrances.
10th February, 2018

18.21 Sweet Tobacco by 18.21 Man Made

Honey Malt Liquor...

This is quite a fragrance! A hard-hitting, projection beast of a fragrance that punches above its weight. I'm impressed.

I do like it a lot. I find the fragrance rich in depth and complex. It's certainly an extremely good effort. I would say that the main notes (to my nose) are honeyed dried fruits, along with tonka and vanilla etc. It's a rich fragrance which is able to impress and even overwhelm sometimes (if over-sprayed).

I find it in many ways linear. It has the ability to impress and make an impression. The red wine, saffron & woods give it depth and complexity, with a richness that stays throughout the life of the fragrance.

For me, it's good value for money. I would say that it's also a fragrance which would work in different seasons (and on most occasions) but you need to be mindful of sprays.

Overall, a solid effort by this brand which gives a great many designer houses a run for their money. If this brand continues to produce work of this level, we are going to see good things to come. Really good!
06th February, 2018

Grey Vetiver Eau de Toilette by Tom Ford

A Balanced Citrus Vetiver...

I really like this version of Grey Vetiver. I actually find the original a little formal (still a good thing) although I find this more versatile for warmer and hot weather.

I love the brightness of the grapefruit, lemon and bergamot. I think that pairing citrus with vetiver works and, although it's not an original combination, it's very well done here. I think that for versatility I would recommend this over the Eau de Parfum, however for value for money (in terms of lasting power etc), then the original lasts longer. I would suggest wearing this version year round as it's very versatile. For very formal wear and colder/winter weather the Eau de Parfum. I tend to like citrus very much and I love the way it's done here (it even almost reminds me of a cross between the original Grey Vetiver and Terre d'Hermès). The original is both more woody and more spicy, however this has it's own charm. I would suggest it for any age range and all seasons. A good offering from Tom Ford.
30th December, 2017

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Candy Guerlain...

What I get from Mon Guerlain is a sweet vibe. One which reminds me of a gourmand. In fact I consider this a gourmand in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire is.

I get the vanilla, lavender and tonka, but there seems to be an undertone of a caramel-like vibe... along with powdery iris etc. I find it very wearable (even on a man's skin), much in the same way that La Petite Robe Noire was. In fact, if that fragrance was for night time, then this is for the day. I also find it much more versatile than La Petite Robe Noire, though not as original.

I have read that Jicky was the inspiration (and starting point) for this fragrance. It's probably correct to say that this is a gourmand version of Jicky. I find it probably sits in between all the other sweet, female marketed fragrances today. I now understand why Guerlain need to release this in order to compete on the market, although the quality of ingredients here is quite high. It's well made for what it is.

Overall, this would be something to recommend. I can't see this being worn on an older person, but for a younger woman under the age of 40 I think this could work really well. I also think that this would be great on a young man's skin, but it would take a man who is comfortable with smelling sweet, it's a daring move in that respect. Only time will tell whether this becomes a classic. I am on the fence with it really.
15th December, 2017

I Love NY for All by Bond No. 9

Coffee & Cacao Mix...

This is the first fragrance I've sampled from Bond No. 9. I must say I've been pleasantly surprised. This is a lovely gourmand scent that (to my nose) is a mix of cocoa powder and ground coffee beans, with hints of vanilla, leather, sandalwood & black pepper.

It opens up to my nose with a blast of bergamot and black pepper, but this lasts only for an instant. It then begins to develop into a cocoa powder base, with hints of vanilla, musk, sandalwood and leather. I can see the lily-of-the-valley complimenting the "powdery" feel in the mid and base but everything here is so well blended that it's hard to pick out individual notes as easily as you would with some other fragrances.

So, in conclusion... an incredibly well made fragrance and one which does give value for money. I say this because it lasts extremely well on skin and even longer on clothes. I even showered and it was still there! As for occasions, I think this would probably do well in cooler weather/cooler seasons. It's a great addition to your collection if you're someone looking for a well-made fragrance with a gourmand angle to it. Overall a very nice scent at a (compared to their other line up) a decent price fro the quality you get. I would recommend sampling first, unless you are a gourmand fragrance lover.
24th October, 2017