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Betsey Johnson Parfum by Betsey Johnson

Because this is a "parfume" it is the best deal in town. It lasts all day. It never got the marketing it deserved and I noticed it was always on clearance racks for less than cologne prices. I would ask people around me if they knew what it smelled like and no one (I mean NO ONE) ever knew.

I went ahead and bought a bottle for $10 on clearance. I LOVED it! It is so high quality it should have been $80. Now I love Chanel #22 that is no longer made. It is a powdery floral and Beverly Johnson is in the same category. So, I would say it is like Chanel #22 but with upbeat citrus notes.

This scent is so uplifting, fun and feminine - I wear it as my day time scent and Gucci Guilty for evening. They make no mention of vanilla but I am a flavorist and I am sure there is vanilla in the formula that creates the powder scent in conjunction with the musk.

If your on a budget, consider this because it is a lot more perfume content than eau de toilette or cologne. So, you get a LOT more for your money. I wish Gucci would come out with a more concentrated version than the eau de toilette they push (and I buy) because I love it so much. Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Orange and a few floral notes are the same in Betsy Johnson as well as Gucci Guilty so no wonder I like them both.
15th January, 2014

Gucci Guilty by Gucci

I love this and can't get enough of it. Everywhere I go people comment and many already know it is Gucci Guilty. Gucci Intense is awful and lately you have to make sure which one you are really buying.
14th May, 2013