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Cacharel pour L'Homme by Cacharel

Ahead of its time

Vintage juice.

I used a lot of bottles in the 80's and 90's this is one of my holy grails.

Where are the people now who created scents like these??
I never get that WOW WHATS THAT SMELL feeling anymore these days scents all are clones of eachother
safe in corner sitting to get bought and sprayed on and smell ok... i like most but love a few,
And this one i love deeply..

This one TRULY tells me a story! its warm,dark and sophisticated its Autumn when leaves are falling and people are preparing for winter.
Thick coats and shawles walking with your girl in an old city when the winter scents kicks in chimney smells from the houses...

This scent makes me happy!
Its Warmth in a bottle

Pros: Nothing like it.

12th September, 2013

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

One of the many ugly millions

This is exactly why i dont like most most fragrances nowadays... and Paco Rabanne sold his soul in here..
The name says it : its one million or as i say 'just one of the many millions..."

Its an overedged and overrated scent with al ingredients tending to be too mucho macho.

Too sweet too artificial with this bubblegum cinnamon spicy mellon cake.

I see boys wanna be men in a discotheques lurking on young women trying to get eyecontact but not manly enough to confront them asking to have a drink or have a nice conversation, they stand with the boys being macho and laugh trying to hide their insecureness...
this scent is not horrible but its has no soul... i need SOUL in a scent i need have a scent with a story!
With this scent i can only think of the times we live in now... hasty,crowded,fast,aggitated multimedia overconsumed and shallow...
And again i get more and more hunger back to the days of real romantics...

Pros: - - -
Cons: How many characters can i use in this textbox ?"

12th September, 2013

Déclaration by Cartier

Smokey Joe

A scent with a big bang!
This one is very deep Its like the smell of sufficating smoke when applied, like walking in a smoke cloud of a burning fragrance factory.
True platform for the more known Terre d'hermes

If you put your nose on skin its will be too much.

But the sillage of this scent is out of this world.

Cartier Declaration can slam your head in the morning giving you a headache going to work if you feel weak because your beginning to feel ill.

It definitely will be stronger then you.

The drydown is remarkable good and more polite. (apart from the first hour(s))

Love it!

Pros: Powerfull and elegant

12th September, 2013
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Photo by Lagerfeld

They digitalised Photo

Digital vs Old vintage Photo

I bought it back a few years ago and too bad the reformulated version of the once so good photo is gone.

Its still a good frag in my opinion but it lacks some raw edges which made photo a great mighty oriental back in the days

It is still a good and clean out of the shower kind of fragrance and from time to time it buzzes me with one word : BARBERSHOP

Photo is a true aromatic fougere with lots of aldehydes and lavender it is clean and masculine.

I gave my uncle a bottle of the latest version and he adores it.

Pros: Clean and soapy lavender
Cons: No more edge and depth just plain soapy"

12th September, 2013

Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

Royal Waterlemon

The best spicy mellow watermellon scent ever made in my humble opinion.

Its a great spring/summer scent.

I think the mellon is surrounded by the cinnamon and peppers which gives this scent its distinctive aura.

So many mellon type of frags are bland and boring but this one has it!

The projection was marvelous but the longevity on the other hand was sadly short.

Made for a modern tidy metro man in designer suit with colorfull designer sport shoes underneath.

12th September, 2013

Ultraviolet for Him / Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

Pump up guys in sportscars

Jacques Cavallier made a lot better ones.

I always keep away from these types of scents.
Chemical,synthetic,sweet,linear scent all the way, what you smell in the first seconds stays in later stage.(amber in top)
A dark evening scent pretending to be romantic in a macho kind a way.

But in my nose it is a cloying combo of spicenotes,vanilla and ambers.

Paco's Ultrared on the other side is superb!

This scent is for tanned bodybuilder type of guys who like to play loud pumping house music from their tuned up sportscars.

I guess its the granddaddy of 1 million...

There is always one guy wearing this when i go out on a night out.

12th September, 2013

cK one Summer 2009 by Calvin Klein

Cucumber galore

This edition is very good imo.

The cucumber gave this CK one flanker a nice vibe.

Great for hot days out in the summer on the beach.

Its easy and layed back with no complication.

Not much say about it.

Good companion for a sunny week out.

Pros: Nice and fresh without any complication

12th September, 2013

cK one by Calvin Klein

Most vibrant timepiece

What can you say about CK One!??

This scent is like fruits and flowers in blocks of ice.

In the distance you smell the exotic fruits and the flowers but almost numb by a fresh breeze.

Perfect for a sports tournament or sailing.

Well marketed in 1994-95! all my friends had this scent. I must have smelled it everywhere and i had in the late 90's some smelling fatique of this scent.
I decided to buy a bottle too in 95 and we went on vacation with 9 boys ages up to 18
Still smell the moments with sleepless nights ,parties, girls and a little bit of alcohol... and this was UniSEX! and we had a lot that time...

What davidoff cool water did in the 80's CK one did this in the mid nineties!
(by the way L'eau de Issey took it over in 1997 till 2000 so it was a swift decade scent for CKone)
Ohh did i forget Aqua di Gio?? ahhh nevermind that one still is going strong...

Mucho-Memories in a bottle

Pros: Allround , open and airy evokes a happy mind

12th September, 2013

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

Not into eternity

Well its a classic ! Point made but...

But it is a transparant scent for me in a neutral way, fresh and calming but not very interesting.
OK i think there are not many men (and women) who will dislike this one on a person wearing it but ...
If i may give a tip for a better alternative try Lanvins Homme

Its in the same vibe.

I used to like the version from the early nineties better as this version had some extra edge which the current formulation lacks .

The 90's Eternity had a better sandalwood/lavender composition with the greens running around.

New formulation is soul-less

Thats why i give this one just 1 decade instead of eternity.

Pros: Clean and soapy
Cons: Thin reformulation without a bite."

12th September, 2013

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

Gentle sophistication at his best

A great composed fragrance! one of my alltime favourites till date.

Boozy and fresh opening turns around in 5 minutes into a soft blend of Lavender and

The rose is in a far distance dont expect a rose type of scent its minimal the vodka vibe is truly there and i must confess this makes Ungaro 3 (III) timeless.

Not a floral green scent as it is marketed.

The drydown is awesome!!! very close to the skin but very nice very classy.
It evolves into a super warm and luxerous frag! My first thought when i smell this : Pure sophistication.

I think it has similarities in the drydown with dolce and gabanna pour homme they are not a like but they both have that soft,creamy and gentle vibe.

One of my favourites for a formal dinner or wedding.

Very mature, a very wise choice if you buy it: -)

Pros: Unbelievable subtle and classy

03rd September, 2013

KL by Lagerfeld

Oriental Spice cake

My mother wore this one in the early eighties, i remember this one was very sweet (like a syrup)

It always remindend me of a Spicemarket with occasional intoxicating sweet fruits.

Great fragrance of that era!

Later more.

Pros: Ultra oriental very addictive scent

03rd September, 2013

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

The Bandits Cologne

I was so excited to smell this one after reading about it for the past months.
Never had the chance to test it in perfume stores its very unknown in my country.

First reaction :
A blast! it penetrates like grottola said like a nuclear fall out but in a good way! its a strange/odd femasculine scent and the beginning (after 2 mins) reminds me like the burning smell of Cartier Declaration! you truly can tell this one is gonna give you a smellsensation on the way it develops later!

I really LOVE scents who blast you away in the beginning these are the most interesting ones imo!
Its definiatly not a linear scent
This one is like a Gobstopper it changes colors throughout the process on your skin (i really like to smell it on others and in warmer weather conditions!)

Ok about the bottle and package! i truly thought this scent would be more light and fresh because the color and the package reminds me of a sunny 1950's bikini beach scene when all things back in the days where more sweet and naive but the opposite does strike me,the scent is robust and almost dark in a macho kind a way. its warm,spicy,sensual and the drydown more sweet but still spicy masculine
I must say i find this one a masterpiece! Every perfume lover needs to have smelled this one. (in my opinion its to cheap it deserves a higher price compared to other more higher priced scents)

I know for sure here in my country not many walk around with scent because i have a very good and scent memory recognition and i never sniffed it on a person here...
so im a lucky person!

thnx EA for bringing it back! now do your marketing ,put it in a new bottle design, wrap it in a sexy advertisement campaign with George Clooney and Brad Pitt riding a donkey in the dessert chasing a lady in a catsuit and tune up the price!

Big hurray for the bold'nóld Giorgio for men

Pros: Unique and Daring , strong and potent 80's powermix
Cons: Brutal opening "

03rd September, 2013

Sander for Men by Jil Sander

the ideal gift

One of the most friendly scents around, if you need to buy someone a new cologne (for a man) and you dont know which one to take because scents are very personal, pick this.

The dislike score is low everybody likes it in his own way.

At fragrantica 203 voted this scent as Like/love and no dislikes.and one member here at basenotes dislikes it on the review spot.

That must say something.

Its a very pleasant, fresh, integer but softspicy comfortable scent.
Not mystical, not dark, not playing games with your nose and mind.
Just a good and comfy fragrance which is often from time to time a good one to pick.

Sillage/projection is average to good
Longevity is ok
Good for office or day in the park wearing very versatile and.

Pros: Versatile,casual and office friendly

03rd September, 2013
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Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani

Ultra sparkling teenage fresh Orange juice

And again the horrible name Sport entered the game.

Well lets turn 180 and make a warmy cozy suede evening scent (Armani Code) into a whole another fragrance (summer day scent) which has nothing to do with the original.

My conclusion : if you wanna smell like fresh oranges peel of skin with a hint of mint?
Buy this ultra casual freshness.

You dont make a statement wearing this.

Long lasting and great sillage and thats a Pro most of this kind of frags are gone in 2-3 hours.

If you want something more "special"buy something like Clinique Happy.

Not worth its pricebut its not bad

Pros: Masterful longevity and huge sillage
Cons: 13 in a dozen scent"

02nd September, 2013

Ysatis by Givenchy

Royal Pina Colada

Wow @ Darvant great review about this absolutely stunning fragrance you nailed it every single word!

- First to say : This is my mothers signature for almost 30 years now!

This is one of the best examples of blending many types of notes without making this into a sweet cloying cocktail.

Ysatis is my Queen royal pina colada (without the pineapple) so to say.

Milky and (indeed Darvant) an tasty opening (not in a gourmand way) with a great sophisticated bouquet of flowers
The mighty tuberose and rose in a split handed out by orange blossom presented on a light crisp aldehyde background (faintly) the iris and carnation play a little soft accord and all notes are worn by this coconut-honey-milk note in perfect balance an soft ambery galbanum and civet sweetness.

Its so balanced so extremely well crafted! an olfactory illusion.

29th August, 2013

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus


Wow after 21 years got it again! and it was again as i remembered ...SOOoooo good!
What a GEM!

This is the 1million of the 80's (sort of)

Im enchanted by its masculine and warm sweet scent.
Its a pleasant smell for others too im confident to say that because i encountered in these past 3 days almost 10 people giving me compliments on my sillage this has never happened to me these days!

As i have to admit im not a sweet scent lover at all im more a green, darkwoody,spicy

powerhouse kind a guy.

It stays on your body like a hug! if you wear it under your clothes sprayed in your chest and armpits, one spritz one you palm for direct sniffing :-)

Think of
A handsome, confident italian man in his 30's driving along the boulevard on his vespa with a red dressed italian bella donna on his backseat she's holding him tight as they ride towards a nice evening full of joy and making nice memories... now imagine what they will leaving as a sillage/trail when you walk past them... i imagine this scent!
Its also feminine in a masculine way (sounds odd but hey this smell is odd)

I got many compliments these days so im truly confident that this Eau de Toilette does a great thing on others too. (maybe my skin chemistry)
If you are fed up with most common frags these days and if you like scents like Kouros,Opium,Jaipur, Givenchy Pi and Ungaro III try this for sure!
Its good price and even better value.

Great projection and sillage especially in first hour.

After that a warmer drydown with cosy scents ending in a beeswax smell.
Not a green scent!
Its oriental meets italian gangsters and bella donna's

Pros: Very opulent sweet and handsome
Cons: Dont overspray"

28th August, 2013

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Gangsters paradise

Its a great deep masculine scent.
Smokey,woody,leathery and very manly.
A evening night out scent.

If you spray it on your body you instantly get caught in a heavy, dense and deep masculine mist its fresh and spicy in the first 3-4 seconds and then the smokeyness comes in it puts a warm blanket of spices and leather around you skin.
If its under your suit it lingers around your body projecting all away.

Imagine this scene :
A big gala evening in a dancehall in Old Havana in the mid 80's
All people sit around in circled red leather couches with a reserved table in the middle where all drinks are on.
Men and women in their 30's and 40's all dressed up in tuxedos and gala dresses some dance the salsa ,the smell of sigars, leather and rum in the air.
In the background cuban trumpets playing cuban son music people get all heaten up because they celebrate weekend.

Walking through this scene would definitely smell like Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui!

Nothing smells like this. Its diffrent, its great its the perfect evening out scent for a classic south american or south european man.

- huge projection and longevity.

thumbs up!

Pros: Bold and masculine powerhouse

28th August, 2013

Bois Blonds by Atelier Cologne

Very blond

Very delicate.
A nice 'niche' fragrance very fresh 'n vibrant and longevity is good also for its freshness.
Stays long on skin but not on all parts.
Its not my favourite from Atelier and by its price i would not buy it anymore.
I mainly smelled neroli and orange blossom/flower with a hint of vetiver but not much. the insense makes it project more but it still is a fresh n fruity scent to me.
Green and Citrus not that much balmy imo.

Pros: Neroli heaven
Cons: Too expensive for this type of fragrance"

28th August, 2013

Straight to Heaven, white cristal by By Kilian

Straight to heaven or out of your wallet?

Love the boozy rum opening and the soft white musk drydown afterwards.
Its a sensual masculine scent made for the night.
im only concerned about sillage its not thats striking (only in the first 30 mins)
If i buy a bottle for 100 $ i seriously want some longevity and sillage for it in return

Glad i have a decant of 10 ml

Pros: Boozy rum
Cons: Short lived"

28th August, 2013

Encre Noire by Lalique

Pencil & ink

Masterpiece no doubt.

Imagine this :

Take some liquorice wood (sweetwood) some dry vetiver, dry cashmere wood and cypress al dried to bone, poor raw alcohol on it and set it on fire till it burns and when its burns real good poor a big bucket of ink on it to put the fire out... now smell the smothering dense smoke coming from this substance. thats lalique encre noir!
Its sophisticated vetiver with a great sillage.
Im a true fan!

Pros: Natural and sophisticated woods

28th August, 2013

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Not grey at all

Most natural (non-synthetic) fragrance i ever smelled.
Its a sharp blast in the beginning with crushed flowers n freshly mowed grass mainly violets but well composed, very green!
Drydown is soft,tender,kind and laidback.
In my opinion the best laid back lazy sunday fragrance ever created.
It will not offend anybody i think this perfume is one of the most kind ones amongsts the sexy,macho, and bold perfumes around for men.
its not a perfume you should wear in sweaty night club or on a dance party for sure.
I think if you wear this right (smile with it) many people (women,men,and elderly people) are easily attracted to you because you create a aura of kindness around you.
Maybe a good advice to wear this if your a salesman...
My girlfriend told me that it was sex in a bottle after she smelled it on first sniff.
Maybe she likes kindness...

Second great thing about this is the price!
Many people here said its almost niche like and i totally agree with that. one of the cheapest niche perfumes around.


Pros: Most green fragrance ever
Cons: Can be crude to some"

28th August, 2013

Quorum by Antonio Puig

The man who drives a Malibu Woody

I have the new version, the bergamot,oakmoss,pine and sandalwood are well done where the bergamot and citrus are floating well between the earthy tones.

Its a manly scent. I thought it would be harsher and tougher as i bought it blind but to my suprise this is a very "mild" fragrance. Mild in a way its a clean fresh bergamot rolled in the sand kind a way.
Good projection and longevity. stays long ons skin especially hairy skin. (arms,chest) if you have enough hair offcourse.

Someone told in a review its like a man who is not cheating on his wife/girlfriend and i agree with that.
Its for a type of guy who drives a woody stationcar and loves his family, not a party guy.

Very down to earth, very masculine in a somehow musty way
not like Kouros i say.
Not expensive.

Pros: A certain powerhouse

28th August, 2013

Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man by Byredo

Laidback Sunny Sunday

Laidback easy sunday morning out of the shower fresh and vibrant notes give you a good feeling all through the morning/day.

Everyone knows that feeling when you are free off in the weekend being in your element around the house feeling happy the way you are... no more no less... just be.
Its an uplifting mood fragrance.
If you like clean fresh 'n vibrant cologne type scents this one is a really good choice!
Its pricy so i think i get an alternative but well done Byredo i love this house

Pros: Uplifting, sunny, fresh and light with a twist

26th August, 2013

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Safe but boring

Did not grabbed me at all, very normal not expected that from monsieur Polge.
Of all Chanel's I used in the past decades this one is imo the most "regular" one.
That said i agree many men will like it as a save office scent.
I want personality in a scent. this one blends in the crowd.

almost sure this one never will be in my top 10.
Ahh well i have Egoiste, Antaeus and Monsieur

Pros: Fresh
Cons: Boring, regular, neutral, meh"

26th August, 2013

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

Peacefully Calm Citrus

Great memories of my grandpa, he splashed this in his handkerchief in his pocket, from time to time sniffing it when he snorted his nose.

Citrus-fresh-peaceful, i would buy it only for this memory or to refresh my nose.

Calm and peacefull like an intro to an orchestra with violins and flutes

The best inoffensive scent to wear if your working in a hospital or medical threatment!

26th August, 2013

Zirh Ikon by Zirh

Great Melancholie

My second review after i tested this one good.
First of all this scent is cheap! and not smell-wise cheap put paywise :-) so i like that for starters ...
I tested a good 8 sprays in the morning after a shower.
Opening first 30 seconds to 2 -5 mins is not that good , little bit sour?

I think many will dislike the opening and by this will not buy it in stores.

After 5 minutes the scent becomes better!

Its a real winter fragrance. and maybe odd but i resemble this scent with churches, dungeons and priests...
Dont expect a very unusual scent its nice sweetish,insense warm and spicy smells almost like a christmas glow.

Sillage and Longevity are allright after a few wearings.

the scent tends to be introvert and not outgoing. Not for the machos.
Drydown on skin is great! almost like By Killians perfumes.
So i give the best ratings for the drydown.

- Opening : 5 out of 10
- Middle : 7.5 out of 10
- End : 8.5 out of 10

Pros: Superb mid and drydown , price and perfect for christmas
Cons: Bad opening"

26th August, 2013

Bergamotto Marino by Gianfranco Ferré

Cote D 'azure in a bottle

Opens fresh and vibrant, just as i expected (and happy with it) first 10 seconds are combining ingredients citrus,floral,sour.
After a few minutes the drydown comes in and oh my... i really gonna love this one!
For an EDC very good longevity with strength of a good Edt.

Its classy and by all means a bit sporty but in a yachtclub kinda way.
Its a great fresh scent maybe one of the best fresh scents i sniffed in a long while! It captivates me and presents me a scenery i try to descibe here :


Cote Azur,Cap Martin South France at the Italian border late 60's...
In a yachtclub in the port all boats and luxury yachts are lined up in the blue waters.

In this port a little marketplace with stacked up crates of fresh fruits like bergamots and citrus fruits is openened my the marketmen in the morning when the sunrises for a nice summer day.

In front of the port some bars are openened to get breakfast outside , classy women with hats and big sunglasses and gentlemen in white linen suits reading the morning paper and drinking orange juice.
Then a mild seabreeze opens and gets past the yachts,marketplace and bar with people...this breeze will captivate this scent.

I love it! it divined me a great cologne with almost eau de toilette and parfum like sillage/longevity.
It also beats my review on sunday cologne by byredo. its better in my opinion

Straight in my top 10

Pros: Fresh Vibrant and confidently dandy
Cons: hard to find here...."

26th August, 2013

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

The smell of ancient gods

I can be short and brief about Kouros so many people here told great stuff about this godly potion.
I think Kouros is Unique,fresh,deep and mysterious oh did i say unique?

I think its an Ubermasculine Alpha Male fragrance.

and Most bold and daring juice ever created in this century.

Alfaroms review is spot on!

True story :

Once i heard about a woman working in a office being stalked by her manager/boss for months and she was not in the position to react against him because she was dependent in crisis for work on his judgement and decisions.

He was in control of her so to speak.

She had kids and was not married anymore so she worked her ass of for this company keeping her head up, she loved her work but hated his guts.

One day she was fed up with his harresments and she picked up an old woolen sweater from her closet and she sprayed this over with tons of sprays of an old bottle of Kouros which was left behind by her ex.

The next day she dropped this sweater over her chair in her office.

Everytime her manager came in her office he reacted instinctly on the fragrance which was lingering in space. He instantly stopped any harresment and reacted reserved the next days that came.

This reaction was definiatly drawn by the Kouros cloud.

And you thought that animals only reacted on territory border huh? We all are products of instinctive nature...

Thats 1 of the many powers of Kouros.

Statement frag, MASTERPIECE

Pros: UNIQUE , One of a kind, Bold and intelligent
Cons: Ehhhhwwww reactions from girls wearing Nicky Minaje frags"

26th August, 2013

Nightflight by Joop!

The kind player

Nightflight was my first "more expensive" purchase in the early nineties, this scent is made in a era of remarkable ones instead of the mainstream scents nowadays.

Nightflight in my opinon is the grandmother of the Fruity Fresh and Spicy group as it starts clear and sweet but drops quickly into a deeper spicy one but in a very kind and sweet way (not sugarsweet)

When the deeper almond and tonka comes in making this one an odd one instead of the lineair aquatics from that time.

I always thought this scent was meant for the more softer type of guys , guys who really care about women not the players.

Thumbs up for this classic one.

Pros: Strong and fruity

26th August, 2013

Blue Sugar by Aquolina

Diabetes in a bottle

The Good :

This is the closest thing to Gourmand you can get! It is Gourmand with the capital G, this scent totally smells like a vivid candy dream.
Its very natural smelling in a way that everyone in my area asked me if i burned some marshmellows or ate some cotton candy when i sprayed a spritzzz on my wrist.

Its grabs your attention because the sweetness covers all air in a 20 foot radius.
Details :
Opens as 50% liquorice 40% cottoncandy 10% Anise
Then evolves to 99% cotton candy caramel sweetness.

The Bad :

Drydown is the only bad part after a few hours this scent get cloying in the drydown it loses its structure and gets annoying.

Too bad otherwise i would rate it

Thumbs up for the scent till drydown.

Pros: Eatable fragrance and delicious for women
Cons: Bad drydown, breaks in pieces"

26th August, 2013