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Winter Light by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

A very subdued and not in your face charmer for the outdoors lover. This is truly a Hikers scent. Wonderfully composed weaved by Teone's magic blending skills. The Juniper, Fir, Cypress are all dominating the proceedings with Bergamot, Sage and Frankincense rounding out any rough edges.
One of my first visits to house of TRNP and still remains one of my very favorites. A constant reach as it just doesn't overbear in any way. Perfect Fall scent but can work well in any transition month.
As with all her blends it is all natural and has a very respectable five or six hour life.
14th May, 2021

MEM by Bogue Profumo

Superior blending. Perhaps the best from the house at least so far in my humble opinion. Such a Cornucopia of notes which makes ones head spin but it all seems to work like a Grande Symphony.
Magnificent production. Thank you Mr Gardoni!
10th May, 2021

The Moon by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Red raspberry Oudy heaven. A very well composed addition of the Malle line and extremely long lasting. You can feel the the foundational cheesy Oud trying to raise it's head but is put in in it's place by the fruity and leather notes which in some way keeps it subdued. A stunning scent which gives a glimpse of a Western interpretation of Middle Eastern elegance. Perhaps my favorite of this series. Excellent!
04th May, 2021
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Magus by Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume

Exceptional. One of Teone's unsung compositions. The blending in this receives high marks as it just envelopes you in all it's complexities. The cloves are a standout yes but there is so much more weaving in and out that you really appreciate the total package. For me the longevity is about five to six hours which again is exceptional for the naturals used. Price is very competitive in todays marketplace.
14th April, 2021 (last edited: 17th April, 2021)

Zemfira by Bortnikoff

Sparkling young watery rose that is so inviting to encapsulate the wearer. Nothing out of place here as it is a very comforting and well behaved Vietnamese Oud which couples with sandlewood that finishes this scent to perfection. I can see why Dmitry feels this is his favorite scent. It has spoken to me numerous times and I can wear it with confidence in the workplace and I am a male. Unisex with perhaps a slight feminine learn. Well done indeed!
24th May, 2020

Mysterious Oud by Bortnikoff

Totally capitivating. I let this one pass me by as I have been throughly enjoying Dmitry's work in his later series. Glad I found this before it became completely to hard to source. The sparkling orange bergamot opening takes me on a uplifting journey all the way to the base were the real magic begins with its superior blending of three Oud triumpriate of Vietnamese, Hindi and Trat plus a phlethora of other notes.
A triumph of a scent which again has been a relevation to my senses. I really enjoy this work.
30th April, 2020

Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

Dark, mysterious and wonderfully composed and that's just the Mongolian themed looking bottle. What lays hidden inside is the real treat to behold. Ginger starts the procession with electrifying urgency and coupled with the citrus & lavender notes gives it a very pleasurable robust start to say the least. I knew at that moment I was hooked on this Marc de la Morandiere offering.This isn't a one trick pony by any means and the senses kept experiencing different layers of euphoria into spice heaven. I can only imagine how the older version stacks up to this reformulation and perhaps I will have a opportunity to try that someday. Nonetheless, this is a tough cookie to find even on the company's website as they seem to have had some difficulty procuring the correct ingredients to get their desired composition.
I am also reviewing the parfum strength albeit on the reformulation. On this Merit:
Scent 10/10
Longevity 9/10
Projection 8/10
A very strong recommendation.
04th November, 2013