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Alien Man Fusion by Thierry Mugler

As soon as I sprayed this, I knew that it smacked of something very familiar. After spinning through the rolodex of fragrances in my memory bank, I concluded that it was L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Both fragrances are dominated by the ginger note that lasts through the entire run.

You could do worse for an office/casual workhorse, but you could also find a thousand more interesting options.
29th May, 2021

Match Point by Lacoste

I don't usually add my 2 cents, because others can break down scents much better than I. However, I just tested this on paper, and after the about 5 minutes, there is a slight marijuana accord if one inhales deeply. Quite a surprise for a house built on preppy aesthetic.
18th October, 2020

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

No originality, no performance, no effort into creating this pathetic scent. The name is absolutely perfect, because as soon as I sniffed it, I asked why?
21st September, 2017
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Elan d'Orange by Hove Parfumeur

I see a lot of people enjoying 4711, but wishing it would last longer. Elan D'Orange would be a pretty good solution. I have been dabbing on small amounts as part of my office rotation and have been getting close to all day longevity, albeit most of that time emitting minimal projection. That isn't bad for a neroli-centric eau de cologne.
26th June, 2014

El Capitan by Hove Parfumeur

Another solid entry into the Clubman/Canoe/Brut family of masculine scents.
12th June, 2014

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I don't get the comparison with Paco Rabanne at all. To me, this is Drakkar Noir with with an added prominent anise note up front. Old school goodness that is a classic. Classics never go out of style.
15th May, 2012

Ginseng N.R.G. by Jovan

I haven't tried Jovan's White Musk, but I imagine that there are some similarities, since "white musk" is the main effect that I get from this frag. Makes good for good everyday wear. Something to put on when you just want to smell pleasant.
18th January, 2012

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

I had always been attracted to scents, but when I got my 1st whiff of this - circa 1989, I really sat up and took notice. The combination of florals mixed with an insane amount of aldehydes made this a completely groundbreaking experience. Although I haven't worn it in years, its the closest thing I ever had to a signature. I have a bottle of the original formulation stashed away and plan to apply it to myself on my deathbed - I want it to be the last thing that I smell in this lifetime.
30th June, 2010

Devin by Aramis

Vibert's review is bang on - and apparently prophetic. My wife sprayed it on a card and brought home for my enjoyment. The salesperson told her that it is discontinued. I procured a 110 ml bottle asap. I have not confirmed the discontinuance with any official sources, but just to stay on the safe side, I plan to use it sparingly enough to last me years. I recommend anyone with a passion for the classics, do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle.
24th August, 2009

Féraud pour Homme by Louis Féraud

This stuff was incredible - kind of like an exquisite insect repellent. Can't find it anywhere now, but if someone has it, I'd trade anything for it.
11th November, 2008 (last edited: 01st May, 2020)

English Leather Musk by Dana

A wonderful musk - subtle, sweet and spicy. I've kept the same bottle in my glovebox for years as my on-the-go emergency frag. perfect to splash on and refresh yourself after a long drive.
24th October, 2008

Hang Ten for Him by Hang Ten

I'm a true frag lover. I find something good in almost every scent. Not this one. Cat piss.
26th August, 2008