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Viking by Creed

Very weak. Initial first sprays were promising, a little minty and peppery and something a little fizzy. An hour later and it all just falls apart. It gets very weak and the sillage and projection are just not there. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
15th March, 2019

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

Lasts much longer than original VU, go easy on the sprays. I get the similarities to CDH. This is really good, and just for the added longevity compared to original VU, I’ll use it more. Unfortunately after an hour or so it smells so much like original VU, that I’ll just go through this bottle and get original VU. It’s cheaper, even though it may be sweeter and has less longevity. Should I be disappointed..?
22nd June, 2018 (last edited: 04th August, 2018)

Royal Mayfair by Creed

It's kind of cloying the first 5-15 minutes after the first spray. So much so, I thought about washing it off! But I didn't. I sprayed it in the car after purchasing, so I rolled down the windows and hit the road. 30 minutes or so, I get a boozy citrus smell, and sort of flowery/green about an hour out. Every now and then I get a medicinal smell, and there's this fizzy citrus note underlying it all. I understand the direction of this fragrance, and it's good.
05th June, 2017
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Dior Homme Sport (2017) by Christian Dior

This to me, is like an updated 'summer' flanker of Dior Homme. First spray is a blast of citrus with a nice peppery spice. 30-45 minutes out and I get some woods smoothing it to a nice even feel. 6-7 hours I get decent sillage, and projection is good. Not unique by any means however, this is a quality formula and works very well for spring summertime climes. I really like it.
31st May, 2017

Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue by Versace

I get the comparisons to Bleu de Chanel however, this is fixes everything that was wrong with BdC. For me that is. First spray I get some citrus and aquatics, and it is kind of generic. 15-20 minutes or so and it is amazing. It gets kind of peppery. I also get some wonderful musky-earthen undertones about an hour later. I like this way more than VPH. Good job Versace.
25th April, 2017

HOS N.003 by House of Sillage

Wonderful. The first few sprays I smell freshly beached driftwood, it's very salty and earthy. 45 minutes or so out, in slides this green smell. Almost like fresh cut herbs, and it's amazing. It feels like you washed up on a beach in Hawaii. It lasts all day long, and rounds of compliments and questions let me know this is a keeper. Perfect for spring/summer.
14th April, 2017

No. 1 for Men by Clive Christian

Different. Can be polarizing for most. Very feminine after the first spray. 20 minutes or so and the flowery smell is taken over with the smell of woods. Kind of like cutting into a sweet smelling tree, but not resinous. To me this is like an exotic cocktail, I felt like I should be drinking it. Very intoxicating, as in it pulls people in. Two tiny sprays is all it takes, this is a longevity and projection monster. I washed clothes 4-5 days after wearing this and could smell in in the hamper. I like it.
07th April, 2017

Éclat d'Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

First spray I get a sort of zesty citrus smell. It's kind of weak and messy for the first 10-20 minutes. 30 minutes out it is better, with some green notes kicking in and some sandalwood giving it more depth. Longevity is okay, 3-5 hours with 5-6 sprays in the key areas. Sillage is not the best, but projection is very good, got a few compliments. Smells more expensive than it is, which is important. I like it.
07th April, 2017

Royal Oud by Creed

Absolute perfection. I smell citrus and woods upon first spray. After 15-20 minutes the cedar deepens and I smell the sandalwood and some musk. An hour out and from then on, there is a lemon/cedar and musk smell that is a projection beast. Sillage is spectacular. I have never had so many compliments and/or questions when I wear this. When I pull my arm in and smell closely, it gets very strong with a slight berry note. On my wrists, it turns into a powdery berry smell. Completely different. Insane! After trying this for over a month now, it is to me some of the best, ever. To each their own as is said. And for me, it is extremely masculine. I let several people try this male and female. It just smells better for men. Not saying it isn't amazing for a woman to wear. It's my heroin now, and I just pull my arm in close for a fix..
21st March, 2017

HOS N.001 by House of Sillage

Five stars for the bottle and packaging presentation. Love the way you push a button and the nozzle protector slides away. Spicy and sweet. The ginger, oud and clove dominate for the first 10-20 minutes. After an hour or so, the amber and cinnamon notes are there, giving it a very intense heart. Two hour out and the vanilla keeps it very creamy and rich. It has absolutely incredible longevity, 12 hours and I'm still getting a whiff every now and then. Sillage is very good, and never cloying. Top notch.
17th March, 2017

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Extremely Similar To Fan di Fendi pour Homme, except is is much more smooth and sweeter. The spices are toned down a bit here, and the leather and woods sit in the background. It lasts 6-7 hours for me with good sillage and intensity. Wonderful stuff. It seems like quite a few other scents out there today. I have a few more samples, I'll wear them all before I decide to buy a bottle. So far I like it.
16th July, 2016

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

Very similar to the original, could be the fraternal twin let's say. I think it's better, the spice notes are turned way down. It's more smoky and has an extremely nice fruit and tobacco smell. The lavender kicks in after 15-20 minutes or so and smooths it all into a nice cohesive blend. Original SB is for nights out, Extreme is for days at the office and power meetings.
29th June, 2016 (last edited: 18th September, 2020)

Challenge Refresh by Lacoste

This smells much more earthy, and has more woodsy depth than original Challenge. It also has much better longevity at 6-8 hours although, sillage is not the best. It reminds me of 1970's-80's power colognes, but subdued for modern times. I found a 90ml bottle at Marshalls for $19.99, and I consider it a good buy.
10th June, 2016
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Valentino Uomo by Valentino

I get the references to DHI but, this is totally different. It is much more subdued. Upon first spray, I get a very earthy fruit smell. 15-20 minutes later you definitely smell the coffee/chocolate notes, and the hazelnut cuts the harshness of the coffee. An hour or so and the leather and sandalwood give it an amazing earthiness. I get great sillage and projection, and it lasts 6-7 hours. This really pulls people into your space, wanting to smell you ask what you're wearing, etc. A winner in my book.
04th May, 2016 (last edited: 05th April, 2017)

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

I thought I would like this because of the note list, but I do not. It is very synthetic on the first spray. And for me, this doesn't fade. Sillage and longevity were also very poor, I had to reapply twice in an eight hour period. Extremely disappointing.
28th April, 2016 (last edited: 17th March, 2017)

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

What else can be said about this masculine classic? I remember this being all the rage when I was a young teenager, it was expensive and hard to find. I haven't touched it since I was 15. So imagine my utter surprise when my Mom gives me a bottle, direct from my Grandfathers' 30+ year old stash. Intrigued, I purchased a new bottle, and then a vintage bottle from 1994. Of course they all smell very different. Is this from age, formulation, different batches? Whatever the case, the vintage is extremely powerful, and lasts forever. The 1994 smells the best to me, a bit more citrusy/pine notes in this one make it special. The newer bottle is good, but severely lacking in longevity and staying power. You can see the bottle quality has changed too, as the oldest bottle is far more substantial and the nozzle feels much more solid.
12th April, 2016

B9 by Bond No. 9

Wow! It's very rare for me to adore a base noted musk type scent, but this has me entranced. First spray I get a very earthy blast of citrus. It then develops a slight flowery green aroma, and the earthy citrus is more subdued. During this time, the musky notes kick in, but in the most excellent ways. Not too overpoweringly musky, the top and mid notes keep it all in check. Fascinating juice. It's very strong, 2-3 sprays is all you need for the entire day. This is definitely a mans fragrance, although I do see it appealing to some females. Many compliments and questions let me know this is something to wear a lot.
02nd April, 2016

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

Ugh, this WAS on my wish list. A friend gave me a 10ml atomizer of it to sample. Extremely synthetic throughout, and smells like a urinal cake when first sprayed. Floral yet very medicinal like. Harsh. Eventually dries down into this floral/citrusy mess on me, with no real direction. I think the patchouli has no business in there, to my nose this is what really kills it. I've given it all day wear 3-4 days in a few weeks time and just can't stand it.
01st January, 2016

Halloween Man by J del Pozo

Blind bought this at TJ Maxx for $12.99, I sure am happy. First spray I smell apple/violet/cinnamon, and it is good. 15-20 minutes later and I smell the ginger emerging, with some hints of leather and musk. The cinnamon is there for the entire ride, which I like. It keeps the violet/amber/vanilla in check. An hour or so after applying, I was worried these notes would dominate and become cloying, but they never did. It surprises me that more people don't know about this fragrance, it is quality personified. Longevity is amazing at 7+ hours and counting. Sillage is good and the price I paid makes it all the more fantastic.
31st December, 2015

Samouraï by Alain Delon

Stunning. This smells awesome on me, and every time I wear it I get compliments. Very well done, although I don't get vanilla at any phase. What I do get from start to finish is an amazing creamy fruity, musk smell that lasts for 6-8 hours +. Every so often I get a whiff of it. I'm guessing its the vanilla in there smoothing the other notes out. This is sensational juice, and a rare find for me. Anything that is the slightest bit musky smells horrid on me. Also, this is something that can be worn in every season. So, this was well worth a blind buy for me.
07th December, 2015

Legend Special Edition 2012 by Montblanc

Wow. So much better than the original Legend. Much more subdued. Yet still strong and sophisticated. First spray I get the ginger and spearmint. Not too heavy, nice. 15-20 minutes and it becomes a bit earthy, I smell lavender and floral notes mingling nicely. An hour or so and it gets much more grounded, I smell sandalwood and amber smoothing it all out. This has very good longevity (6-7 hours) and gets compliments and questions. I honestly feel that this is what the original MBL should have been, as this is much more refined and leaves nothing important out. Excellent juice.
24th November, 2015

Eau Fresh by Jacques Bogart

For my chemistry, this takes far too long to mature. I really believe this was formulated for musky type men, which I am not. Smells better in humid climes too, I think. First spray is an overly synthetic lemon and pine smell, almost like floor cleaner. 20-30 minutes later it gets a warm woody undertone that I like. Alas an hour and thereafter, it turns back into the pine smell. To my nose, it shuts mostly every promising aspect out that I was hoping for. I was able to obtain different bottles and sizes to compare as well. At the 3-4 hours mark, it settles nicely and I FINALLY get the green/woody/clean smells that I wanted hours before. All over the board for me with this scent, and not in a good way. Disappointed and lesson learned.
31st October, 2015

Sauvage by Christian Dior

I was able to score a few samples of this to test and evaluate before I bought it. I really really like this, although I do understand all the negative reviews. This is a very strong masculine scent and as such, extremely polarizing. You either love it or you don't, period. First spray is a very strong soapy clean smell. I love the patchouli and geranium in this initial spray, and the pepper gives it some depth. 20-30 minutes or so and I smell the lavender and bergamot smoothing things out. An hour or so later I smell the vetiver and patchouli more, and it is amazing. This lasts all day with just 3-4 sprays and people notice it. I agree with a previous review. I think this scent has some balls, and is far ahead of its' time. Way to go Christian Dior, glad to see you setting standards. This will be copied and cloned in the coming years.
15th October, 2015

Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

This is an extremely interesting scent, best for Spring/Summer use. First spray I get a very distinct fruity aqua smell, with an underlying whiff of pencil shavings. 20 minutes or so a very salty marine note dominates. I get excellent projection and it will last 5-6 hours with 7-8 liberal sprays in the key areas. It gets compliments and questions, which is a sign this is good juice for me to use. This isn't a scent for everyone though, as I gave my Dad a few sprays and it was very synthetic and metallic smelling. So this one is very dependent on your chemistry.
11th October, 2015

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

So I'm "One" that has never liked the smell of CK One. Seeing the reviews of this and also at a good price made me take a leap. I smell just a touch of A*Men Pure Coffee in this for a few minutes, which is excellent. Then it goes into a more floral chocolate with a touch of vanilla, which is very deep in there to my nose. This smells very good and projects well for about 5-6 hours for me. However, wore this out and sweated a bit dancing, this was enough to make the smell evaporate completely. So not a good scent for humid climes or summer. More an Autumn/Winter scent. I paid well under $25. for a 200ml bottle, which I think is a good deal for this surprisingly well made fragrance. With Winter fast approaching, this is going into my weekly rotation.
10th October, 2015

Nobile by Gucci

Wow! I went to an estate sale and found the mother lode of mens' fragrances! It was clear that no one knew what they were dealing with, because I got two gift sets of Nobile, unopened for pennies. Both 120ml, one has a deodorant stick and a miniature splash. The other has a 200ml body wash/shampoo tube and a keychain. So this is everything that past reviews say and then some. It's fun to go out wearing this and knowing that no one else is going to smell like you. And yet the compliments and questions flow like water. You can't mess with a classic.
29th September, 2015

Adventure Quasar by J del Pozo

Very underrated. This is some excellent juice! It's very complex, and hard for me to lock down all that is going on when first sprayed. 20-30 minutes and I do smell a very woodsy/soap scent, and this lasts quite awhile on me. Compliments flow with this as well. Jesus del Pozo has discontinued this, and also the original Quasar. Hurry up and grab them at decent prices while you still can. 5-7 years from now they'll be going for three times what you'll pay today.
22nd September, 2015

New West for Him by Aramis

A blast from the past, literally. I worked in mens cologne in May Company, 1990-1992 in Glendale, California and remember this scent fondly. I had several samples and testers of this. In fact, I remember giving a lot of it away I had so much. So it sure is wild to see it going for $150. or more for vintage bottles on eBay. I've since dragged out my old collection in storage and found it, amongst many others. Smells just as I remember. I don't know what the new formulations smell like, but if they are anything like the old, I will give it a try.
18th September, 2015

Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

Very citrus and spicy on first spray. 10-20 minutes later I smell the citrus deepening very nicely and the pepper/lavender kicks in. An hour or so later and I smell the woods and vanilla smoothing it all out. Not too strong throughout, it projects well and gets compliments. Extremely well constructed, and one of the better citrus/clean mens fragrances born from the 1990's. Better longevity would be nice, I get 4-5 hours tops. I like it immensely and at the price it's an excellent value.
08th September, 2015

Quasar by J del Pozo

I felt compelled to update my review. This is possibly the best aquatic mens fragrance, ever. I now get the banana peel immediately, and the top fruity/aquatic notes never go away. 20-30 minutes or so and it deepens, with lavender smoothing it out and rosemary giving it sharpness. An hour or so and the base notes are there, giving it the most amazing woody depth. I have many bottles, and vintage is probably the best. Many compliments on this one, from men and women alike. All about layering with this one. I wash with a non fragrant body wash, pat that dry and then use a non fragrant lotion. I spray in all the key areas, 4-5 sprays. Then about an hour later, I spray again, and it lasts until I take my morning shower the next day. Too bad it was discontinued, I've got a stockpile because of this. I've been watching the pricing on Quasar, and it is slowly creeping up. In 3-4 years you won't be able to touch a 125ml bottle under $80-100. US dollars. Grab this elixir of the gods at a good price while you still can. My absolute favorite mens fragrance.
30th August, 2015 (last edited: 09th January, 2016)