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Flores by Aqua dos Açores

I love this scent. Its floral notes perfectly combine with the aquatic character of the creation. Like a long sunny spring on the sea shore. It makes me fancy visiting the Azores.
10th June, 2020

Grenade Pivoine by Fragonard

This scent has something old and something new. It's in a way "dirty" as some fragrances of the 80s such as Cabotine. But there is a mix of round and sharp notes, bitter and sweet notes that can be found in modern and visionary scents. I like the peony and the rose accord.
05th April, 2020

Hameau de la Reine by Historiae

Classy, watery and floral at the same time. I liked it at first sniff not knowing that it was designed by my beloved Be.Du.!
31st December, 2019
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Rosa / Rose by L'Erbolario

An old, traditional, elegant, English rose. The queen in its splendor.
21st December, 2019

Rouge Assassin by Jovoy

The name doesn't help. I would expect something strong and bold. A scent that dares to kill. But this is not a daring perfume. Doesn't stand out and doesn't last. I tried it on holiday hoping to have a memorable day with it ... I lost it out of the hotel's room and couldn't find it anymore.
29th December, 2018

Palo Santo by Murray & Lanman

Original and very similar to the actual palo santo. Very cheap (less than 5 euro for a 221 ml). More a body water than a perfume as the longevity is .... nothing!
02nd March, 2018

Habanita l'Esprit by Molinard

One of my favorites. This is for me the perfume of clean skin. It makes me feel sexy as I were walking around with a lot of skin exposed. It makes me feel comfortable for that unique sense of purity that a white formula can give. It makes me feel me. A pity the longevity is so poor.
22nd June, 2017

Fate Woman by Amouage

After a great passion for Amouage I'm sorry now to say that I can't really like Fate for women. It smells cheap. I read the story behind the scent and was interested to sniff the fragrance. What a disappointment.
27th April, 2016

Vittoria Apuana by Profumi del Forte

Vittoria apuana is sweet and dusty. Smells of bread an sugar. I don't know why but it reminds me of tam dao. Too sweet and simple for me but nice. Thumb up because i could still perceive it after 3 days on my jacket.
02nd March, 2016

Acqua Degli Angeli by Fiorucci

I know these kind of perfumes are cheap, but why selling alcohol and sugar? Fiorucci is a great and famous brand. Why producing such a cheap stuff?
21st November, 2015

Barbie Sirena by Barbie

I got it unfinished from a girl. Why didn't she finished? Because Barbie sirena is not nice. Even if the idea of a marine for girls is noticeable!
21st November, 2015

Apparition Pink by Ungaro

Watery, subtlely flowery. Nothing else to notice. Nice bottle anyway.
21st November, 2015

Eros by Versace

Not very creative! but I appreciated that in the sample I received there was the olfactive pyramid explained and the olfactive family quoted. A good way to inform and disseminate the culture of perfumes.
21st November, 2015
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Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince

I love Be Du! This is not one of my favorite BeDu fragrances, but I like it. Just blackcurrant, no complexity, no much style but a childish version of a glass of manhattan. Too simple for a thumb up.
21st November, 2015

Forte by Night Bianco / By Night White by Profumi del Forte

A modern candy chocolate! Sweet and fruity.
21st November, 2015

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

Opening like a simple after shave, it evolves in something more acceptable. We don't really need this kind of perfumes. They are more like hygiene products than real perfumes. I'm getting more and more critical on new creations, I know. But lately nothing enthusiasms me anymore. Apart from some rare niche stuff.
21st November, 2015

Son Of A Rose by The Fragrance Kitchen

I love the packaging of this brand. Classy and stylish. This scent is not for me doesn't give me any emotion. But it a beautiful, dark, spicy rose.
21st November, 2015

Sì by Giorgio Armani

I'm so sorry a brand that produces the best woman suits ever is producing such a useless perfume. No personality, no style. I feel guilty I have to write a negative review. But new creations are rarely remarkable and I have to say that.
21st November, 2015

Love, Chloé Eau Intense by Chloé

One of the few commercial perfumes I like. Feminine and sexy, with a dirty and acid note that is absolutely remarkable.
21st November, 2015

Jasmin T by Bruno Acampora

I love jasmine. I really do. This jasmine is heavy and cloying. Doesn't remind me of a flower at all. Not fresh at least, but rotten and dead. It's a pity because I love Acampora. The idea of oil perfumes is great. The packaging and names, too.
21st November, 2015

Seplasia by Bruno Acampora

Sorry to disagree with Darvant, but this scent seems to me a masculine detergent! The top notes are not charming. Almost stink. The scent gets better later. But it's not enough for a thumb up.
21st November, 2015

Bruno by Bruno Acampora

nice and round. Warm dark and sophisticated. Longevity is not as good as many other acampora. Reminds me of nasomatto black afgano that is its dark/bitter/noughty cousin.
21st November, 2015

Sballo by Bruno Acampora

I have to admit it is a little bit old, from the first sniff to the dry down. But it is incredibly warm and enveloping. Longevity more than 8 hours. Finally the longevity I was looking for!
21st November, 2015

Prima T by Bruno Acampora

smells of old things without the beauty of something retro or vintage.
21st November, 2015

Aôd by Lostmarc'h

Flowery but with a nice hint of talc. That I particularly like.
21st November, 2015

Eau de Lavande by Diptyque

Not a great fan of soliflore scents, usually too boring to me, I like this lavande. It's simple and clean but with a twick!
15th June, 2015

Accordo Viola by L'Erbolario

Very simple and clean scent. Too sweet for me but a creamy alternative to the classical borsari.
14th February, 2015

My Burberry by Burberry

Even if I wouldn't wear it Ii like less commercial stuff) I appreciated it a lot. Elegant and confortable like a Burberry trench. With dinamism and energy that make it perfect for a urban lady. Absolutely appropriate to be worn at the office or for a job interview!
18th January, 2015

Eau Delà : Fortis : L'Eau Forte by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Not knowing Black Afgano my approach to Fortis is ingenuous and genunine. I like it. It has that aura of class and sofistication I look for in scents. Dark head notes, creamy heart notes and great longevity. Beautifu indeed. Not too masculin. I could wear it at times.
18th January, 2015

Benetton Rosso by Benetton

who said "never red and pink scents"? She was right! This Benetton Rosso reminds me of the 80s, being old withou being retrò or vintage. Smells like the copy of other better parfumes.
03rd June, 2014