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Warszawa by Puredistance

Animalic Jasmine delight. The Galbanum provides a green lushness and bordering bitterness.
Patchouli and Vetiver slightly Benzoined lasts a solid 8 hours.
Is it worth the asking price?
Sample first.
Me? I am tempted. Perhaps 17.5ml is likely.
This is definitely a Big Feminine however I love wearing this on my boyskin.
11th July, 2021

17/17 Irisss by Xerjoff

Yes. This is a Wowser of an Iris/Rose scent!
Overall it actually scents of Wealth, Luxury and Opulence.
It is lavished with ingredient of the finest. Notice the hints of Spicy Animalic Rose Absolute and Earthy Root of well, Iris.
Vetiver keeps this on Ground and the Incense has it shooting for the Heavens.
05th July, 2021

Hiris by Hermès

A much friendlier Feminine Iris to my Masculine skin Vis a Vis that most opulent Xerjoff.
This, from a boy who will top anything, with Truffled Foie Gras.
The charm of this scent is it's delicate, sculptured composition and gentle season of Coriander.
The Rosy Pink Petals wrap the cool, carroty Orris.
Cedar applied with care, to offer a mild Woodiness.
Sweetened with a dash of Vanilla Sugar countered with a whiff of Dry Clean Hay.
Ambrette has this finish ala nettoyer le linge.

05th July, 2021
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Baïkal Leather Intense by Nicolaï

Be aware. This scent uses Contemporary Woody Aromachemical Toffee-ed Maltol Tonka Base popular.

It builds upon that base, a delightful Yuzu Burfi.

The Floral Centre is Rosy with a light stripe of Iris coolness. Birch is perhaps passed over the mix to offer a slight smokiness.

Nicolai's addition to a the crowd of like scents coming out of a Middle Eastern theme.

Is it a success?
If you like the base of New York Intense you may find this similar in tone, with instead a "Saffron Biscuit", Turin-Wise.

For me I find it interesting particularly the Yuzu rounding Citrus, until the WAC burn incises my brain cells.

Other Nicolai's show better Scenting genius.

Thumbs up just.
29th June, 2021

Animal Mondain by Pierre Guillaume

Prepare for the initial gust of Woody Amber Aromachemical. As it settles, a slightly honeyed Cognac and gentle breeze of fine Tobacco emerges as core. There is a whisper of, what I would assume is Pear Tree Leaf, leaving a hint of the spiciness of Pear Fruit.
There are suggestions of L'Ombre Fauve animalic, which bring to the scent, a Mammalian muskiness and buttery drydown.
Mingles well with my Masculine Musk to have my partner saying "You Smell Nice"
PG has a knack of artfully designing fragrance to complement Human natural Odor, by careful, judicious use of an Aromachemical base.
13th June, 2021

Scent Tattoo by The Zoo

Scent Tattoo.
The Grapefruit, Currant opening set against the Smoke and Floral whine of Peau d'Espagne is novel and presents a striking picture. For me,though, this sets off a Smoke of Electrical Carbon Resistor burn. Top it off with a dollop of relentless Marine Note and you have a scent, that does, do better on your clothing than skin.
Ultimately,this dries down Ugly.
Perhaps that's the point.
For this kind of thing, Beautiful, I reach for Blackbird's Taiga with it's Incense and Green Peppercorn and J. Hannah Co.'s Sloloo Silkiness.
31st May, 2021

Al Shomukh Attar by Amouage

Ummmm. Hummm.
This is one of those scents that has me shiver.
The varnishes layer back naturally and ethereal, following the initially startled medicinal (almost Saffronic) incise works it's way into the bouquet.
I identify the Earthiness and light smoke of a Dusty Vetiver most immediate, as background, set against a clean, savoury, Vanilla-ed White Musk and Buttery Sandalwood.
A touch of sweetness in the way of an Aristocratic Rose envelopes the body.
Animalic only as a moving, living warming thing, to my nose.
Beautifully crafted, not unlike a SultanPasha creation.
28th May, 2021

Santos by Cartier

What a wonderful addition to my Wardrobe. Early 80's will have you luxuriating in a solid base of Quality Sandal, Cedar and Vetiver reminiscent to the greats like Bel Ami, Patou Pour Homme and Bois du Portugal.
Unlike those, a sophisticated Masala led by Nutmeg and countered with a layered Lavender Bergamot start charms with an elegant Masculine air.
Sweetness is held to a minimum, however it shares the richness of the others.
Lovely stuff.
17th May, 2021

Sareef by Kajal Perfumes

I suppose it's the Black Mold accord that may be produced by the Dirty soil of Vetiver/Patchouli and push of Cedar similar to that of Figment Man, that at once repulses/attracts my brain cells as narcotic.

The overall effect in this scent is disinfectant soap until whiffs of Oud animalic offer a little filth back into the whole heart of Anisa tarragon.

A Masculine Chypre variant for me.
12th May, 2021

Fiddah by Kajal Perfumes

Starts with a sweetened Asparagus thought.
The Heart of Fine Leather and Blond Tobacco predominates, coalescing with a standard benzoined Tonka base.
Lovely orchestrate that balances back onto the Anise and Cinnamon.
Just grand this!
12th May, 2021

Krizia Uomo by Krizia

Getting past the opening of Pine Air Freshener is a bit of torment, however you will be met by a sharp blast of floralcy not that far from Oscar de la Renta pour Homme. The Base eases in with a Vetiver Oakmoss and Ambery Powder with pokes of Juniper herbal medicinal.
Rather pleasant masculine scent without the shout of 80's powerhouse.
11th May, 2021

Gomma by Etro

I would say that this comes off as a 70's 80's Cuir de Russie EDC without the animalic. I'm with Starblind on this. A spritz of this and a tiny dot of Natural Civet approximates.
I don't quite get the association with the whip snap cleanliness of Knize Ten.

My sample is Vintage.
11th May, 2021

Ambergris by Al Haramain

This oily stuff is very very strong and yes is so very close to the Halitosis undertones I have found in some of the Natural Tinctured Ambergris samples I have.

A very tiny dot of this provides a fixative and renders a mille-feuilled mammalian animalic to Rose Otto and Sandalwood.

The Marine tone swish may be difficult for those accustomed to White Musks and Ambroxan synthetics used in Contemporary fragrance.
05th May, 2021
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Exceptional Because You Are for Men by Exceptional

Exceptionally unexceptional.

Except allowing a quick cheap one up on my Review number.
04th May, 2021 (last edited: 15th May, 2021)

One Man Show Oud Edition by Jacques Bogart

No nonsense Ashtray Oud.
Unrelenting dryness, incising synthetic and a tannic whine of varnish.
Gritty Petroleum poison that puckers the brain cells and dries to, almost, a fine elegance offered by Peau d'Espagne or Dior's Leather Oud.

Almost I say, as this scent is more akin to a Lapidus Pour Homme uncompromising Manliness.

Inexpensive, however not cheap.

Easy add to my Wardrobe.
03rd May, 2021

Asja by Fendi

Lack of Tuberose suits my taste.
Opening is reminiscent of Ferre by Ferre with it's fruited Adelehydes.
Eugenol, which can obscure the other Florals is nicely tamed to offer a Spiced Cinnamon that blends into the Floralcy of the Heart of this gorgeous Oriental. Rosey Ambered Sandalwood provides a pillow of Girly sumptuousness and light powder.
Beautiful confection produced by the Perfumer responsible for the Bomb Paco Rabanne de la Nuit.
03rd May, 2021

Le Canotier by Rogue Perfumery

I am reminded of the Tobacco presentation in a sample of Vintage Tabarome certainly, however this scent has been composed to highlight the layered notes of Citrus Bitter, Sweet and Acid in opening. Folded in is the Floral heart of a beautiful feathery Jasmine and light Tobacco. It is hard not to be Wowed by depth of the Bitter Moss counterpointing the Sweet Air of the Ambergris.
The Tinkle of Candied Violet provides the Mounting to what I view as, Crowns to this Succulent Feast.

The scent fades into a melange highlighting some of the most elegant notes of Vetiver.

Lovely orchestration.
22nd April, 2021

Unsettled by Bruno Fazzolari

Unsettled is presented as loosely based on the the ancient gem Patou Colony and nod to Sandalwood trade in the South Pacific.
While one can appreciate the idea and effort in it's composition, personally I've found the Lactonic Coconut Sandalwood base most unsettling, unrelenting and uninspired.
14th April, 2021

Chypre-Siam by Rogue Perfumery

This is a beautifully orchestrated Chypre composition.
The brushstrokes are applied in such a way that balances all the ingredients equal in brightness.
You will be persuaded to "Lean In" to the construct to hear the music of Chypre.
Each ingredient steps forward in turn and then quietly blends back in tune with chorus.
The elegant presentation may, at times
be so expertly smoothed as to seem boring however notice the tinkle tinkle of the little bells of the Chypre.
Wonderful scent that deserves all the accolades offered.
Bravo Manuel!
13th April, 2021

Warek by Kajal Perfumes

Initial blast presents to a note that hits my brain similar to the Ganja. My wife asks me if I've been smoking dope.
Hah! Not since the early 70's.
My poison has always been liquour.
I have noticed this effect in other scents, specifically Chanel Sycomore EDT, Dusita Sillage Blanc and Coze 02.
I suppose it is a Patchouli, Amber Vetiver woodiness.
It provides a base to what is essentially a very elegant Patchouli Rose Oud.
Think a tastier MFK Oud Series bordering Fragrance du Bois.
The Rose seems dusted with vanilla sugar without cloy not unlike Diptyque Eau Duelle.
Trail off is a Rosy Powder.

Careful spritzing and probably unsafe in areas where Ganja is illegal.

11th April, 2021

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

Blend Maxim's Pour Homme with Eucris, give it a lick of Castoreum tinted Vanilla, sly smokiness and you have something of Monolith-Gothic Sensuousness.
This has me in my Raven-ed Quattroporte, wearing my Jet Silk tailored, Borelli Royal Burgundy 11.
Sliding down the Highway 10 clicks over with the Security Services monitoring above.
Lovely, Archaic Lestat-ness.
02nd April, 2021

No. 5 Eau de Toilette by Chanel

The EDT represented by the picture here is just as HoP explains.
The early vintage EDT may be much better and more in line with the 70's Vintage EDC I find exquisite with it's appropriate Adelehydes and a really vibrant, blended Animalic supporting the Florals.
30th March, 2021

Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

A Maltol-ed Rose Sambac empty caloried mess overtop of a Screechy Aussie Sandal with a scrape of Vanillin.

Nightmarish Confection.

27th March, 2021

Les Copains L'Homme by Les Copains

Into the market in 1998. Same as Ellena's Cartier Declaration.

A rather attractive use of ISOe Super.

The dry Cedar Faux Sandal lightly Ambered base provides a Canvas, for what Darvant points to "Naif" bouquet of gentle Spices and Low Indol Jasmine.

Rounded out with a Vanilla butter.

Little groundbreaking going on here, however a relief from
Aquatic nonsense of the 90's.

Thumb's up.
26th March, 2021 (last edited: 27th March, 2021)

Chypre 21 by Heeley

Chypre. Huh?

Oakmoss and Labdanum are absent, however the Rosemary, Petitgrain, Patchouli triumvirate provide an allude to Moss and Shrubbery.
An overlay of Bergamot, Bigaradia and Rosa points to a Mediterranean Garden, light, breezy with whispers of Saffron Iodin-ic Leathered saltiness.
Clean White Musk and Woodiness marries to the Rose Citric to create a Sandal Savon.
The finish offers a tinkle tinkle in my brain cells familiar to Female Chypre.

Nice trick, Huh! with another Heeley clean architecture-ed scent.
26th March, 2021

Le Lion de Chanel by Chanel

Opening is the trademark Chanel Adelhydic bubbly. Animalic Musk is artfully placed into a bouquet charged with an elegant Labdanum Patchouli heart of Fem leather. All finely orchestrated in classic Chanel loveliness. Neutral marks as it bases in Contemporary Chanel, generic Woody Amber Aromachemical Compound. Nice try by the Polge Jr, however I'll take my dose of Chanel animalic from Vintage Cuir de Russie EDC.
08th March, 2021

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

This has been thoroughly reviewed so I won't wax lyrical. Enough to say this is, for me, another perfectly balanced elegant,smooth Patchouli. Demachy is back into my good books. I would have to say that if it wasn't for my large bottle of Pavarotti, I might be tempted.
08th March, 2021

Persian Wood by Avon

Probably a late 60's propellent Cologne Mist.
A scary Hairspray Adelhydic Assault and snonk of Animalic Musk almost has me blown off my feet with it's whack.
The stars fade quick as the Spiced heart enchants with it's charming balance of Cinnamon,Cardamom and Coriander.
The lightly sugared Amber base softens and gradually counterpoints with a dry,yet plump Sandalwood plonk. The snonk sneaks back in for a moment to remind of a little dirtiness.
Floral is rather indistinct which has this bent to Gender neutral.
Very enjoyable Santal.
04th March, 2021

No. 18 Eau de Parfum by Chanel

No.18 EDP retains it's odd place in the Chanel lineup.
What it lacks is the magical Faux Sandalwood Rose compound developed by Polge in the 80's.
A new balanced generic wood compound is less ethereal and provides a heavier, sweeter amber canvas.
A better fit with the tastes of a contemporary Feminine audience.
I wear the EDP when I need to keep my feet on the ground. When I need to take flight and explore the universe only No.18 EDT will do.
27th February, 2021

Beige Parfum by Chanel

Haven't tasted the EDT or EDP of this simple,soft, quiet,elegant,luxury Floral delight.

This Parfum carries little of the Sparkly Adelehydic Champagne that you are presented with, in the other, earlier EDT Exclusifs.

This 2015 Vintage would seem to be based with a measured amount of the Chanel WAC to my nose.
This compound is rather overdubbed, in the latest Chanel Exclusifs EDP's and Parfumzzz.

The bouquet of Jasmine, Blossom with the freshness of the Freesia offers a sculpted youthful quality attractive.

A distant,single Rose Bud reminds me this is a Polge creation.

Genderless Gem.
17th February, 2021