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English Leather Classic Form by Dana

English Leather Classic Form is a return to its leather-and-tobacco soaked roots and an attempted recreation of its peak glory days...English Leather during the MEM Company era and produced by Dana...potent, rich and exquisite in a leathery, tobacco and supporting citrus way, with a longevity that rivaled Polo for Men or even the dank heaviness of Kouros. This current juice is today's English Leather but its amped up with the addition of a biting, somewhat harsh burnt or smokey-type element thrown into the mix that, while I'm still undecided if it truly does blend well or is a distraction that borders on being a nuisance. But taken at face value, and from the pages of nostalgia, it's a welcome boost of the overall masculine, sinewy and leathery overtones of yesterday's English Leather. Classic Form is a sufficiently balanced blend of leather, tobacco and a homogenized lemon-limey citrus mid-note introduction with its subsequent smoothing of the rougher edges. Actually, this fragrance does it well enough to impress...and it behaves and keeps its leash on and its guard up.
18th January, 2018

Versace l'Homme by Versace

A bright, lemony, incense-tinged opening when first applied which subtly transforms into a gentle musky floral middle with hints of carnation and an almost rose-type fragrance then dries down to a light clean spicy overtone that exudes a patchouli, vetiver and wood vibe. Longevity is fair (4-6 hours on me) and projection is moderate. This upscale EDT can be a bit strong, almost overpowering upon first application (I do have a tendency to over-spray) but it calms down pretty quickly to a respectable fragrance that behaves the rest of its time as active. Some consider this to be a "dated" fragrance (1984) but I find it to be a classy, masculine, relevant scent that's perfect while hanging out at home or working in the office. 7/10 overall
15th March, 2017 (last edited: 18th March, 2017)

Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne

Opening notes of this green aromatic fragrance are a combination of somewhat "soapy" like lavender mixed with an herbal, green leaf type of component. Then it starts going downhill with mid-notes of a stiff woody/ginger type but to me what ruins it is an artificial, almost chemical influence that dominates the mid and bottom notes. It ends with notes of mellow, man-made wood and dark forest amber but again, with an artificiality that really takes away what could be a "nice", if rather pedestrian but adequate scent that doesn't stand out or set itself apart from the rest of the green aromatic genre except for it's distinctly the scent of a fake and is a man-made chemical mess.
30th January, 2016
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British Sterling by Dana

British Sterling was once a true gem when Speidel originally had it and it was subsequently part of MEM's strong line-up, then Dana got hold of it.

This iconic and truly classic cologne/after-shave has been a staple in many men's rotation for over 40 years...however it was a much more "true to form" fragrance when Speidel and MEM produced it.

When Dana bought and revived the brand, it was reformulated into a shadow of its former glory and has never been the same since. It's got an unmistakable strong witch hazel and burnt rubber opening note that is a real head scratcher...what's the point?

To me, it dries down to a scent quite similar to that of Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve but not quite as balanced. It's not an overtly offensive scent by any means nor is it the suave, classy, masculine fragrance it used to be.

Don't expect the British Sterling of the past...this is a ghostly reincarnation of an name only.
10th March, 2014 (last edited: 25th July, 2017)

Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

Since I find Nicole Miller for Men quite similar to Timberline by Dana, the review is quite similar as well.

There's just something about Nicole Miller for Men that bothers me and I can't quite figure out what it is...the immediately olfactory-assaulting fruity/boozy/floral opening becomes vastly overshadowed by an immutable vibe of insect repellant that desperately tries to be tamed by an amber South American honey and/or classic vanilla along with a touch of sandalwood, musk and moss mid-notes and unfortunately ends as one off-putting, sweet-ish woody kind of hot mess.

Nicole Miller for Men lasts a fairly long on me with moderate projection, especially during summer months. As mentioned in the review opening, Nicole Miller for Men reminds me a lot of Timberline by Dana and I'm not a huge fan of that either.
10th March, 2014 (last edited: 15th March, 2014)

Timberline by Dana

Something about Timberline bothers me and I can't quite figure out what it is...whatever assaulting citrus/herbal/woody/floral opening is going on becomes vastly overshadowed by what is quickly an immutable insect repellant vibe that is desperately trying to be softened by a honey and/or vanilla along with a touch of sandalwood, musk and moss mid-notes and ends as one off-putting, sweet-ish woody kind of mess.

Timberline lasts a fairly long on me so it's not one that I have in heavy rotation, especially during summer months. On another note, this reminds me a lot of Nicole Miller for Men and now I'm figuring out why I'm not a huge fan of that either.
03rd March, 2014

Aspen for Men by Coty

Aspen for Men is what happens when everything that is wrong with Cool Water gets fixed.
02nd March, 2014 (last edited: 17th February, 2017)

Grass Oil for Men by Jovan

Jovan Grass Oil for Men...the quintessential fragrance that will forever be etched in my mind as "the best" of them all from my youth. I love and will always fondly remember the vintage English Leather, Old Spice, British Sterling and Jade East, etc. But even as great as those were, NONE of them can hold a candle to Jovan Grass Oil for Men.

It was a fragrance that was civil...but not shy. A distinctive fresh, green and newly-cut lawn note is prevalent with first splashes and is followed by something that reminds me of the outside air with a cleansing breeze that smells so sweet on a sunny day in the summer.

It dries down to a nice pleasant clean, soapy, almost sweet-citrusy kind of scent that always reminded me that everything is going to be all right.

I miss it a lot.
02nd March, 2014 (last edited: 19th May, 2016)

Clubman Lilac Vegetal by Pinaud

I know that "like" is a broad term on a variable scale that most people make on an individual basis according to their own tastes and preferences. Having stated that, I "like" most of the Edouard Pinaud Clubman line of various fragrance after shave lotions...with a couple standouts I like more than others.

But I'm struggling with this one...I'm trying really hard to "like" the Lilac Vegetal...I really am...but there's something about the potent, sickeningly-sweet lilac and/or rose-type floral fragrance that instantly jams my nostrils when taking whiffs from the plastic bottle or splashing it on that has a distinct funereal air to it, which isn't a pleasant scent to me at all.

It also exhibits a dominant and sharp-edged, over-saturated wet green woods mid-note that tends to sour even more on dry-down that I'm kinda have a tough time getting past. It's really rather off-putting.

I really, REALLY want to like this Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal...but I can't...I just can't.

And that bums me out.

01st March, 2014

Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

Clubman PInaud Special Reserve After Shave Lotion is a rather linear and yet at the same time complex fragrance upon first generous splashes (DO NOT over-splash with this one) with heavy top-notes of base dark spice and ceylon cinnamon along with pine tar and light burnt rubber.

Mid-notes offer up a heavier smoldering amber ember, well-worn leather, balsam fir and mandarin orange. It stays that way through a fairly long and subtle "fade-out" dry-down. This is a surprisingly potent composition from House of Pinaud...a fairly powerful fragrance with a worthy longevity, respectable sillage (when applied judiciously) being sold at "bargain basement" pricing all adds up to a must-have...believe me, get it and you'll agree.

A value-oriented and timeless fragrance from Edouard Pinaud that's within everybody's budget ...what more could you ask for?
01st March, 2014

Mr Blass by Bill Blass

Mr. Blass by Bill Blass is a rather linear yet richly complex fragrance upon first sprays (DO NOT over-spray with this one) with top-notes of base citrus and green, rain-soaked woods.

Mid-notes offer up a heavy and intoxicating smoldering amber ember, well worn and expensive dark leather, mandarin orange, key lime and mint. It pretty much stays exactly that way through a very pleasant, long and subtle "fade-out" dry-down. This is a BIG EDT from House of Blass...a beautiful and powerfully fragrant composition with fantastic longevity, very respectable sillage (when applied judiciously) being sold at what could be considered "bargain basement" pricing all adds up to a must-have...believe me, get it and you'll agree.

A value-oriented and timeless powerhouse that's within everybody's budget ...what more could you ask for?
01st March, 2014

Clubman by Pinaud

This beautiful and potent fragrance ramps up with a complex citrus base that starts with stronger notes of Citral and Citronellol but balances nicely with definite hints of the tart Limonene along with a wispy dry note of Geraniol.

The middle was pretty much strong notes of the increasingly ubiquitous Hydroxycitronellal that was tamed to some degree with notes of a more dominant semi-sweet Linalool but then is very interestingly roughed up again with the decidedly heady presence of Oak Moss Extract.

The dry-down was moderately spicy with powdery notes...almost like pine fir bathed in talc...through the Evernia Prunastri and an earthy but soft Treemoss Extract with subtle chappy hints of Evernia Furfuracea.

It's a perfectly acceptable and wearable "old school" type of scent that's ideal for running weekend errands, poring over subpoenaed tax records or wolfing down a casual mid-afternoon lunch with a current or former downtown lover.

It's been the same product for 100 years and is still a very recognizable after shave cologne to that of the original formulation.

And I still LOVE IT.
03rd December, 2013

Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum by Pinaud

Just the bottle and label alone evoke fond memories of being a young boy sitting cross-legged on the bathroom counter and intently watching my grandfather's every move as he methodically went through the machinations of his daily early morning wet-shave ritual.

Every time when he was done carefully shaving and then cleaning the straight razor, along with the lathering cup and brush, he would look at himself in the mirror while stroking his cheeks to check for any missed spots while reaching for the clear glass bottle of Edouard Pinaud's CLUBMAN VIRGIN ISLAND BAY RUM Aftershave Splash and proceed to douse his face, neck and chest with a couple of healthy handfuls of the stuff.

With his hands still dripping of this beautifully spicy and exotic, bay tree filled far-away-tropical-paradise smelling after shave, he would then rub my cheeks, the top of my ears and head with the excess and I would smell just like grandpa's aftershave all day long...and I absolutely loved it. I reveled in it then and deeply cherish the memory today.

So imagine my shear delight when I recently came across this classic product...I purchased the larger 12oz size bottle, which looks almost exactly like the bottle from almost 50 years ago except it's now a shatter-proof plastic instead of the thicker glass bottle it used to be packaged in. Ok, I can live with that, being more safety-conscious in today's world.

But the real test was what was inside that bottle...did it look the same with that lighter yet rich looking brown color?

YES...the color and overall look is exactly the same as I remember it from almost 50 years ago. So far, so good.

Did it feel the same with its silky smooth texture along with its unique soothing, cooling and refreshing tingle? seems to be lighter-bodied now with hardly any cooling sensation, though it is still quite soothing and refreshing.

And most importantly, did it smell the same with it's heady exotically spicy base along with its subtle yet very punchy combination essences of bay tree, clove and a hint of pepper and cinnamon?

Sadly, did NOT. It is now a shadow of its former self sidelined by a complete lack of balanced pungency or striking character...its now WAY too clove-heavy with very little essence of bay tree (which is similar to clove but exhibits much different sillage on dry down) and virtually zero cinnamon oil or Peruvian black pepper emanating from today's formulation.

It's a perfectly acceptable and wearable "old school" type of scent that's perfect for running weekend errands or a casual mid-afternoon lunch with a current or former lover, but do NOT expect to get the same product formulation as 50 years's now seemingly a MUCH different, almost unrecognizable after shave than that of the original.
22nd November, 2013
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