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Re-charge Black Pepper by Molton Brown

I recently purchased this and really love it so far. Upon first spray another glorious scent sprung to mind -- the dearly departed Guerlain Coriolan! The initial spray had hints of leather and pepper interspersed with the coriander -- which almost gave it a slightly 'melon' vibe. Give it a little time to dry down and a beautifully balanced and elegant fragrance erupts. Another comparison would be with the fabulous Montale Aoud Leather. As you notice, this does not appear to be a pepper bomb, but rather a nicely balanced leather fragrance IMHO. If it's pepper you seek, then quite honestly I feel Montale's Intense Pepper is as good as it gets. Period.
01st October, 2020

Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale

Ok, let me start off by saying that I was on the fence about buying this one. The comments about 'barnyard' and 'fecal' kinda spooked me right off the bat. Owning nearly a dozen Montale fragrances, I knew I just HAD to try this one. So here we go ... The initial blast reminded me a bit of Black Aoud in it's rosiness. Soon thereafter that BARNYARD smell comes through -- which quite honestly smells strongly of INK. Very interesting combination here ... but I really like it! No, it's not a warm weather fragrance but winter/fall definitely. About 30 minutes after the initial spray -- as do all Montale fragrances -- it changes dramatically. I definitely pick up the leather that everyone speaks of. The rose doesn't disappear but it softens up -- much more so than it does in it's Black Aoud brethren. It is an edgy fragrance that leans more towards the masculine IMHO (whereas Black Aoud leans more towards the ladies with it's prominent rose). In your face -- check. Dark and seductive -- check. Black leather jacket and worn jeans -- you bet!! I found a 100ml tester for under $70. Well worth the investment.
10th July, 2020

Black Musk by Montale

What a gorgeous scent ... no matter how you want to classify it! As my Montale collection grows this one is definitely in the top tier. I find myself continually catching wafts of this lovely juice and telling myself that this is one of the best Montale purchases ... period. As others have pointed out, it's quite addicting. If you are a musk fan then prepare yourself for another amped-up level! Highly recommended! I bought this blind and literally jumped in the air at first spray. Outstanding!
11th June, 2020
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Patchouli Leaves by Montale

Now THIS is patchouli! Raw, earthy, rich, and creamy! I own a few other patchouli-rich scents but this takes top honors in my book. It's a sillage monster, lasts FOREVER, and is addictive in it's dry-down. If you pay close attention when you spray it on your wrist, the juice is dark brown -- how befitting. My first impression of this was 'How am I going to pull this beast off?'. Having worn it for a couple of months now I say 'How can I NOT wear this beautiful beast?'. If you are a seeking a non-muted patchouli scent that doesn't hide behind too many fences then you need to try this. Thankfully you can pick this up discounted and avoid the ridiculous full price mark-ups. Pull out your best paisley shirt and go to town!
08th April, 2020

Intense Pepper by Montale

What an absolute stunner of a fragrance! Just received this and it is exactly what I wanted ... a more intense version of Lalique White! At first spray I definitely get a blast of that glorious black pepper. I can't help but continually smell my arm. The floral notes people speak of are there but the pepper is first and foremost. Longevity on me (which is rare) is TBD but sillage appears to be good thus far. A true gentlemen's fragrance in my opinion -- even though it is listed as unisex.
24th February, 2020

Lalique White by Lalique

What a gorgeous fragrance! Based on some of the reviews it's obviously not for everyone but I blind bought a bottle of this for under $24 and I LOVE it! Lalique really has a way of creating gorgeous and very original fragrances that appeal to those that want to smell different than everyone else. It opens with a blast of freshness and I can definitely detect the cedar right way. Oddly enough, there's something that reminds me of pine in this as well albeit very subtle. I don't envision this to be a sillage monster, but who cares? Let those that want to get close to you smell it on your skin ... as they undoubtedly will. In the genre of clean and fresh, Lalique (a la Christine Nagel) have created yet another masterpiece.
17th December, 2019 (last edited: 18th December, 2019)

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

With the myriad of smell-alike fragrances out there (a la Sauvage), I decided to revisit an old favorite of mine - Tuscany. Truth be told, I haven't smelled this since the 1990's but remember loving it. My initial impression was that the opening was a little 'different' from the original but still pleasing to my olfactory senses. As most will tell you the dry-down is worth waiting for! Glorious! Quite different from the new school frags and beautifully warm and woody/musky/mossy. I blind-bought a bottle of this for under $25 which in my mind is a no-brainer. Nothing offensive or overly cloying about it. Rather it feels like a familiar warm blanket on a cold day. I will definitely keep this beauty in my rotation going forward.
17th December, 2019

Vetiver Forte by Collistar

Being a HUGE fan of the Acqua Assoluta and Acqua Wood fragrances I took a gamble and ordered the Vetiver Forte blind. Big mistake! If suffers from the same ill of many of today's so-called vetiver fragrances -- IT SMELLS LIKE DIOR SAUVAGE -- which I find nauseating! Lasting power is superb, but I simply don't care! Why do perfumers insist on jumping on the fragrance bandwagon like this? Back in the day they did the same thing with the 'aquatic' or 'Cool Water' scents. Both Acqua Assoluta and Acqua Wood are glorious fragrances .. if you can find them in the states. I picked both bottles up in Sicily while on vacation. If you want an original and truly Vetiver-esque scent steer clear of this one!
03rd December, 2019

Bois de Vétiver by Lagerfeld

I wish all blind buys ended up as superb as this one! For a song you can grab a bottle of this glorious juice. Being a fan of all things vetiver I simply had to try this. What a more than pleasant surprise! I can describe it as an interesting cross between Dior Savage (less the 'metallic' vibe) crossed with the spiciness of Terre de Hermes and/or Declaration de Cartier. Initially a slight blast of fruitiness but wait for the awesome dry-down. The longevity is fantastic on me .. which is a rare thing - usually about 8 hours or more. The sillage is also superb on this one. I have received numerous positive comments from the ladies. ;-) Let's face it, isn't that yet another reason why we wrap ourselves in fragrance. Anyone on the lookout for a clean/fresh and somewhat original fragrance can't go wrong with this one.
26th November, 2019

Encre Noire by Lalique

One of the very best. For me it doesn't really get much better than this. A compliment magnet and a truly classy fragrance. As far as dark and woody fragrances are concerned this is truly the benchmark for me. The initial spray may come off a bit overwhelming but just wait for the incredible dry-down! Long lasting beauty in a bottle.
13th November, 2019

Acqua Wood by Collistar

I picked this fragrance up in Sicily while on vacation and absolutely love it! Goes to show that you never know what you may find at the profumerias overseas. Gloriously bright and woody fragrance from the quality cosmetic house of Collistar. More of a skin scent than anything else .. but I've had a few compliments already. In the same realm of Lalique's incredible Encre Noir but not nearly as dark and earthy. Imagine an Encre Noir Light -- and you have Acqua Wood.

While I was at it I also picked up the equally amazing Acqua Attiva. I only wish they had an 'intenso' version of these fine fragrances.

08th November, 2019 (last edited: 14th November, 2019)

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

Just picked up a bottle of this based on my fellow Basenoter's reviews. All of the accolades are well-deserved! I'm really loving this gorgeous fragrance so far. Nothing too in-your-face or off-putting about it at all. Dries down to a 'similar' vibe of the glorious Heritage -- woody and elegant. A true gentleman's fragrance worthy of adorning the wrists of every true scent fanatic. Well done Guerlain! A super safe blind buy ... and you'll thank yourself for taking the risk. Got it for a song on the big 'A' as well.
01st November, 2019

Bois de Yuzu by Lagerfeld

Love it!!! Just picked up a bottle of this lovely frag ... as I already own Bois de Cedre and Bois de Vetiver. The fragrance is more citrusy than the others but it has a wonderfully clean finish. The dry-down is beautiful. Not a sillage monster by an means but you will find yourself smelling your wrists frequently. Elegant and well-composed I'm a fan of all the scents in the 'Bois' collection by Karl. Well done!
27th September, 2019
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Patchouli by Murdock

Just picked this up and it is THE patchouli scent I've been looking for. Clean and fresh -- with a hint of the slightly earthy patchouli I wanted. On the initial spray I definitely detect the rose as others have noted, but then the patchouli comes though loud and clear. I'm not a scentologist by any means, but this glorious fragrance is a real winner in my book. It's clean, elegant, and class in a bottle. Having purchased other patchouli-heavy scents in the past and been disappointed, I was thankful that this actually worked for me.
21st February, 2019

Passenger pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

As others have eluded to S.T. Dupont is known for quality so a blind buy is not necessarily TOO risky. As most of us scent fanatics do, we refer to Basenotes for a relative safe way of determining which scents are worthy of a blind buy. I'm glad I bought this one! Opens with a fresh blast but fades beautifully in the dry-down. For around $20 USD (for the tester), this is a must have in my opinion. I detect some mint and strong florals in the initial spray, but it's very unique and elegant. I have many (probably too many) scents and this smells like no others I own. I simply love it. Oh, and the leather wrapped bottle is a true touch of class.
18th August, 2015

Oud Malaki by Chopard

Wow! Elegant, refined, and worthy of the Chopard name. I actually like this a little better than Creed's Royal Oud AND YSL M7 Oud Absolu .. and that's saying a lot. It's simply easier to wear and is just plain amazing. I'm no scent snob, but I will tell you I own the other Oud scents listed above and this one is simply more wearable. Period. I love the instant blast of incense followed by the powdery undertones and ultimately the Oud makes itself known. It's closer to Creed's formula than M7. No medicinal notes, but simply a gorgeous and elegant scent that captures attention. If you pass someone, especially a woman, expect heads to turn. It happened to me! What else could you ask for?
18th March, 2015

Patchouli Intense by Molinard

I bought this blind ... as it is impossible to find anywhere. For those of you who are fans of rich, dark, and sweet fragrances ... here she is. I usually shy away from such frags but for some reason love this. It starts off a bit strong as you would expect from an eau de parfum, but soon mellows into a lush rich patchouli/chocolate/vanilla mix. Sillage is fair, but it has nice lasting power (about 6 hours on me). As most others alluded to, this is not your hippy-ish patchouli but rather a rich, smooth, well constructed fragrance that you won't smell on every other Joe passing by. Interestingly enough, the other fragrance that sort of reminds me of this take on patchouli is Jacomo Rouge (albeit a bit brighter out of the gate). I found a 'tester' of this for around $21 online ... how can you beat that? Well worth the investment.
01st April, 2014