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Thurible by Rook Perfumes

Excellent fragrance, especially if you're an incense lover... One of my all-time favourites is Timbuktu and this is in the same ballpark.
26th April, 2019

Pharrell Williams GIRL by Comme des Garçons

What a gem I have found in the rough... The open was quite reminiscent of For Him by Narcisso Rodriguez, but then it slowly turned into this more pleasurable Fahrenheit.

This fragrance will be something to reckon with once all the stocks dry up and the prices skyrocket.
11th April, 2018

Raghba Wood Intense by Lattafa

I recently discovered that I enjoy incense and woody fragrances more than anything else... This fragrance is nothing short of amazing with a woodiness that's out of this world. I get the same oud I enjoy in CD's Oud Ispahan in this, the sweetness is more of an undertone, which works perfectly for me as the woody notes shine remarkably. I love you this so much that I'd like to try out the original since it has been compared to this.
31st May, 2017
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Encre Noire à l'Extrême by Lalique

The trilogy is finally complete with the addition of this great adaptation of Encre Noire to my collection. This is round around the edges and not as "bright" as the original or the sport but rather shimmering while still carrying the Encre Noire theme.

The vetiver in this is well blended unlike the rustic one we get from the original... that inky note is still there but it's more of an undertone in this.

All in all a great fragrance without a shred of doubt!!!
03rd May, 2017

Aoud Safran by Montale

Well not exactly what I expected but not entirely disappointed... I get quite a huge dose of strong rose, the kind found in luxury rose scented soap that hangs on for the most part of the first 2-3 hours. This fragrance starts to transition into a muskiness that I can't really put in words but for me that's when the fragrance really starts to shine.
16th March, 2017

Sauvage by Christian Dior

I was greatly appalled by this fragrance, I couldn't believe such mediocrity would from the same house that gave us trendsetting fragrances like Dior Homme. Call it love or hate but personally I was more disappointed than anything else... if you like Sauvage and it works for you, save yourself the money and get Avon's Luck for Him it's pretty the same stuff.
16th January, 2017

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Intense by Issey Miyake

All I can say is this fragrance is right up my alley and just the way I like my fragrances, bold and outstanding.To my nose this is definitely a jacked-up version of the original but with an undertone of a familiar note from Armani Code.
29th January, 2016

Déclaration by Cartier

Just received this peerless masterpiece after quite a wait and I must say, Jean Claude Ellena's craftsmanship is unmatched, the uniqueness and composition of this fragrance is bewildering and phenomenally extraordinary.

17th April, 2015

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

To be honest I had so much confidence in this masterpiece as I tested the reformulation instead but got the vintage bottle due to overwhelming response to a thread I posted but to be brutally honest I think I enjoyed the reformulation more and I think it performed way better than the vintage. It was more spicy and edgy to say the least but I can't go without saying that the vintage DH feels more refined and richer. Vintage DH is without a doubt a masterpiece in its own right but compared to the reformulation, I think I'd have to say the reformulation sails my boat.
15th April, 2015

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Finally got this masterpiece after a long wait, without any further adieu and without holding back... This is an absolute pièce de résistance jewel, its dark, mysterious and peerless. I find it rather rooty green by the Violet leaf in the opening which pretty much stays on throughout the wear, I do get that kind of wet cement vibe in the background but not a much as reviewers have described it, I get more green and musk than I do get the wet cement. This fragrance is a well crafted masterpiece that has just taken me on this magnificent aura odyssey of simplistic dark mystical note symphony.
19th March, 2015

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Finally got my hands on this gem after procrastinating over getting it for some time now. Well, right from the start this fragrance bawls masculinity, it is certainly the epitome of macho, it's sweet and spicy in a very macho composition. It has certainly lived up to its hype I must say but I feel it is quite very similar to Le Male... it gives me that Le Male feel to say the least and I very much prefer this than Le Male.
27th February, 2015

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

After reading a number of negative reviews about this fragrance while trying to decide between this and the original, I still went ahead and got this masterpiece and believe me I'm not disappointed. I have an acquired taste for unique fragrances that are not generic and Fahrenheit 32 fits quite perfectly in my inventory... its fresh in a floral refined way but also evolves into this flamboyantly swanky vanilla vetiver union. Its definitely not for everyone but its rich ingredients might lure a couple of people though I think this is a must have for every collector with an acquired taste. I love this fragrance and really enjoying it.

16th February, 2015

Encre Noire by Lalique

So I just got my much anticipated Encre Noire after a long wait due to postal issues and all I can say is am bewildered and dumbfounded by this unbelievable amazing juice. It all I want and need in a fragrance, its classic in a sophisticated cosmopolitan kind of composition... the vetiver in this juice is excellently blended to give off this smooth and rich aura that's just out of this world. These are only my first impression thoughts but I can easily see this cologne replacing my signature scent Terre d'Hermes because its smoother and the quality of its composition is exceptional.

31st January, 2015
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Visit by Azzaro

My first blind buy for the year 2015 and first Azzaro fragrance in my collection and boy oh boy am I intrigued and taken by the spicy smokey wood am getting from it on first impression and this is just from a shot to the wrist, not a full wear. This cologne reminds me of Marc Jacobs' Bang, it really does smell similar to it to be honest especially right into the heart. I love it!!!

UPDATE: This is a must have for any collector its classy, sophisticated, masculine and unique, the cedar/incense perfect blend is astonishing and just clear jaw-dropping... am dumbfounded by this cologne, I can't believe I ignored it all this while, when it was this good, I guess it was due to the presentation, which to be honest is the only down side of this cologne, it can easily be presented in one of Tom Ford's Private Blend packaging and cost $200. If you like or love Bang by Marc Jacobs, this is a cheaper alternative with way better performance.
29th January, 2015

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Just had to get this after all the encouraging reviews and even though this was a blind buy, I must say this is elegance at its best and a powerhouse. Like most reviewer have mentioned its either you love it or hate it... and its that exact love/hate vibe that I love about it, I love to wear strange smelling cologne that people with no "nose" will hate but someone with the knowledge, exposure and the "nose" will appreciate. Its one of those you want to wear while wearing a nice smart shirt with jeans or probably when you're in a suit and want alot of attention. I highly recommend this to a more mature 30+ age range because anyone below won't really pull it off. Like I mentioned earlier this juice is a powerhouse and you'd wanna take it easy on the trigger as this stuff goes 12+ easily with minimal strays.

Conclusion: Sweet caramel tonka beast you want to always have in your collection when you feel like seeking attention while kinda dressy.

UPDATE: This beast is a masterpiece, I keep getting different whiffs of complex gourmand out of the world goodness almost like a candy floss shop and believe me that's just from 2-3 minimal sprays. This juice is one in a million, I haven't gotten any comments from anyone yet after three days of wearing it, not that its not good but because the kind of people I work with are not into colognes and wouldn't really say anything as all they know is "he smells good all the time" lol!!!! But believe me when I say this juice is a must-have, actually I think you'd wanna keep it for those special days you wanna dress up and smell good. I've always kept my Terre d'hermes as my big gun in my arsenal but now I feel I have two big gun.
17th June, 2014