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Black Uddu by Mad et Len

Well crafted. Musky. Distinct from other smells in that it brings an unfamiliar shape of the fragrance. I hesitate a lot to say this but trust you, my reader, to understand it as a positive: there is something close to a smell of decay or rot that is aggressive and well balanced in this, it comes from the muskiness and resins. Skillful in that it has a naturalness to it -- you do not get the sense that it is trying to be something or assault your nose in a forward way, it just is this strong fragrance that you have never tried much like.
25th July, 2018

Eau Sacrée by Heeley

If you were to pick up a beautiful fabric, say for a tailored suit, the luxury of it would strike you immediately. That is how it is with Eau Sacrée. Supreme quality ingredients in balance with good longevity. The last thing to note in this review is that the fragrance has a distinct character and that's really the only determination left to you because everything else about this is best foot forward with no uncertainty about it. On the subject of character of the fragrance, there is a distinct identity to the wearer of this. I agree with the reviewer who likened it to monastic order. Try some. Ask yourself: there's a person here, is he the person I wish to be?
10th July, 2018

Au Coeur du Desért by Tauer

One reviewer said he could see this scent as mystical and that's the right place to start since the desert has earned mystical honors in western civ. I agree about patchouli and deep amber differentiating the accord. After thought, I do not think this is a fragrance for frail mystics and withered wise men of the desert, it is a fragrance for those who pay homage to those characters but are urbane and cultured and socialites. Not just to be worn to museums or the now popular desert motel chic, I think this scent would perform well at any chic occasion. Message sent: I admire the desert / desert life / desert travel and I know a secret about it that enables me to wear this, but I have taken one shot only not extreme. Recommended. Well-composed.
09th October, 2017
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Brutus by Orto Parisi

Luxe. Spicy. Wood but not dry sawdust. On the bulls-eye for this category. Musky but not animal. Refined without being too round and lacking in angles and definite scent. I want to put a lot of this on; do not think it is in danger of being overpowering. I would wear this to the office day after day. If I got invited somewhere really up/noble/even stuffy, I would reach for this.
13th September, 2017

Tzora by Anat Fritz

The other reviewers have described the scent well: pleasant, classy, no rough spots. I think all the reviewers agree it is well-crafted, the only question is whether it fits your sensibility. Many well designed pieces can be admired but not appropriated into the wardrobe. To me, this made me prouder of Anat Fritz classical which hits me -- good to see a maker knows what they're doing. But the scent in the Anat Fritz collection made for me is Classical, not Tzora. This is made for a friend more restrained and fine than I am.
29th August, 2017

Replica Jazz Club by Martin Margiela

I wear this many days in a row. It is boozy and light. The lightness is what gives it a bit of challenge, a good thing. Think posh socializing -- there are a lot of rules but everyone is well-practiced at being effortless and pushing only very lightly against one another. Boozy means a touch of danger and because that booze note is strong and developed that this is good, has a little "grip-strength" on the nose.
25th August, 2017

Panda (2017) by Zoologist Perfumes

This is one that I wanted to have on my tray for its bottle and presentation more than others. The thing about it is: it has a little sophistication but not too much. I would not call it a masterpiece that should be on show in a great hall. It is a clever little concoction better analogized to that close-by cool spot with dramatic lighting.
17th August, 2017

Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This is a statement piece of a fragrance, with longevity and fineness aplenty. I have worn this every day at times (suitable for office) and also gone through times where I wear it when I want someone to slightly notice I am wearing something luscious. It's not overwrought. It has everything I like about my grandfather wearing cologne -- masculine, strong, enduring, and not too fussy or prim.
14th August, 2017

Classical by Anat Fritz

I am the third of three positive reviews, one calls it a masterwork and refined. One uses "modern" and "polished." I want to tout the stability of the fragrance, in contrast to many fragrances which are "the thing of the moment" or "thrives in the autumn time" this is a fragrance that you expect to be good year after year, season after season, old or young.
11th August, 2017

Perdizione by Nobile 1942

If you're feeling too stiff for your own good, here's a scent that doesn't compromise on refinement but will give you a little dash. Fresh and zippy without being cliche. Versatile. Fizzy. The center is quality vanilla. A joyful creation celebrating levity, too well composed to go near frivolity.
04th August, 2017

Nuit de Bakélite by Naomi Goodsir

Pleasant, classical, well-structured. I get spicy floral. I would not wear this to a night club (too refined) or a black tie event (too handsomely unisex, not handsomely masculine) but everywhere else and in between is a yes and I would expect people to react "there's a solid stable likable chap."
28th July, 2017