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Figment Man by Amouage

I have completed three full wearings of Figment Man and have been very pleased with the performance so far. The scent opens with a very rich earthy vibe that, if you are familiar with Zoologist Bat, will have you thinking Bat, less the bananas and ripe tropical fruits. An hour into a wearing, and with repeated wearing, the similarity subsides. The earthy vibe remains but it is not cave like, nor is it constructed like Bat. It is the scent of a damp rich deciduous forest floor, early on a cool morning, or after a summer shower. It reminds me of breaking camp, in a wilderness forest, at first light. After the first hour the earthy vibe fades but remains at the core. One moment a smooth sandalwood emerges, the next it is replaced by a note of meadow grasses, then back to earth. Sitting outdoors in a gentle breeze and Figment entertains as it seems to be ever changing, as if imaginary. Ten hours in and the earth has become woody and animalic. Longevity is more than 12 hours. At no time dirty to my nose although my spouse reported a slight fecal note on opening and more animalics throughout the wearings. She opined that the scent is strong (2 sprays) and projects well. Figment is presented in a typical Amouage box with truly exceptional artwork. The bottle has a metallic coating that reflects green and blue depending on ambient lighting and is nearly translucent. Like the contents, the bottle and packaging need to be experienced in person to appreciate. 9/10 for contents, 10/10 for presentation.
24th July, 2017

Myths Man by Amouage

For an Amouage product Myths Man has a somewhat calm opening and a graceful development that is relatively linear through the 14 solid hours it lasts on my skin. I get none of the old lady, sewage, or other disparaging scents other have reported. Bangkok Hound describes Myths rather well. Applied in the early evening Myths will follow you through the night into the morning, changing very slowly as time passes. It is a warm comforting scent that draws me, each evening, like a moth towards a light. A spray or two closes one day and opens the next like no other scent I have tried. Work friendly and elicits compliments in a fragrance unfriendly environment. Myths is the first Amouage I purchased in a 50 ml bottle. The smaller bottle has a solid overall presentation in the Amouage tradition and adds in that it is far more comfortable to handle than the larger siblings. Myths will be one of the few scents on my repurchase list.
26th June, 2017

Pearl Oud by By Kilian

I own six By Kilian including Musk and Incense Ouds. As a fan of the line I looked forward to sampling and likely purchasing Pearl Oud. Unwilling to buy blind I sought out and finally received a sample from a known trusted source. After two full wearings Pearl Oud disappoints. It is no powerhouse, has poor longevity and little silage. It is light on oud and castoreum, the ingredients I sought it out for. That said, it does ooze quality and is the real deal - just so watered down and westernized as to earn a thumbs down. Heavy over spraying helps the performance but at the price Pearl Oud commands a spray or two should suffice. I can't rationalize my experience with the few reviews posted. I will seek out another sample from another source to firm up this review (or not). This fragrance ought not to be bought blind. If you expect something with a middle eastern flavour it comes up short.

A month later...

A third full wearing from the sample produced the same result but for brief whiffs of an intoxicating deep smoke late in the dry down.

Watching the local market Pearl Oud was in limited supply, disappearing, and a further sample was not forthcoming. I spoke to a SA who felt the sample I had was off. My Pearl Oud experience was so poor relative to the rest of the By Kilian line I gambled and bought a bottle. It performed no better. I had kept one wearing of my original sample and made a direct comparison to the new full bottle. Identical. Five wearings in I would classify Pearl Oud as a very expensive high quality skin scent. I am left wondering if a different formula reached North American shores.
02nd April, 2017 (last edited: 08th May, 2017)
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Ashes by Franck Boclet

100 ml 40% extrait in a heavy square black lacquered bottled offset with a hefty square silver cap and engraved silver name plate. Each spray is perfectly delivered through a well calibrated nozzle. One spray is enough unless you are into over spraying. Ashes is well named in that this is a linear very dry cedar, woods, and incense fragrance. The name Ashes captures the essence of just how dry this product is. I don't detect a note of anything burnt, charred, or ash like beyond the dryness. There is little change after the first few minutes and it has tremendous staying power - lasting twelve plus hours. Masculine without doubt. Sample first.
11th March, 2017