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Fig Man by Carner Barcelona

Like a afternoon by the ocean, eating warm figs with your salty hands and then making love to a mermaid under a waterfall.if a scent can be named for the secret of a sultry glow this would be it.this fragrance needs warm skin,then it comes in an interesting refreshing accord that reminds of sea breeze.the most prominent note is's more of green scent than a super sweet and ripe one.great masculine fig scent.

It starts out with a blast of green fig,almost rusty metal and sea salt.there is something sweet in there too.the marine accord is so stuning,it's cold, brisk,and salted.the saltiness reminds me of saltspray and beachy air.there is also something a little bit animalic coming from this but it's very far in the doesn't smell like fish at all it smells like the salty ocean. perfect for alone times with your partner or yourself.
23rd July, 2021

Oud Shamash by The Different Company

This isn't merely a physically sexy scent,it suggests a deeper sort of eros,like falling in love on an arid summer night under the stars.a delicious dry's not a medicinal oud,nor does it smell like a high quality oud oil.what it does smell like is agarwood chips.the wood chips have a very complex aroma of wood,resin,and a funky fruit aroma.this scents richly woody, decency defying spicy temper that touches all the right spots.and all done without too much noise.

The first sprays are spicy,sweet, dried fruits and a little rum. when the liquid dries,the scent slowly makes the transition into rose,oud accord.there are alluring light wafts of the balsamic amber in the air.there is gourmand spiciness to it yet, fresh; a little powdery from the vanilla and saffron. later the patchouli comes forth strong giving it a spicy powdery feel... kind of a cinnamon/ sweet spice. just nice scent,nothing a masterpiece.
22nd July, 2021

Fresh Sandalwood by Zara

Like sitting in a wooden cottage in the forest with a book in hand or take it out pretty much anywhere.real sandalwood does not actually smell strong,it's more of an exalting material and base for other notes.this is a very smooth and calming sandalwood, fresh,not aged or vanilic. relaxing,yet is not demanding,not cloying,it's simple just beautiful

The citrus beginning relaxes quickly however,and the sandalwood becomes as deliciously creamy as sandalwood gets.i don't smell much musk here;it stays pretty linear sandalwood on me. it's a very ethereal fragrance that when you wear it, has the power to give you a sense of being whole or being at peace rather.a great daytime scent for the office.
22nd July, 2021
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Rose Wood by Ajmal

Like blood red rose petals,satin lingerie, bed sheets after sex, and a touch of a man's scent and sweat on warm skin.a feminine rose scent. definitely better than Mancera's rose based perfumes which are too cloying.a waxy,earthy, creamy rose scent with a hint of's not the super dark,sweet,luscious,provocative, creamy, dense and evocative.

The opening is blast of syrupy juicy rose with just touch of spice.the spice is beautiful i think it's the caraway.the oud is medical but not hour in,the rose still screaming,but the blend has melted into something slightly more delicious with powdery notes.a very intimate fragrance, that will certainly set the mood for you and whoever you wish to encounter.
21st July, 2021

Florence Blossom by Roberto Cavalli

I can imagine a pinterest type woman,who's always put together and has a beautifully decorated home,wearing this.i like Florence and this flanker is different in notes and vibe but nice in it's own right.this is definitely a fresh fragrance. sparkling and soothing,simple and linear.

I keep getting blasts of light flowers,then blasts of some kind of flirty succulent fruits.the floral notes give a feminine side to the fragrance too but above all i would say is carefree and settles into a warm wood and patchouli that adds a little depth and allure.the right amount of sweet, not asugar bomb, but just enough.a quite safe everyday scent.
21st July, 2021

Bronze Wood & Leather by Jo Malone London

A dark leather accord with peppery and smoky facets.this does infact smell like Gucci Guilty Absolute,but a little more rounded.GGA feels bolder,while this is more refined,less woody and not at all in your face.

It's definitely a masculine fragrance with it's earthy and leather notes.a little harsh if you press your nose directly against the site of application, but it smells beautiful and captivating in the air.for me it's likeable(no lovable) authentic leather scent with slightly animalic touch.
21st July, 2021

Hibiscus Palm by Aerin

When you smell it you want to spend your time living in the lap of luxury on a warm sunny beach somewhere exotic and tropical. these type of fragrances are perfect example about how body chemistry is so important when choosing a perfume.this is a heady and romantica,pleasant sunscreen-style fragrance for me that reminds me of Bronze Goddess.

The initial spray has something fruity that quickly disappears. the mid has sweet fairly feminine florals like jasmine and tuberose,and ylang ylang. then there's a creamy vanilla and milky coconut that arounds all the florals out,that just screams's like you are wearing perfume on sun tunned skin.the performance is great.
20th July, 2021

Roses Greedy by Mancera

Youth,excitement,flirtation,beauty.fruitiness as an extension of youth;the fecundity of a girl with a fruity drink "cause she can't shoot whisky".it's not a cloying,heavy,rose perfume.nice mid-range rose, not too fresh & clean and not too dark.not complex,very Mancera,but i have to say as linear as they often are.

The rose is not harsh,it's delicate fresh rose, blends so well with the sugary vanilla and fruits. the musk here is smooth and more unisex,a little nose burning.i do get the jasmine note in there, making it feminine and floral.totally it smells edible, smells like a will smell the rose-so don't go into this not expecting crazy amounts of rose.
20th July, 2021

Girl of Now Shine by Elie Saab

Like an actual dessert,topped with fruit&nuts and then decorated with fresh flowers. definitely for someone who enjoys sweet gourmands.not syrupy sweet. you can clearly make out the Girl of Now almond DNA in this's unmistakable. but it's also softer here.the almond is golden creamy.

The opening is so delicious.the orange blossom and mandarin compliment the fruits with just a touch of floral but not enough to even come close to calling this a floral,this is all fruity almond paste with a cool touch of vanilla&florals.almond right away and right after that came the fruit the iris gives a touch of sweet powder.i'm not impressed with the dry down.the performance is average.
20th July, 2021

Une Rose by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Careless Whisper by Geroge Michael.listen to that song with your eyes closed.feel those words, listen to the notes,hear that saxophone snaking throughout.then hear the end,that continues to linger in your head, this is the thing that could help you get what i see and understand why i love this fragrance.Une Rose is like a luscious rose liqueur from another world.rose and geranium is a classic for a reason,and the addition of honey feels completely my nose,the rose is paired with a slightly Metallic geranium note. geranium is so multi-facted that it can sometimes smell like roses.i don't get any icy or cold here at all.

Une Rose is rose soliflore there are some hints at fresh green notes,but it is always about the begins with thick beautiful red rose,sweet and glorious spicy and unexpectedly bright develops with a very subtle geranium support,and a little taste of wine.there is another note,it's the musk&honey coming together to create a warm note that's very inviting.the blend smells elegant and classy.i couldn't enough of that is an aromatic.a bewitching rose fragrance which is both unusual and effortless to wear. performance is great.
20th July, 2021

Chrome Aqua by Azzaro

The smell of a real beach,wet woods and salty sea skies and blue waters at sunset. cool breeze,white buttoned shirts and shorts, sunglasses on and drink in hand.not heavy at all but definitely noticeable. personally i love it. aquatic, clean,green,refreshing and inoffensive.

It is an interesting ocean/ aquatic with a citrus mint dry down that exits with cypress,and vetiver. the cypress is fresh beautiful and hangs on until the fact it oozes beachy freshness and delicate woods with a touch of for the price,of course it's great.
19th July, 2021

Rose en Noir by Miller Harris

Close your eyes,you see yourself outdoors at night,in the moonlight,either on warm summer night or bundled up during the crispness of fall or winter. gazing up at the stars,enveloped in fond memories and cocooned by a feeling of warmth and comforting.beautiful,simply beautiful so elegant-modern-classic-alluring.

On my skin it opens up with a peppery-smoke of roses which,in itself sounds maybe a bit unusual and surprising,yet proves to be a soft and sexy combination.than a slight,lemon-violet leaf mix appears and settles next to it adding freshness to the roses,and finally,beautiful soft tobacco and earthy patchouli finishes the grand parade of pretty smells in the dry down.there is a melancholic side to this perfume.
19th July, 2021

Youth Dew Amber Nude by Estée Lauder

It smells like the little perfume bottle in a harem girl's table. she seduces her sultan with ginger, and fruity scents that give her a youthful playful charm.but she is actually all grown up.a complex woody ambery oriental with musky undertones. sultry,spicy,intoxicating,provocative and sensual.

Such a beautiful opening,spicy cinnamon& ginger, then a perfect plum.after 30 minutes it's gone, to be replaced with sensual amber,smoky woods and delicate subdued spice.this juice demands a certain confidence and sophisticated femininity to be allowed to shine holds the DNA of the original Youth Dew but it's less strong and more wearable.
18th July, 2021
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Polynesian Island Tiaré by Body Shop

Like a lazy afternoon with a book in hand,tan lotion,creamy coconut cocktail,creamy frangipani and sweet smelling carnations all around.creamy, tropical,sensuous and smooth.not a crisp or fresh summer fragrance,but one with a romantic, nostalgic feel to it. there's a mellow type of scent that comes in and stands as a perfect compliment to skin.

It starts off with soft citrusy note.then the scent intensify as the tiare open up with mild sweetness of frangipani added. coconut appears after,while the ylang ylang is very subtle in the sits around you like a cloud of creamy goodness. it really does just smell like skin after a day warmed and bronzed and covered in sand. perfect for women who don't like aquatics or heavy citruses for summer.
18th July, 2021

Narcotic V / Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto

The best way i can describe this scent would be a tropical garden after a rain shower on sultry summer night.a tuberose and white floral bomb both sweet,fresh and heady.fleshy tuberose and the same time i feel some warmth from's pretty and's nothing special or standout.

The dry down is something a little more comes alive in all weathers-comforting in the cold and sultry in the warm. sometimes it's a little spicy,but always luscious and intoxicating. this could become very strong if over applied.if you don't like tuberose stay away all costs.
18th July, 2021

Umè by Keiko Mecheri

UME screams "look at me,I'm here,i want to be stared at,I'm young,confident and carefree and i don't give a damn about what people say or think about me".this has a WOW factor. weonderful plum note in this's how you'd smell if you wore a monster plum-bubblegumy sweet perfume and became sweaty throughout the night.delightful,alluring,intensive and sophisticated.

It starts with warm fruity sweetness.juicy plum with just enough pleasant tartness.the mandarin just adds to the vanilla in the dry down.the heart really develops into a charming osmanthus& peony with a slight spice and a nice earthiness. the base becomes prominent and the plum fade, and you get the earthy,dark green woodiness of the oakmoss and patchouli blending in equally with the florals,that keep it from getting too sweet.this is a hot and sweaty summer night.
17th July, 2021

Chakai by Rituals

A review about L'Eclat

It smells like you've been rolling around on a dry forest has a bit of spiciness, it's not as fresh and airy,it's more earthy.nothing challenging here,just a delectable scent.the sandalwood gently softens the composition and the delicate citrus note provides just the right amount of subtle,subdued the dry down the scent warms up beautifully,but doesn't lose it's citrusy and green sparkle.the end result is a fragrance with a decidedly masculine energy. nothing about it impresses me at all.
17th July, 2021

Rasha by Al Rehab

It smells like a bouquet of heady white flowers on the coffe table, and peach gummy candies in a ceramic candy dish.either you love it or you hate me this is really pretty,and not at all obnoxious.there is a plastic feeling in this,but it's not bad.i don't get the party/ clubbing vibe at all.

It opens up with a cold,metallic note mingled with hot plastic,the peach comes forward and mixes with the creamy lactonic nuances from the gardenia and amber.the peachiness remains more fresh and fibery than reminds me of Jovan's Andron. Rasha seems like more of a cozy bedtime scent.
17th July, 2021

No 25 : Birch Tar & Russian Leather by Meleg Parfum

Who wants to smell like a cinnamon or an orange when you can smell like this...manly... unbridled... and is one of those perfumes that were created for the true lovers of perfumes.a brooding,complex, swirling,wall-of-scent kaleidoscope of a perfume which, given it's notes and general dark aesthetic,is surprisingly warm and encompassing.this is a very masculine, challenging scent.the man who wears this is tall, broad, and powerful.animalic smoky leathery powdery ashy vibe.

Opens in an aggressive and dry blast,not so wearable at first. the leather is the main player, but theres a very noticeable castoreum/birch smokiness that is supported by a strange sweet vanilla base that's will give you an enigmatic vibe,and it is extremely manly. personally,i find that the civet&castoreum attenuates quickly,and what remains is a rich, almost dusty animalic dirtiness that's carried beautifully by the supplementary leather.quite a remarkable frag,albeit,one i find virtually impossible to wear as it's so potent and has no concept of personal space.performance is brutal. it will stay with you for a long time.absolute masterpiece.
15th July, 2021

Powdery Magnolia by Zara

This smells like the prettiest teacher in your school.she wearing this scent and reading stories to the children as they listen intently with an adoration for their bloved smells very clean and soapy.ZPM is a perfume that really shows the user's personality this smells bubbly, happy,sweet,and fresh.

A beautiful,soapy,clean,powdery rose.the proper magnolia comes across quite strongly as well and complete with a citrusy and combined with the sweetness of's one of those scents that doesn't smell like a melts on your skin and radiates like it is your own, ultra-clean body scent.or maybe as freshly washed cloth's scent.
15th July, 2021

Cara Mia Ti Amo by Etienne Aigner

A review about Cara Mia Ti Bacio

This fragrance reminds me a bit of a playful yet elegant young woman.a sweet smelling perfume in the same category as Black Opium but it's not a dupe.Black Opium EDP has pink pepper has making it heavier than this.suitable for bed time, almost like a sweet dreams potion.flirty, sweet, generic,comforting,simple and very affordable.

It opens on my skin with a citrusy,moderatly sweet and slightly fruity white flowers on top of a cozy time goes by,during mid development, bouquet of flowers with dominant jasmine becomes stronger,and more intense.this all leads into a moderately sweet base with dominant vanilla and cocoa and the floral notes recede into the background.moderate sillage but this does not have good longevity on my skin.
15th July, 2021

Haitian Vetiver by Ermenegildo Zegna

Elegant like a crisp white shirt and perfectly tailored perfumery vetiver is an essence extracted from an eastern asian weed grass called "vetiveria zizaniodies".it's usually classified as a woody exhales a dry, musty and woody aroma.this one is sharp,dry green feel of the haitian's a really nice creation,fresh and sophisticated that's just so reminds me of TF Grey Vetiver but grey vetiver is fairly stays very citrusy all the way through.Zegna loses some of citrus and becomes's a bit more earthy,less sweet.more soapy.

The green citrusy character of bergamot amps up this general impression of freshness.then,as the fragrance settles down on your skin,the vetiver turns slightly sweeter,in the way that iris can sometimes be remains clean,but it grows richer,with a hint of smoke to keep things interesting.the vetiver is earthy,dry and almost powdery without being dusty.there is a retro vibe in this,but i think that just gives the fragrance a bit more's more of a daytime outdoor can be used in the office ir at events that are either formal or informal.a vetiver for true vetiver lovers.
14th July, 2021

Wonderlust Sublime by Michael Kors

The woman i picture for this scent is a long haired italian woman,sitting in the hot sun by a tiare flower tree drinking orange juice and theres a slight breeze where you can smell it combine. what a lovely fragrance.a sweet amber mixed with elegant creamy jasmine and tiare to balance.this kinds of smell like Alien.

It opens up bright with fragrant orange blossom and slightly spicy accord,continues with a mix of other white flowers who are so well blended, slightly sweet, crramy,smooth and elegant.and dries down to a sweet,warm amber and vanila make it sexy and daring.the sultry jasmine is more dominant,it is softly sweet and mesmerizing.good sillage& longevity.
14th July, 2021

Eccelso by Profumum

Divine simplicity combined with subtleness of the scent make this a masterpiece of elegance.a sophisticated scent that is for more mature man. it's refined and has a depth and quality that most struggle to match today.the blend is beautiful and the quality of ingredients is clearly very high indeed.not synthetic at all.

It opens beautifully with the magnolia,nutmeg blast.the middle is a dense accord of rich smoky sandalwood and a smidge of earthy patchouli. the base is extremely dense a potpourri of musk. there's a light woodsy sweetness and a really subtle fuzzly clean muskiness.the result is a sharp,dense cloud of Italian refinement.
14th July, 2021

Alien Sunessence by Thierry Mugler

Like standing on the beach, smelling the scent of sun cream in the air mixed with clean skin. an uplifting Alien to make your day happy and sunny. nice,round, comforting white floral-lemon combination.the jasmine is opulent,so there is a sharp edge to it,but it's done in a very pretty,fresh scent becomes more powerful with amber after an hour and even a bit powdery.

I am getting boho chic vibes of this,it's perfect for wearing a maxi dress,long necklaces,fedora and espadrilles.totally if you are attracted to Alien but are wary of it's intensity, especially for everyday use,i highly recommend this.warm,crispy yellow, fresh.perfect for springtime.the performance is good.
13th July, 2021

Midnight Amber by Oscar de la Renta

Like an oriental woman covered in veils.she seems unapproachable and mysterious in the same time. and under that veil,there is so much warm sensuality and beauty ...the price on Oscar de la Renta fragrances is fantastic for the quality you usually get,and this isn't exception.great scent,great price.a dark rose-oud-amber combo where the rose is more dominant than any other note used in here. serious,sensual and seductive.

It begins with a loud,candyish wave of sweetness that quickly settles darkly into the titular rose and oud pairing.the oud in here is really tamed and i would say that this is the nice oud scent for someone who can't tolerate oud otherwise.the warmth of the amber only adds to the allure and sensuality of the is unquestionably gorgeous with an opaque sex undertone.a great fragrance to pull out for those special moments and special occasions.
13th July, 2021

Marfa by Memo

White flower lover isn't a simple or typical white floral. it's like a rich and deliciously creamery covered in white and yellow flower petals.a gorgeous oriental fragrance.for my nose there is in indolic jasmine,and ylang ylang.not sure about the unisex label,due to the strong floral theme of this perfume.

Marfa opens with a room-engulfing plume of scent;there is orange blossom but it's outshone by the almost milky floral-vanillic bouquet of the middle and base.the agave carries through the middle where it lends a sharpness to the creamy yellow bouquet of ylang ylang,and ever-so-slightly tuberose.the slightest hint of musk towards the end.the vibe it gives off is very feminine.good scent but nothing special.
13th July, 2021

Tropicale by Oscar de la Renta

A review about Jasmine

Like setting in the beautiful garden,drinking tea, listings to the creatures of the night,being enveloped by the creamy,yet fresh scent of jasmine.this is indeed a very fresh,earthy,creamy jasmine exceptionally desirable blend of quality floral and citrus notes lending the fragrance a lovely's not subtle and airy,nor thick and heady,it's the middle ground, between l'occitanes jasmine& Bvlgari jasmine noir.

The scent opens with very nice green notes of citrus with the indolic jasmine aroma making it's presence right away.the jasmine lingers well into hours with just the slightest hint of wood towards the end.i half expected this fragrance to take on a soapy quality towards the dry down,but thankfully it reminded fresh and's a great one for the warmer months,and anytime you want to feel "picked-up".summer's freshness in a bottle.
12th July, 2021

Juicy Flowers by Mancera

Imagine eating a fruit cocktail while watching the beautiful blue sea,with a slightly cooling aromatic mediterranean breeze on a spring day.this is a girlie, feminine tropical scent for's fruity, powdery,and a tiny bit creamy,but not creamy enough to bring any real richness to the overall composition. vanilla and strong musk to each side.suitable to walking in the park with dog, playing with kids,meeting friends for ice cream. Niche quality?No!this is fine,but it smells like something you could pick up at celebrity fragrances.
12th July, 2021

Bois de Yuzu by Lagerfeld

Like a tropical forest odor after rain;a nice feeling mixture tailored to make it manly, refined.such a good modern fresh scent.yuzu is at the top but stays around without wearing off (yuzu is like a sweeter grapefruit with a hint or orange). bergamot is there,but also notes of aromatic rosemary,ginger and veriver which give it a feels fresh and clean,perfect for the afternoon and casual shines in the rain and more humid days,but can not be relegated only to those times so spray away whenever.another positive note in that it's extremely affordable. moderate sillage and acceptable longevity.
12th July, 2021