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Hypnotic Poison Elixir by Christian Dior

Tendre Poison 1993

She's the quintessential woman, loving and supportive and nurturing.she always does the right thing.she's a very Great lady with a very great smells like the warmth of sauna wood(think sandalwood but drier), the watness of a log after rain, the sweetness of maple syrop and the freshness of melting snow. this is simply gorgeous.a worthy girl of Legendry Queen Poison.

TP is a magical connection of white floral embrace, mixing their citrusy, resinous scent with blackened vanilla pods, powdery heliotrope,faintly woody notes and a melody of spices, gives you feeling like laying your head on a velvet pillow as you drift away to dreamland on a cloud.very surreal and fantasy like.The dry down is sweet, comforting vanilla with nuances of the spices and is utterly delicious.

What i love most about this scent is how fresh it is an unconventional isn't overly soapy,powdery and white florals.warm heat from a paramour's skin,a hot breath of delicious whispers of affection in your ear.a garden of magic. timeless and bewitching.very good sillage&longevity.
07th February, 2021

La Nuit Trésor L'Eau de Toilette by Lancôme

La Nuit Trésor à la Folie

The scent of Valentine's.inspired by an attractive woman in a romantic dress with a playful print.knee-high red boots help add the perfect amount sultry. with a deep plum standout shade her lips.her scent like a sweet Kisses of roses mixed with chocolate.

The seductive scent subtly blends the spontaneous spice of pepper with a bed of hypnotic night booming florals at the heart and mesmerizing vanilla and alluring tonka bean& benzoin at the base and she go for date night.
A sultry night when lovers embrace with absolute love. goddess of night adorned with a starry veil.This is like the smell of lady's bag who let her lipstick melt inside.
07th February, 2021

Colonia Vaniglia by Acqua di Parma

Like wearing a light blue soft calf leather jacket perhaps with vanilla in the pockets to be dramatic Colonia Vaniglia hands down the best launched in 2018 for me.romance and young love wrapped in mystery and intrigue. delectable,sensuous,warm,with a bit of dark seductively quality.

Smoky vanilla but the stickiness isn't the typical headachy incense's totally unisex.indulges the senses with sumptuous silk tree flower and luscious bourbon vanilla combined with musk to evoke a feeling of desire in the daringly seductive man who wears fact the scent has a wonderful bracing green citrusy opening before the sweet vanilla note takes over and lingers for eternity.makes me ready to take the world to achieve my dreams!
07th February, 2021
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Derrick by Orlane

He is the epitome of cool.he is always very masculine in everything he wear.more of an understated macho man,his style isn't about flash,but about combining wardrobe basics into stylish outfits that looked put together without being overly done.he is absolutely classy with a tuxedo,a bow tie and a pack of Marlbro cigarettes.smells very "Paul Newman" to me.

Derrick is a throwback to a time and calture where masculinity was synonymous with elegance,and it feels almost anachronistic wearing it today.a real 70s scent.those were incredible days for music,fashion,perfumery,and many other forms of art.most men's fragrance from that time reflect similar attitudes. extremely handsome and impeccably tailored.deep,aromatic,soapy, woody,piney,rich,mature,bitter, sopsiticated,clean and earthy.

It starts of green,herbal and powerful spicy blast of masculinity,like a lot of 70's scents,then dries down to a fat but smooth wood and moss base.It has some spices in it's composition that give a deep and enchanting performance to the fragrance of coumarin,patchouli and musk are there.the perfect example of classic fougere.It smells of natural ingredients with no hint of chemicals or artificial elements.

For me Derrick exudes old-school classiness and quality,and represents sold value for money. it's classic enough like Quorum, clean enough like One Man Show, powerful enough like Azaaro represents the image of mature Gentleman in his 40s.A reliable friend,A loyal husband,A man's mam if you will.there's no way that a metrosexual-new boy can pull this fragrance as probably he wouldn't have enough men's testosterone in his body to hold this fragrance for just one day.
06th February, 2021

Marco Serussi The Man Intense by Marco Serussi

The Lady Intense 2018

Like wearing a oversized sweater with black pants and long black boots,in winter time with a cup of nice coffe in your hands,a light snow falling outside but you're inside next to a warm fire.sweet,wearable,seductive, sensuous and exciting.young men do love this kind of scents but the sweetness a bit to generic for me.this is a bit reminiscent of La Nuit Tresor.

This sweetness of the vanilla blended with deliciousness of synthetic and loud blackberry, romance of violet and intriguing tuberose givess off such a seductive scent.this scent is the middle of the road between a women looking for some fun, looking for an affair,and women looking for something more, looking for Love.this lady isn't so intense for me.nothing dark and mysterious in here.suitable for both girls and grown up ladies.
06th February, 2021

Tease Flower by Victoria's Secret

Tease Eau de Parfum

The lovely sweet opening of this scent is like when Taylor Hill opened the 2018 Victoria's Secret fashion show.she plaid mini skirt featured a slit in the front that showcased her matching patterned underwear.It's definitely sweet scent,but not the overpowering cotton candy type of sweet,and it's definitely rocking that caramel and vanilla feeling.

A fruity,luscious,juicy opening notes of pear,litchi with vanilla caramel should-be-sticky it's so sweetness,followed by white floral notes well blended into the fruity essence in the middle. bittersweet bite of gardenia that elevates the scent above more brainless sugarbomb it dries down, it softness with amber and sandalwood.still sweet but more sultry.

Overall this scent is youthfully fun,it's delicious and flirtatious,horoughly synthetic, generic, a pink fluffy girl with blonde highlights who likes to stand out in the crowd in a puffy pink cloud of candy and ice cream aura.It has a pretty decent longevity.
06th February, 2021

Ralph Lauren Woman by Ralph Lauren

A love's being lured out to a snowy pasture by a elegant lady dressed in white and around in sequins.She is shy but knows what she's doing.she comes off as innocent but her smirk gives away something soft of mischievous. excellent bouquet with dominant tuberose.this perfume is like two conflicting entities in one body.

It opens with a big juicy pear, backcurrant burst,then enveloped you completely in incredibly heady and intoxicating tuberose and hours later dried down into warm,smooth,creamy sandalwood and a lovely hint of hazelnut that makes perfect balance between youth and confidence,demure and sensual and at the same time a lady who enjoys being herself to celebrate woman's day!
06th February, 2021

Noble Wood by S.T. Dupont

Perfect Tobacco

Like expensive business or luxurious business room.a beautiful smoky warm spicy oud with delicious vanilla.i don't get a ton of's more of a background note,very soft and elegant and is supported by sweet vanilla.

From it's spicy,smoky opening to it's sweet powdery luscious vanillic dry down this is a beautifully constructed scent that's in spite of it's clear orientals vibes will have a very western fact the oud note lends a smoky vibe evident in the begining.the tobacco reenforces oud,rose and leads a crisp vanilla scent.

The scent is perfectly unisex, suitable for a handsome man clean shaven in a tuxedo or smokey's not for fans of modern clean's also surprisingly affordablel.Well done,very well blended,and a real compliment getting.sillage is moderate to good and it lasts on my skin for 6 hours.
06th February, 2021

Rouh Al Aoud by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

An objective representation of mystery,bitterness combined with a biting tongue and gentle smiles.a masterfully crafted oriental fragrance that weaves together the majestic woody notes of oud with sharp notes of saffron and eastern spices and majestic rose,suitable to bed on the coldest of winter nights and ignite her senses of being with a man of inner strength,a man that can give her security.
06th February, 2021

Deneuve by Catherine Deneuve

An erotically charged tale of deceit and desire.She's young, beautiful with an aura of mystery emanating from her looks that she's managed to keep,and a kind of surface coldness.she can't reconcile her masochistic fantasies with her everyday life alingside dutiful husband and she can't get herself to be involid with him sexually.the magnificent on her perfume holds great significance in the meaning of her fantasy.Her perfume here is object of care,very much like her prim persona that seems to bound her.sheared with mud,her sacred image is desecrated but her desires,liberated.

In an attempt to escape from her bondage,she wears grey wool coat that's double-breasted,vantless, with wide-spread collar, epauletess and just above the wrist wool high hat,black gloves and tote,black Roger Vivier shoes and above all she wears her scent (it's a delicate chypre,wonderful green, powdery floral and the dry down is somethig civet-like and almost addicting,sexy and ladylike at the sametime) on neck and chest and she eventually joins a luxurious parisian Brothel.

She's greeted by her new colleagues who are impressed with her fashion& perfume and call her Elefant.At her new workplace,she explores men of different shapes, tastes and sexual kinks.hesitant and haunted,she refuses to serve her first costumer,but a slap and throw to the bed by her anger customer unexpectedly fulfils her this scene,she is once again wearing her scent, paralleling with the fantasies she had in which her ego was the same time,the scent remind us of who she really is despite her current situation-that is...
03rd February, 2021

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

A dark blue night,you're somewhere in city near the river;moody,recolecting thoughts, rememberings,or dreams of future.will they come true?Mood is a bit sad,a bit recolecting or nostalgic.women who has deep retrospective thoughts,feelings. perfume of intimate spirituality. a scent of seduction,but class and comfort,both wealth and physical just like Gloria Vanderbilt herself.

A strong aldehyde opening.then everyting melds together into that perfect,flowery,powdery dream.a cloud of powdery iris covers lazy flowers composition on a warm,blue,romantic base of vanilla,sandalwood,musk and opoponax makes it like the memory of a long ago's for the person who loves the smell of vintage cosmetics.

This fragrance sends the wearer into another's a "chilly heat tipped over one eye,a velvet cape,and matching silk is for days when you can get out of bed even at noon,go yourself ready in your boudoir and go out in your beautiful dress.classy,moody, enchanting and timeless.
03rd February, 2021

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Imagine yourself to a jungle in the winter after a snowstorm,the kind that covers the pine trees, the sky full of stars,then coming inside by the fire to drink hot peppermint tea.that night,and this perfume,can make you feel kind of crazy and happy at the same mysterious like a forest from some Fairytale.very natural smelling,a natural, aromatic composition inspired by the scents of nature.Ethereal and romantic,poetic and philosophical.

This has a lovely spicy opening-pepper and ginger,very clear and then becomes green,with pine and anise and a cold bpast of confier,before finally finishing woody and balsamic.balsam fir smells a bit minty,citrus,pine which they've conveyed fact there is the sweet warmth of the woods and the fresh coolness of the night, brightened up by spicy herbals. what i love about FDA is that's playes between cold and warm, light and dark,masculine and feminine.The sillage is typical for a L'Artisan.
03rd February, 2021

Ensis by V Canto

Like a feary queen in the deep forest wearing nothing but consorting with a faun on a bed of fir needles tucked beneath the briars and black currant bushes. dark and chilly but yet bright and cozy scent.a delicious juicy floral,fruity and green.

A nice mixture of wild rose, perfectly tartly sweet blackcurrant and patchouli scent.the floral heart notes are balanced by the green,herbal note and combined with the cacao and spices soften the scent and make it very wearable.the blackcurrant notes very nice,as it the herbaceously green quality of the scent as it settles on the skin. the dry down has a soapy clean facet.

It just gave the impression of an overall festive occasion,filled with good food and good friends. totally a good niche quality.the sillage is good and longevity is average on my skin.
03rd February, 2021
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Bergamotto Marino by Gianfranco Ferré

Like a sunny place with a tropical breeze that has a lot of natural beauty like Capri island. an absolute-mood-lifter.FBM is a very nice and simple floral& citrus blend that wears like a cologne.casual,wearable, interesting,linear and perfectly unisex.

The scent opens with an absolutely brilliant and, actually bright,crisp citrus, neroli and well done nelon. eventually as the dry down evolves further,the citrus pops it's head up more than one would expect,on a bed of very faint amber and musk.It fades to a gentle floral citrus after a few hours as a light skin scent that's like a perfect summer day.

This brings back a scent memory of driving by citrus orchards on a hot day, windows down,wearing sunscreen.the neroli isn't too soapy on my's used just enough.It definitely is at a price then many of the fragrances in the Neroli Portofino line. Longevity is also pretty good for a citrusy frafrance.
03rd February, 2021

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino by Acqua di Parma

Close your eyes,you feel like you're standing in an citrus garden,next to fields of jasmine and neroli,which travel in with the breeze and the scent of sweetness Camilla just melds everything in under the blue sky. a familiar peaceful blend of classic flowers and's just naturally pretty,refreshing, uplifting,a little dewy,innocent, delightful,divine and absolutely clean.

It's bright,with a very natural lemon and sunny neroli citrus. when the citrus and neroli mix with the slight sweetness of jasmine it's a bit narcotic.the neroli this is right up there with TF Neroli Portofino.the base is not dominant with vanilla or musk,but gives this fragrance a great base of softness and calmness.non indolic,non toxic white floral,smooth and soft. serenity in a bottle.
03rd February, 2021

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

Conniving and vulnerable, ravishing and monstrous,she wears many hats,and one amazing wig, lots of makeup,bracelets,to cinvince an overconfident insurance agent to kill her husband.playing a frustrated housewife,a damsel in distress, and a heartless villain.because a femme fatale is defined by her duality,and one of the greatest Femme Fatale of all time is Barbara Stanwyck as Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Indemnity (1944).

A vintage scent with timeless relevance. It smells nostalgic like antique stores and reminds me of scratchy old records,old books,old 60's shag rugs,autumn colored furniture,and dusty Tiffany lamps.this is everything a perfume should be:sultry makes a strong presence,and lasting. it's like a folk music festival campground in a bottle.deep lush citruses,an almost liquor-like vanilla,and a powdery,smoky chypre reminds me of Tabu.

The opening notes include citruses,with a fragrant lemon grass type of smell,some neroli and freshness.the leather notes emerges slowly before it takes over in the dry down.before you there you smell powdery&balsamic some vanilla,amber and musk.the civet is a good note for the cold winter envelops you in the warmth of It's animalic embrace.It's a 1960's women's, lib,I-am-woman-hear-me-roar's not feminine it's womanly.

If you're a little shrinking violet,unsure-of-yourself wallflower,this is absolutely not the fragrance for has too much presence and makes no apologies for veing either female or of the sexiest women's perfume.Longevity is astonishing.
31st January, 2021

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

The epitome of hairy chests,gold chains and mustaches connected with manliness.He wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie and,radiates confidence and charm.this fragrance emits 1970's style and elegance.a good thing in my book. a powerful aromatic fougere, despite of the spices in it. classically handsome and can really be the signature fragrance of a sophisticated successful man. clean,creamy,aromatic,mossy,woody,classy and herbaceous.

The opening is a blast of aromatic green herbs (not too strong) but given a bit of time, the rosemary,lavender and geranium would take over and provide a very seamless and subtle transition into the very nice creamy chypre and woody fougere,to a fresh,green, gentlemen king of scent.the dries down in a kind of mossy& green smell;somesgow similar to Oscar de La Renta Pour Lui and Antonio Puig Quorum,slightly more's definitely for mature men,not for the boys who admire those sweet-fruity modern fragrances.
31st January, 2021

Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone

Like a yummy breakfast on a spring day in a green forest. crunchy,slightly sour and natural blackberry jam together with a glass of fresh and cold orange juice.if you're looking for a realistic blackberry scent,no further,this is it.
Opening spray for BB is a bright,fizzy,tart blackberry cream laced with freshness of citrus.this becomes more muted as it mingles with the bay leaf and woody notes(the vetiver lingers on and on and it's about the only floral note i can detect).the floral note is part of this blend and is never pronounced,giving it a gorgeous softness feeling.I adore the opening the most. sillage and longevity both are decent.
31st January, 2021

The Only One 2 by Dolce & Gabbana

Like a bowl of juicy berries in a summer hot night.An elegant and delicious berry desert for any occasion.a very sweet fruity smell,especially in the opening, but it has a characteristic "darkness" on the edge.I'm not a fan of this kind of fragrances, well done but nothing new. pleasant,positive,likeable,inviting,creamy and yummy scent.

Synthetic berry,very sweet with a hint of tartness,dries down to tonka bean and amber with a little coffe.the berry is deep and syrupy and doesn't smell like some odd candy flavor.It's dry down is beautiful.the longer it wears,the softer and more expanded it becomes.if you're expecting femme fatale perfume, this isn't it,but it's sensual in a quiet way.

The only dark thing about it is the thick blackberry.It would sit comfortably on a shelf with Black Opium.wearing this with black skinny jeans,biker boots and a leather jacket.elegant enough for evening out without being seductive neither provocative nor extravagant,it's feminine;sweet but not girlish sticking sweet.It lasts around 4 hours on my skin.
31st January, 2021

Hermèssence Cèdre Sambac by Hermès

Like jasmine on moonless night. this is not an indolic jasmine. this is a light,sweet jasmine,not a white floral bomb but more of a whisper with a well-balanced base of musk and woods that never's a simple, uncomplicated scent but comforting and elegantly beautiful.lush,creamy,sensuous and exciting.a soft nighttime jasmine with a slight nuttiness, that isn't overly complex and is both wearable and elegant.the woodes add a touch of subdued class to the feminine florals. could be unisex if not for that feminine jasmine.true jasmine lovers,come hither.
31st January, 2021

Zen Moon Essence by Shiseido

Zen Gold Elixir

Like the scent of arabian nights. it's exotic and conjures romantic fantasies of dueling villains with scimitars and swooping between palace towers on magic carpets..a semi-floral oriental's a dark rose smoky perfume with hints of saffron and incense that gives you a idea of luxury.Damascus rose is one of my favorite of all roses for it's moist,dark,antique,captivating quality.

The fragrance opens passionately with a dark,rich yet juicy rose, then rose starts to unfold and spices start to come through.i smell a dash of pepper even though it is not listed.incense start to creep in once the rose settles and brings with it a very heavy feel-but this isn't suffocating or overly brings to mind a black-clad femme fatale in knee high boots.sillage is moderate to good and longevity is 6 hours on my skin.
31st January, 2021

Leather Blend by Davidoff

A gentleman's answer to the "toxic masculinity" political correctness of today...and a silent response to anyone that mistakes your kindness for not being enough.It's not the leather i know from TF Tuscan Leather.the leather here is strong,peppery with a big dose of saffron.the amber and saffron combined add magnificent depth and character. one of the better Davidoff's out there.definitely masculine but who cares about girls spray away!

Stylish,opulent,sophisticated and graceful take on a classic leather scent with a warm spicy opening notes with dominant saffron in the middle that give way to a rich and deep blend of warm and a bit soft leather with a whisper of amber in the dry down.the opening is bold and imposing but the fragrance softnes in the dry's a special occasion fragrance on the coldest winter days.the crisp bone-chilling air makes the sillage divine and heads will turn.You can't go wrong with this Davidoff.
31st January, 2021

Van Cleef by Van Cleef & Arpels

A stunning green floral chypre.go home take a shower,wash your hair,put on these sexy shorts with a nice shirt a few spray this lovely on and get your on with your day.brightly sparkling, mildly sharp,timeleassly elegant, unaffectedly chic,guilelessly sexy and richly aromatic.

Van Cleef has many notes of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers plus the very dry& refined green galbanum-a must elusive,powerful element,honeyed marigold adds sensuality,lovely herbal notes, plus delicious orange blossom and a wonderful sweet balsamic base that lasts for ages.fabulous on a rainy spring day.the openings strange and edgy.the middle is a nice mix of wild,bitter and still seeet herbs and flowers.the dry down is sweet and woodyl,it comes across just like a grand-chypre.

All of the notes are very-well inspires a feeling of complete freedom of choice with amazing adventures in an exotic far away land.suitable wear to a seriously fancy occasion.classy and stylish lady scent.a must try for chypre lovers.Strong sillage and amazing longevity.
29th January, 2021

Nuit d'Issey Pulse of the Night by Issey Miyake

The scent of a man.he's rich, charming,suave and smart,both in appearance and in the head.this is the effortlesseness that others speak of.a sweet,cozy and incensey scent that seeks attention and says to the ladies in their 30 inch flares 'Come to me,baby'.like a sensual hug.the warmth of linear spicy leather, rich vanilla,powdery tonka bean and smoky incense notes through out from opening to it's dry down,goes fine with a black suit and slicked back hair.sweet and spicy in the balanced way.this fragrance is a total aphrodisiac. it can be worn by younger and more mature doesn't last very long on me and doesn't seem to project much,but funnily's suitable for formal and casual occasions especially in the winters.
29th January, 2021

Casamorati Lira by Xerjoff

Imagine you and your soulmate are wrapped in a cozy blanket at a beach one night.the evening breeze is slightly chilly so you start to dig your toes under the and your love stop and both gaze up at the same time at the clear winter night sky and see stars wink at you... Absolutely nice scent for lovers of gourmand and spicy warm would be also the perfect scent to spray before you go to bed as i find it very calming,warm and cuddly.

The freshness of bitter orange and bergamot precedes a heart of sparkling cinnamon immediately followed by that salty note of the everlasting flower,turning this perfume into a flirty caramel musk,transports you to an enchanted ocean surrounded by mermaids and dolphins.totally if you're a fan of cinnamony fragrance like Organza,Dolce Vita,this is a lighter whipped-cream vanilla semi-gourmand take on cinnamon that you will probably love.the only thing i regret is that price as for a gourmand scent it's too expensive.
29th January, 2021

Sacrifice for Her by Ajmal

Nails done,hair done,dressed to impress,confident,intelligent, strong woman.It's earthy,musky, and a little floral all mixed together and makes Alien by Ajmal!Alien has more dominat jasmine notes than this's unapologetically synthetic,but not a cheap or cloying exactly shows how simplicity a key to complexity.

A subtle fresh saltiness of jasmine balanced with the synthetic woody ambergris and musk will entice your other half and make you more beloved in their of those fragrances that you're either team Love it or Hate it,there is no between.If you're shy this probably isn't the perfume for you.if you're looking for a alternative to Alien with a similar jasmine vibe in an cheap price,Sacrifice maybe the perfect scent for you.
29th January, 2021

Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

Clint Eastwood in a denim shirt, suede waistcoat,loose trousers and a western hat,arrives the cafe and sits in a corner and he's relaxing with a Cuban cigar and dry martini...and he suddenly realize that the greatest things in life are those little luxurious.Classic masculine fougere in a fantastic price. woody,leathery,aromatic,earthy, complex,spicy,smokey,classic and sophisticated.

Cloves,oakmoss,galbanum and musk, such a powerful combination with the patchouli being most precious of all notes.the patchouli is smokey,while the leather evokes a beautifully bound book or an elegant leather-topped writing desk.these notes bolstered by smokey spices,moss and something like grassy vetiver and's pretty soapy but the kind of soap one would expect in an exclusive barbershop or the en-suite of a gentleman's country manor.

It's the kind of fragrance that ruled the 80's,when fragrances were uber masculine and unisex acquatics were non-existent. overpowering but it smells deep, dark and absolute classy that conveys a kind of powerful maturity.this is not a scent that would wear well on a young welp of a's best for occasions of formality,important meetings or socializing perhaps with cigars and fine whisky with other canvivial gentlemen.
29th January, 2021

Life Threads: Emerald by La Prairie

Fleur de Femme by La Rive

Like going to a candy store,and you're the one that wants to be eaten.a pleasant and nicely formulated scent,with a good balance between floral and gourmand notes.this fragrance reminds me of a nice,funny and a bit crazy and wicked girls night's little too sweet but very funny to's snowing outside and think that Fleur de Femme would be a good idea to warm up the air a little bit.

It opens with a burst of sweet, loud and strong bitter orange mingled with almond,vanilla and balsamic sour cherry with a whisper of romantic rose at the edges.during middle development, the main players are vanilla, almond and rose with a touch of jasmine bean and a with hint misty patchouli.finally tonka bean adds a warm touch,making you feel cozy and fact the opening is like freshly baked scones with orange marmalade,with an vanilla-like dry down.

There are two types of roses to my nose,damascus and may rose. both combined in a lovely way at the ending rundown.It's a little bit lipsticky and waxy.a little candy-like,just floral enough for a floral gourmand. never mind the affordable price (under 15$), especially for the quality,and it's definitely nice.the fragrance wears rather close to the skin,with moderate longevity.
29th January, 2021

Jules by Christian Dior

Jules 2016

The groomsmen are in black tie,with the family patriarch leading the way in the finest attire.the partiarch himself, sports a sharp black vintage tuxedo with flower on his chest. he says:a man who doesn't spent time with his family can never be a real Godfather Don Corleone,play's the ruthless yet sympathetic head of the corleone family.

The vintage jules(1980)was a masterpiece and this one has DNA of that one.a jewel in a bottle, the sophisticated image of a man incrusted in this emerald bottle that prints the picture of masculinity and maturity,the fragrance is simply awesome and full of body.the kind of fragrances that have survived the test of time and still they represent the strenght of a man that's not afraid to wear his fragrances,he knows he's a winner.

An smokey,green,bitter,clean fragrance.It opens with a sharply herbal and green that's the main character of the's certainly distinctive,thought extremely familiar at the same time.many focets of the galbanum combine with the spicy floral (hedione) in the heart.the fragrance softness in the dry down by fir and smooth leather. Ideal for a man that masculine but a classy kind but not a pushover.confident but never cocky.pure class in a bottle.
26th January, 2021

Freak Scarab by Illamasqua

Freak Extrail de Parfum

Lightning strikes and lights up the forest.suddenly a statue carved in the heart of a rock appears and quickly appears in the guise of darkness.everything passes in the darkness of night.seekers with the light shining from their flashlights, but do not reach their destination.Inevitably they escape to a dimly lit hut where these men live,but suddenly a woman with a lamp in her hand appears on the door,scattering light.The sexual attraction and beauty of her charmer are revealed and disappear.
Men are driven by need and lust to seek,and they go to that deceptive snake,unaware that the answer to their lust will be brutal violence.consecutive thunderstorms land on the body of the forest and quickly reveal the secrets,and again darkness and again light.Smoke from narcotics suffocates the dark atmosphere of the forest.
But Femme Fatale relying on her power and sexual attraction,has done her job cruelly,one after the other,and the men are struggling and shouting like that.The forest shakes.The dawn strikes,but a view of the breadth of the forest appears,and the seekers who find the corpses while the femme fatale sits on top of it and finally the cold blood is smoking.
26th January, 2021