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Bracken Man by Amouage

A gentleman with a refined style.It is the prototype of a classical fougere with nice quality ingredients which are very well blended but to create a real classic fougere one must add to the coumarin note and oakmoss. A green,citrusy freshness, combined with the depth of cloves and patchouli.
a perfume that whispers screams but starts where the delicate notes of fresh gradually give way to spicy and woody.

The bitterness of cypress and bergamot,then suddenly from nowhere were born the floral notes of granium and lavender and only at the end of all this celebration of fireworks were succeeded notes of patchouli,musk and woody notes for men with a passion for beautiful things.the fragrance is aimed at men in quest of subtle elegance and absolute virility.
In fact Initially bitter and pungent then it immediately starts to get smooth and dry,as you get whiffs of the cloves and sandalwood It gets into the woody-spicy zone for a bit still very dry but airy and breezy in a way.The base is warm musk anchoring the patchouli which comes over as a dark brooding oud.

Bracked Man is a mature scent that lets the people around you know that you've certainly smells conservative and safe but wearing something this well made is simply a pleasure and bound to attract all kinds of positive attention.suitable for day and night wear.If you like old-school fougeres you have to try this one.

Sillage?Moderate to heavy.

Longevity?Very good on my skin.

12th August, 2020

Classique Eau Fraîche by Jean Paul Gaultier

Classique Summer 2012

Inspired by the first love- tender,stays close,radiant and leaves beautiful memories. Intimate,sensual,feminine, careless holiday on the reminds me boho beach style she wear bikini add a flowery and flowy beach cover up and a wide_ bremmed hat and she is set for a day at the beach.

refreshingly soft and radiant, classique summer 2012 was created as a daytime counterpart to translates the provocative fantasy of the signature fragrance into a sunlit daydream filled with ylang ylang for an air of sheer sensuality.

The original Classique was known for its boldness,whereas Classique summer is a flanker with a softer side.It screams summer from the moment you spray it.this fragrance is very sunny and joyful with it's creamy jasmine is sweet but not cloying which is rare for most floral fruitys on the mainstream market.

The fragrance opens with sparkling notes of clemantine and orange the scent develops the power of jasmine in increased concentration creates a storm of white flowers in the heart by a subtle touch of ylang ylang combined with accords of iris.musk and vanilla adding sensuality to other notes as this elixir makes you picture yourself at the beach bar at sunset:the sea breeze cools your skin while your feet are still buried in sand.

In fact It starts out with a citrus blast and then morphs into a slightly flowery,very dry oceanic fragrance.
Longevity is surprisingly good,it lasts appr.6 hours on my skin, which is a nice performance for a primarily summer scent.
12th August, 2020

Jil Sander No. 4 by Jil Sander

She is never in a bad mood,who is always desired, who is always perfect,who never gets angry,who never has to exert herself,who lives on a pedestal.Make-up carefully applied,with some fancy jewellery. this comes across as a real ladies fragrance.i imagine this been worn in the 30's and 40's,as it has a real old fashioned floral vibe.
brings to mind Audrey Hepburn's character in the 1953 film Roman Holiday a princess raised in luxury and grace,escaping from her rigid schedule.

Jil Sander No 4 is a omplex slightly spicy warm floral fruity.excellent bouquet with dominant tuberose,just the right amount of plum and ylang ylang and civet.soft and strong at the same time.exceedingly feminine, rich and very luxurious.

It opens like brilliant sunshine flooding a room when the curtains are pulled apart with one sweep. bright, green,fruity greet your nose on the first whiff.The heart to me,as though it is largely composed of natural floral extracts;it doesn't have that "synthetic" vibe that so many newer fragrances do.It's floral without being add to the luxuriousness of it all is a beautiful creamy sandalwood and a mellow patchouli.thanks to woody notes there is spicy warm drydown that has a bit of masculine feel to it but yet its a very feminine fragrance a French classic different category,different planet, different universe.

It will go great with a dark velvety dress,deep red lipstick.a must have for all tuberose vintage lovers and for those who appreciate approches which help opening new paths for experimentation,research and discoveries in smelling experience.just for self confident real lady not faint of the heart.

Sillage and longevity both very powerful.

02nd August, 2020
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Gelsomino Nobile by Acqua di Parma

Close my eyes and inhale.image of a poet girl in a ladylike way. minimal make up.white eyelet dress,silk scarves her hair softly cascading down her back with a few jasmine flowers tucked here and there,holding a simple bouquet of lilies,on the beach in walking toward the love of her life.

This is a ovely clean elegant florals!creamy perfect white boquet!it smells like citrus blossoms and white flowers on a warm breeze with a little underlying musk.lovely and feminine.this is not a perfume you would wear to make yourself stand out.It's a soft and easygoing day perfume,meant for people who want to smell pleasant but nothing of those perfumes that depended on your skin chemistry.

Jasmine is an indulgent flower and in Gelsomino Nobile the jasmine is allowed to shine,but it is beautifully balanced by the soft musk which makes it radiate in a soft sparkle.a clean jasmine and wood scent kissed with something sweet with a citrus opening that's downright refreshing.Not too sharp,not too sweet.
This scent doesn't scream for attention,instead it gets heads turning by just being there at the moment.It's casual and sophisticated at the same time.It also transcends age because this can be worn by teenagers as well as mature women.

Totally Gelsomino Nobile is about knowing and being comfortable with your don't have to slap someone in the face with just let this sensuous fragrance emphasize your feminity.If you're a jasmine floral fan,this is a very deep and very good jasmine. It's a glassy jasmine like a decorative jasmine.wear this EDP and sitting in the garden on a hot summer's day,with fresh washing on the line blowing gently in the breeze and catching the odd waft of it in the air.


Longevity?Good on my skin.
02nd August, 2020

Pure Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

A little white dress with a pair of dainty metalic strappy sandals for a night out.definitely makes you want to put on a too short, too low cut white dress and let your raw femininity take over.
this scent does what i desire from a musc based's raw,carnal,earthy,sensual,organicpowdery and all so classy at the same time.a calming fragrance and yet wery every narciso rodriquez's work,you can give time to his scent.musk needs your warm skin to take must express itself on your skin.

The radiant,gorgeous deep musk breathes through the entire composition. the soft,powdery Jasmine takes a slight indolic accord,but it's actually a fresh blossom,still on the vine.that accord is created by the penetrating,rich musk.that's not a loud scent.this is soft, inviting and very feminine. imagine you're in a serene, oriental garden with jasmine, vines in full bloom scaling the wooden you walk through,the sun warmes your skin. the gorgeous aroma of ylang ylang files the air blending in harmony with the smooth,jasmine and a bright lifted of fragrant orange blossom.You stop and smell the blooms.not to close as you're surrounded and the air is naturally permated with the florals on the crisp realize you're surrounded by life.

Totally the florals are restrained and subtle,the musk clean and non animalic. a breeze you can feel sweeping over your gentle yet so touching. could wear this look with a white T shirt and beige pants with black loafers as it also could be worn with a narciso rodriquez bias-cut cocktail's an incredibly versatile fragrance. this can be worn year round formal or casual for personal indulgence or for sensual intimacy.

if you're trying to make a statement and or have your scent announce your presence before your walk in the door,this is not the scent for you.however if you want a subtle, gentle my skin but better scent,this is it.
Good sillage&longevity.
01st August, 2020

Mademoiselle Rochas Couture by Rochas

A beautiful and independent grown woman (25-35's) living by herself in a youthful city.she throws on this scent early evening,along with lingerie and a dinner date outfit.she carries a unique balance of freshness/innocence and sophisticated sex's undeniably feminine but neither demure nor brash.confident,level-headed and attractive in a somewhat reserved way.highly versatile,likeable and attractive.sensuous,powdery,balsamic, sultry and's an oriental scent that's distinct perfectly blended and cozy.

It starts out sweet with tonka bean and a hint of fruits to round it off and then the hypnotic,sultry florals lily, heliotrope and orange blossom come in.the florals come through and keep it from smelling only like a deseet.the dry down is very creamy,which makes sense with all the different creamy notes.chocolate espresso cake plus flowers plus vanilla.
In fact it smells fresh and sweet in the opening and as it dries it gets heavier. sexy in the campy territory but will get the job done.

It won't work on everyone's skin but i love it on mine.Perfect for night wear but can be worn in the day.the scent ubfolds beautifully in hot weather and with body heat.overall a real crowd pleaser,attractive and easy to wear.decent performance with moderate Sillage and 6 to 7 hours longevity.
01st August, 2020

Aoud Meloki by Montale

Inspired by sweet kiss.a fragrance that delicately brushes the skin,like a caress of captivating sensuality.the absolutely most perfect blend of caramel,sandalwood,oud and Vanilla I have ever encountered. it's serene and beautiful,like a warm cuddle by a loved partner. the perfume is a batch of warm caramel sticky buns smothered on your body.cozy and delicious amber vibe.

The sandalwood provides an olfactory warming sensation and the vanilla and amber mixed with a hint of musk,gives the impression of a fond embrace of naked bodies between clean is embraced by the captivating breath of oud wood.this fusion of a passionate duo,surrounded by voluptuous caramel this extraordinary harmony gives a unisex scent,that appeal to men and women alike.
The sandalwood here is beautiful, rich,soft,gentle, surrounded by the most tasty vanilla caramel.a very slight woody touch with a "barely there" hint of soft musk and oud gives this perfume character and extremely long lasting power.the end result is sunny, warm and upbeat.It's not an ambergris or balsamic type of fragrance but rather a youthful take on amber.of course,the agarwood also known as oud,is prominent and helps to give the fragrance its name.

This totally smells beautiful. it's the right amount of sweetness for a men's fragrance could be unisex for confident women.dignified sexy classy stuff suitable anytime,and anywhere.
perfect wearing it to's snuggly warm,creamy, dreamy and sweet.The likeness is good and for this price,I'll very much enjoy wearing it.there's just no word to describe this heavenly deliciousness.perfect for windy days Spring,fall of course Winter.i say windy days because this one needs some air to get some silage.

30th July, 2020

Aria di Mare by Il Profumo

Inspired by calm happiness.sunny day but not too hot,blue skies, it's quiet,the city noises are far away,i smell fresh summer flowers in the gardens in a quiet suburb.this smells like a confident smile of inner peace on a summer's day.elegance,silk scarves,hair pulled back into a ballerina bun,ballet flat,no makeup just a dab of blush.

Aria di Mare is one of the most beautiful feminine summer fragrance and multifaceted,yet fresh.elegant and refined,yet still carefree.kind of fresh and floral but not harsh not poisonous,very smooth.this scent doesn't scream for attention, instead it gets heads turning by just being there at the moment.

A vivacious blast of sunny seanotes with just a pinch of spicy makes a suitably dramatic entrance,leading to a brew of greenweed,sheer and tender floral and watery center stage is the ever-bewitching tiare, earthy and spicy,and smoothed with warm musk until it becomes velvety to make a cheerful fragrance that evokes sunshine and nature.

The scent is an altogether lighter affair.the floral notes is dominant although it is perfectly balanced with sea notes and musk.It works perfectly during the warmer days because it's vibrant,cheerful and uplifting.I can imagine brides choosing this for their big day when you certainly don't want your dress to be out shone by your perfume choice.
totally a very nice ozonic watery floral fragrance with good sillage and longevity.

30th July, 2020

Sugar Sugar No. 52 by Tokyo Milk

Inspired by birthday cake.this screams of love!it reminds me of all things that really warms the heart like birthday when your whole family is at home having a hearty dinner and laughing to your heart's content.It's soft sophisticated,powdery and deep without being thick or suffocating.

A warm and creamy vanilla, followed by cool whipped cream and ending in a soothing mix of sandalwood and delicious rice water reminiscent of a baking cake.while it is a sweet scent it is not a sickeningly cloying scent.the coconut is hardly detectablel so it doesn't have that exotic beach effect and it's perfect for cold days.enough sandalwood and rice for a smooth creamy drydown but vanilla is the star from top to bottom.

It is the perfect scent for a cozy day/evening in.also love to mix this scent with perfumes that may need a bit of sweetness added to it.It's just a nice creamy, sweet vanilla with a bit of coconut milk.smells like a warm sugar cookie with coconut shavings on top.

Totally it reminds me one of an sweet princess glittering with gold and jewels under the warm sun,the cool slate veranda beneath her feet,her airy linnen dress softly caressing her incense bowl of exotic spices wafting in the background.

Sillage?Moderate to Good.

Longevity?4hours on my skin.
10th July, 2020

Wild Cherry by Mancera

The epitome of girlish innocence and sultry femme fatale.she watching the sunset from a balcony listening to soft music floating up from the street below,cool breeze in her hair,and warm love in her heart.she's very upper east side,a little quirky and has expensive taste.she's cold,knows what she wants,and says "you can look but you will never be able to touch." This is lovely and spicy and unmistakably cherry.deep,powdery,woody,balsamic scent a cuddly and sensual scent.wild cherry opens with a blast of cherry not sickeningly sweet or medicinal whatsoever to my nose bergamot and lemon adds freshness,the orris contribute powder,the vanilla some sweetness,the patchouli and heliotrope a slight spicy nuance,the jasmine a floral touch.

In fact the start is really fruity,with bergamot and cherries most prominent.together with the orris the overall effect is very sweet,but not too heavy after this initial fruity and almost sirudpy burst,the fragrance tones down,the flowers come up along with a lovely musk note.this scent melts into the skin and mixes with your body chemistry unlike some fruity scents that create a layer on top of you that captures the deliciousness of femininity,seduction and flirtation.

The longevity is about average on my skin,the silage is nice.
10th July, 2020

Meow! by Katy Perry

Lipgloss,gel nails,long eyelashes,blonde hilights,tall tan boots,and leggings.flirty and carefree.this fragrance is surely juicy and sweet to the core.
I'm not surprised that this perfume is popular in high schools.nothing new in this world if you think about it.all generations of teens have heart for fruity florals.smells like a pink fluffy girl who likes to stand out in the crowd in a puffy pink cloud of candy and ice cream aura.Delicious caramel,sweet vanilla,juicy mandarin orange and pear delicate florals and sandalwood.the perfume is more girly than womanly. It's not's happy,careless and youthful.

The opening is delicious and juicy with a blast of fresh tangerine and pear drizzled with light caramel syrup.on me, gardenia takes centre stage with Honeysuckle and Jasming softly in the background making a creamy blend of addictive floral heart.the trail leaves a delectable lasting impression with vanilla amber and woody accord.In fact at first it comes off very synthetic,unappealing and harshly chemically.only a minute later once it settles into my body chemistry lovely whirl of gently sweet freshly floral and comforting vanilla takes over.I find the drydown more powdery and tolerable.

It's really a nice flirty fragrance for the mornings of spring/summer/fall.perfect for ages 18-25 in my opinion because it gives off that young woman feel,i also associate it with a different type of girl maybe the glamorous teenager at the top of the high school social hierarchy. it reminds me watching a romantic comedy movie: she emerges fragrantly clean from shower and gets dressed.sits in the restaurant with her date and do small talk.then he says he just wants to be friends and the girl has to eat the dessert alone and back at home ends again in the tub,eating icecream.
08th July, 2020

Sahar Purple by Junaid Jamshed


Inspired by a warm breeze coming over the fields of gold in the evening when the sun is about to set,when everything stays still to celebrate the arrival of a quiet,warm summer night.image she walking in a victorian or chinese garden while wearing a long,flowy dress.I'm in love with this scent.

A warm,fresh and refined floral scent.very feminine,youthful and romantic.It's beautiful in all its simplistic,innocent beauty. light floral,fresh and inexpensive but in expensive way,not cheap!to me this smells purely angelic a light sweetness that dries down with a slight woodiness.not too strong,not too sweet;very nice to wear in a very sunny day.

The opening is beautiful and fresh with the zesty orange and peony -with an interesting romantic touch on the heart by cuddly osmanthus and calm sweet rose.the base is this kind of creamy soft sort of sandalwood the effect leaves charm and elegance in the end.the fragrance is pretty linear,no sour acridity from the citrus no harshness in the wood,no dirt in the patchouli.there is something very relaxing about wearing full,it makes you feel closer to nature.

The scent flirts softly,only mouths "come-hither" while others demand it out loud.i would say it is a morning autumn fragrance perfect for going for a tea or coffee or a light's also suitable for spring with a sundress.Totally a your-skin but better kind of scent.the feeling wearing it is like feeling the silk touch on naked body.

Sillage is moderate and lasts about four hours on my skin.
08th July, 2020

Al Ghar Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

The secret subtely of the Orient revealed by the very pure Rose from taif.she is the ingenue who eventually becomes Queen.this rose is the most subtle,enticing rose that begins with a woody oud note then dries down.she is not abrasive nor overtly dominating, but one who rules with the firm hand of diplomacy.she is balanced in her judgement,and kindness is a natural part of her character. exotic,pure,evocative and inviting.It has depth but its strength lies in its simplicity

This starts of extremely pungent, bitter with oud but give it five minutes,and Taif Roses transforms into the most realistic rose perfume you will ever encounter. the sandalwood and musk works emerges in the drydown.It makes daringly charismatic fragrance,essence of precious and raw materials made for connoisseurs.

One drop on your wrist with lower than usual body temperature made an entire room smelled like rose petals.Great If you're familiar with oriental roses, they're smoky roses,dark ouds, with a balance between sweetness and warmth,deep,rich full bodied and strong.

It has great silage and longevity
29th June, 2020
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Rôses Berberanza by Lancôme

Imagine a richly dressed,strong-minded,generous person in it.I see a window in an oriental palace,dark room on a sunny day and this person looking through on his/her land.

True Damask Rose is the scent.a balsamic deep rose with a lot of spice a hint of musk and the most comforting pistachio ever.warm and spicy,conforting and sensual. this makes you feel like the iconic woman of mystery, ageless,and radiant.

From the moment you spray it on until the sweetness of it fades,you will sense the smell of slightly burning Damascena Roses,spices,musk and a brew pistachio that caress the skin,leaving behind an angelic aroma that makes every woman unforgettable.Like walking through a middle eastern spice market,then mellows after a few hours with the floral notes.The spices are perfectly blended with the other accords so that I don't think of this scent as spicy,I think roses and warm and stand out.the rose in this becomes kind of like vintage makeup scented/ lipstick scented too.the dry down is almost more beautiful than the opening since the rose gets more lyrical and impressionistically hazy.

Totally its a special beguiling oriental mesmerizing floral,that needs a special category.its graceful and surely attractive. wear this scent in colder months, mostly at night or in the evening.Silage and longevity are quite good.

29th June, 2020

Splendida Rose Rose by Bulgari

Imagine a innocent girl with flowers in her hair,in a light dressing gown,at her vanity washing her face with rose-water and then applying powder with a large, plush powder-puff.running through fields of flowers.This rose is not a dark rose,not a mysterious rose,it's the sweetest of roses,so inviting.this is a fruity rose.very nice,utterly feminine,lightly sweet scent.

On my skin there is absolutely no sharpness,or powderiness,or soapiness in any stage of development.this is a richly rewarding aristocratic fruity floral on my skin.the fruit remains fresh and never sour, while the restrained patchouli is absent any moldy taint or mentholated mustiness.the rose that's been emphasised in this one is more like synthetic rose talc than a pure heady rose and that seems to dominate the other notes.

It opens with a young energy, light but definite,and settles into a velvety soft cloud of rose lightly blended with a hint of fruity sweetness.the drydown is gentle and loving,a nondescript niceness,for once the same on your skin as on fabric for the girl who has her own style,an edge,who is girly and lovely and loves flowers.It smells like a freshly opened rose that has not quite reached the point of sweet juiciness I usually associate with rose perfumes

This will be the perfect rose scent for those who are looking for something easy and breezy and fresh,or those who are just now exploring rose fragrances who are leery of a full blown,blousey rich rose but definitely not good for someone who wants dark super red rose.This is a princess scent or maybe a princess wedding day scent! marvelous.soft sillage but decent longevity.

27th June, 2020

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior


She wearing a velvet gown in the moonlight on a cliff with the wind blowing flowers&vanilla off her dress flowing,with a glass of wine,in the arms of a handsome man.her skin milky white and soft her scent addictive,alluring,but never in him face.she doesn't need to command people come to her.

If you havent tried the origial addict 2002 go straight to this is better than the 2012 version but overall less depth, dark and sexy than the original. this one is definitely very feminine assertive yet sweet at the same time.Yes,it is heavy on the vanilla,but it is mixed with fresh floral notes so it is not overwhelmingly sweet.

There is a freshness from the mandarin which awakens you and prepares you for what is to it settles the richness from the florals blended with the pure burborn vanilla screams class!then the seduction begins to take over,before you know it you are captivated and drawn in by the deep sensual aroma of the subtle yet prominent sweet makes a sexy in a mature way,not the young-playful kind of way,but something more like "I am a woman with a strong personality and I am not here to play childish games". Addict is reserved for evenings spent out,partying backstage with the is completely different to all the fresh,sweet florals so many people wear these days.perfect for an oriental girl who does not want to suffocate the others with too much sandalwood or arabic notes or cinnamon etc.totally i advice not to wear this with your sneakers and a sweater,it works at it's best when the clothes are also serious maybe a pencil skirt with stilettos or a little black dress.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

27th June, 2020

Tenue de Soirée by Annick Goutal

Fruity cake in a boudoir.a perfect mixture of sophistication and innocence.delicate yet strong and's a lovely powdery floral,gorgeous violet and iris,and delectable and enticing fruits.delicious and addictive.

The opening is a blast of berries and pear that can be a bit rough,the fruity notes settles down,the powdery iris starts to appear,Heat activates the patchouli and praline base,giving this perfume such sensuality.the fruity notes continues offers a astringent contrast to the powdery iris,giving it a bright while the praline and patchouli keeps the astringency of the berries and pear in check and affords it sweetness,depth and sensuality.these notes create an great combination that makes this scent a little complex,but each is so easily deciphered.the drydown remains powdery without being headache-inducing.

Totally it's a annick goutal in a differnt way.the iris here simply works in a way that I love. perfect for rainy days and sunny days and both cold and hot days as light enough to be worn on summer days and yet strong enough to get noticed.i recommend it as evening wear fresh after the shower and for a special dinner date.It's totally a dresser table boudoir perfume.
26th June, 2020

Star Magnolia by Jo Malone London

Fairy tales can come true,dreams can actualize. wearing this fragrance is a start.the rest is up to you and the hard work you put into making the dreams come true.this is a scent that speaks of independence with a forgiving heart.kindness,but not naivety. soft creamy magnolia with syrupy smooth amber woody base.It smells very fresh and clean,like something you would want to sleep feels very modern,youthful, springy and it's a nice pick me up. it's a white floral without being heavy.

The fragrance is soft,sweet, inoffensive,and subtle. totally innocent,as far from sexy or provocative as possible.girly, youthful,airy,and comforting. opens up with citrusy a watery scent like a pond in a park.The magnolia takes over the fragrance immediately after the citrusy wear off.It's not a lush mature magnolia but it's feminine and makes her presence known.the drydown is a soft woody amber of little interest beyond its pleasant feminine buzz. light,fresh, discreet,(not candyfloss).the resulting unique and enveloping harmony creates an unforgettable, romantic effect. this scent evokes of trickling waterfalls and flowers in a calm,tranquil place.

Star Magnolia is very floral,but the citrus and shiso combination makes it fresh enough to not go too crazy and'll surely remind you of those good sunny spring days when leaves and flowers start sprouting up and fulfilling the air with their fresh scents.It wont be the sole scent for the day.sillage is close/personal,but you'll leave a trail of fresh, sweet air as you walk by.lasts about 4-6 hours on me.
26th June, 2020

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde by Valentino

Like wet hair after bathing.light green uplifting bright citrus and tender rose with green tea lightly in the background. absolutely soothing and really comes alive in hot weather.
A romantic and young lady with maxi dress and flowers in the hair with happy fresh feeling of being in a garden early on a spring morning surrounded by all types of greenery still sparkling with drops of dew while a cool breeze gently mixes all the different shades of green together to form a soft green aura around her.
I like the simplicity of this scent.this scent can be pulled off for so many occasions for a formal garden party with white formal also can work in casual settings,in the office.
24th June, 2020

Warek by Kajal Perfumes

Al Pacino in The Godfather!The smell of opulence and absolute power.A rare alchemy for midnight serendipity.classy,deep,dark,balsamic,smokey and mysterious smell.smokey incense oud,dark grey and dark green.
It's not a fragrance for perfumery beginners as it's complex,loud and thick and sure evokes a sense of heady pleasure one that almost attacks your senses at first blast,then morphs into a sensual delight and ultimately settles down into something that's warm,rich,deep and dark yet comforting in a strange way!

The initial blast is saffron and spices,incense and a hint of's very strong,projects a good five to ten feet out and lingers everywhere.The middle notes of incense,and some patchouli come out slowly over the next few hours and settle in beautifully.The base of leather, oud and tobacco are present throughout,but really begin to shine about for hours in.everything makes senses as you can see burned trees and oils dropping from peppers berries, resins spilling from distant dark trees.

It's the type of fragrance that separates the boys from the of the best fragrance i havs encountered lately and i absolutely love it.he's a man of impeccable taste,class,a wordly chap,masculine and strong natured.He's more of a mature man but young at heart.a man that takes care of his woman,adores, respects and truly cherishes her.He wears fragrance not for attention or compliments,but rather as an extension of his character and values.
A gentleman to others,a friend to foes,and trustworthy to all.for that is the man who proudly wears WAREK by KAJAL!
24th June, 2020

Toy 2 by Moschino

Inspired by feelings of warmth like sunshine on white petals. This is a lovely soft skin scent which lasts for a touch over five hours.A promise of carefree spring day in the park.clean sheets,showers and towels.simple and clean yet never boring. minimalistic and the bottle accurately reflects this wholesome nature.

The opening is so happy and refreshing.this is definitely a happy floral with a burst of something crisp.i don't really smell the heart notes in any significant way but there's a gentle sandalwood and musk in the base and perhaps a tiny hint of peony that makes it so smooth and so tempered.

Fresh washed hair in a chignon, rose gold thin hoop earrings and minimal makeup,a touch of rose lipstick and mascara.polished nails.if you like wild and loud,this is not for you.but if you're looking for subtle,look no further and TRY this.perfect for spring mornings,breakfast in bed when the sun peeks through the wind-blown curtains.
Versatile enough to pair with faded jeans,a black pencil skirt.heels and nude stocking or cute flats and bare feet with pink polish.
16th June, 2020

Safran Rare by Amouroud

Private jets,suitcases of cash money,trading in blood diamonds under a fake name.the scent of sexual,confident,badass and wealthy.wear your black suit and black tie,slick back your hair and spray SAFRAN RARE,now you will get all the attention of ladies!
Extremely masculine,i have no idea why it's labeled unisex!a strong velvety rich saffron scent with undertones of dark oud,expensive smoke and soft rose that's simply exquisite and very fact the incense and oud notes add to the depth and masculinity.then the saffran mix sdds an attractive classiness to the composition.
This scent is a masterpiece that just screams money.imagine al pacino in godfather!
16th June, 2020

Rose Lumière by Armand Basi

If you close your eyes,You can image youself of sitting in a dewy rose garden full of flowers in spring,in the cool morning, after a night of rain.
The scent is so crisp,natural and's calming in a calms you right down like a breath of fresh air after spending hours in a crowded place.
This is surprisingly nice perfume. innocently romantic.if you have ever walked by a rose bush and inhaled the gentle, dancing scent of budding roses and soft petals,then this fragrance captures that essence. the rose here is relatively clear,a bit sweet,a little woody with cedar and opens up with a bit of citrus over it.
For people who really love roses perfume or for right mood,right clothes and right occasions.
13th June, 2020

Sundazed by Byredo

Dig your nails deep into a lemon&sniff the bitter oils that burst from the pitted a bowl of mandarine segments in syrup in the sun to warm&then slurp them up.pop a bubble of citrus fresh washing up rev up the intensity of these experience& triple the mansarin juice content.this is what the juicy,fruity wake up scent,SUNDAZED,is all about!

Fresh,spicy and simple summer cologne.this fragrance evokes appy summer memories of a summer hoiday by the mediterranean sea.some sharp,bitter green citrus notes which are very close to a strong lemongrass scent.i imagine it's the greenness of the galbanum and juniper that give of this intense accord when combined with neroli, intensely refreshing none-the-less.when starts to settle it does become softer with only hints of that smooth the edges.Some evergreen notes are revealed in the base as the lighter aromatics diffuse.the subtle sweetness keeps them fresh rather than appear too resinous and heavy rather like sniffing a fresh wound in the trunk of a live tree.

The citrus is natural and not too sharp or sour,just fresh and sparkling.imagine citrus trees old garden and calm just can feel the tears of rain on your skin and sweetness of fruit.the dry down is more aromatic than the fresh.It has the vibe of a classical "Eau de Cologne" and is easily unisex.
wear it with something white and floaty, on a terrace overlooking the can hear the glasses clinking.when you are very hot,wear directly all over your skin,this citrus fragrance,it cool you very well.Sillage is decent and longevity is about 4 hours on my skin.
13th June, 2020

Daisy Kiss by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Twinkle

Tea on the balcony with fresh cut purple flowers.A spring wedding,strapless white gown and simple head dress.
Barefoot picnic at the park, floral quilt,a bowl of all the yellow fruits.
Some pretty anime highschool girls walking under those sakura blossoms trees on a hakuna matata spring day.Daisy Twinkle is a very soft,pink petal scent. optimistic,joyful,clean,so cozy and innocent at the same a young lady in light pink dress.

The opening is juicy and fruity with red berries, refreshed with cool violet leaf.then the lovely violet is present from start to finish and gives the scent a nice,feminine the dry down the scent it's feel from being fresh and juicy to powdery and a little musky,yet the floral fruitiness remains in the background that gives you feeling like when you have just finished your shower and you have treated yourself with a rich and hydrating shower's magic is that clean feeling that hugs you.

It evokes the carefree feeling of a spring/summer day.If you like daisy,you'll 100% fall in love with this flanker.
Longevity is weak to moderate and sillage is also moderate.
09th June, 2020

Orange de Bahia by Boucheron

On a clear spring morning,take a large silver bowl outside.set it down on some dewy grass.Take a basket of mixed ripest oranges and bergamotes and squeeze heartily into the bowl.add a generous fistful of the shredded zest.Bruise a couple of sweet fig and add these.
Open a bottle of Prosecco(italian white wine) and tip into the bowl,and immediately place your face over the effervescent glowing liquid.The feeling of the millions of fresh tiny orangey bubbles comes close to how this perfume feels.

So refreshing,invigorating and so natural smelling.makea you smile especially the initial blast of's definitely a feminine pleasantly citrusy freah with a twist of sophistication.never becomes to sharp.

For me dominant notes are the mandarin and orange.mandarin capturea the scent of fresh,juicy orange very convincingly.The hint of fig leaves and coconut gives a crisp,green,soothing feel.soft flirals round out the zesty mandarin just a bit.then a layer of sweet amber that gets sweeter as it dries down which make it even softer.the scent keeps you feel fresh without being to overwhelming.

Think of what you gonna wear for an evening meal while on holidays in a hot climate.something smart,comfortable,light, effortlessly chick therefore noticeable.Happy sunshine on a bottle.The sillage radiates steadily outward for the first two hours.
09th June, 2020

Amo Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

A fruity coquette rascal and the sweetness is inviting you into her spiced arms to give you a flirty kiss unto your lips,making your face her favorite canvas and crearing unique colors of blush reds and making your eyes bright up with mischief!
A gorgeous black currant and vanilla combo with added campari notes in the background.sweet without smelling surrounds you with a romantic aura,maybe a little bit strong at the beginning but lovely when it settles down.get so many compliments when you wear it. innocent yet a bit sexy.

The scents whirlwind of magical fruits and flowers,its head notes intoxicate the senses before yielding to the voluptuousness of vanilla.In spring and summer the fruity floral notes come out in force to blend with the blossomy scents in the air and in winter the warm spicy vanilla notes seem to become stronger.
AMO fits for a woman who is jovial,light hearted,free spirited,stylish and has a sweet rascal sense to her that will keep you guessing and laughing in her own romantic comedy of life.If you love the blackcurrant note in particular,you'll surely adore this.

Sillage is moderate,longevity is about 4-5 hours.
05th June, 2020

Ristretto Intense Café by Montale

The smell of warm cappuccino and fresh roses. delicious!the rose is powdery,velvety soft.slightly fruity and pink toned.combine that with the luxuriously creamy vanilla note and the dark bitterness of coffe.very wearable and romantic like bringing your date flowers and chocolates. delectable,Cozy,Warm,Sensuous, Seductive,Voluptuous.

It opens with spices and a rose note which gives this a decidedly oriental flair.a tiny woodsy smell wafts up through the base and it's quite masculine and classic.The coffe note is quite an innovative touch but it does not take over the scent otherwise it would be too graphic like you know when you're at a Starbucks and you get whiffs of those coffe packages that you pass by on the way to the counter.The vanilla is the bigger accord,with musk and that gorgeous rose note that's bewitched and covered in smoke.i really enjoy the dry down that's very cream musk with powdery vanilla and tinge of coffe that gives it a very sexy vibe.

Perfect performance.very much ubisex.Suitable for any in early spring, autumn and winter.if you love coffe gourmands then well worth trying.With reasonable Longevity& Sillage.
05th June, 2020

Rolling in Love by By Kilian

She decked in fine jewellery and showing off her elegant pins in black stockings with a hint of lacy black stocking top and a gorgeous dress,dining somewhere elegant,only to look across the street and every that crass looking girl with her totaled, laughing with her mouth wide-opened and showing all her teeth.Mascara smudged under her heels kicked off and seated cross-legged in the pizza joint.Licking sause off her fingers.and simply exuding confident sex appeal.

Very pleasant and wearable powdery iris,almond,fairly linear after the scent has bloomed.The outstanding note is a fresh and dewy iris,tuberose that mingles beautifully with the milky the dry down the tonka,vanilla gives it some light sweetness but it's not extremely sweet cherry almond that you can find in many other breathtakingly gorgeous when layered.A bit lipsticky that bright warm red colour is just right.feels like something from the sixties and seventies.makes you think of sitting under a canopy of grape vines.

It doesn't scream "Here I am"it just softly wafts around you.the iris has a soapy quality rather than buttery and i like not even remotely unisex.this is feminine,cozy with niche quality.this is beautifully constructed and not overly powdery.suitable for a night of lust-filled adventure,pizza,and deep conversation.and then you'll walk away into the night,leaving a lifetime of musk tinged memories not mundane commitment.
Sillage is nice but it doesn't a super long time on my skin.
04th June, 2020

Gabrielle Essence by Chanel

Lauren Bacall in white dress gathers ruching hip short sleeve evening gown long.her deep, confident voice,insouciant gaze and perfectly molded waves made her,perhaps the original embodiment of effortless glamour.
White floral listening to wagner through a that magic trick where the wand turns into a bouquet of flowers except the flowers and real and they want to eat you.
creamy,clean,feminine,luxurious,simply lovely.A heavy hitter in the opening and lasts all day as a warm floral haze around the body.sweet white floral cleanliness but not in that harsh bleach like state.
It opens with with a natural yet elegant,fresh and slightly green,sweet and fruity bouquet of flowers with dominant ylang ylang and Jasmine.during mid development,jasmine become stronger with a nice touch of a bit tender tuberose and romantic orange blossom.this all leads into a sensual,woody,floral and musky base makes the embodiment of woman in her most feminine possible.
In fact there is a slight muskiness which i attribute to an indolic jasmine as well as the base note,which add just a touch animalic earthiness.

It's a floor lenght nude silk gown that caresses and accentuates in all the right places.for woman 25+ for lightweight and classic style.champagne,white,light beige,gold,honey colors.might even fit wedding. Totally imagine the fragrance of Gabrielle Essence in a big large bathroom with marble and just little light,all you have is a cloud of hot steam and you hear the sound of water in backet.women use black soap,ghassoul with cloves,ylang ylang,jasmine and rose petals water.that's atmosphere of this perfume.a very maghrebine fragrance.romantic heady and opulent.

Good longevity and sillage is decent too.
04th June, 2020