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Squid by Zoologist Perfumes

Just sniffing the air after spraying: had a coughing fit, which made me a little angry. Salty, warm and stuffy, dirty, with a hint of vanilla.

Up close to my skin, all of the above descriptors intensify - plastic beach chairs that have been left out in the shed or in the trunk of your car for too long, and now you have to deal with it.

Medium sillage for me - and though it faded over the hours, it still retained its cloying salty dirty vanilla-ness on my skin into the evening. Wasn't able to detect much of a change during its dry-down.

I don't ever remember a scent annoying me like this one did, and it was amusing to have a negative emotional reaction to a fragrance.
19th January, 2020

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Zoologist Perfumes

An immediate blast of smoke and incense.

This scent hanging in the air right after spraying reminds me of the late 70s at Spencer's in the mall. I can almost see the black lights and psychadelic posters.

It's surprising how potent this is. Smelling my wrist now, I get more of a smoke and a rubber note, which is a little weird. An image of an abandoned desert parking lot comes to mind - maybe it's dust, gasoline and dried brush.

I'm confused, nervous, and I like it.

However, wearing T Rex is probably not conducive to computer programming.

I just asked my 5-year-old grandchild to give me her opinion. She sniffed thoughtfully, gave me a silent thumbs-up, and held up her own wrist for a spray. Interesting.

The drydown for me, hours and hours later, was beautiful, deep rose.
17th January, 2020 (last edited: 19th January, 2020)

Macaque by Zoologist Perfumes

I immediately get light florals from the initial spray. Then as I sniff closer to my skin, I get hit with a sweaty funkiness. This could be the ylang ylang, of which I am not a fan.

An hour or so later, there's a "sunny" and drier quality, while at the same time it manages soapy, grassy notes. The funk is still there, though much faded.

Overall, it's a very pleasant, light fragrance. On my skin, a single spray to each wrist is definitely enough to keep it wafting up for several hours, as I work at my computer.

Update - after about 6-7 hours I'm left with a mainly sour note, although the scent as a whole is barely there.
16th January, 2020
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Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

Basenotes also lists "Kohdo Wood Collection : Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone", so I'm confused about which one I'm actually sampling here. My small atomizer is simply labeled "Dark Amber & Ginger Lily / Jo Malone".
Whichever one this is, I'm addicted.
On my first sampling, I rated "below average" since the opening was overwhelmingly bitter woods. I just hadn't given it enough time.
As it develops over an hour or so, at least on my skin, it becomes lighter, powdery and intoxicating. A night-time, sensual fragrance for evenings at home. And contrary to many reviews here, this scent lasts and lasts on me, improving with each hour.
It's one of the stars of my small collection.
20th September, 2017

DKNY My NY by Donna Karan

This is the 2nd time I've sampled and worn this (EDP) for the day - the last time was 2 months ago. Without realizing it, I made the same note in my review sheet: "Somewhat familiar".

Overall it's a chic, misty floral for me, which seems to have some warmth to it. I see that its top notes include raspberry, but I didn't detect it either time. I pick up an indistinguishable floral mixed with a light musk.

Rating this neutral, as I will use up my sample, but won't put this on my "to purchase" list.
27th February, 2015

Sung by Alfred Sung

Reminded me right away of White Shoulders, which my mother used to wear. Starts very sharp, feminine and floral. I consider this a big, sweet scent to be used sparingly.

It softens after a couple hours very nicely, and just makes me happy. It lasts about 5 hours or so on my skin.
13th November, 2014

Truth Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein

The first thing that hits me is soap, followed by something quite strong and floral. Honeysuckle? Not a big fan of this at application, as it's rather sharp.

An hour later it's got that open, round "refrigerant" smell - I don't know how else to describe it, perhaps synthetic? The floral is still there. Reminds me a bit of some aqua scents I've tried in Sephora.
13th November, 2014

Caramel by Demeter Fragrance Library

Buttery, rich and undeniably caramel :) When asked, my boyfriend identified it as "brown sugar".

A very pretty scent, but it feels a little bit strange to be wearing this.
13th November, 2014

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

Starts as the most interesting fragrance I've sampled so far. Struggling to identify any of the notes except perhaps pepper and some light sweet orange. A half hour later there's a note that I don't care for - somewhat cheap. Still hours later, that's disappeared, and I'm detecting some floral, though I can't identify which. Testing this was a very thought-provoking experience!

Overall though, it seemed to work very nicely on my skin and I'm looking forward to trying this one again.
08th November, 2014

Beige Eau de Toilette by Chanel

My first reactions were "sweet, powdery, floral" and... familiar. Oddly, it reminded me of Love's Baby Soft, though I don't remember smelling that particular scent for over a decade! But after 15 minutes or so it settled into a lovely light fragrance that I can't get enough of. As I'm working, I keep getting a whiff of this and it's just so pleasant.

Unfortunately it fades very quickly on me, so I re-applied several times during the day, and right before bedtime, to keep that subdued sweetness continuing.
08th November, 2014

Bon Chic by Max Azria

Sprays on very very clean and fresh, like fabric softener, and I'm getting a touch of saltiness. An hour later it's still quite strong, maybe with a bit of vanilla (?)

Hours later it's still strong and has become somewhat candy-like. Later still, I get the extremely odd, but kind of nice and comforting scent of roasted corn!
05th November, 2014

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

I'd been looking forward to trying this out ever since reading that some find it similar to one of my all-time favorites, Chanel No. 22. So while shopping tonight, I sprayed it on (one small spray to each wrist, one to the neck). Whoa - very floral and cheap smelling, and it was all I could smell for 2 hours.

Now that it's settled down a bit it's still going strong, but it's changed a bit from big cloying floral to vanilla, even though I don't see that in the notes. It could simply be a matter of personal chemistry, but I'm giving this a negative review on me. I'd love to know what this smells like on somebody for whom it works.

Boyfriend seems neutral about it, and he found it difficult to pick out any notes.
05th November, 2014

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Surprised to get a blast of Christmas at first, like sparkling wintry night. This one gave me some very strange impressions, because after an hour or so, fair/carnival food came to mind. Later I'm visualizing a classroom (art supplies?), though that's admittedly baffling.

After a few hours it got musky on me, and I like it. I really like it. I've been enjoying it all day. Would work very well as unisex, as I'm not getting a particularly feminine vibe.
03rd November, 2014
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Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès

I'm quite new at this, so didn't read any reviews before writing mine down. I'm interested to see that so many detected melon and pepper, which I didn't... however, I did note a hint of burned wood so maybe that was how I translated the pepper. Also was pleased that I picked up on the dryness :) Anyway, my short review:

Goes on warm and dry. First notes were freshly sanded wood and ginger. Maybe a bit of smoke. Later I got some citrus and a bit of soapiness. Overall a very pleasant. light and dry scent.

19th October, 2014

Émeraude by Coty

Have to rate this as neutral, since I'm reviewing it years and years later. We all wore this during High School... it was my mom's, my sister and I received it for Christmas presents, and it seems like all of my friends and their moms wore it as well!

Definitely takes me back; just thinking about the name nearly brings the scent. I remember it as being fairly sharp, but not cloying or overpowering. Just crisp and elegant. Would love to smell it again.

Edit: Just received a sample of vintage from STC and wow. It literally brought me to tears, in a good way! Memories of where I was, even what I wore back when I used this came flooding back. Amazing. What a provocative scent. Warm, spicy and elegant, would be perfect for a chilly evening.
18th October, 2014 (last edited: 24th January, 2015)

Design by Paul Sebastian

I owned and wore this for a year or so back in the mid-80s. I remember really enjoying the way it worked with my chemistry. It was neither flowery nor sweet for me, but somewhat red, sharp and woodsy.

Would love to experience it again, but doubt I'd purchase anything except a sample.

Updated from Neutral to Thumbs Up:
Found this in a shop and asked to test it on my skin. So nice and familiar. I just want to keep smelling my wrist - warm and spicy and would be great for chilly weather. A few hours later it's sweeter, lighter and so very nice. This lasted for hours to my delight. I definitely plan to buy this again :)
18th October, 2014 (last edited: 08th November, 2014)

First Eau de Parfum by Van Cleef & Arpels

I was sitting behind a woman at an outdoor baseball game years and years ago, and her pretty fragrance wafted back to me. I overcame my shyness to ask her what scent she was wearing. It turned out to be First, and I asked for a bottle for Christmas.

Unfortunately, this scent didn't work for me, as it did for her! The light prettiness disappeared on me and turned into something chemical. I wore it for 6 months or so but ended up giving it away. But I still remember that baseball game as one of my first experiences of an "expensive" fragrance... expensive to me, anyway!
18th October, 2014 (last edited: 26th October, 2014)

La Vie la Mort No. 90 by Tokyo Milk

I happened upon this while shopping last year in a downtown boutique - was in one of those moods for an impulse buy. This was perhaps the only time I've ever purchased a fragrance without sampling and sampling... and I regret it.

It sprays on with a blast of Sweet, and it's strong. This stuff does not let up. I sprayed it on my wrist over an hour ago and can still smell the overwhelming sweetness, even while standing up and walking around. I feel like everyone is aware of it, not in a good way, which isn't a great feeling.

Cloying, warm and big, this is just too overwhelming for me.

I will say that it does have an attractive black bottle, though :)
18th October, 2014

No. 22 Parfum by Chanel

This beauty was my signature scent for many years, discovered from sampling at the department store counter. I was instantly in love with this light, floral, powdery scent. It worked perfectly for me, lasting most of the day. I lived in Florida during the time, and it seemed to suit the humid, sunny weather just right.

I felt like a proper and refined lady while wearing it, and used it exclusively throughout my twenties, and then again during part of my forties... but no longer own any. I will be so happy when able to purchase it again.
18th October, 2014

Sweet Honesty by Avon

My very first scent, which I was given in several differently-shaped Avon decanters: my favorite of which was a white cat with blue glass eyes :) I wore it proudly to late elementary and early junior high.

Can't exactly remember the fragrance so I'll abstain from giving it a positive or negative review, but just couldn't resist adding my memory to this site!
18th October, 2014

cK one by Calvin Klein

I'm quite fond of this fragrance. My sister's signature fragrance, and I associate it with her and her home, lots of fun times with her during some special chapters in our lives. It's fresh and clean, slightly citrus-y and in a word, "pleasant".

I recognize it occasionally when out and about, as it's noticeable on others, but not loud. A colleague of mine also wore it and I'd compliment her often on her fragrance choice. It leaves a homey trail when the wearer passes, always making me smile.

When I moved on from that place of work, she gifted me with a bottle to remind me of her, which I still use occasionally. It's very comforting and was such a sweet memento.
18th October, 2014

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

I was given this by my high-school sweetheart as a Junior (11th grade). I remember it as being warm, heavy and spicy/woodsy. I enjoyed it quite a bit, took it with me to college, and used up the bottle. It was especially nice during sweater season.

Many others were wearing this at the time, as it was a fairly well-known and popular fragrance.
18th October, 2014