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Eros by Versace

I acquired a bottle of this under batch code# SA422 and I must say I'm not impressed with Eros by Versace.

I get an opening slightly fresh of mint then it's coated over by a lot of vanilla. I get green apple, cedar, and little ambroxan in the blend. Occasionally the mint peeping through the vanilla body of this fragrance.

I get about 8 hours of light projection with this fragrance so it's no performance beast. Eros to me scent wise isn't unpleasant...but it's a rip off at cost. It's an office and casual wear fragrance. This fragrance has a lot in common with the Penguin/Musingwear apple based fragrances that were designed before Eros and are about $20.

25th August, 2020 (last edited: 26th August, 2020)

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

This one for me opens up green of tamarind leaves, wood, and strong of black leather. I get dates sprinkled with a little cinnamon then dipped in vanilla. This fragrance has a light shower gel smell to it that the leather and tamarind leaves filter through.

John Varvatos is a pretty balanced leather scent for office wear. This isn't too sweet or spicy and gives a different approach to a clean scent. It's not a copycat obviously but it's design seems to have inspiration from Preferred Stock (1990) to my nose. This is low-key in projection though so expect this to be a close encounter fragrance.
23rd July, 2020 (last edited: 16th October, 2020)

Carrera (original) by Carrera

Carrera Pour Homme was a blind-buy for me and wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's bottle looks like a deodorant stick and other reviews on Fragrantica described it as an "after shower" or sporty fresh scent. Being that this was made in the late 80's I was curious about those descriptions.

I get some light and powdery lavender and pretty firm on sandalwood. I don't get any of the other florals mentioned but one (not listed)... it's violet. All of this is creamed over by some tonka. The tonka though seems to be lightly touched by moss giving bitterness to the vanilla. This toughens up the violet a little and reflects the pale green fluid color to a degree. There's some kind of mild sweetness to this working through the fragrance. It comes off like a cherry sweetart. It's a familiar synthetic sweetness that must have worked it's way into the mid 1990's fragrances like Faconnable EDT and Arsenal (grey grenade bottle with red lettering) by Gilles Cantuel.

Carrera PH is a very creamy and colorful aromatic that is easy to wear. It's not refreshing or a sharp/soapy just showered smell. But it does smell good. Why I give this fragrance a neutral is I unknowingly met it's clone many years ago. Carrera PH just gets too light veering to a skin scent in a few hours after 6 sprays while the clone is longer lasting/stronger. That clone is the Arsenal fragrance I mentioned and smells remarkably similar. Arsenal will also be much cheaper when the secondary market starts driving up cost off rarity/discontinuation and the Carrera name.
30th June, 2020
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Lapidus pour Homme Sport by Ted Lapidus

This one opens up strong of white florals and citrus. There is some lavender in here but for powdery texture. This fragrance isn't soapy, it's rather clean from the citrus. I catch a soft sandalwood accompanied by a light aquatic note. A little incense and some of that animalic musk from Lapidus PH (1987).

Lapidus PH Sport is the fresher version on the classic powerhouse for spring and summer wear. In that tradition it also cranks out some of that Lapidus raunch. Even though this is more tempered it's not going to fit with the generalization of a energetic and ultra clean sports scent. I'd recommend this to a Lapidus PH fan who wants a version that works for warmer weather.
11th June, 2020

Only The Brave by Diesel

I managed to acquire a 4.2oz of this for $35 from a pharmacy that was closing down. I've always wanted to try Only The Brave and have been curious about it's bottle this was a blind-buy.

I get a sharp and dry opening of the lemon and cedar. Synthetic green apple and a slight watery note like a sport scent. This gets sweet as the amber becomes more present and mixing with the apple it reminds one of a caramel apple and then mellows out. This gains leather, a hint of violet, and that cedar/lemon sharpness lingers. This fragrance is fairly dry and also warm from the amber. I'd say this is a summer evening and fall scent for office and casual wear.

Only The Brave is a decent scent, the problem is it smells cheap by design. This smells like it could easily be a Thallium or Penguin fragrance. If I blind bought this at $50-$60 I'd be pissed and give it a thumbs down. I'd recommend this only when it becomes a budget fragrance.
06th June, 2020 (last edited: 06th August, 2020)

Encre Noire by Lalique

It smells exactly like the grey fabric work gloves that are in my basement. I use these gloves for chopping wood and open burn days. They've collected the smell of smoke and various tree types in the fabric. It's the mix of cypress and cashmere. The smoky note of the vetiver merges with these two notes. A big dose of Iso Super E throws a dose of coolness to the fragrance. I guess to reflect the feeling of a cold winter day of when I wear these gloves. I don't catch any musk in this.

Encre Noire just isn't unique at all and smells very commonplace to me. When you've been burning wood all day you generally shower the smell off you and spray an actual fragrance on afterwards. There's nothing clever about Encre Noire.
13th May, 2020

Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

I get a base primarily of smooth vanilla that's mildly darkened by a black licorice note, and sandalwood. At the heart I get styrax, patchouli,cinnamon, and moss. Before this fragrance dries that heart is one spicy,green, and incense-y streak and then scatters. Not all of these notes surface up at once but a few come about randomly interacting with each other or lightly contacting the black licorice or sandalwood of the base. Cinnamon spicing the sandalwood a little. Or styrax getting sweetened a little by the cross-interaction with black licorice. Light hints of patchouli and moss may pop up and cinnamon detects their presence and seasons them temporarily, then leaves them alone to show their green side. The vanilla base keeps this fragrance smooth and well tempered, it would be very warm and cloying without it. In later hours a little lavender comes out only to make the base a little powdery.

Passion for Men has been a drugstore scent since it hit the market. That's not a bad thing because most colognes are to be locally found and in working-class affordability. As a vanilla and licorice based scent it's an interesting aromatic for how cheap is.

29th March, 2020

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

This fragrance opens up with the orange leaf filtering through the yuzu giving the result of a bitter orange. Sniffing at this orange note I pick up a lot of leather with it. A smooth powder made from lavender and vanilla reveals itself with interplay from the other notes without affecting the citrus/leather base. The nutmeg adds a hint of warmth and sweetness though I wouldn't say "spicy". The tobacco is soft and fluffy from the vanilla. The sandalwood is hit by the lavender powder and yes, reminds me of clean sandalwood talc powder.

Vera Wang for Men isn't a "wedding day" scent to me. It is smooth and elegant to be an office scent. But it's very conservative in the country club vein of other citrus/leather scents like English Leather and Safari for Men.
14th March, 2020 (last edited: 18th April, 2020)

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

I gave this one a blind buy and I didn't care for it. I was optimistic that I would like it because I'm such a fan of Memoire D' Homme by Nina Ricci (2002) and the design of Salvatore Ferragamo PH sounds like it's related to it.

This has a pretty sharp opening that lasts a few hours and it's the grapefruit note that's the culprit. It's fresh and clean, but puts a lot of screech factor to the bright cedar and edgy oakmoss (I don't get vetiver at all). The fig and clove heart isn't cloying or's a smooth fall spice smell that lends maturity to the fragrance. Add the woody note to that fall vibe and it's a good result. But this spicy/woody gets soured and flat and it's the acidic quality of the grapefruit as it slithers through those notes. This fragrance tries to hide it's sport scent side by filtering through notes instead and it's just not attractive.

Salvatore Ferragamo PH an interesting office scent with "thumbs up" potential. For me it's rewards are very small for how annoying it gets.
29th February, 2020

Chrome by Azzaro

I get an opening of sharp and fresh bitter orange and a cool and powdery soap. This comes off as very clean and slightly metallic. Following with that a "blue floral" note which must be the hedione. The ivy and lichen comes on kind of strong at first then lightens. Just a little bit of musk in the finish from that "transparent musk" to keep from thickening and taking over the style of Chrome.

Chrome is a good fragrance in certain ways. I think this always smelled very uplifting right after a hot shower and keeps that cool/clean/metallic freshness throughout the day. Even though it's very out of season for winter it adds a pleasing zing to the cold, biting, wind on a snowy day.
13th January, 2020 (last edited: 27th August, 2020)

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I walk a different path on Giorgio for Men. I think the green aspect of this is more tree moss than patchouli. But I agree with others that this is a strong and well performing fragrance.

I get an opening with a light combo of soap and carnation that a lots of 80's fragrance possess. A lot of tree moss and a pinch of patchouli comes forward. But there's this resin sweetness of amber,honey,and cinnamon that glosses over the green side. This "sweetened green resin" reminds me of British Sterling. The soap softens to a powder, a little zing of lemon and a leathery note comes out in the finish.

Giorgio for Men is a pretty good fragrance. On the topic of Givenchy Gentleman being similar to this?, they are two completely different animals to my nose. Giorgio for Men does hit hard at initial blast with it's strong notes. Let it dry and you're rewarded with a very sophisticated and colorful men's fragrance.

20th December, 2019

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

I finally acquired a new old stock Cosmair era bottle of Minotaure. I used to see this fragrance in the department stores and always wanted to try it. Hard to find and pricey so I obtained the vintage.

This fragrance opens up clear of citrus and aldehydes. The citrus tames down while the florals reveal themselves which are attached to the aldehydes. This fragrance becomes fruity. Sandalwood in the background which becomes creamy from a rising texture of vanilla which touches the fruit. I don't get leather...but I do get a slight patchouli in the finish.

So why a neutral rating?
I'll give Minotaure props for inspiring this early 2000's fragrance it reminds me of...but not when comes to cost. Thallium by Jacques Evard instantly came to mind...that's a $15 fragrance. Now I like both Thallium and Minotaure's style... but the resemblance was so uncanny to Thallium it was ridiculous. If there was a knob to control the vanilla in Thallium and you rolled it back? would reveal itself as Minotaure. Bottom line is I'll stick to Thallium. Minotaure in any formula is overpriced.
19th December, 2019 (last edited: 03rd January, 2020)

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

I can't speak for the vintage but I own a bottle of Givenchy Gentleman that I blind-bought 5 or 6 years ago.

This is a fragrance that essentially is a bar of soap. Embedded in this soap are pieces of patchouli mostly and some vetiver. Now imagine dipping this soap bar in honey. This is a wearable fragrance...but lifeless.

Givenchy Gentleman doesn't impress me at all hence the thumbs down. It's bland and lacks imagination, it's overpriced, and it doesn't last. It's insulting for one to even compare this to Giorgio for Men(1984) when it's nothing similar. Givenchy Gentleman is far more comparable to Boss Number One by Hugo Boss (1985).
11th December, 2019 (last edited: 20th December, 2019)
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Open Gold by Roger & Gallet

Open Gold is a warm and rich scent.

I get a thick and musky base of castoreum with a bit of oakmoss to it. The heart of this is jasmine dipped in cinnamon and vanilla, so more sweet and spicy with a subtle floral. A bit of leather in this but it's readable through the castoreum. Sandalwood in a powdery form creates a smoothness and rubs away some edge where one could perceive this fragrance as syrupy without it. This fragrance isn't soapy at all.

Open Gold by Roger & Gallet is shaped to a be smooth gentleman's scent but the slight nuances of Versace L'Homme (1984). In the cinnamon, vanilla, and leather aspects at least. This does smell golden and warm though. I'd recommend this to a guy who likes Aramis(1965). It may smell of yesteryear, but Open Gold does smell thick and luxurious.

06th December, 2019

Open by Roger & Gallet

This fragrance has a base of lavender combined with a warm and smooth duo of amber and nutmeg. This is a spicy and kind of sweet soap smell that makes me think of Pears Original Soap (the transparent deep orange bar).As the soap mellows I get a blurry green structure of pine and moss or herbs with the tobacco present.

Open reminds me a lot of Quorum. But it's drier from not having any citrus in comparison to said fragrance. The spice in it also gives something old-fashioned about it that makes it seem like it predated Quorum actually. 2-3 sprays and 10-12 hours of moderate projection...this is obviously still powerhouse strength.

27th November, 2019 (last edited: 26th January, 2020)

Vermeil for Men by Vermeil

I get a little soap in a powdery form and a very rich level of musk. It's the same kind of musk found in Salvador Dali Pour Homme (1987). A Lapidus Pour Homme (1987)style pipe tobacco note surfaces mixed with a dark and sweet blackcurrant liquer and it smells good as a combination. There's something of a mild leather impression dwelling in the mid section though I can't tell if it's the musk and tobacco contact causing this. This fragrance mellows down from the soap and musk.

Vermeil for Men (1995) has powerhouse strength and late 80's inspiration through and through. The notes quality in this are definitely not bottom shelf and this is very wearable. On the other hand it is a very rudimentary design with it's limited amount of notes. Vermeil for Men was a thick and smooth musk fragrance with a tobacco and sweet liquer twist. I like a good musk scent so I find this fragrance to be a keeper. Though someone pursuing this for that next jonesing of a dry, spicy, and earthy tobacco scent may find Vermeil for Men to be unique...or they could find it boring.
19th November, 2019 (last edited: 21st November, 2019)

Mackie for Men by Bob Mackie

To my nose I echo a similar view that this has kinship to Eternity for Men though I consider Mackie to be a softer scent. This has a similar bitter-green base of aldehydes and vetiver but with a little lime in addition. The heart is very floral of violets and a breeze of powdery lavender and this gives the softness to it.Sandalwood just like Eternity but I get more in this fragrance.

I wouldn't really call Mackie for Men a teenage scent because it doesn't smell as young as the average fresh scent. It's not sweet or fruity to me. In fact I think the bitterness and violets throw a little overcast on this bright green and powdery smells more of suit and tie.

15th November, 2019

Thallium by Jacques Evard

Thallium is one fragrance that has such an unusual marketing concept it invokes curiosity. Named from a poisonous metal yet looks just like a jar of Barbicide- both in the bottle's appearance and fluid color. To be precise this fragrance was released in 2002 and I bought it a few times in my early 20's.

This is a fruity scent of pineapple and light of apple coated with a vanilla and lavender powder. It's initial blast is a little tacky until it calms reminding one of vanilla cotton candy. Once this calms down it's powdery clean and slightly citrusy and aldehydic, not too sweet...but you catch that fruit and vanilla intertwining. Floral at the heart with jasmine. Sandalwood in the mix to give a hint of warmth. I'm the first reviewer to report I always get a moderate amount of an oily and aged patchouli in Thallium.

This is a low projection scent but it does last a good 8-10 hours. Several months later I acquired a vintage bottle of Minotaure by Paloma Picasso (1992) and Thallium is remarkably similar. There's more vanilla in Thallium though so it's sweeter, and the fruit is more readable. Minotaure is known for being a little unisex, so I'm not surprised so read claims about Thallium also as a soft men's fragrance. Thumbs up for Thallium for being a good scent for cheap and making Minotaure look ridiculously overpriced.
25th October, 2019 (last edited: 03rd January, 2020)

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

I'm going to give Ungaro III a thumbs's a deserving of it's praise. To get the nit-picking out the way expect to spray a little more due to transparency from the vodka note. This is also not a thick scent and more compressed because once again the vodka note...everything filters through it.

I get a base mixed with vodka, soapy lavender, and citrus giving a fresh and clean result. Tastes of vetiver but not permanent to the fragrance. This has a rose note that's mixed with black licorice and a dark fruit that's either cherry or black currant. It's spiced dark fruit floral may be a little gothic but it's not depressing...keeps you sniffing at the rose in a dark and delicious way. Some sandalwood, but not enough woody interference to rob the freshness. A hint of patchouli for a little green flavor but it's not oily or raw and's polished by the vodka/lavender/citrus blend. This fragrance runs on the spiced/dark fruit cased floral to be the seductive role in Ungaro III.

It's darker side says this is a fall, winter, or evening scent. Yet it's so fresh and clean and it's dark side doesn't push into cloying territory from the dark could wear this in warmer weather. It is stylish after all.

21st October, 2019 (last edited: 15th November, 2019)

Basile Uomo (original) by Basile

The 3.3oz spray bottle of Basile Uomo I have purchased recently looks just like this...I'm assuming it's the original formula. So I'm gathering if people are speaking of the reformulation it must be the "new" version released in 2003.

This fragrance is wearable but I'm not shocked that Basile Uomo was discontinued. You can smell the basil, oakmoss, and patchouli. Sniff a little closer tones of pine blossom out and is accompanied with leather. The part of this fragrance that causes a neutral rating is has a lavender note that's accented with something and reminds me of hair spray. It blows across the composition in a haze producing aerosol-like overtones so Basile Uomo does comes across as fairly synthetic. This fragrance reminds me of Tsar(1989) though darker green and not sweet.

Basile Uomo isn't a bad scent but I think Carlo Corinto Classic(1986) and Quorum (1982) are more legendary green scents from the 80's.
08th October, 2019 (last edited: 15th October, 2019)

Perry Ellis for Men (original) by Perry Ellis

I can't speak on the vintage formula of Perry Ellis for Men (1985) because it was a cologne. I was just more curious if it lives up to the $20-$25 price factor for a 5oz bottle. This is my review under Falic Fashion Group.

This fragrance easily explained smells like a bottle of cognac with carnation submerged in it. Only way I can explain it. What makes the boozy quality is amber, cinnamon, a lot of old leather, and a bit of labdanum. All this combined it has a smell that reminds one of cognac. The labdanum does stick out to provide herbal and slightly sweet-minty hints. So this fragrance smells brown and green.

I recommend Perry Ellis for Men (1985) because I think it's a very decent cheapie. If you removed the labdanum and switched with pine, and removed the carnation? it would remind you of a subtle version of Red for Men(1991) The sprayer is it's downfall which doesn't crank out a generous amount. 4-5 sprays will get 8 hours of low projection.
03rd October, 2019 (last edited: 07th October, 2019)

Arsenal Grey by Gilles Cantuel

A while back I was cleaning out my storage in the attic and found an old bottle of this in a box. I then remembered Arsenal Grey and cursed myself for not reviewing it back when I first joined Basenotes. This was the first fragrance I bought with my own money working part-time during high school. I remember buying this for $15-$20 at the Rose's Discount Store in my town. I knew nothing about notes back then so I'm going to describe this scent after smelling it again.

The base is floral in structure being a lot of violet and a touch of lavender barbershop powder. Something linked to the lavender that's a light sweetness and comes off as cherry and something else. This isn't initially woody at first, but over an hour or so it develops a warm woody tone. This fragrance I swear must have some vanilla. Because for few notes this scent is thick and it is smooth. That light hint of the "something else" with the cherry is vanilla. But this doesn't come off as gourmand or's sweetness keeps a low profile. 3-4 sprays will give 6-8 hours of low projection. This is an EDT though in strength though and not an EDP.

I really liked Arsenal Grey because the scent was so different. The metallic blue/aquatic and sharp scents my peers wore that were "popular" due to massive advertising...I found them to be artless drivel. This was something softer and more basic, but definitely inspired by floral approaches of Sung Homme and Preferred Stock. Right down to the sweetened lavender approach of Lapidus PH and Joop! Homme though much lighter. Lots of late 80's influence in Arsenal Grey. I had to get a new bottle of this to enjoy. It's a simple low-cost pleasure that you should find sitting beside the similarly priced Penguin and Thallium fragrances.
29th September, 2019

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

I wasn't really that impressed with L'Eau d'Issey PH despite my curiosity over the abundant positive reviews. This didn't form the fresh genre- Claiborne for Men and Eternity for Men (both released in 1989) were responsible for that. But I've never tried this fragrance before so I thought I'd give this fresh scent from the 90's a go...

This opens up very fresh, bitter, and initially really sour from the yuzu. I imagine this goes an alternate route to grapefruit. The sourness goes away in about 5 minutes. I get the floral quality which isn't bad at all. A kind of light mixture composed of vetiver, saffron, and sandalwood. The wood takes a little moisture out of the yuzu as it develops. It goes to almost a skin scent within 30 minutes and is gone 5-6 hours.

In my opinion L'Eau d'Issey PH may use a few exotic notes, but it smells very generic for a fresh scent from it's very bland construction. It's not far from smelling like a lot of Adidas fragrances. It's transparent and boring. Spend $15 and get yourself a bottle of Claiborne for Men(1989)'s deeper and longer lasting than this. Even if L'Eau d'Issey PH were $15 in a drugstore...I'd still buy Claiborne for Men.
24th September, 2019

PS by Paul Sebastian

A very classy fragrance indeed.

PS starts out powdery of vanilla and herbal of some sage initially with a vague warmth. This warmth becomes stronger up from a mixture of myrrh and ylang-ylang teased with amber and some patchouli. The sage sometimes blends with the patchouli creating an interesting herbal quality. Over the hours this scent breaks down to a musky powder state. Sniffing at the powder you get light hints of the spicy and herbal side.

This fragrance does have a pretty good longevity of 8 hours moderate projection and another 4 in low projection. Wake up the next morning and it's a skin scent.

Was the vintage formula of PS better?
It's debatable. On one hand the vintage was a mellow and powdery scent that wasn't as warm/spicy. It smelled good but no musky development and no ylang-ylang that I could was primitively blended. The current formula is better blended and spicier through going heavier on those notes. Both formulas smell good but also have their positive and negative aspects.

22nd August, 2019 (last edited: 01st October, 2019)

Halston 1-12 by Halston

French Fragrances out of Miami,FL in the green glass bottle is a good source that still did the vintage formula.

This opens up with it's base of green mixture of what smells like laurel leaves with a hint of oakmoss refreshed with lemon. This part kind of reminds me of Agua Brava. You'd expect this to be coarse when paired but there's a modern lavender note that stands out and comes across the spectrum to smooth things out...reminds me of Ivory Original soap. 1-12 is very musky to me almost as hefty as Kouros...but without a fecal reminder of any kind. A little cedar in this though not too much. Floating around in this scent is a little amber that gives a little resin to the green side. There isn't a dry quality about Halston 1-12. This is a very fresh, wet, and slick smelling green barbershop scent. This isn't identical to Quorum but I would recommends to fans of that scent looking for an older sibling that holds it's head high.

The current formula EA Fragrances isn't a horrid fragrance. But the green side and amber has been removed from 1-12 hence why the glass color is no longer green. It's just a really lemony and musky scent now. EA doesn't usually butcher classic fragrances. I have a feeling they pitched the Halston fragrances to a millennial focus group and they found the bottles stylish for a younger group...but not the fragrance.

Thumbs up to the vintage formula of Halston 1-12.
20th August, 2019 (last edited: 21st August, 2019)

Jean Nate by Revlon

Apparently I'm not the only guy who appreciates the smell of Jean Naté and says this is more unisex than feminine. My grandfather swore before the female empowerment ads for Jean Naté in the 70's...quite a few barbershops used the talc powder by Jean Naté.

Very lemony and fresh with a moderately floral opening. This gets a little sweet and musky with light hints of sandalwood. A very simple scent.

What's interesting is there is a men's fragrance called Boucheron Pour Homme (1991) and it's foundation notes remind me of this 1930's fragrance minus the musk and sweetness.Jean Naté may be cheap stuff, but it's a lemon scent that's aged rather well.
17th August, 2019 (last edited: 05th April, 2020)

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

I don't question that Boucheron PH was released in 1991...but it smells like it was designed in 1961. Regardless of it's very mature label and design of a vintage men's fragrance I do like this a lot.

It comes off very lemony fresh and smooth of sandalwood. Carnation and soap surfaces right up strong at fast then settles to a creamy and lightly powdery level. This does have a green quality that seems to be made from a lot of vetiver with a little bit of incense and lily of the valley. But I get a little leather to this fragrance though it's not listed.

This is a soft and elegant men's fragrance that's medium projection and holds on for 12 hours. I say it smells older because the lemon, sandalwood, and light floral touches combined smells like the opening of Jean Naté with higher quality notes. Boucheron PH may get some unisex referencing from that but it's a relaxed and great scent. Very gentlemanly.

28th June, 2019 (last edited: 04th October, 2019)

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

This fragrance reminds me quite a bit of Quorum by Antonio Puig...oakmoss,pine,and lavender. It has a very large structure to it that's green, bitter, and soapy. Has a carnation note floating around in there and reminds me of a few early 80's scents like Krizia Uomo and Carlo Corinto Classic. This does have a feel of a spicy 'tree sap' with amber resin and cinnamon. Light touches of the oakmoss coming in through that amber and giving a bit of realism through bitterness to this sticky resin. There is leather in this... but to me it's stuck between the carnation and tree sap combo as a lighter note.

I give Montana Parfum D' Homme a neutral rating.It's not bad at all and worth trying if you like green scents and the early 80's style that's conservative and mature. It does pack an oakmoss and pine bitter punch that's for sure from the excellent projection this has. I can't call this unique though, because it just models most of it's construction from other early 80's scents. I really don't get the Havana reference: beyond the sticky spiced resin approach?...I'm thinking more along the lines of late 70's inspiration like Yatagan or Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur.If I never smelled any of those fragrances before, I would have given Montana Parfum D' Homme a thumbs up easily.
10th June, 2019 (last edited: 22nd June, 2019)

Façonnable Eau de Toilette for Men / Façonnable by Façonnable

I wouldn't consider Facconable EDT a stellar fragrance. But I've always been one that sat on the fence of Eternity for Men's success in my teenage and found there were less advertised but nicer/overlooked fresh scents of the 90's...Faconnable EDT is one of them.

This opens up with a bitter but fresh base of mint and florals. Citrus and a little twist of musk going on, complimented with a little bit of wood. This does have a lightly powdery finish through a little lavender I get. I detect a little bit of calone typical of any fresh scent, but more dialed back in this composition.As I smell this I get sort of a leathery note in the citrus territory.

Faconnable is fresh,sharp,clean, and formal. It's a fragrance you'd slide over to the Eternity crowd for something deeper and way less transparent. I like Faconnable smells more mature and refined.
20th March, 2019 (last edited: 09th November, 2019)

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Obsession for Men isn't a bad fact it's the only one I like to an extent by Calvin Klein. It's more smooth and spicy than it is sweet really. I get a base of floral lavender, and a mix of orange,amber,and vanilla in the opening. A good dose of nutmeg comes through and coasts right through that amber/orange/vanilla mixture. This fragrance is a little woody but warm.

It's not offensive but I remember smelling this on adults growing up in the 80's.Ages 30 and up from my teachers in school to a server in a restaurant. Obsession is a mature scent to spray on if you can't think of what to wear from it's simplicity. When I think about it's simplicity though I always think "this should have been marketed as a $20 drugstore scent". But I'd be insulting drugstore scents of the 70's/80's era because a lot of them were more interesting and deeper in design yet far cheaper than Obsession was. People paid high dollar back then to smell boring I guess.
10th March, 2019 (last edited: 10th September, 2019)