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Hindu Kush by Mancera

Sweet spices, amber and incense is what I mostly get from Hindu Kush. The spice opening is unique to me in that it projects a light, oily sweetness - perhaps the cannabis and labdanum notes. The incense isn't smoky or heavy and pairs well with the spices. I get a lot of amber tones as it dries down, that are well blended into the other mid and base notes. Like most Mancera's, Hindu Kush has excellent longevity with above average sillage. It's unique and well created, but not something I would want to wear very often. Thumbs up though.
16th September, 2021

Sundrunk by Imaginary Authors

Starts with a strong orange accord that is very sweet, yet dry. I don't get the fizzy orange soda vibe others mention nor would I describe it as zesty. Neroli and honeysuckle come forward and combine with the dry orange to lean the scent majority feminine. It doesn't last long and faded to a skin scent level within two hours in Florida summer heat and humidity. Interesting fragrance but not for me.
15th September, 2021

The Soft Lawn by Imaginary Authors

The Soft Lawn, 2.0 is a wet, green grass scent with a hint of florals and something slightly chalky (maybe tennis ball?) underneath. On initial opening it immediately made me think of Green Irish Tweed, but not as bright and then it quickly faded towards something more arboricultural with a leafy green accord. It's pleasant but not anything I want to wear for very long. Neutral for me.
15th September, 2021
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Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

I'm fan of this one, especially considering how low a price it can be found for. I like the combination of patchouli and leather and Bentley Intense doesn't disappoint. I agree the rum notes over the top are of a synthetic spice accord and the opening is stringent. But give it 30 minutes to settle and it's very pleasant. The later dry down smells fantastic IMO. Average sillage and 6 hours longevity. You'll be challenged to find many better fragrances at this price point. A thumbs up.
15th September, 2021

Percival by Parfums de Marly

Percival is too generic for the PDM line. It's easy to wear, nice smelling, but not distinct in any way. Aromatic citrus top notes, over a lavender, violet mid and woody musk base, super amplified with aroma-chemicals, but in a deft and skilled way. It runs across many Versace, Montblanc and Banana Republic offerings but with five times the performance and ten times the price. I'll pass on it.
12th August, 2021

Greenley by Parfums de Marly

A bright fruity offering from PDM, but not a "green" scent. Greenley should be quite popular but seems somewhat over-shadowed by some of it's PDM line mates. Greenley's got a lot of similarities to many other fragrances and leans in the direction of many masculine bath/shower products, but in an appealing way. There's a load of cashmeran in this, but I happen to like cashmeran's musky, woody tones and it fits quite well in support of the cedar and violet heart. Excellent performance like all PDM fragrances.
12th August, 2021

Do Son Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Quite a captivating white floral scent with orange blossom and tuberose in an exquisite balance. I don't get any jasmine but I do detect a white musk underneath that is not listed. I also don't sense a marine accord but more a oriental flower market with fragrant citrus flowers. The EDT is much better balanced than the EDP and performance is very acceptable. A sure future buy for my wife but a male who likes orange flowers could pull this off easily as well.
12th August, 2021

Musk Therapy by Initio

I like Musk Therapy, but wouldn't consider buying it because to me it is just not anything special enough for the price tag. I get a tart black currant note at the opening, but it's too short lived and quickly dissipates to white floral and musk. The dry-down is the longer body of the scent, and to me it's very designer-generic. I can see some women liking this more than men. Not for me though.
12th August, 2021

Bohemian Lime by Goldfield & Banks

Nicely constructed lime & woods fragrance. An authentic smelling lime/citric top with a nice touch of aromatic spice. Underneath is an old style vetiver, sandalwood and cedar that is light yet masculine. An easy to wear scent that is reminiscent of a clean gentleman's talc, but without the wispy powder effect. Along the lines of Elysium but much more minimalist and better performing. I got moderate sillage and 6+ hours of longevity. I prefer Bohemian Lime over the more aquatic Pacific Rock Moss as well.

12th August, 2021

Escentric 05 by Escentric Molecules

The second fragrance from the Escentric line that I would consider FBW. Escentric 05 uses the base note of Cashmeran which to my nose is a sort of woody musk note. On it's own as Molecule 05, it doesn't strike any real appeal to me beyond clean and generic. However, in the Geza Schoen concoction of Escentric 05 it's paired with green citric aromatics and creates an appealing wood/musk fragrance. It's the greenest of the Escentric line by far, and fits in with the "clean" aroma vibe you get from all the E line. Very unisex with good versatility and excellent longevity. Perfect choice for casual day wear. I like it.
01st July, 2021

Bergamote Soleil by Atelier Cologne

For me, Bergamot Soleil is the best of the Atelier citric line. The opening is bright and uplifting with tart bergamot and refreshing bigarade that pairs well with ambrette seed for a minty cooling effect that stays ahead of the jasmine and lavender. It's slightly fizzy but in a good way. Vetiver and moss create a more traditional style with decent sillage and longevity. If you want something different than a old school EDC, this is a well done alternative.
27th May, 2021

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

I like Orange Sanguine and would consider purchasing a full bottle if the middle notes weren't so much jasmine and lilly. There's a touch of tonka and woods in the base to keep it from being completely feminine, but it's more about white flowers IMO. Superb orange opening but it fades from the scene to just the florals too quickly.
27th May, 2021

Dior Homme Cologne (2013) by Christian Dior

Simple fragrance of citruses and musk that smells fantastic. Lasts a good 6+ hours on my skin, which suggests there's an aroma chemical in play but it isn't detected to my nose. The top is lemonade with a tart citric middle. The musk base is very clean and perhaps includes a light floral. Easily unisex and perfect for hot and humid weather. Could be redundant in a larger collection. I like it.
08th May, 2021
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Incident Diplomatique by Jovoy

Incident Diplomatique is the third offering I've sampled from Jovoy after Psychedelique and Private Label. Usually I like vetiver and patchouli, but the trio from Jovoy just seem a bit rough for my tastes. ID has a very harsh, astringent like opening that was almost too difficult for me to tolerate initially. It's a bitter citrus industrial type smell that I didn't like at all. As the opening fades the heart becomes a very dry vetiver, woody and bitter that I also don't agree with. It goes slightly herbal but still with a strong, dry bitterness that doesn't fade until the patchouli makes a presence. It softens in the later stage and becomes more of a grassy composition but never a pleasing scent to my nose. Lasts forever. Not for me.
10th April, 2021 (last edited: 28th April, 2021)

Tabac Vert by Rogue Perfumery

Tabac Vert is a modern perspective on an old-school style wood-chypre & tobacco fragrance. The opening is short and sharp, with bergamot and pepper blending in with a field green tobacco. Nothing cigarette, pipe or humidor like here, but more a field tabacco note. The opening quickly blends into a floral middle featuring equal aspects of rose, jasmine and carnation with none being overly distinctive. With oakmoss and amber in the base it develops in a boozy direction and reminds me of an 80's style scent, but without the 80's powerhouse brashness. I also detected a lot of dry cedarwood note through the middle and dry down. It's quite masculine and very pleasant to wear. Sillage is average to below-average as it begins to wear, but you'll a decent work-day's longevity and I could detect it well into the evening. I like this and give it an easy Thumbs Up.
08th April, 2021 (last edited: 28th April, 2021)

Blu Mediterraneo : Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

Fico di Amalfi is another alternate take on the traditional ADP Cologne formula, but instead of using citrus and woods, it's fig, jasmine and musk. I can either take it or leave it with fig and in Fico di Amalfi the fig is tolerable because it's sweet (not over-ripe) but without the use of coconut or some other suntan oil concoction. It's as much of a green fragrance, although not truly green, than it is a blue fragrance because to my nose there's a leafy undertone within the fig-jasmine middle. The opening is a short, sweet blast of citrus with grapefruit being the most prominent. This quickly gives way to the fig but retains some of the sweet citric tone. Mild sillage for around 4 hours then it drops to a sweet musk skin scent. I found Fico di Amalfi at a huge discount so I'm not disappointed at all. I'll wear this casually throughout Spring and Summer.
07th April, 2021 (last edited: 04th June, 2021)

Navus by Navitus Parfums

A blind buy for me as I've binge watched fragrance reviews on YouTube throughout the Covid lockdown and I enjoy the Redolessence channel. Since Steven is the Creative Director of the Navitus line's initial releases, I decided a blind purchase would be fun. From the 8 or 9 offerings, I selected Navus because I thought it's note breakdown would be to my liking.

Navus is a fresh, clean, slightly soapy, slightly woody, aromatic citrus. I get a lot of neroli, juniper, vetiver and cedar with a touch of bitter grapefruit at the initial spray. The opening is gorgeous but it only holds up for a few minutes at best. As it dries, rose and jasmine come forward to pair with the citrus and wood notes but stays very close to the skin, afterward you get a musky, dry wood-floral skin scent for about four hours. It's a good quality blending of notes, clean and fresh but poor on performance. The scent does last for several hours but it's personal with almost no sillage at all. You can go crazy with the sprayer.

I'm considering Virtus or Absolutio but will wait to sample if possible. Neutral only for Navus.
22nd March, 2021 (last edited: 28th April, 2021)

Beach Hut Man by Amouage

Beach Hut Man has a minty, orange blossom opening that is somewhat sharp at first, but settles into a cool, refreshing herbal accord as it wears. The ivy, vetiver, myrrh and oakmoss begin to replace the citrus top notes and it becomes a deeper fragrance. The mint is present in a shaving foam fashion, but not a full-on barbershop scent. It's quite powerful, in typical Amouage style, for a fresh fragrance and gives excellent sillage for around four hours with ten plus hours of longevity. A balanced dry down with the mint, vetiver, myrrh combo and little more woody/dirty base. I really like it and would consider a full bottle after my sample is used up.
19th March, 2021 (last edited: 29th April, 2021)

Intense Cafe by Montale

Not the best from Montale IMO as I typically am on the fence about gourmand type frangces, but this I like. Intense Cafe is a coffee, amber, floral and vanilla fragrance that I find quite appealing, although it does reflect some other fragrances, namely Tom Ford Noir de Noir but more in a more lactonic way. I've always liked Noir de Noir, but never owned it. Intense Cafe is not identical but hits at the same target with coffee, while the Tom Ford uses saffron and truffle. Excellent projection and longevity that one would expect from Montale fragrances and I'm a huge fan of the Montale and Mancera houses. I'm buying a bottle (can) of Intense Cafe. Thumbs up.
19th March, 2021 (last edited: 28th April, 2021)

Escentric 04 by Escentric Molecules

When I sampled the Molecule line, Molecule-04 was the only one I could consistently smell and stood out as a pleasant, yet synthetic rendition of sandalwood. While I wasn't compelled to purchase any of the Molecule line, I was curious how Escentric-04 would compare and ordered a sample. I honestly was expecting to pass this off as another aroma-chemical gone wrong, but actually find Escentric-04 a compelling fragrance. The opening is a combination of tart citrus and wood notes. I don't experience the insect repellant as other reviews mention, but do understand the reference to citronella at the initial spray. The citrus top notes transition quickly adding rose, juniper and mastic notes to the middle. The rose and juniper are light and well blended, and the mastic creates a green floral tea accord, which is the most interesting phase. Javanol presents as sandalwood would, albeit in a green synthetic way. The dry down is still creamy and woody as you would get from real sandalwood. I got light to average projection and around 5 hours longevity. I advise sampling this house first. IMO the hype is greater than the fragrances, but Escentric 04 could be FBW. Thumbs Up
17th March, 2021 (last edited: 15th June, 2021)

Sedley by Parfums de Marly

An aromatic masculine scent with spearmint and citrus top notes. The spearmint stands out and lasts beyond the citrus through the heart of the fragrance. A herbaceous geranium and lavender give Sedley a retro feel that hints at barbershop but never completely gets there. A dry wood and soft leather base round out the main accord. I get a generous dose of ambroxan, but not offensively. Nothing groundbreaking, yet quite well done and lively enough to be noticed. Very office safe and a good work day fragrance that has versatility. Thumbs up.
16th March, 2021 (last edited: 02nd September, 2021)

You Or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d'Orange

A green rose opening with highlights of grapefruit and bergamot and an undertone of mint. The opening notes aren't overpowering and the citrus fades after the first hour or so. What remains is very leafy green scent, still with an undertone of rose and mint, all riding on a base of clean musk. It doesn't develop further and stayed just above a skin scent for about 6 hours on me. I wouldn't say this is a "mint" fragrance, rather the mint is detectable in a support role. I like this a lot. Easy to wear and very unisex, not floral or ozonic either. Probably not for everyone and I recommend a sample first. Thumbs up for me.
09th March, 2021 (last edited: 28th April, 2021)

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

I finally got a chance to smell Narciso Rodriguez for Him and thought it would be quite different than what I experienced from my sample. The note pyramid intrigued me but the scent itself I don't find all that compelling. As other reviews note, it's got a certain dark quality to it. I like violet notes, but paired with an earthy patchouli, amber and a dark musk it gives a cold, ozonic feeling. Quite like a cloudy, rainy day. Not great sillage but the scent stayed on my skin for a good 7 hours. I didn't hate it, but not one that I would want to wear at all. Neutral.
02nd March, 2021

Private Label by Jovoy

I had to wear Private Label for a week to be able to understand it enough to write a review. This is a very well done fragrance, deep, masculine and complex in structure. From the start I get leather, patchouli, an earthy vetiver and hints of cedar wood. The patchouli starts dirty but slowly turns chocolate-like, the leather goes from dark and dry to rich and wine-like. It seems that each note adds texture to the others. There's a oak barrel booze tone underneath through the heart which had me huffing my wrist to get as much as I could of the scent. Dry down is less leather and more patch, vetiver and wood. I loved Private Label but am not certain it's FBW, as I'm unsure of how often I could wear it. Colder weather, evenings perhaps, but I don't feel it's an office scent, a bit too brash perhaps. Deserves a certain Thumbs Up
23rd February, 2021 (last edited: 29th April, 2021)

Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors

If you are looking for something different and unique, Imaginary Authors never disappoints. Saint Julep is one of their more nuanced offerings with an opening sweet mint and fruit accord that has a slight whisky like quality to it. It's a fresh fruity cocktail, that has an effervescent touch. Saint Julep needs some body heat or atmospheric humidity to perform and is best worn in late spring or summer. The hotter the day, the better the performance, and for me I averaged 1-2 hours of moderate sillage and 4-5 hours of longevity. You can apply this one quite liberally and not worry. It took some getting used to, but once you start wearing it in heat it becomes addicting. A nice scent and Thumbs Up.
20th February, 2021 (last edited: 04th June, 2021)

Psychédélique by Jovoy

Out of the gate it's patchouli, earthy with a raw chocolate edge to it. Not my favorite type of patch and I was wondering if I didn't overspray. However, it quickly mellows into a patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk accord that is safe and sort of pedestrian leaning. I don't get anything citric or floral. It's a nice mellow, mid-sillage scent for most of it's life and doesn't develop any further. Seems very high quality and could be worn all year in most any setting. I like it but not one I have to own, and I've smelled many similar patch centric fragrances that cost much less, like Montale's Patchouli Leaves & Reminiscence. It's attractive and if you like patch, this is one to try. Neutral for me.
19th February, 2021 (last edited: 03rd September, 2021)

Divine Vanille by Essential Parfums

Excellent vanilla fragrance that's very balanced with tonka bean and benzoin. There's a floral undertone and patchouli base but neither are prominent to the nose. It's a very smooth vanilla, but doesn't project really at all and gives only around four hours longevity. A very personal offering that will be pleasing to the wearer but nearly undetectable to anyone who isn't intimately associated.
19th February, 2021 (last edited: 05th March, 2021)

Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

Apple opening then blending in with a jammy rose and cashmere leather. The apple alone was o.k., but with the rose and leather it is off-putting. Nothing like Tuscan Leather IMO, and smells to me more like a sour wine soaked leather. The rose is odd smelling as well and it's pretty loud for just two sprays from a 2ml sampler. I didn't care for it anymore after a second wearing and a single spray. Just not my style.
18th February, 2021

Replica Whispers in the Library by Martin Margiela

Whispers in the Library to my nose is less about the books and more about whispers. It's a subtle scent that to me doesn't conjure a library smell at all. To my nose this is a vanilla oil and cedar wood. The vanilla is the most prominent note but is not a bakery or sweet cake type note. It's what I would imagine a natural growing vanilla to smell like. The wood is also a creamy combination, rather than a sharply sawed cedar scent. I only detected the pepper very briefly at the opening spray. Not a sillage monster but decent longevity of 6-7 hours at just above a skin scent volume. Unisex and office safe. There are a lot of options for simple vanilla fragrances and Whispers is too tame that I'd grow bored of it quickly.
05th February, 2021 (last edited: 08th February, 2021)

Molecule 04 by Escentric Molecules

Molecule 04 is the only single molecule fragrance from the Escentric Molecules line that I can smell on a consistent level and I quite like it. As far as aroma chemicals go, I'm all for them if they smell good and help the fragrance industry be environmentally conscientious. Javanol to me authenticates the note of sandalwood quite well. In fact, much like sandalwood, Molecule 04 dries down quite powdery. However, I find I prefer the Escentric versions far better than the single aroma chemical notes in the "Molecule" line and only find Escentric 04 & 05 to compel full bottle consideration.
05th February, 2021