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Flowerhead by Byredo

Flowerhead blends together beautifully as it settles on your skin - authentic rather than synthetic, a beautiful bouquet of white florals, fresh greens and sweet complementary berries & fruit. If you dig white florals, do yourself a favor and check this one out. If you find white florals offputting - well, go on... get outta here! =P
30th December, 2016

Modern Muse Le Rouge by Estée Lauder

This is so much more interesting than I was expecting! I love those vinyl/leathery notes, and this is what really gives it its appeal. The rose, cherry and patchouli come together and give it a dirty and delightful sort of smokiness.

I kept on seeing commercials and ads all over the place so I figured I'd try it just to see what all the fuss what about. Now that I've tried it - I must say - I have no idea what they were thinking with their ad campaign. Kendall Jenner? A red business suit? To me, Modern Muse Le Rouge feels a bit more wild, flirty, and maybe a little more rock 'n' roll. I feel like Demi Lovato would've been a more suitable frontwoman for a scent like this.
29th December, 2016

Halloween Man Rock On by J del Pozo

This smells nostalgic to me. Not this particular scent, but the vibe. One of those strong, masculine clean scents - it always takes me back to high school. It smells very green to me at first, very strong and soapy. The fruit starts to come out as it lingers a while - I like this phase best. I was hoping for something a little darker for the name/bottle, but still, not bad!
28th December, 2016
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Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

Pleasant.. but expensive for what it is. A very soft, sweet, and creamy vanilla with a resinous, waxy quality that makes you wish you could sink your teeth into it. Though it's unique and I haven't smelled anything quite like it.. it doesn't particularly call out to me, or coerce me into buying a bottle. Gourmand lovers would probably feel differently, however.
13th June, 2016 (last edited: 14th June, 2016)

E.N.C.O.R.E by Alfred Sung

Encore smells nothing like I expected. I thought it would be a light & sweet white floral. While it is pretty 'dark', it's also very reminiscent of perfumes much older than the 1990s. It's got a very similar vibe to Estee, and sort of reminds me of... Incognito by Dana.

Though, despite the throwback qualities, I'd say it's a good representative of its time period. The jasmine here is anything but sweet. It's got an indolic quality, a little animalic and musty, that makes it feel earthy & genuine, rather than artificial. Encore is unique and intriguing.
13th June, 2016 (last edited: 14th June, 2016)

Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher

Clean, crisp rose centerpiece with an earthy combo of lily of the valley & patchouli. It's almost soapy, rather subtle, and appropriate for virtually any occasion. You won't necessarily be making any statements with this fragrance, but it's safe, reliable, feminine, and pleasant.
13th June, 2016 (last edited: 14th June, 2016)

Sofía by Sofía Vergara

I saw Sofia promoting her fragrance aaages ago on Jimmy Fallon, and I was curious and decided to see what was in it - Plum, vanilla, woods, orchid.. Oh, this actually looks good! (Sofia also happens to be a celebrity whose fragrance I wouldn't be embarrassed having on my dresser... so, I thought, what they hey.. and bought a bottle.)

It's rather unlike other celebrity fragrances - it isn't too fruity, too floral, too woody, or too... anything. It's a well-balanced mix that's deep, intriguing, feminine. It really is suitable for any age group, and it seems suitable to wear any time of the day or for any occasion.
13th June, 2016

Incognito by Dana

Incognito is deep, smoky, and animalic. To me, it's the '90s version of dark & rich seductress classics like Tabu or Lanvin's 'My Sin'. It's thick, heavy, and almost 'skunky' in its initial pungeant blast - which was, admittedly, quite offputting to me at first. But then the incense and resins start shining through after it has time to settle down on your skin a while.

Here, the florals aren't pretty or nice, they're dirty, real and earthy rather than synthetic, feminine, or fresh. It's an interesting name for a fragrance, too.. perhaps this is the scent to use to help transform you into someone more daring and confident. It's not at all meant for someone timid like myself!
13th June, 2016

L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci

L'Air du Temps smells almost... buttery. Strangely, the clove in this is light and feminine (rather than musky or masculine). This is likely due to clove's pairing with its perfect match - carnation. Together, they again prove to be the perfect pair in L'Air, lending a sweet & spicy freshness - clean and somehow crisp, amongst the butter and cream.

Strangely, the rose and iris also lend a powdery quality. I'm confused as to how all of these competing textures are happening at once, but it's an olfactive experience quite unlike all others! Though L'Air seems a bit thick and syrupy to me now, in 1948 it probably was light and airy compared to some of the other popular sillage bombs of the time!
13th June, 2016

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

It's perfumes like this one that give me an all new appreciation for rose. (Heck, and musk!) These two dominant notes aren't ones I typically seek out or go weak in the knees for, but here they're just so soft, feminine and pretty. It does have a freshly laundered quality - clean, warm. After a while, the rose wanes a bit and peach and sandalwood come out to play. For me, peach and sandalwood are a great match that always go so well together, and there's no exception here. This is when it goes from powdery to a little more creamy, as well.

Somehow, this reminds me a lot of Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun. Much less woody, but the rose in each fragrance stampedes through your senses just the same way. And, both fragrances remind me of walking through the woods in the springtime - trees and bushes just bursting with fresh blooming flowers. Feminine, sensual yet inoffensive - It makes for a versatile scent that can be worn for just about any occasion.
13th June, 2016

Womanity by Thierry Mugler

Reminiscent of clean sweat... Of the salty, briny skin indicative of a day spent transitioning from the beach to the water, and back again. Don't let the strange notes scare you off. The caviar notes give it a beachy down-to-earth natural vibe, and the fig here is not the heavy, thick kind.. but earthy, calming, and full bodied. I had no idea what to expect going in, but was immediately delighted. I've since sent samples to several of my friends. This is unique, different, sure. But not bad at all!
13th June, 2016

Imari Seduction by Avon

First, I'd like to say this is quite a pleasant scent. It's dark, mysterious, and sweet. Plum and orchid are the perfect complement to the sweet vanilla. It sort of reminds me of Very Irresistible L'Intense by Givenchy. Despite the fact that I just love the scent - the only problem is that there is little to no sillage. I could only faintly detect it about six inches away from my hand (where I sprayed it), and no further. What a bummer! I've read other people raving about the sillage/longevity of Imari Seduction, so perhaps it's just me/my skin. I will say that if the scent interests you at all, you should check it out for the price!
13th June, 2016

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Immediately, it smells as if you're dripping honey directly onto your skin. Intoxicating! The orange perfectly complements the vanilla and jasmine combo, and the ginger gives it just a little spiciness. This is an incredibly sweet fragrance, but not at all cloying - just sensually sweet. And mature, too - not in an 'old lady' way, but made for a woman oozing with confidence and sophistication. In my opinion, Armani Code is absolutely perfect for evening wear, casual daily wear, or even special occasions - making it a very versatile scent. A perfectly balanced blend.
13th June, 2016
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Sexy Little Things Noir Tease by Victoria's Secret

Initially, I find this to be a little offputting. There's a bitterness somewhere within the fruity notes that gives me the impression of sweat or body odor (Perhaps because this is 'sexy', it's an intentional decision, reminiscent of pheromones?) I'll try wording it a different way - it's an odor similar to peach schnapps, that vaguely alcoholic tang of peaches. Something about it seems a little... naughty. (Which is fitting.)

The drydown is much sweeter and inviting - fresh florals, sweet vanilla and pears. Definitely pleasant, fruity and feminine. Also quite a 'flirty' scent. Tease? Absolutely! Noir? I'm not so sure. And like most Victoria's Secret fragrances, this one disappears very quickly from my skin. I prefer 'Sexy Little Things Noir' because it's a little truer to its name, and lasts just a bit longer than this one.
13th June, 2016

Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

Opens with an appropriate burst of juicy berries, and a tangy citrus bite. It quiets down rather quickly, where the sweetness emerges and the amber and floral notes lend it sensuality. To me, it's light and fruity, not quite 'noir'. I personally tried it because I try anything with 'Noir' in the name - but this one is upbeat and flirty rather than dark and sultry, which is worth mentioning. Delicious, but not quite Noir.
13th June, 2016

Far Away Gold by Avon

At first spritz, Far Away Gold is overwhelmingly sweet & syrupy vanilla. After it has time to settle, the more exotic coconut and ylang ylang come out to play, with just a small splash of citrus that helps tame some of that syrup. It's thick, rich and exquisite. This fragrance goes through quite a metamorphosis - the drydown is mellow and warm, but there is the overpowering punch of sweetness you have to wait out first. I'd suggest Far Away Gold to gourmand lovers - it's edibly sweet with an exotic punch. Very delicious!
13th June, 2016

Passion by Avon

For being such a rich scent, it's actually quite light and wispy on the skin. Bourbon vanilla is always a win, especially when paired with jasmine. The musk provides a creaminess, and the starfruit is strangely juicy and mouth-watering. Vaguely reminds me of 'Forever Red' by Bath & Body Works - more timid or subtle all around, but still that same delicious, seductive fruity vanilla quality.
13th June, 2016

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

Rich & creamy vanilla with a spicy citrus punch. Delectable, sensuous, warm.. with a bit of a dark, seductive quality. Though it only has a few notes, it seems like a much more complex scent. Incredible longevity, as well.
13th June, 2016

Forever Red by Bath and Body Works

Wow, what an entrance! It smells like a daiquiri! Sweet, lush & slightly boozy fruit, mmm! As it claims to, Forever Red does indeed have a luxurious feel to it, making it a perfect statement-maker for evening wear or a night out. It reminds me a lot of Avon's 'Passion'.
13th June, 2016

Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works

Twilight Woods has a dewy quality - the fruity notes & musk here make it evocative of a wet forest, yet there's a creaminess to it, too, which gives it that warm & cozy vibe. The coconut and orange notes lend an exotic kick. It feels like every note has a particular role to fill, and together they form a scent very appropriate for its name. One of the better offerings from B&BW!
13th June, 2016

Lilas Mauve by Yves Rocher

This is a nostalgic scent for me, it reminds me of being a kid playing in the yard with the smell of lilacs wafting all around me, ahh.. it's very green, crisp and fresh. Not much more to say about it - it does exactly what it should, it's pleasant, and is the perfect springtime scent.
13th June, 2016

Midnight Pomegranate by Bath and Body Works

Midnight Pomegranate is indeed evocative of Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. It starts off super spicy, and dies down into a more fruity concoction. Notes like nutmeg and tobacco give it a darkness, and a rich complexity. It's sparkling and juicy. A great offering from B&BW!
13th June, 2016

Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works

One of my high school signatures. Now that I'm revisiting it, it's so strange and nothing like my usual signatures. I think the packaging and the name are what drew me to this. At first, this is a bit too musky for me. But after it's on your skin for a few minutes, the lavender develops and it really does remind you of walking through the woods at night. Either way, I highly suggest this to all the musk lovers out there. It's a sweet and mellow musk. Very pleasant.
13th June, 2016

Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works

Sweet and quite sugary. Smells like baked goods with whipped frosting.. delicious, warm, cozy. I wore this scent in high school. I still have a nostalgic appreciation for it, but I think it's a bit too sweet/gourmand for me, now. For me the coconut is strong, which gives it a little more intrigue than you'd otherwise expect. Not bad, not bad at all!
13th June, 2016

Secret Wonderland by Bath and Body Works

This is an interesting scent - I think the packaging is responsible for Secret Wonderland being viewed as a strictly wintertime scent. Incredible dripping berries mixed with sweet vanilla, it's edibly delicious, creamy, comforting. Great for winter, sure, but also perfectly appropriate for summer nights. Why not?
13th June, 2016

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

Sweet and sophisticated fresh floral - without being 'old' or dated. Watery, airy qualities - without losing potency. And that's where its strength lies. It has pretty decent lasting power for being such a light and aquatic scent. There's nothing necessarily unique about this - I'm not sure I could pick it out in a lineup of similar fragrances, but it is nice.
13th June, 2016

Vanilla Musk by Coty

The first few times I smelled Vanilla Musk, admittedly, I wasn't crazy about it. To me, it was all musk, and not much else. I recently decided to clean out my verging-on-absurd collection... And so I pulled out Vanilla Musk, and luckily decided to spray it again. Boy, was I wrong! Vanilla Musk is subtle, feminine and absolutely delicious. It smells just like a vanilla milkshake! I think what it is that throws me off about Vanilla Musk is just the name. (Just like with Wild Musk. I guess I just don't like the word 'Musk'!)
13th June, 2016

Vanilla Fields by Coty

Ah, another nostalgic scent for me. Vanilla Fields had been in my collection as early as I started collecting. Who knows, this may have even be my first perfume! I remember getting bottles and bottles of it around the holidays. It wasn't my favorite, exactly, but it was always around.

Now, as an adult, I'm actually surprised at how thick and heavy Vanilla Fields is. I was expecting something light and airy - a wispy and unoffensive vanilla. But this is deep, spicy, and warm. The wood notes, too, so unexpectedly prominent! It's no wonder my nose has evolved to appreciate spices and woods in perfumes if Vanilla Fields is what I grew up on! Ugh, and that delicious coconut and tonka! I can't believe how earthy and complex this is for the price! To me, this isn't synthetic or cheap smelling at all. I just love Coty fragrances (particularly their quality for the value) and Vanilla Fields remains one of their gems.
13th June, 2016

Norell New York by Norell

A pleasant fragrance, but nothing particularly bold or memorable. It's light, clean, fresh and has a sparkling quality, similar to the effervescence aldehydes, but.. without the aldehydes. I think the freshness of it, and the green/citrus qualities are reminiscent of pine. But there's only a dash of that pine freshness under the romantic, feminine florals that dominate the scent. For some reason, it reminds me of holidays and Christmas shopping and champagne.
13th June, 2016

Silk Way by Ted Lapidus

Silk Way was suggested to me in my search for dark vanillic scents. Immediately, it intrigued me: "Silk Way was born of the raw materials that once traveled the legendary road from East to West."

What an incredible vision for a fragrance, and what an intriguing point in history to draw inspiration from! And Silk Way definitely delivers. It's got a cool & breezy silkiness, just as the name implies. The spiciness is mouth-watering and exotic. It's smooth, sensual, and has an almost "wet" quality, which makes me think of rain and thunderstorms. My only regret in blind-buying Silk Way is not having found it sooner!

As for its resemblance to Barbara Bui's Le Parfum, I'll reiterate my thoughts on their similarities from my BB review: After finally trying them side-by-side, the differences are clear. Actually, I think the color of each fragrance explains the difference quite well: Barbara Bui is a sensual warm amber & woody blend with a powdery quality; Silk Way seems 'cooler' - a light incensey musk & damp, dewy cedar. Both are worth trying, especially for the incredible price. Though my preference definitely lies with sleek & mysterious Silk Way.
13th June, 2016