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Molecule 01 + Iris by Escentric Molecules

I don't love Molecule 01 + Iris but I think it lives up to what it promises, a fragrance that simply combines the note of iris with Molecule 01. The iris only mixed with iso-e super leans just slightly more fem than masculine to me, but I wore this with no issues.

I got good projection for the first 3-4 hours and then it would come and go. I couldn't really get much of the scent after about 7 hours. The iris is featured more than Molecule 01 to my nose but that could also just be the elusiveness of the iso-e super chemical magic.
23rd July, 2021

Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

I agree with The_Cologneist, the cardamom hints at a scent that reminds me of La Nuit, but fresher, more powdery (like Touch), and with far less spice. It's like daytime La Nuit.

Nothing wrong with the smell but the performance is poor. Projection is average for the first hour and then gets very soft, only lasting 3-4 hours for me.
22nd July, 2021

Join The Club : Comandante! by Xerjoff

The opening is distinguished, cherry pipe and vanilla tobacco. Somewhere in the genre of Pure Havane meets Bogart pour Homme. Later, it turns into a creamy, smooth, woody amber, not far off from Joop Jump.

Seems too dark and heavy to be a daytime or work scent but could work with the right application. Probably more appropriate for cooler temps.

Projection is pretty good during the first 3-4 hours. After it settles into more of a skin scent, lasts about 6-7 hours total.
21st July, 2021
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Join The Club : 40 Knots by Xerjoff

For me, 40 Knots is one of the most identity-changing fragrances I've tried. It goes from somewhat of breezy, barely-there aquatic in the opening, quickly fading to an almost medicinal, rosey floral not long after. It finally settles into a smooth, seductive, honeyed amber. It actually has me thinking of Ambre Nuit.

Projection is good without being heavy and this lasts 8-9 hours on my skin.
20th July, 2021

Join The Club : More Than Words by Xerjoff

Big, loud, expensive-smelling rose-oud. If you know any of the loud rose-ouds from Montale or Mancera, then you will be familiar with how More Than Words smells.

Impressive performance. Loud, big projection with minimal sprays and longevity that lasts into the next day. Can even remain through a shower.
19th July, 2021

Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

The opening seems ahead of its time of release with a very unisex, spa-like fig. It's nothing amazing but for anyone looking at fig scents, it should be on their list.

The biggest drawback is performance. It has decent projection for the first hour, maybe. After that, it's quiet, a skin-scent for sure. That very pleasant skin-scent can last pretty well into the day, however, so it has good longevity if anyone can get close enough to smell it.
18th July, 2021

Boundless by Amouage

My first thought on the opening was that Boundless smells like a peppery vanilla cola. As it dries down, I agree with Jcelello that this smells like Tobacco Vanille. It does have more pepper than TV, so that’s a nice differentiation. Gives it a lighter, cleaner profile.

It’s not super loud but I get good projection and longevity.

17th July, 2021

Orchid Leather by Van Cleef & Arpels

Excellent quality and oozing with sexy, seductive appeal. Dark, sweet, sticky floral scent. This is very close to Killians Black Phantom but maybe more wearable/agreeable and versatile. Any fan of that scent should give Orchid Leather a wearing. Although this is less expensive at full retail than Black Phantom, it may not be as easy to find.

Very good projection off my skin and lasts 12+ hours.
16th July, 2021

Vetiver pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

Not my kind of scent, not even a vetiver I like but this does smell clean and soapy, ready for a work environment. Isn't that what a vetiver should smell like?

Linear throughout for me with some of the harsher aspects softening into the drydown.

I get average projection and longevity. Again, perfect for work.

15th July, 2021

Shadowland by Happyland Studio

Starts off sweet and spicy, like Spicebomb. The dry down is more Le Male, powdery fresh and sweet. Probably closer to Cuba Gold than Le Male.
15th July, 2021

Higher Energy by Christian Dior

Smells like a clean, 90's scent with some nice freshness and spice, but it's not big on anything other than smelling like an Eternity flanker. Pretty average but versatile.

Projection is good and it does seem to last for most of the workday on my skin.

13th July, 2021

Pear Inc. by Juliette Has a Gun

To my nose, this is a clean, super-simple fragrance. Hairspray/liquid soap musks mixed with a little sweet, synthetic pear in the opening. The drydown loses the pear. Probably works better as a feminine scent but I agree with a unisex designation.

Projection is not loud but does hang in the air nicely and has decent longevity.
13th July, 2021

Mississippi Medicine by D.S. & Durga

The opening is a little brighter than the drydown, but for the most part, this is a very cool, mossy, woody scent from start to finish.

The opening smell is like walking into the fresh-cut lumber section in a hardware store. Later it becomes more like old, weathered wood that you would find in old, abandoned but preserved log cabins. You can still smell a little smoke left from the many burning logs through the years.

For me, this is quite unique and of good quality, but it is a scent better experienced than worn.

Decent projection during the first couple hours. Lasts about 6-7 hours.

13th July, 2021
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Dubai Citrine by Bond No. 9

Ultimately leans fem to me but this is a great smelling, crowd-pleasing, spicey floral with plenty of citrusy sweetness. My original impression was that this had a nice rose note, but that doesn't seem to be listed. I guess it's the many florals in the pyramid making up what I perceive as the dominant flower note. Becomes sweeter, less spicey, and softer as it dries down.

Decent projection during the first 3-4 hours. Lasts about 6-7 hours.
11th July, 2021

Le Gemme : Falkar by Bulgari

Falkar starts and ends with leather. It's almost as medicinal/band-aidy as Gucci Guilty Absolute but not quite. I get some nice florals that surface after the opening fades. Those florals stay for a couple of hours before giving way to dirty, woody leather. I'm more into Ombre Leather-type leather scents, so this is too harsh for me, but any leather lover should try it.

Very good projection and all-day (and then some) longevity.
10th July, 2021

Buko by Montagne Parfums

A very good Virgin Island Water clone with improved performance over the Creed. At least over my bottle of VIW anyway. I find it has a little less lime and maybe smells not quite as natural, but this should be recommended for anyone wanting a cheaper VIW alternative. Again, this is very good and I enjoy wearing this as a person who enjoys VIW.

Lasts all day and has good projection.
10th July, 2021

Le Gemme : Yasep by Bulgari

Dry, woody and musky, with the very nice citrus sweetness in the background. Somehow, the dry down reminds me of Eternity (with a little extra musky citrus), like it did in the ’90s, not the weak version sold today. Smells clean and sexy, in a throwback to the '90s way.

I get decent performance but it's not loud and doesn't last all day.
08th July, 2021

A Whiff of Waffle Cone by Imaginary Authors

The biggest question I had for A Whiff of Waffle Cone was, "Is this an actual fragrance that is more than just a Demeter-type scent?" I think it is. I'd like to smell this on someone else, but not sure if it's how I want to smell.

A bit of cinnamon with plenty of burnt sugary vanilla. I was thinking maybe some maple syrup, but there's not a strong maple vibe. The opening is more chemically harsh than the drydown, so let it settle. It's pretty cozy and pleasant once you reach the drydown.

It's not especially heavy after the opening, so it could be versatile for many climates. However, the warm-coziness that it seems to evoke makes me lean towards wearing in cooler temps.

Projection is just average. It does hang around for a good amount of time, so decent longevity.
07th July, 2021

Midnight Gold by Mancera

The opening of Midnight Gold is a spicy, slightly dirty floral. It goes soapy-floral-fresh in the dry down. Leans fem to me. Smells very pleasant throughout with the rose note coming out the most for me. Despite the midnight name, there is a fresh, sweetness that gives this a casual, daytime playfulness. Feels versatile enough for most temperatures.

I get average projection. It's really not that loud.
06th July, 2021

Bois Blanc by Frapin

Starts with citrus and musk with pepper that comes off a bit like cumin or caraway. Buttery amber then mixed with the cumin/caraway peppery smell that creates a spiced cedar. Becomes sweeter as it dries down, less peppery but still retains the cedar.

Reminds me of Declarationin the opening but I like this more because of the drydown. I prefer the sweet cedar with the clean, pepperiness in the background.
05th July, 2021

Saharian Wind by Mancera

Spicy rose with dry woods and pleasant florals. Leans fem. Although heavy up close with the smokey/earthy woods, this is sweet-clean, dryer sheet florals in the air away from skin and very pleasant to smell.

It feels heavy at times but the smell is very nice in the air. Projection is very good and excellent at the beginning. Lingers all day
04th July, 2021

Casino Elixir by Dua Fragrances

Yes, this is trying to be Baccarat Rouge 540 mixed with Aventus. However, it's more like mixing clones of each. The opening takes the lemon cleaner citrus (rather than a nice, juicy pineapple of Aventus) and then mixed it with a decent BR 540 clone. The drydown is more Aventus clone than BR 540, becoming more smokey and dry, with plenty of saffron and black currant. It's not that harsh though and this is definitely a nice, compliment-pulling scent. Just don't expect niche quality. There's also this interesting thing going on in the drydown where the two scents behave differently. You get more of the BR 540 smell in the air, away from skin but closer to skin, it's all Aventus.

I get decent projection and longevity, but nothing beastly.
04th July, 2021

Vivamor by Navitus Parfums

Dry, smoky Aventus variation. Very little citrus or sweetness exists, which makes me think this isn't trying to be an Aventus clone. The leather and saffron combo is slightly harsh and abrasive to me.

I find Vivimor to be loud and last all day.
02nd July, 2021

Magnetic Blend 7 by Initio

Lots of Javanol sandalwood in the opening. It settles nicely with plenty of sandalwood still in the air but up close, it’s soapy clean with a little sweet greenness, hinting towards a fougere or barbershop scent.

The projection is sneaky good as it doesn't feel loud.
However, because of the Javanol, it radiates and fills spaces easily.
02nd July, 2021

Safran Colgnisé by Nishane

No surprises here from the naming of this scent. This saffron variant of Nishane's Colognisé takes the grapefruit, dry woods and musk of that scent and layers saffron over it. I don't usually like the metallic/oil smell in saffron, so this isn't an improvement for me, but for a saffron scent, this works pretty well. It's a better combo than all of the rose-oud-saffrons for me, so not that bad.

Performance is similar to Colognisé. Decent projection and lasts most of the day.
01st July, 2021

Colognisé by Nishane

To me, this is somewhere between Cologne du Parfumeur from Guerlain and Nio from Xerjoff. Those are two of my favorite cologne/summer citrus style scents that I have ever tried, so Colognise is in good company. It’s dry woods, grapefruit citrus and clean musk. Not quite as pleasing as Nio and has more florals than the Guerlain. Perfect for warm weather and should be good for office/daytime wears year round.

Not a big projection scent but is adequate and sticks around most of the day.
01st July, 2021

Royal Vanilla by Mancera

Starts off with the usual abrasive, medicinal rose found in most Manceras and Montales. I don’t see oud listed in the notes but something in this gives off that dry, earthy oud scent like many Mancera/Montales. Maybe it’s their base. Settles to a nice, dry rose with amber vanilla. It has some sweetness but this is not a sweet scent. The woody, earthiness is there throughout and might actually push this into masculine territory more than fem for me.

Very good projection and longevity. The performs very well with only minimal sprays.
30th June, 2021

Crazy for Oud by Mancera

Opening is typical abrasive, medicinal rose/oud that you find in many Montale/Mancera frags. The dry down is more pleasant, being dry, woody oud with a decent amount of floral touches and some laundry musk. It does have rose, but this doesn’t have that big saffron rose that many Manceras and Montales with our like to feature. Not too unpleasant or heavy. Could be worn in some situations where other ouds are too much. Just go easy on the trigger.

Doesn’t lean either way on a gender. Feels better for cooler weather and more dressed up occasions. If you like other Montale/Mancera oud/aouds then this should be on your try list.

Very good projection and longevity with only a few sprays.
30th June, 2021

Copper Black by Kenneth Cole

Starts off as a darker, dry, more leathery/boozy version of Boss Bottled but eventually settles into something that reminds me of Bulgari Man in Black's drydown. I like both better than Copper Black as they smell more interesting and sweeter, but this is still a good scent for me. It's sexy, it's not another blue freshie and it doesn't smell cheap.

Projection and longevity are just average. Not loud but can be smelled in a small bubble around you and lasts 5-6 hours.
28th June, 2021

Ege / Αιγαίο by Nishane

Sour citrus and minty basil with that green sea air/algae smell in the opening. Reminds me of some of the new, blue, plasticky, airy aromachems used in Tauers L'Air des Alpes Suisses or Phtaloblue.

I like the drydown better, as it has that woody-musk with the sour citrus, similar to 212 Men from CH, and loses most of that blue, sea air edge that I find a little unpleasant. Nice, versatile freshie that doesn't smell cheap.

Projection is a little loud at first and then good for the first few hours. The scent hangs around like a skin scent for most of the day.
28th June, 2021