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He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared2

Not the typical blue or water fragrance.

It has that prominent cucumber and/or green melon note. Reminds me of Aqua Fahrenheit. Maybe itís the marketing talking but that greeness is what makes this feel more like ocean water than fresh water, like it has seaweed in it.

Low projection, which is disappointing. It sticks around better on clothes, but that isnít saying much. Maybe 6-7 hours of low projection. The performance issues really bum me out because this could have been really interesting. It does have some different and pleasant qualities.
19th September, 2020

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Eau FraÓche pour Lui by Lacoste

A simple but pleasant summer fragrance. Very fresh, citrusy-sour and peppery opening. Similar to D&G Light Blue pH Eau Intense.

Projection is pretty good during the first few hours and then is pretty much faded out to a skin scent after 5 hours.
18th September, 2020

Wanted Tonic by Azzaro

Wanted Tonic doesnít smell bad. In fact, itís very pleasant. However, Iíve smelled many better options in the same genre.

Itís sweet but nowhere near the sweetness of the original Wanted. I really donít even get much of the Wanted DNA. The one oddity is I get a coconut smell from this, similar to something like Joop Homme Wild. I prefer the Joop though, itís a better, more distinctive smell and better performer.

Speaking of performance, that was the biggest disappointment. Light projection even right after spraying for me. Also, it doesnít last all that long, maybe 4 hours.
18th September, 2020
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Tommy Into The Surf by Tommy Hilfiger

Very sweet, bright opening. Has a youthful, vibrant feel. The drydown does calm down a little, bringing in woods and violet. Iím reminded of Hollister Wave for Him mixed with Montblanc Legend in the drydown.

Good projection for the first few hours. You can still smell on skin for most of the work day, 6-7 hours.
17th September, 2020

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Lui Eau FraÓche by Lacoste

A simple but pleasant summer fragrance. Very fresh, citrusy-sour and peppery opening. Similar to D&G Light Blue pH Eau Intense.

Projection is pretty good during the first few hours and then is pretty much faded out to a skin scent after 5 hours.
15th September, 2020

Missoni Wave by Missoni

Very fresh. This does have similarities with Allure Homme Sport, the eau Extreme version, and even Versace pour Homme. But the quality is not as nice as any of those. It has a cheap smell to me, similar to a shower gel, in the opening. The drydown reminds me of Thallium Sport. Feels best for mild to warm temps.

All that being said, this got a very favorable reaction from my wife, an instant like for her. Very fresh, clean and a little sweetness to her. I think this one is a little harsh up close but much better in the air, which would explain our reactions.

Excellent projection. Will get noticed and probably complimented.
15th September, 2020

Halfeti Leather by Penhaligon's

Halfeti Leather is a dry wood and leather scent. Quite mature and no fresh-sweetness to be had. Its performance is impressive, reminding me of many rose-oud-saffron scents that can linger for hours and fill a building. The original Halfeti is there but this flanker lets the leather shine through, appropriately.

Solid projection and next day longevity.
14th September, 2020

Aramis Special Blend by Aramis

The opening is sharply green and spicy with a mature, unisex vibe. The heavy florals and tonka remind me of Black Orchid. This is an interesting, nice scent but it's a little too mature for me. It's not the usual freshie, sweet, modern scent and you cannot make a sport flanker out of this.

Feels best for cooler weather and has the performance to go with it. Good projection and all day longevity.
12th September, 2020

Idole Eau de Parfum by Lubin

The opening is dark, slightly sweet, and has plenty of spice and incense. Very similar to the EDT having that great rum and coke feel, but it reminds me more of a refined Bay Rum or Old Spice scent. The drydown is the best (for me), being more wearable and pleasant than the opening. But to clarify, both are enjoyable.

Projection is good, not great, but can get heavy if oversprayed. Longevity is 10+ hours.
11th September, 2020

Bulgari Man Glacial Essence by Bulgari

Feels like a typical, masculine blue freshie. Not much sweetness to it. The freshness is clean and citrusy sharp, which does remind me of the original Bulgari Man. Maybe some nice, clean white florals in the opening and early drydown. Later, it feels a lot like Bulgari Man, which is nice, a fresh, spicy, woody scent thatís more versatile than the Glacial opening.

Really good projection during the first hours. Calms down after that but still hangs around most of the day.
10th September, 2020

Into the Void by Juliette Has a Gun

The opening is dark and mature with plenty of whiskey, oily leather, and musk. Not getting a lot of licorice but the sweet tonka starts to come out in the drydown. Also getting some sweet, dried fruits. The late drydown is smokey and dry, but still tolerable.

This is serious, dark and sexy but just too darn mature for me. I don't know the occasion or mood I'd need to find for this but I'm sure others will love this because it is unique. It's very interesting and has enough to like to not be super-polarizing.

Strong projection and all-day longevity.
09th September, 2020

Pour Un Homme L'Eau by Caron

An improved, modernized version of the original but there is still plenty of soft, powdery lavender. Nice citrus in the opening that quickly gives way to the overwhelming Pour un Homme smell that serves as a reference lavender. Not sure why but it feels kinda cheap at this stage. Later, the lavender fades and itís just a pleasant, light scent that is actually way better than the middle. Actually feels nice and refined in the deep drydown.

I actually feel like the projection is impressive during the first few hours. I could really smell it jumping off my skin. When it settles, itís not nearly as powerful but you can still easily smell it when leaning in for a sniff. Lasts most of the day.
08th September, 2020

Light Blue Italian Zest pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Nice and citrusy but reminds me too much of the original Light Blue pH. To me, it would be redundant to own both and I prefer the Intense and Love is Love flankers out of this line. Stromboliís not bad either. But this is on par with Sun and the Original.

Below average projection but decent longevity, about 6 hours.
08th September, 2020
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America for Men by Perry Ellis

Feels like a take on CK Eternity. Very 90ís. Not to be confused with the new America from Perry Ellis which is an Aventus clone. This is nothing like that.

To me, it's synthetic and cloying even with minimal sprays. Feels cheap.

Projection is solid and it lasts for about 3-4 hours before settling to a much more pleasant skin scent that lasts for many more hours.
06th September, 2020

Artisan Acqua by John Varvatos

Reminds me of something more old school, like Eau Sauvage's drydown or even more, Azzaro pH. Has a little sweetness to offset some of the 80's feel, but not enough for me to want to wear or like it. Has plenty of green, herbal soapiness.

Projection and longevity are just average. Performance, in general, is not terrible and should be adequate for most situations but getting noticed from anything farther than a hug will be a struggle.

05th September, 2020

Chrome Intense by Azzaro

Super clean, synthetic opening. Almost like cleaning products. Itís not unpleasant though, just aggressive. Plenty of clean musk and florals as it dries down. That's the main thing about the intense version is that some of the sharpness from the original is softened up with white florals. This definitely has the original Chrome DNA. You can smell the original Chrome throughout the development. But this is better, to me.

I would say if you find Chrome a bit harsh, try the Intense flanker. It rounds out nicely after the opening. Because it's so clean, I would say this is a versatile daytime scent.

I get really good projection during the first couple of hours. It settles down after that and just hangs around for most of the day.
04th September, 2020

Bulgari Man Wood Neroli by Bulgari

I like my neroli scents on the sweet side to balance out some of the sour, bitterness that I get with just neroli focused smells. This one is not sweet to me and leans more on the clean and soapy side of things. Itís just okay.

The opening is herbal green, unripe lemon, very floral and soapy. Synthetic, airy woods in the drydown provide a familiar, masculine feel. However, the soapy, herbal lemon hangs on throughout.

Doesnít project too much, Iíd say average, which is perfect for situations like work where you just want to smell nice for anyone who might get close. Daytime seems best. Hangs around for 5-6 hours.

04th September, 2020

Escentric 05 by Escentric Molecules

Super-pleasant, versatile day scent. Fits in very well with many other scents from this line in that it has that lingering, haunting, familiar feel to it. It's clean and dry from the vetiver and then slightly sweet from the dominant wood note that is green and mossy. I'm also getting something like a tea smell to this underneath the woods.

Projection is good, and it comes and goes throughout the day. It never feels heavy but is noticeable if you're passing by the person wearing it. All-day longevity.
02nd September, 2020

Match Point by Lacoste

Young, fresh, and very sweet. Definitely synthetic. After the initial sweet opening, it gets kinda powdery, reminding me of a scented Kleenex as the scent dries down. That fruity sweetness remains but in a far less heavy dose and it starts to remind me of Lacoste White but more interesting. The subtle drydown also has some mossy greeness. Match Point doesnít call back to anything in tennis but it is definitely sporty. Should be a good compliment-getter, good for work and casual wear appropriate.

Lasts a good 6-7 hours.
01st September, 2020

Blu Mediterraneo : Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma

Vanilla and almonds. Like smelling licorice cookies.
The anise provides a minty, almost menthol-cooling feel. I don't get much citrus at all but it can be a little flowery and fem.

It's not a heavy, dense scent but it does feel better suited for mild to cool weather. Projection is good for the first couple hours, then it settles down. Maybe 5-6 hours longevity total.
31st August, 2020

Bentley for Men Black Edition by Bentley

Smells very similar to Givenchy Gentlemen Only. Utilizes violet instead of ginger. I see this as an everyday, versatile scent that isnít too dated yet.

Performance is pretty good with most of the projection happening in the first 6-7 hours. It was easily detectable with only minimal sprays. I can still smell it on skin 10+ hours later.
29th August, 2020

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir Eau de Toilette Extreme by Narciso Rodriguez

This is one of those wonderful scents that has multiple feels as it phases through itís develop.

The opening is an airy blast of what seems to be a unique mix of green, minty iris or maybe violet. Soon after, the cumin is there and maybe even some leather, providing some real grit to this scent. Thatís the part that reminds me of the original. The final part of the drydown is the most pleasant and pleasing. A sweetened woody base with plenty of leftover spice and refinement from past starring notes. If you are thinking about Bleu de Chanel then you can probably get some of those same vibes when smelling side by side. However, I feel like Bleu Noir edt Extreme is unique enough to stand on its own.

Projection is good without choking out the room. Longevity is better, going for 10+ hours.
28th August, 2020

Light Blue pour Homme Love is Love by Dolce & Gabbana

Very close to the original Light Blue pour Homme but sweetened up with vanilla. The vanilla is stronger during the opening but you can still pick it up in lower doses in the drydown. Otherwise, it doesn't deviate much from the original in my wearings. The vanilla also helps push the Love is Love flanker into a more versatile scent, better suited for date nights and cooler weather than the original.

Projection was good, not too loud, and longevity was also good, into the 7-8 hour range.
27th August, 2020

Cool Water Wave by Davidoff

Basic, clean, modern, fresh scent. Reminds me of other Zara "blue" scents that seem to be related to Invictus and get relaunched every year. This is too soft to be compared to Invictus Aqua, but it does have an aquatic lean. Very "cologne-guy" for summer.

I don't find this to have good performance, but it is good enough to annoy me and become cloying. Projection is light on my skin and clothes but seems to have decent all workday longevity.

25th August, 2020

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

The opening is not-too-sweet lemons with something kinda musty or animalic. It also has a slight herbal greeness. The animalic jasmine and patch combo kick in next, giving it that mature, almost feminine quality that many older scents have to my nose. Itís not heavy it all. Feels versatile and could be quite effective in a warmer climate.

Iíll comment on performance but my sample didnít come with any indication of what year it was produced, so I assume itís fairly recent and probably whatís available in stock at retail. Projection was just okay throughout but longevity was pretty good, lasting 8 hours.
25th August, 2020

Hugo Reversed by Hugo Boss

Lots of clean, citrusy spice. You really get the lemony grapefruit. Itís a very pleasant, compliment-garnering scent. It gets compared to Bulgari Tygar but it smells more like Bleu de Chanel minus the incense and refinement to me.

The biggest issue is the performance. The opening 30 minutes is very good. After that it goes quiet and doesnít last long. Not that every scent need to be nuclear, so this could be excellent as a work scent. Also seems best for warmer weather and casual occasions.
24th August, 2020

Dunhill Icon Absolute by Dunhill

The opening reminded me of Tom Ford Oud Wood. Pleasant, a little sweet and smoky. Into the drydown and it becomes a dry, airy cedar with some green notes. At that point, it reminds me of Scent of Peace for him. The Bond scent is more annoying and loud, so this one is slightly turned down or even rounded off. A plus in my book.

Performance is pretty good with decent projection and longevity that allows you to smell it 10+ hours later.
22nd August, 2020

Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto

Starts off like a light, musky, citrusy clean 80s or 90s masculine scent. The nuttiness of the anise-licorice and mocha comes in next. That seems to be the real heart and soul of this scent. It continues on that way but later a musty leather kicks in and pushes this into a mature territory thatís older than what Iíd like to smell like.

Doesnít project but you can smell it on your clothes or skin when you get close and longevity lasts all day.
21st August, 2020

Azzaro pour Homme Hot Pepper by Azzaro

To this amateur nose, Hot Pepper is good from start to finish. I kept waiting for something to disagree with me but I found it to be solid and sexy. Reminds me of a dry mix of Spicebomb and CH Men. Itís sweet, modern and spicy, easily enjoyed.

Performance is good with okay projection but all day longevity on clothes.
21st August, 2020

KirkŤ by Tiziana Terenzi

Starts off fruity sweet. Quite peachy but not exactly natural. More like Nehi Peach soda. Thereís also this semi-harsh, oud-saffron scent that is present in the opening but barely there and then reemerges after the fruitiness fades. It reminds me of Baccarat Rouge 540 without the soft, cotton candy sweetness. Their other scent, Spirito Fierentino, felt like their version BR 540, so think of Kirke as the peach soda version of that.

Performance is impressive. Projection fills the room and lasts all day and into the next. Go easy on the sprays.
20th August, 2020