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Greenley by Parfums de Marly

Bright, fruity (not citrus) opening that is modern and youthful. As it settles, you get the violet and cedar which is the overall vibe. Green? I guess. There's some dirtiness or bitterness, so that makes me think of Layton, but maybe I could just be influenced by their relation to each other.

I actually feel that this is an excellent work scent. It's pleasing overall and doesn't project much at all, which is surprising. In fact, this smells more designer than niche, so be sure to sample as you may find something similar for less.

15th January, 2021

1920 The Origin Eau de Toilette by Tous

Sharp, lemony, fresh, green, and soapy. Smells very familiar, like parts of L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme and 4711. The drydown sees the citrus fade and a soft, unisex floral that reminds me of CK One appears.

After the initial citrus blast opening settles, it becomes difficult to smell, low projection. Also, longevity is not good, maybe 4 hours.
14th January, 2021

1920 The Origin by Tous

Starts off with a peppery, fizzy cumin note. Almost has a ginger beer smell. After the opening fades, it’s a cumin-citrus scent, very much like Cartier Declaration. Maybe even some Terre d'Hermes. Both of those are too mature for my preferences but even though this isn't my kind of scent, I enjoyed getting wafts of this throughout the day. It felt a little sweeter than both, more accessible.

Projection isn’t big but it does push out a good amount of scent in a smaller bubble. Lasts all day and into the night. Excellent longevity.
13th January, 2021
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Baldessarini Cool Force by Baldessarini

Reminiscent of 90's clean and cool scents, not too far from something like Cool Wave from Gillette. Cool Force also has some similarities to the original Tommy, by Tommy Hilfiger. It's a soft, salty aquatic with a little sweetness to modernize the scent. Not bad, certainly pleasing but unoriginal and lacking any novelty.

I get sub-standard performance. Projection is on the quiet side, but that could be good in close quarters if you're just looking for a clean, fresh scent. Longevity is also low, hard to smell after 4-5 hours.
12th January, 2021

Cool Black by Mandarina Duck

This actually smells very nice to me. It’s a soft, seductive, sweeter scent that has elements of old and new.

Starts off like the original Madarina Duck Black. Later, it gets better as it becomes similar to Le Male, but softer and cleaner. The cleaner part is what gives this a more modern feel than Le Male.

Performance is not that great but that means it will be well suited for work and close encounters. Projects nicely for about 3 hours and then fades away by about hour 5-6.
10th January, 2021

Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs

I first smelled Daisy Love today when my wife walked into the room and I immediately thought, "That smells like Baccarat Rouge 540". I knew she had a sample of the new Burberry that is also supposed to smell like BR 540, so I asked if that's what she was wearing but she said no, it was one of her Marc Jacobs Daisy scents. I told her she must be confused and went up to check her scent stash of samples. Sure enough, it was Daisy Love that she had put on today.

I decided to spray some on my hand to test since I like BR 540 and thought I could provide a brief review.

What I found is that in the air, it does resemble BR 540, albeit a softer, sweeter version. Up close on skin, it smells more like Daisy. A neat trick by Marc Jacobs.

It ultimately leans fem for me, so I wouldn't recommend it for guys to wear. For ladies, however, I think this smells modern and seductive without being too strong. Easy thumbs up.
09th January, 2021

Paul Smith Sunshine Edition for Men 2014 by Paul Smith

Sparkling citrus opening that mixes with dryer sheet/room freshener. Becomes more unisex and generic further into the drydown. It’s one of those freshies that is pleasant if under sprayed but with overspray comes the cloying effect of chemical, synthetic overload.

Pretty good on the performance side with good projection during the first 4 hours and then you can still smell it on skin 8 hours later.
09th January, 2021

Solarissimo : Marettimo by Azzaro

Take the musky, salty sea-air base of D&G Light Blue Pour Homme and add some sweet melon of Paris Hilton for Men and you get this energetic, youthful, fresh summer scent.

It can be cloying if over-sprayed, so I suggest less is more with Marettimo.

Very good performance for a freshie. Lasts all workday and has good projection.
09th January, 2021

Lempicka Green Lover by Lolita Lempicka

This is so weird and unique that I go back and forth deciding if I like it or not. At the very least, you have to try it.

The smell is mostly warm vanilla but with a green, fizzy, minty orange sherbet citrus that provides quite the contrast.

I could see this working as a compliment-getter just because it draws you in as you don’t know what to make of it, but none of it smells bad. You can’t stop sniffing like it’s a puzzle you need to solve.

Projects for 4-5 hours and lasts for most of the workday. Solid performance.
07th January, 2021

Only The Brave Extreme by Diesel

A loud, synthetic, hyper-sweet scent. Similar to the original OTB in the opening, another very sweet, headache-inducing scent. It somehow lives up to its name and is more extreme in the amount of harsh sweetness it can throw at you. It's like taking the fruity-fresh sweetness of UltraMale and mixing it with the chemical aroma of Invictus.

Loud projection during the first 3-4 hours and then it rounds off a little but still stays very sweet. This is in contrast to the original OTB that actually becomes a clean, soapy amber in its latter stages that I find quite nice. It's too harsh in my usual amount of 4-5 sprays for testing from start-to-finish for me, but in a light dosage, this could be very good for the right occasion. I wouldn't recommend for anything indoors or close to others. Funny enough, it doesn't last long after the projection drops off. Longevity is about 5-6 hours on my skin.
05th January, 2021

Emporio Armani Stronger With You Leather by Giorgio Armani

So far, all of the versions of Stronger With You smell very similar, so having more than one seems redundant to me. Having said that, the Leather version is my favorite so far because it has a subtle dry leather-oud note that mixes with the warm, sweetness of the nutty vanilla that you'll smell in all versions. It's more balanced and refined that way, a needed improvement from the others. It reminds me of something you'd get from Parfums de Marly.

Very good performance with plenty of noticeable projection and all-day longevity.
03rd January, 2021

VIP Club : Energetic Aromatic by Mercedes-Benz

A simple, fresh, clean, blue-soapy scent. Smells most similar to Gant Adventure. After that, I’d say it's in the realm of Azzaro Chrome if you haven’t gotten your nose on the Gant.

Projection is good while it lasts. Longevity is maybe 4-5 hours.
02nd January, 2021 (last edited: 03rd January, 2021)

Rouge by Comme des Garçons

A slightly dirty, bitter, earthy-root scent. It does have a flowery and slightly-sweet beet juice smell. Very interesting and unique.

Perfume as art, yes. Something I would want to wear or others might find nice to smell on me, no.

Performance is solid with noticeable projection for 3-4 hours and all-day longevity on clothes.
02nd January, 2021 (last edited: 03rd January, 2021)
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VIP Club : Pure Woody by Mercedes-Benz

Smells very similar to YSL L'Homme, the original. It might have a little more spice or roughness around the edges but otherwise it's quite similar, very cozy and very good.

Performance is equal to if not maybe a little better than L'Homme. Projects decently for 3-4 hours and then fades to a nice skin scent.

Should be great for work and occasions when you don't need a loud or overly sweet/spicy scent.
31st December, 2020

VIP Club : Black Leather by Mercedes-Benz

This is a shower gel/fabric softener, generic, clean and sweet scent. Very energetic, pleasant and crowd-pleasing. The clean leather in this keeps it in the masculine realm but it’s not overpowering or heavy. As it drys down, it becomes even more of a fabric softener scent. Not a bad thing for compliments but not recommended for niche snobs or those looking for refined, classy scents. This is more on the young and fresh side.

I disagree with online comparisons to D&G The One. I'm sampling from a new bottle that looks the same as the one in the pic here on Basenotes. It's just too fresh and sweet and has no spice to make that comparison to me.

Enough projection to get noticed and longevity in the 7-8 hour range. Good performance.
30th December, 2020 (last edited: 31st December, 2020)

Replica Coffee Break by Martin Margiela

Starts off with a sweet, tonka-nutty, floral smell. Doesn’t have a pure-coffee note. Moreover, it smells like a cookie or biscotti, something you'd eat with or dip in your coffee. Maybe that's what they were going for with this scent.

I get less than average performance. The initial smell disappears in about 30 minutes. After that, it's just a generic warm, woody scent that barely projects. It does hang around for many hours but only at low projection.
30th December, 2020

Interlude Black Iris Man by Amouage

Familiar, challenging opening that continues on for hours followed by a sexy, sweet drydown that forgives any disagreements you had with the original Interlude Man.

The same dark, smokey, leathery, earthy experience of the original Interlude Man is present during the opening but there’s also an iris note. After the opening fades a little, I get a minty scent that starts to develop. Even further into the development, I start to smell some warm vanilla and nutty sweetness. This continues on and eventually becomes the main notes, supported by the dark, earthiness that calls back to the original. It’s that combo that gives you this refined, unique sexiness.

For me, the opening is still a bit challenging, albeit better than the original, and lasts too long but the drydown, once you finally get there, is very good.

Performance is outstanding, with very good projection and. All-day longevity.
29th December, 2020

Jil Sander Man Absolute by Jil Sander

Sweet, familiar, and ready to cuddle on a cool night.
Hard to find these days but recommended if you can get it at a decent price.

The scent is sweet but mature vanilla with soft booze and clean leather. In the same genre as Midnight in Paris, but still different. Softer but more creamy than powdery like MiP. It also comes off a little like the drydown of Escada Magnetism for men. The lavender gives it a mature vibe, so it may feel a little dated for some but the sweetness should make this accessible to anyone. that sweetness also makes this feel unisex to me.

Soft but noticeable projection and I get 10+ hours on clothes.
27th December, 2020

Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

The opening is wood-smoked leather, incense and a hint of potpourri florals. The effect is very masculine and refined. This smells much better than its price at the time of this review. Also, and this goes a long way for me as it was not expected, my wife actually liked this scent on me. She thought it had the smell of a "rich guy", so take that for what it's worth.

Projection is good during the first couple hours and then it settles and becomes softer and just "okay". Longevity is about 6-7 hours.
26th December, 2020

Cool Water Intense by Davidoff

Smells nothing like the original Cool Water. It has more of a cool, minty, airy vanilla, similar to Versace Eros mostly, a possible a little like Le Male. It's more subtle and wearable than both, so if you want a less intense (despite the name), work-appropriate and possibly more refined version of Eros, this could be a good find.

Projection is good but not beastly. You can smell it from time-to-time coming off your skin but it does not fill the room. I got all workday longevity, 8-9 hours.

24th December, 2020

BR90: Pure White by Banana Republic

A very clean jasmine with a little violet and clean musk kick. It stays that way for most of the scent life, throwing this into fem territory for me. However, it pulls back into unisex territory in the drydown as the jasmine fades and you get into the amber-vetiver base. Comes off like a clean woody scent at that point.

The jasmine dose give it some bite in the projection category but overall, projection is limited. Longevity is not bad for such a light scent, lasting most of the workday.
22nd December, 2020

Gant (new) by Gant USA

Just a nice, clean scent that is perfect for warmer days or as an office scent where its low projection and subtle refinement will have you smelling nice only when others get close to you. If I was to compare it to anything, it would be a lighter, more refined version of Polo Red, with far less sweetness and no coffee. It might actually be closer to the Intense flanker (or one of the many other Reds) than the original Polo Red.

It starts off with a fruity-citrus combo that is light, modern, and refreshing. Later, you get into the lavender and sweet woods, hinting at that refined and slightly more mature feel than the opening. It's nothing remarkable but there's a little something for everyone.

Low projection throughout, so adjust sprays but the longevity is decent. Should last for most of the workday.
21st December, 2020

L'Initial by Guerlain

Iris is the star here but this has pleasing, sweet tonka and vanilla in the base mixed with rose and dark caramel to make this more interesting and enjoyable for me. Very sexy and hard to stop sniffing.

The opening is pencil-shavings iris followed by light citrus and white florals. After that feminine opening settles, the base comes in to swing this back to unisex territory for me. I say that because this would smell great on anyone.

Very good performance as well with solid, noticeable projection and all-day longevity.
21st December, 2020

Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic by Hugo Boss

The mixture of Boss Bottled’s apple pie sweetness and the earthy, slightly dirty oud in this "Aromatic" version combines on my skin to smell a little messy and unpleasant, but in the air, it forms a scent that reminds me of the honey-rich sweetness of Back to Black by Killian. I know that seems odd but it's what I kept coming back to when smelling it in the air and then my daughter confirmed it when walking into the room where I was testing and said, "It smells like honey in here!".

Projection and longevity are both impressive. Very strong scent and lasts all day.
17th December, 2020

STR8 Original by STR8

I was introduced to this fragrance by Chris at Scentland on YouTube. He has varied tastes and often references the obscure but his passion is tough to match. I agree with him on some of his takes and others not so much but it’s more about entertainment and sharing passion in this hobby that keeps me watching his videos. This is one of those scents that he loves but is just “okay “ to me. I was hoping for something more complex and original but it falls a little flat for me.

I recommend viewing his glowing review of this scent for a different take but here’s my simple review.

Floral candy orange is what I get, smells similar to Superdry Orange but better. Has a classic soapiness to it but nothing in this stands out much because the projection is pretty weak. Longevity isn’t bad at all, lasts 7-8 hours.
16th December, 2020 (last edited: 17th December, 2020)

BR17: Oud Mosaic by Banana Republic

For me, this was a pleasant surprise.

Starts off very similar to TF Ombre Leather. About an hour in, it starts to morph into a slightly barnyard oud but with plenty of sweetness still there to remain pleasant. It remains firmly in the Ombre Leather comparison throughout, so I would consider this a good alternative if the Tom Ford is not attainable.

Very good projection and all-day longevity. Just all-around good in my opinion.
15th December, 2020

Nuit de Sable by BDK Parfums

Opens with fig leaves, feeling like a nice spa sent. Then it starts to become a little more challenging. Has an earthy, dry sandalwood scent that comes in next. Maybe even comes off a little like cedar shavings. Later, becomes somewhat more floral with the rose note and some honey. However, overall, the fig leaf smell is what keeps coming through for me. While most fig scents are calming, this one is the most challenging with plenty of sharpness and honey sweetness.

Projection is sneaky, comes and goes during the wearing but longevity is good and you can always smell it easily if you get close.
13th December, 2020

Night Veils : Tobacco Mandarin by Byredo

The opening is an animalic blend of leather and tobacco. The citrus is barely there. The dry down is buttery amber, dark and woody. This is heavy and rich, very serious stuff.

Smells like Atelier Tobacco Nuit with less tobacco/more incense or even TF Tobacco Oud with more amber.

Very good performance overall with impressive projection and all-day longevity.
11th December, 2020

Peony & Peppercorn by Banana Republic

Very pleasant, youthful, sweet floral. Even has a calming tea leaves/spa smell underneath the sweet florals to give it a little refinement.

To me, feminine from start to finish. The scent itself is very good because this has been done before and is made to sell to the masses. Smells very commercial/designer. Not a bad thing but don't expect something unique.
10th December, 2020

BR78 : Vintage Green by Banana Republic

Very nice, green, citrusy scent. Not challenging but very wearable and pleasing.

Bright, citrus and clean white floral with some peppery vetiver. The citrus is so green and sour in the opening it’s almost like grapefruit. As it dries down, becomes more sweet and floral.

Seems best for daytime and should be considered a go-to for work and possibly interviews. Just very clean and fresh without smelling overly-sweet or unrefined. Also, the low projection is good for those situations as well. Longevity isn't bad, lasts most of the workday, but again, at low projection.

09th December, 2020 (last edited: 10th December, 2020)