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Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

Lost Cherry is a great name for this one: 10 minutes after spraying, it's G-O-N-E. Interesting that longevity is good for some people and zero on others....
01st June, 2020

Hello Printemps by Yves Rocher

Smells great for 5 minutes, then it's G-O-N-E. I seriously only get a few minutes of wear on my skin.
28th May, 2020

What about Pop by House of Oud

Gorgeous! Such a great gourmand that's fun and pretty. I'm totally in for a 7ml travel size, but the full bottle is out of my it though!
19th March, 2020
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Girl of Now by Elie Saab

Girl of Now is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. A bit heavy the first few minutes as it dries down, but then it stays just the perfect sweetness and almond/pistachio creaminess for hours after. This is a bit heavier than the normal scents I choose for the office, but as long as I apply it an hour or so before work, it's the perfect sillage when I get there. Already looking to buy the flanker "Girl of Now Shine" because this is so good!
07th February, 2020

Champagne Apple & Honey by Bath and Body Works

One of many BBW sprays that I like to use after a shower and before bed....
17th November, 2019

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

Eau de Merveilles is GLORIOUS! Maybe it's the way it mixes with my skin chemistry is just soooo good. The saltiness and the orange are such a good balance. Sillage is arm's length, and longevity is 8+ hours. BEAUTIFUL!
12th November, 2019

Tous Happy Moments by Tous

I really enjoy this happy gem of a scent! It's a lightweight fruity floral with a hint of gourmand, that's perfect for the office or any day setting. The pineapple note is the most prominent note on my skin, and it smells true to life. Happy Moments works any time of year, and it's affordable to boot. What's not to like? I reach for my sample over and over and will absolutely buy a full bottle as soon as I need to.....
07th November, 2019

Stella by Stella McCartney

Stella is always the right choice when I don't have an idea of what fragrance to wear. It's perfect for the office, daytime/evening, any season, and is unlikely to offend anyone. It's pleasant and comfortable. I wish the formulation hadn't changed though....the older version was so much better!
06th November, 2019

Believe by Britney Spears

Love this perfume....this is one of Britney's older perfumes that doesn't get as much attention as it should. I particularly like the "hippie" patchouli note in the's really balanced well with the sweetness of the other notes. GOOD STUFF!
02nd October, 2019

Katy Perry's Indi by Katy Perry

To my unsophisticated nose, this is a spot-on dupe for JHaG's Sunny Side Up....Great price and lasts all day...
23rd September, 2019

Green Tea Mimosa by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea Mimosa is my favorite in the Green Tea line. It's fresh and clean, powdery and light. GREAT ONE!
14th September, 2019

My Green Summer by Yves Rocher

I have really enjoyed My Green Summer the past few weeks. It really cuts thru the heat and humidity; it seems comparable to D&G Light Blue to my nose, but a bit crisper and definitely a better price point. Thumbs up! :)
22nd August, 2019

Poopoo Pidoo by Ego Facto

Poopoo Pidoo was the very first sample I ever ordered from Luckyscent, many years ago. Last year I finally bought a bottle. I LOVE THIS SCENT. It's soft, gentle, a bit vintage, and totally ladylike. Highly recommended!
21st August, 2019
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Euphoria by Gorilla Perfume

Maybe my sample is old, but I can't smell this 10 minutes after spraying? These are all notes that I like, but I get nothing! :)
25th April, 2019

Candy Sugar Pop by Prada

Wearing a sample of Candy Sugar Pop, and I believe I like it a bit better than the original Prada Candy. If I put my nose to wrist, I can pick up the apple note, which freshens this up and lightens it....
07th January, 2019

Lemon Éclair by Ganache Parfums

One of the best gourmands I've ever only beef is that it fades away in just a couple of hours on my skin. But is smells EXACTLY like a lemon eclair...the lemon is truly fresh and foody, and doesn't do that "furniture polish" smell! Love!

UPDATE, Oct 28, 2019....Don't know what has changed, but I wore this last night, and I can still smell it on my skin...longevity does not match my previous comment from last year??? :)
15th November, 2018 (last edited: 28th October, 2019)

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

I'm really enjoying this one! On my skin, I get a nice opening of clary sage, and then primarily the ambrette seed for the rest of the wear. Longevity is a good 6 hours before it fades; I would love to try some of the body products to keep it going a bit longer. I've been reaching for White Tea a lot lately...great for fall/winter!
13th November, 2018

And The World Is Yours by A Lab on Fire

WOW! This is just gorgeous, as I expected! Mr. Ropion is one of my favorite noses; I own several of his creations and love them all. The neroli and spices are perfectly blended, and the vanilla musk brings everything together beautifully. Sillage is's actually projecting a bit louder than I usually prefer....but it's not overwhelming. This is NOT daytime/office perfume, at least in my world. This is evening, date night, claim your own Oscar in a ballgown perfume. Beautiful! PS. It's time to sample more of A Lab on Fire's scents! I love "What We Do in Paris is Secret"'s time to sample 'em all!
11th May, 2018

D&G La Tempérance 14 by Dolce & Gabbana

I never realized how much I enjoy ambrette until's really nice in this scent. La Temperance 14 fades to a skin scent in just a couple of hours, but sometimes that's exactly what I want. Perfect for the office or anywhere where you need to go light. Like this one a lot!
10th May, 2018

Don't Get Me Wrong Baby Yes I Do by Etat Libre d'Orange

I really like this scent, but on my skin it's gone in about 2 hours. Sillage is very light too, but I actually prefer that.....

Etat Libre d'Orange is my fave niche house!
29th March, 2018

Sex On The Beach by Demeter Fragrance Library

Smells GREAT.....for all of 10 minutes. Then it's G-O-N-E. I guess I'll spray a lot more next try! :)
28th February, 2018

Clémentine California by Atelier Cologne

This is a real winner, but citrus is not the main note that I get with this Atelier. My skin pulls way more juniper than clementine with this scent....

Good stuff!
25th January, 2018

Coconut Passion by Victoria's Secret

If you want vanilla, this is an inexpensive vanilla that smells pretty authentic. Fades fast, so take your bottle with ya..... :)
19th January, 2018

Snow by Demeter Fragrance Library

I don't know how Demeter does it, but Snow really does smell just like the air before a snowfall. That wet, sort of floral smell, that smells of earth and moisture and...air? I like it! A couple of stars off for longevity. When I spray, I might get an hour or two before it fades.

I am fascinated by Demeter and collect them as I find them...and Snow is a goodie!
18th January, 2018

Love by Victoria's Secret


Smells pleasant, but anything but memorable.....
04th January, 2018

Green Tea Nectarine Blossom by Elizabeth Arden

This is a zero sillage skin scent that I really like. It's fresh and light, and perfect for times when perfume might not work (ie. crowded office), but I still want to smell good. Inexpensive to boot, so reapplying thoughout the day is no big deal....
20th October, 2017

Prends Garde à Toi by Ego Facto

Well, I'm not sure how I feel about the nettle note. I don't love it, but I don't dislike it either. This is an oddball smell on my skin.

It's different though...not the usual fruity floral "meh" combination, so big points for that!
13th October, 2017

Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum by Pinaud

One of the sexiest scents that my hubby wears! Highly recommended gentlemen's scent that I wish more men would splash on in my corner of the universe....LOL!
12th October, 2017

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte by Bath and Body Works

This is probably the one BBW fragrance that I actually crave in the fall. There is just something about the marshmallow note that I really enjoy, both in the shower gel and the mist. Good stuff! Pretty good longevity and sillage for a mist as well, and cheap to boot....
12th October, 2017

Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection 2017 by Elie Saab

Gotta go with a neutral review on this one....only because it's sooooooo strong on my skin. I'm the type that wants a perfume to add to the scents of my day; I still want to smell the flowers outside, my meal cooking, etc. Resort 2017 is gorgeous, but it takes over my nose and blocks out everything else.

That being said, I'm gonna experiment with spraying ONE spray behind my knees, because I do enjoy the scent. (I love quite a bit of Kirkdijan's work!) This one just projects a bit much for my taste....
06th October, 2017