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Hommage à L'Homme Voyageur by Lalique

Wow. Lalique's 'Hommage Voyageur' was a surprising pick up, as I expected it to be a typical tonka bean based safe office scent, but it is completely different. This was a blind buy, and from the initial blast, you immediately get a huge and weird burst of citrus, dark vetiver and cardamom. It smells unlike anything you've ever smelled and nothing else out there smells like it.

As the citrus calms down, it really gets fairly difficult for non-collectors (the general public) to appreciate or understand. A mix of dark vetiver, patchouli, cardamom and woods becomes a very dense, earthy, almost muddy smell. As patchouli is here as a middle note, it is very strong and can be off-putting to most people. A vanilla base sweetens the deal and closes it nicely, but this is patchouli bomb through and through. Unfortunately, women seem to hate it, and I've had to wash it off due to complaints that it smells awful and unappealing.

With eight sprays (neck, chest, shoulders, and forearms), I get a very impressive 7-10+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection. People will clearly smell you, even eight hours after you've applied this. They may not like it, but they will smell you and likely comment on it. It digs into skin nicely and stays on clothes for 15-18+ hours and can be detected several days later.

This is not a safe blind buy, and don't be surprised if you wear this and women become offended. Its not very mainstream appealing, more for the collectors and niche scent finders specifically looking for weird or unique and unusual scents. No one will smell like this out there, which can be good or bad depending on you and what you're going for. For me, its definite no unless I'm wearing it for myself at home alone or in the woods on a hike or something. If you love patchouli, grab this. Otherwise, order a sample or test it first before spending money on this one.
22nd October, 2020

Façonnable Royal by Façonnable

I really enjoy Faconnable's fragrance line so far, as the original is in my opinion, one of the best formal, country club type of scents a man can own. 'Royal' is no different, even though is geared more for beach days, poolside, or hot weather on the terrace or patio.

This smells nearly identical to Dunhill 'Desire Blue Ocean' or Perry Ellis 'Portfolio'. Initial blast is a very strong citrus drenched in marine and sea accords. It is a beautiful fresh and sporty scent that screams for warm weather and being outdoors near the coast. This stays fairly linear until a base of soft woods and a hint of spices come around to carry it on for hours.

With eight to ten sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), I get around 7-10+ hours of longevity with excellent projection for at least half its life. It sticks around as a soft skin scent after the first six hours. It holds easily on clothes and fabrics for 12-15+ hours, and can be smelled on them slightly for a few days.

This is nothing new, as its identical to 'Desire Blue Ocean' or Perry Ellis 'Portfolio', both of which are also very good performing aquatic fragrances. It smells fantastic, women seem to really love it, and it works very well in warmer weather. Can be used from Spring to Fall months, and is fairly cheap for the fragrance you get. Highly recommended.
22nd October, 2020

H.M. by Hanae Mori

WOW! I finally picked up Hanae Mori 'HM' Eau de Toilette after having it on my wish list for at least a decade. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it was supposedly a great performing, unique scent. I got all of this and more, plus a pleasant surprise towards the dry down which I'll explain below.

The initial blast is fresh citrus, lemon notes, soft woods and heavy tonka bean and vanilla, which I've never smelled anything like before. The unlikely combination of lemon and tonka bean in the opening is both weird and gorgeous at the same time. Nothing else smells like this in my 200+ bottle collection. It's amazing.

As it settles down, so many notes come through. Chocolate, rose, jasmine, berries, and subtle amber in the low end come together like nothing you've ever smelled. To be honest, this could be unisex, as it comes across as a citrus, floral fragrance with a sweet vanilla and amber base that smells gorgeous on either a man or a woman. In some parts, which was surprising to me, its smells like Calvin Klein's 'Eternity For Women' perfume, but with a heavy tonka bean and amber base for a masculine edge. And for some reason, it smells wonderful.

Many hours later, it becomes a sweet vanilla and floral skin scent that sticks in and becomes you. Like an expensive hotel soap or shampoo, this smells very classy and sophisticated and will have people asking you what it is because it is so unique. If you like Issey Miyake 'Leau d'Issey' or Calvin Klein 'CK One', this can be described as somewhat similar to those on the top end, but with added base notes of amber, tonka bean and jasmine.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), I get a very impressive 7-10+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection and heavy sillage for at least five or six hours. This is actually very strong, is easily detected at arms length and can fill a room. It holds onto skin, digs in and becomes your skin scent. It stays on clothes and fabrics for several days and can extend your longevity and projection to 12-15+ hours if applied over clothes. Performance is fantastic on this.

If you are a mature gentlemen with style who dresses preppy or fashionable, this is an absolute must. It can work on a man or a woman, smells gorgeous and lasts a very long time. It is NOT a safe blind buy, so you may want to order a sample first unless you are an experienced collector and know what these notes smell like. I absolutely love this scent, and ordered some backup bottles as well as the EDP version. Highly recommended.
20th October, 2020
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Mercedes-Benz Le Parfum by Mercedes-Benz

I really enjoy the original Mercedes Benz fragrance, as it smells like Dior 'Aqua Fahrenheit' or a fresh version of 'Fahrenheit', and has good performance. When I saw 'Le Parfum', I immediately grabbed it and from the initial spray I can tell you its about 95-97% Dior 'Fahrenheit', but much stronger, and a little less of the gasoline or motor oil note that 'Fahrenheit' is known for. It's still there, but just slightly toned down.

The initial blast is strong, very heavy and projects like a beast. If you have the original or the Intense version, your immediately realize this one is thicker and is going to last a long time (even though the original and Intense were good performing scents by themselves). It stays linear and even all the way through. A few hours in it calms down and becomes a dark, ambery sweet masculine scent that smells absolute amazing and lasts an extremely long time.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms), I get around 7-10+ hours of longevity, with excellent arm's length projection for about four hours. This has heavy sillage and leaves a scent trail and creates a fragrance bubble around you. It doesn't become a skin scent until about eight hours in. It lasts several days on clothes, and projects off them easily for 12-18+ hours. You will smell this all day, and everyone around you will smell you. Finally a parfum fragrance with the power and performance worthy of being called a 'Le Parfum'

If you enjoy Dior's 'Fahrenheit' or are thinking of getting the new 'Fahrenheit Parfum', grab this for less than half the price and you won't be disappointed. It is a powerful, long lasting masculine scent that is almost identical to 'Fahrenheit'. It gets tons of compliments and has a great looking bottle with the Mercedes Benz name and logo. Highly recommended.
16th October, 2020

Tous Man Les Cologne Concentrées by Tous

'Man Les Colognes Concentree' by Tous was my first look into the brand, which I have seen in many places and ads but never tried, even though they always intrigued me. I figured these were high quality, classy scents, and this definitely fit the bill for that. This smells like a four star hotel room or luxury sports car dealership lobby would smell in the Spring or Summer.

This is basically a softer, more accessible and lighter version of Hermes 'Terre d'Hermes', without the strong and heavy vetiver note. Initial blast is citrus, watery notes, woods and a slight minty vibe. It smells amazing, like a nice spring morning or summer afternoon in the shade where the weather isn't too hot, and a soft breeze is blowing. It's actual very strong initially, and projects very well for the first hour.

The middle of the scent is where the vetiver takes hold, with a slight vanilla note, but mainly vetiver, lemon and marine vibes all the way to its base of vetiver, which sticks around for a respectably long time. The heat seems to push the scent out and project it better.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), I usually get about five or six hours of longevity and then it becomes a skin scent for two more hours until its gone. Projection is excellent for the first hour, then it becomes moderate for the next four hours. Where this scent really shines is that it stays on clothes and fabrics for several days. You will smell this radiating off your shirt, catching whiffs for at least 7-10+ hours or more if you hit the shoulders and chest a few times. Warm weather seems to increases its projection and scent trail.

If you are a fan of Terre d'Hermes and other vetiver powerhouses, but want something a bit lighter and not so dirty, this stuff is perfect. It smells gorgeous, is made with high quality ingredients, and has surprisingly good performance for a fresh fragrance. It works very well as a daytime fragrance in Spring and Summer months, is work safe and can be found at decent prices. Definitely recommended.
14th October, 2020

Pasha Edition Noire by Cartier

I tested Cartier's 'Pasha de Cartier: Noire Edition' for a couple wearings and was pleasantly satisfied with the scent. It is an easily enjoyable, dumb reach worthy fragrance that works in any weather and any situation. Basically, if you mixed Tommy Hilfiger 'Tommy' with Issey Miyake 'Nuit d'Issey', this is sort of the vibe you would get. It is also very similar to Montale 'Fougeres Marine', but a slight bit darker and with less performance.

The opening blast is basically a deeper and darker Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger, but higher quality ingredients, and the base similar to Nuit d'Issey, but less intense and more natural smelling. This stuff smells very good, and while projection is not weak, its not a beast either. It is detectable, but not offensive or loud. The first hour gathers compliments like crazy.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms), I get about six hours of longevity, and about one hour of solid arm's length projection. After the first hour, it sits a bit closer to the skin, but does have good sillage and is nice and heavy when up close. It does stay on clothes and fabrics for 12-15+ hours, and smells like a niche version of Tommy Hilfiger, but deeper and darker.

If you enjoy classic Tommy Hilfiger or Montale 'Fougeres Marine', you will definitely like this. This takes that DNA and adds a darker, upscale base and natural ntThis is safe for the office, and works in almost any situation. The performance doesn't match the full retail price, so if you can pick it up on a discount, grab it. Definitely worth owning.
13th October, 2020

Momentum Unlimited by Bentley

I picked up 'Momentum Unlimited' from Bentley as a blind buy, and from the initial spray, I was very impressed. The opening is a blast of woody, mildly fruity fresh scent layered with citrus and a strong vetiver note. Basically, if you took Azzaro's Chrome Legend and mixed it evenly with Herme's 'Terre d'Hermes, this is exactly what you would get.

As it dries down, a very light ambroxan base and a hint of leather are slightly present, but vetiver is clearly the main ingredient that takes over the scent. It smells clean, masculine and very work safe. But all of the power in this fragrance dies down at this stage, almost as if they didn't add enough base ingredients or fixatives to hold the scent past the top and middle stage.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms), I get around five or six hours of longevity, but with close projection and soft sillage. The opening is very nice, and the first half hour is amazing, gathering lots of compliments. But this dies down rather quickly, and within two hours this stays closer to the skin and is usually completely gone within five hours. It does stay on clothes and fabrics for 7-10+ hours. For a fresh, woody scent, not too bad.

For quick indoor events, running errands, meetings, lunch dates and short trips, this scent is gorgeous, inoffensive and does the job. The scent itself is very high quality, well blended and classy. If you can find this online or come across it in a discount store bin for a super cheap price, it could be worth picking up. But its not worth going out of your way for.
09th October, 2020

L'Homme Lacoste Intense by Lacoste

Why do companies keep releasing weak skin scent fragrances that have a great top note to trick the customer into buying the fragrance, knowing it doesn't last? Then they release an 'Intense' version that is mildly stronger in the opening, but still doesn't perform beyond average, if even that well. Well, sadly, 'L'Homme Intense' by Lacoste is another designer scent in this category.

The opening of rhubarb, citrus and subtle woods smells great. Very high quality ingredients, good blending and balance. I got so excited and thought, wow, this smells VERY similar to Azzaro's 'Pour Homme Night Time' but not so heavy on the rhubarb note and less synthetic smelling. Wonderful. This should be good. Err, well no.

As it calmed down, the rhubarb and woods takes over and it smells somewhat fruity, musky and woody all at once. But, about an hour in, I noticed the scent was dying down fairly fast and thought, maybe its just nose fatigue. No, its not, as I'll explain further. The base of slightly fruity woods came quickly a couple hours in and remained that way until it died down dramatically fast not long after.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), longevity is between four to six hours maximum. Projection is solid for the first hour, but dies down to a skin scent with soft sillage within three hours. I sprayed over clothes and fabrics to test it as well, but it was barely detectable after four to six hours as well unless you bury your nose into it. Not very 'Intense' at all.

If you like the smell of this, pick up Azzaro's 'Pour Homme Night Time'. It smells about 90% similar to this but has above average performance, good projection and is actually cheaper. You could substitute that juice for this and get an 'Intense' rhubarb, citrus and amber layered woodsy scent.

The house of Lacoste is becoming known for making fairly weak fragrances, so I might have to put this brand on my 'never blind buy' list when I am shopping at discounters and online. You have to go heavy on the trigger with this to get an 'Intense' experience, and even then, it won't last past four to six hours. This smells great, but has some performance issues. Not recommended.
07th October, 2020

Solo Loewe by Loewe

I've always seen this brand on fragrance shops and wanted to grab a bottle and see if the scents match the luxury, upscale vibe of the company. I grabbed 'Solo Loewe' by Loewe and expected it to be quite good, sort of a corporate, safe for work, professional office kind of smell. Indeed, it is.

The opening blast is a blend of citrus, mainly orange, layered with a warm amber note and strong woody aromatics. It immediate smells really well made, classy, strong and masculine. It's sexy without being too dark, its mature without smelling old school, and its modern without being too generic. It kind of smells like a high end, four-star hotel or an upscale men's clothing boutique to be honest.

Once it settles down, the citrus calms and the powerful woods come out. When matched with amber and a soft vanilla sweetness, this becomes gorgeous. The first couple hours this stuff projects very strongly and leaves a beautiful scent trail and arm's length bubble of fragrance. The base of amber and woods carries on until it becomes a simple skin scent of earthy woods with a hint of sweetness.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and forearms), longevity was about six hours, but with strong projection for the first couple hours. Once it settles, it has moderate projection that is easily detectable but not offensive and sillage is also moderate. Not weak, not heavy, but office safe and event safe. It became a skin scent around six hours in, but it stays well on clothes for a good 10-12+ hours as a fresh, woody scent.

The prices for this are fairly reasonable, as it is a very well made scent which smells expensive and high quality. If it were a niche scent, it would easily sell for three times the amount it goes for now. This is a safe, inoffensive, classy fragrance for the well dressed gentleman over the age of 35+ who wants an easy reach for the Spring and Summer months. Definitely recommended.
06th October, 2020

Mercedes-Benz by Mercede-Benz

From the reviews here, I didn't expect much from this, and already owning Dior 'Fahrenheit', i picked this up on a whim to give it a try. But I quickly realized, yet again, many of these reviewers complaining about performance and scent either use one or two sprays and expect a fragrance to last 12+ hours, OR, don't actually own a full bottle of the fragrance, or own a bottle of whatever the fragrance is cloning and are snobs because they realize they overpaid for the same fragrance.

This scent is gorgeous. The initial blast is basically a fresh version of Dior 'Fahrenheit', with the same quality of scent and class. You could slap a Dior logo on this and guys would buy it all day and praise this. If 'Fahrenheit' and Ermenegildo Zegna's 'Uomo' had a baby, that's exactly what this smells like. The opening of Zegna's 'Uomo', with the base of 'Fahrenheit'. It smells classy, mature, clean and masculine.

Longevity with eight sprays (neck, shoulders, forearms, chest) is about 7-8+ hours, with solid projection for the first couple hours. It has moderate sillage, but leaves a very nice scent trail and scent bubble about a foot around you for the first six hours. Lasted as a skin scent for a couple more hours, and stayed strongly on clothes and sweaters for about two days.

This is a very safe work scent. It won't offend anyone, and performs well enough to be noticed but not have people sneezing around you. There is a stronger Intense version with even better performance, and a Le Parfum version as well, but this one is also no slacker and does just fine on its own with proper application. If you can pick it up cheap, grab it. Definitely recommended.
24th September, 2020

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I really love the Guerlain brand, and the Ideal line is a very consistent range of solid scents that have good performance and gather compliments easily. 'L'Homme Ideal' EDP is one of my favorites, and for good reasons. The initial blast is a sweet, seductive vanilla and almond accord with a hint of what seems to be cherry or raspberry. Its very sensual, deep, high quality stuff that cuts through the air and hits the nose effortlessly.

The middle of the scent becomes a bit musky and darker, as the leather makes its presence known and really takes this one off the charts. This isn't a dirty, dark leather. Its a sensual, clean, high quality leather note that is very appealing to the ladies. The base is all vanilla and leather, with a hint of cherry lingering around. Its quite lovely.

With eight sprays (neck, shoulders, forearms, chest), I get about 8-10+ hours of longevity, with constant projection for about the first four hours or so. Properly applied, this will linger and leave a scent trail around you. On clothes, this lasts for days. You will catch whiffs of this throughout the day. Projection was a little above moderate but sillage is a bit heavy. Its a thick, dense fragrance that becomes you. I smelled it easily on my forearm for nearly nine hours.

This is a serious fragrance for a mature, well spoken and classy gentleman. You won't find many fragrances that smell like this, and if you like Montblanc 'Individuel' or Joop! Homme, you will likely love this. They are quite similar, except this adds a beautiful almond note matched to leather, and its absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommended.
24th September, 2020

Scuderia Ferrari Black Signature by Ferrari

I actually really liked Ferrari Black, the original scent, even with its below average performance, so I decided to try 'Scuderia Signature Black' because of its note breakdown. It opens with a gorgeous mix of citrus, anise and floral notes with a background of leather, which is used as a middle note here. It smells great, for about 5-10 minutes. The next 20 minutes involves the leather note becoming more prominent and a very slight woody base develops. Unfortunately, the lackluster performance kills the scent right here.

Longevity, even with 8-10+ sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, forearms), is about three to four hours, with most of that being a skin scent. It doesn't project past the first 15 minutes, and there is little to no sillage or scent trail. You would have to go super heavy on the trigger (like 10-15 sprays) and spray over clothes to get a half days performance or any projection out of this, which is terrible because if it was stronger, it would be worth three times the price. It really does smell good, but its so light that its almost useless.

I don't know of any situation this works in besides the gym, church, a business meeting or an airplane, as it's performance doesn't allow it to work anywhere else past an hour. It's just too soft and doesn't perform. You couldn't even use it as an air freshener or car freshener, because it has no sillage. If you like wearing skin scents that no one else can smell (including you), you might like this. Otherwise, not recommended.
22nd September, 2020

Emblem by Montblanc

As a huge fan of Montblanc as a brand and fragrance house, I picked this up and immediately liked the scent from a test strip. It is an aromatic masculine scent with a hint of citrus in the opening and a sexy base of tonka bean and woods. I tried 8-10 sprays (neck, chest, forearms, shoulders) to try and compensate for the expected poor performance after my initial test spray didn’t last 30 minutes. Sadly, it goes down much worse than I thought.

Longevity, even with a heavy hand on the trigger was about two hours and almost the entire time was spent as a skin scent. This fragrance only projected about a foot away for the first 15 minutes, and after that, nothing. Very low sillage, no scent trail, not even a trace of the scent on my shirt which I also sprayed when I came home three hours later from being out. At NO price point is this scent worth purchasing anymore, it seems like reformulation has killed this scent completely.

If there was a Emblem Intense (which I believe there is, I haven’t tried yet) or if they made an EDP strength, maybe. But for this one, not recommended for any reason. It smells very nice for about 15 minutes, then it’s a skin scent and two hours later is completely gone. It’s useless.
22nd September, 2020
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Bogart Story Red by Jacques Bogart

I am a huge fan of Jacques Bogart fragrances, as they are always powerhouse masculine scents that last forever at a price that's so cheap its ridiculous. I picked up 'Red Story' and this one is a sexy, sweet, dark masterpiece, very similar to Dunhill - 'Desire', Joop 'Homme', Montblanc 'Individuel' and Nikos 'Sculpture Homme'.

The opening is a sweet, spicy dose of berries with a dark musky undertone that immediately screams 'date night'. Its strong, loud and sexy. It's the guy at the bar or nightclub who is obviously there to pick up a woman, and has absolutely no shame in it. That's what this smells like. The base comes in around four hours and the result is a sweet, somewhat fruity, musky smell, with a dark and captivating undertone that lasts most of the day.

This is one of the more moderate projecting Bogart scents, but don't get it twisted. Its STRONG, heavy, and lasts a full 8-10+ hours on skin and several days to weeks on clothes. Projection was about 1-3 feet for the first four hours, but this lasts a very long time and you'll catch whiffs for hours and hours until it dies down.

Longevity with 5-7 sprays (neck, chest, shoulders, forearms) was 8-10+ hours, and I smelled it on my coat and sweater for a week straight with no softening. If sprayed on clothes, it stays on until you wash them. Projection is very good, but not as powerful as the other Bogart scents such the One Man Show and Silver Scent lines. But again, this is stronger than 95% of the designer and niche scents being released today, so don't for a second think this is weak. Instead of the typical nuclear Bogart performance, this is simply excellent performance.

This is ideal for masculine alpha men over the age of 35+, who say what they want and do what they want and don't apologize for it. It's a strong and deeply sensual date night scent that is direct and forward, just like the man who should be wearing it. Highly recommended.
22nd September, 2020

Solarissimo : Levanzo by Azzaro

I really love Azzaro fragrances, so I tried out 'Solarissimo' due to the name and really cool bottle design and notes listed. The opening is gorgeous, a perfect warm weather blend of woody citrus notes with a minty sweetness unlike anything else I've smelled. The projection initially is moderate, which lasts for about 15 minutes and then its basically a very inoffensive skin scent of woods similar to Molecule 01, but not as dark or synthetic smelling.

Longevity, even with a dozen sprays (neck, forearms, chest, and shoulders) is about two or three hours, but sillage and projection is very low, very soft, and no one will smell this as there is no scent trail. This becomes a skin scent within minutes and stays there for the life of the scent. Unless someone buries their nose in your neck, they won't smell anything.

I can't see any use for this except in the gym, where you don't want to offend anyone, or really, on an airplane, where a skin scent would be ideal so you don't choke people out. But for the price, even, then, there are better options that last longer and projection far better than this. Not recommended, unless you can find this really cheap and simply NEED a summer skin scent fragrance for some reason.
21st September, 2020

Aramis Special Blend by Aramis

I am a huge fan of the Aramis line of fragrances. They are almost always very high quality scents with good performance and reasonably priced. So when I spotted Aramis 'Special Blend' I was very excited and blind bought the fragrance right away.

This is a modern take on the classic 'Aramis' by Aramis original scent, with slightly floral and fruity notes at the top, and a sweet whiskey and amber base. The opening smells very similar to Costume National Homme, so if you are a fan of that scent, you will absolutely love this.

The middle of the scent settles into a warm, boozy masculine masterpiece, with solid projection that is present without being cloying or too loud. It performs well, and being an Eau de Parfum concentration, it is thick and digs into your skin and becomes your scent. It leaves a wonderful trail but is never offensive or irritating. The notes are very well blended and lay together is nearly perfect harmony.

A base of woods, amber, and a bit of sweet tonka and what smells like the classic Aramis leather note is there and lasts for quite a while. This is the ideal fragrance for cold, winter days. You put this on with your scarf, leather jacket or winter coat and boots, and sip coffee by the fire with friends in a cafe full of stylish and attractive people.

Performance is good as it usually is with Aramis fragrances. Longevity with ten sprays (neck, chest, wrists, shoulders) is about 7-10+ hours, with several days on clothes and fabrics. Projection and sillage is heavy within the first hour, then moderate for about four hours. It lingers as a soft trail at the six hour mark until it becomes a skin scent. It is not quite as strong as the original 'Aramis' by Aramis, more of a slightly subdued version. But by no means is this a weak scent. It just has softer projection from the original version.

If you are a fan of the original 'Aramis' by Aramis or love Costume National Homme, this is a definitely must have. Powerhouse cologne lovers will also really enjoy this. This is for the mature, stylish and masculine gentleman who is 35+ years of age with confidence. Highly recommended.
28th January, 2020

Eternity Air for Men by Calvin Klein

I am a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances, especially from the 1980's through the 1990's. They made excellent, all-season powerful scents that had great performance at a reasonable price point. I own almost 200 fragrances, and 'Eternity', 'Escape', 'Contradiction', 'Truth', and 'CK Shock' are some of my most complimented older scents.

I received 'Eternity Air' as a gift, and being a big fan of 'Eternity', I was so excited to spritz this on and experience it. I kept seeing a lot of bottles at discounters everywhere but never bought it, and now I see why its there and I am glad I never purchased it.

This scent is a massive failure by Calvin Klein and a huge disappointment. The last decade for CK has been full of poor performing flankers from the brand. 'Eternity Air' is no different and this one is easily one of the worst ever.

I gave myself ten sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, wrists) and went to an indoor house party, and never got one compliment. No one could smell me. I couldn't even smell myself. The initial blast smells like a mix of 'Eternity' and 'Eternity Aqua' blended evenly. I don't pick up any ambergris or patchouli at all.

For about five minutes, this smells amazing. Very fresh, very similar to 'Eternity Aqua', but watered down to basically a body spray because in less than 30 minutes you don't smell anything. I had to bury my nose into my shirt to smell this one an hour after applying. Maybe in high heat this would project or last, but I highly doubt that. It is extremely weak and light.

There is no middle or base to speak of, as it doesn't last long enough to experience it. This is one of the weakest scents by Calvin Klein ever, and a total waste of money. At $10, this would still not be worth it. The sad part, is it smells amazing for about the first 15 minutes.

The second time I wore this, I used about 20-25 sprays (neck, wrists, chest, shoulders, thighs). Smelled amazing for about 30 minutes but became a skin scent within one hour. I left the house for work and by the time I got to the office it wasn't projecting at all. No compliments, no one smelled anything and commented on anything. No projection, no sillage. Terrible.

Unless you plan on bringing the bottle and applying every 30 minutes, just buy 'Eternity Aqua' and skip this. That fragrance last a good 5-7+ hours and has fairly good performance for a fresh scent. This scent is a light blue colored bottle of water with a very small hint of 'Eternity' and 'Eternity Aqua' DNA and nothing more. Not recommended under any circumstances.
26th December, 2019

K by Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

I have mainly lost all interest in Dolce & Gabbana as a fragrance house after the disappointing release of 'The One' (Eau de Parfum), so I did not expect much from the new 'K' but was willing to take it home and give them another shot because I enjoyed 'Light Blue' (Intense) and 'Light Blue' (Swimming in Lipari). But, just like 'The One', this fragrance is very soft, does not project very well and has poor longevity. And just like when I bought 'The One' and 'The One (EDP), I'm very disappointed.

The opening is nice and strong, a blast of citrus, berries and geranium which lasts for about 20 minutes before it settles into a very strange, cleaning products type of smell. The pimento and geranium mixed with blood orange just smells a bit 'off', like you spilled some household cleaner on yourself. This middle section lasts the longest time, but also kills the fragrance. It just doesn't work at all. The drydown and base is soft woods and patchouli, but by this time you can barely smell anything at all.

Total longevity, even testing with a dozen sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists) is only about four hours, but after the first hour or so, this becomes a complete skin scent and doesn't project or linger at all. Spraying over clothes is a must for any type of sillage or longevity. Unless someone is hugging you or smelling your neck, no one will smell you. The only compliments I got was when I asked women to smell me directly where I sprayed this, and only within minutes of applying. Performance is just not there on this one.

The opening really grabs you in the store with its strong citrus, berries and geranium notes, so you end up buying it and taking it home only to be disappointed by its poor performance later when you give it a full wearing. Just like D&G's 'The One', YSL's 'Y' and plenty of other designer fragrances releases as of late. They release a weak, muted scent with poor performance but a great opening, and then years later release a stronger EDP or Intense flanker but even the 'stronger' flanker has average performance with about six hours longevity.

My guess is D&G will come out with a stronger 'K' (Intense) or 'K' (Eau de Parfum) flanker eventually, which is the version they should have released in the first place instead of this weak skin scent. If this were priced at $30 and under, it could sell all day everyday. But at nearly $100 for 100ml, this is complete garbage. Look for this at your nearest discounters very soon for less than half of retail prices, and even that would be too expensive for this fragrance.

The only place I see this being 'King' is in a close indoor office environment, because it's so soft it won't offend anyone, but it also won't gather compliments either. So if you want to be 'King' of the office by smelling like household cleaning solution, grab this. Otherwise, I don't recommend this at all.
07th September, 2019

Tommy Bahama for Him by Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama for Men is an instant classic, an aquatic summer scent that will stay in my wardrobe and get purchased regularly whenever I see it without a second thought. This stuff is simple, projects beautifully and lasts all day, and I can't tell you how many beautiful ladies close their eyes and compliment me when I wear this. Women love this scent.

The initial notes give off pear, apple, musk and a hint of amber and lavender. A very aquatic, oceanfront smell that is both youthful while being mature, sporty without the citrus and summery without the sweetness. Its perfect. It is nearly identical to Nautica's 'Voyage', before its weaker reformulation. This is the original, full strength, eight hours plus classic Nautica 'Voyage' with great projection and moderate sillage.

As it calms down, the apple, lavender and musk notes settle in, and it projects and lingers everywhere you go. Tommy Bahama fragrances usually don't last very long or project very well at all, but this stuff is breathtaking. Simple, but very effective and easy for anyone to love.

The base of musk, amber and hints of pear, apple and woods carry on for a good 7-10+ hours of longevity with eight to ten sprays (chest, shoulders, neck and wrists). I smell it on my pillow, clothes and jackets for several days and women love to smell it on their sheets, skin and clothes after date night.

I'm so glad I finally decided to try this masterpiece out, it is an essential classic in my book and an absolute must have spring and summer scent for any serious fragrance collector. If you love Nautica 'Voyage', you will love this. Highly recommended.
06th August, 2019

London by English Laundry

English Laundry 'London' smells about 85% similar to Creed 'Aventus' on its dry down, and would be a legendary fragrance all on its own if the performance matched the rest of the English Laundry line. With a liberal ten or more sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), longevity is still only about four hours, with most of that life spent close to the skin.

It does last about 5-7+ hours on clothing and fabrics, so spraying over clothes is a must. Projection is ok for the first fifteen to thirty minutes, but then it dries down dramatically fast after that. Sillage is very soft as well. Someone has to be right on you or hugging you to smell this scent, but when they do they will enjoy it. If 'Aventus' made an Eau de Cologne or really an Eau Fraiche concentration flanker, this would be it. It says Eau de Parfum on the label but if so this is the weakest EDP I've ever come across.

For the price, you can buy at least a dozen bottles of this at discounters for the price of one 100ml bottle of Creed's 'Aventus', so in that respect, it's definitely a good value. You can go crazy on the trigger and not worry about the price. I have 'Club de Nuit Intense' and 'L'Aventure', which both are about 99% and 95% repectively similar to Creed 'Aventus' with better performance than 'Aventus' in my testings. I would actually suggest buying those two and this fragrance for the following reason.

'Club de Nuit Intense' is the strongest by far and perfect for a night out clubbing or barhopping. 'L'Aventure' is a bit lighter but still has great performance, so its more suited for daytime events and being outdoors. English Laundry's 'London' is very toned down and subtle, so its better suited for being indoors in an intimate setting like a Netflix and cuddle evening or before bed with your lady where you don't necessarily want or need strong sillage or projection. It that setting, this scent is perfect and has the right amount of sillage for the situation where the other two would be too strong and aggressive on the nose.

All three of the above mentioned fragrances can be picked up for less than $100 for all three, which is still less than half the price for a 100ml bottle of Creed 'Aventus' and its 'batch issues'. For the price that Creed selections go for, you shouldn't have those issues and performance should be a beastly 15+ hours, but sadly its not. Hence, why the clones are gaining in popularity.

I would NOT recommend this on its own if you're looking for a good 'Aventus' clone. But if you own 'Club de Nuit Intense' and 'L'Aventure' already, this might be a nice addition for wearing in the right setting. It smells absolutely amazing once it dries down and settles, but the huge problem is that moment lasts less than an hour before its a skin scent and then its completely gone a couple hours later. Still, definitely recommended if you can pick it up cheap as a bedtime intimacy or cuddle fragrance and you love the scent character of Creed 'Aventus'.
05th August, 2019 (last edited: 06th August, 2019)

Neroli Portofino Acqua by Tom Ford

Great fragrance for women, but definitely not for men in my opinion. Maybe if you’re a softer, smooth hands type of guy that works in a cosmetics department or is a hair stylist or something feminine like that for a career. Masculine men though, steer clear of this.

I received Tom Ford’s ‘Neroli Portofino Acqua’ as a gift and was so excited to smell it as I couldn’t believe someone would gift me such an expensive fragrance. As soon as I sprayed it, i knew it was special, but special for a woman, definitely not a manly scent by any means.

My girlfriend smelled this one and said ‘wow that smells amazing, I would wear that’. She said it was definitely more for women, and although it smelled magnificent, it’s just not for me. So I gave the bottle to her, and man she smells so wonderful.

Citrus, neroli, white musk, marine accords and floral notes abound on this. Performance is very good, and sillage is ever present without being cloying or offensive. Longevity is about 8-10+ hours with eight sprays (neck, chest, shoulders, wrists) and I can still smell my woman when she comes home from work.

I really love this scent. Although it is not for me or any masculine man, it is a very sexy and seductive fragrance for a woman. Highly recommended in that regard. Wonderful gift for mature women over thirty.
23rd October, 2018 (last edited: 13th December, 2018)

Voyage N-83 by Nautica

I absolutely love the original Nautica 'Voyage', as it is quite simply one of the best summer fragrances in the past decade that is super cheap, has great performance and gets amazing compliments every time I wear it. So I was excited to pick up 'Voyage N-83'. What a disappointment.

The top notes are very similar to the original 'Voyage', but much softer. It smells like a nice sport body wash scent, somewhat aquatic with a splash or melon and marine accords. The base has a touch of lavender and musk, but not much. The sad part is if this had more fragrance oils and better quality, it would be quite amazing. However, it doesn't. Not at all.

The performance on this is simply non-existent. From the moment you spray this on, it dries down and fades extremely fast. I am talking within an hour it becomes a skin scent. Longevity, even with a dozen sprays is less than two hours.

It has almost no sillage, and projection is also nowhere to be found on this. Showering yourself in this cologne won't help it last longer, it just doesn't have the performance or quality for it. On skin its about an hour or two, and on fabrics and clothes you may get two hours at most.

It seems most of the 'Voyage' flankers (Sport, N-83, Island, Summer) all have very poor performance and longevity, so stick with the original 'Voyage' and don't even bother with the others. They aren't worth owning at any price.
27th August, 2018 (last edited: 07th October, 2018)

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I first discovered Joop! Pour Homme in the early 1990's and I remember being confused as to whether it was for women or men (pink liquid, super sweet, etc). I didn't know the difference between Eau de Toilette or Pour Homme or Parfum. I liked the scent,and two dabs on the neck lasted the entire day. This is one of the most powerful and potent scents you will come across in an EDT concentration. A true 80's and early 90's powerhouse in every sense of the word.

The initial blast is a wonderful blend of vanilla, cherry, amber and tonka bean, which projects extremely well and is quite sexy for a vanilla and cherry based men's fragrance. It is synthetic, and can be somewhat offensive in the first hour as it projects at least ten feet away and is very sweet and syrupy until it settles down.

After the first couple hours, this scent becomes a masterpiece. The amber comes out and balances out the cherry and vanilla notes. It smells very sweet but also very potent and masculine. A base of musk, tonka bean, vanilla, amber carries on throughout the life of this fragrance, and it smells better the longer you wear it.

With a liberal application of about ten sprays to the neck, chest, wrists and shoulders, I usually get a fantastic 15-18+ hours of longevity, with several days and even weeks on clothes and fabrics. After the first ten hours, it calms down but still projects really well, especially in cold weather. Even with a modest six sprays, this will last you easily over 10-12+ hours.

It performs superbly in spring and fall weather, especially outdoors, but is better suited for colder weather as the sweetness can be cloying in high summer heat. Sillage is powerful on this juice. This is a perfect nightclub, night on the town, evening out type of fragrance. And I always get compliments from gorgeous ladies and even guys when I wear this. Women love sweet, gourmand scents and especially amber based fragrances, so Joop! fits perfectly.

All in all, this is a fantastic scent that never fails to get compliments whenever I wear it. This is for a well dressed, clean shaven, muscular, preppy and intelligent man who is confident and comfortable enough to wear a pink polo shirt with club shorts and loafers. Love it or hate it, you either have what it takes to wear this scent or you don't. It is a true classic, and a masterpiece in my opinion. Highly recommended.
20th April, 2018

Greyland by Montale

Montale's 'Greyland' is for the masculine man, unshaven, muscular, well-educated with a take-charge attitude and rugged persona. Pure leather, cedarwood, patchouli, smoke and greens.

This scent literally smells like a wood shop or an old library with vintage leather everywhere and wood paneling with massive dusty old books on shelves. Picture well dressed men sitting in leather loungers smoking cigars and drinking whiskey. That's what this smells like. Women seem to really like it (to my surprise).

Good performance, lasts about six to nine hours depending on weather. Good projection and sillage. This works best and lasts longer in cold weather and winter months though. If tall, rustic, bearded and mysterious had a scent, this would be it.
03rd March, 2018

Fougères Marines by Montale

Montale 'Fougere Marines' is a wonderful fragrance for spring and summer months. This stuff smells exactly like vintage Tommy Hilfiger cologne, but with much higher quality ingredients and natural oils. There is an added splash of ocean and marine notes to balance out the sporty, body wash overtones.

Good performance, tons of compliments from the ladies, and lasts a good 7-10+ hours with eight sprays to neck, shoulders, wrists and chest. Great projection and sillage.

If you can't find vintage Tommy Hilfiger or wonder what made that fragrance and the Hilfiger brand so popular in the 1990's, this is the perfect example of that scent. Highly recommended.
02nd March, 2018

Wave for Him by Hollister

I’ve always been a fan of Abercrombie and Hollister fashions, and their branded fragrances are almost always quality scents, so it was a no brainer when I saw this on sale at Marshall’s for $26.

This is a wonderful fresh and aquatic scent, with decent performance and solid sillage. The initial blast is similar to a mix between Azzaro Chrome, Nautica Voyage and Abercrombie Fierce. It’s never cloying or fruity, it remains aquatic, sporty and sexy in a college prep sort of way.

Every time i wear this i get loads of compliments from the ladies, so it’s definitely a hit if you’re looking to attract women. Age-wise, this is ideal for the high school, college and even graduate level guy who’s sporty, muscular and rocks flip-flops or boat shoes, crisp polos and club shorts on the weekends.

The most noticeable notes are bamboo, marine notes, lavender, neroli and musk. With a liberal application of about ten sprays (neck, chest, wrists and shoulders), I am getting about six to eight hours of longevity. Projection is respectable, sillage is fairly good as well. People will definitely smell you.

You could spritz this on a dozen sprays and it smells so good no one would be offended because it’s never cloying or offensive. It literally smells like a fresh masculine body wash, but with better ingredients. A bit synthetic, but still it smells fantastic and is a cheap compliment magnet that works.

For the price, this is an easy, solid purchase and perfect for Spring and Summer months, at the pool, on the boat, at the beach or anywhere there is warm weather this works magic. Definitely recommended.
17th February, 2018 (last edited: 26th May, 2018)

F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

This is my first fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo, and ‘F Pour Homme’ is a wonderful surprise and an great scent to have for colder temperatures. Ideally this should be worn in the coldest of Fall and especially Winter.

The initial blast is basically lavender and pepper, some cedar wood but the pepper notes dominate for the first hour or two. As it settles, more lavender and base come out and you catch whiffs of labdanum. It is very masculine and dark, sort of like a Davidoff Cool Water that has been toned down on the freshness and beefed up with pepper, cedarwood and more lavender.

Performance is outstanding. With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, shoulders, chest and wrists) I am getting 9-12+ hours of longevity, with excellent projection and sillage.

People will smell you wearing this, and it projects about three to five feet away from you. I would say this is perfect for cold weather, nighttime outdoors situations. It gets you a lot of compliments from beautiful ladies, but again, this only works in colder weather outdoors, as the pepper is somewhat offensive in warmer temperatures.

If you love this, also pick up Ferragamo’s ‘F Black’, it is very similar to this but with additional notes of apple and sweetness and can be worn in more situations. I highly recommend both.
04th February, 2018 (last edited: 21st December, 2018)

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

What a wonderful, mature and classy fragrance. 'Grey Vetiver' by Tom Ford is a great scent for the spring, summer and even possibly fall months. This fragrance literally smells like an upscale clothing boutique or a five star luxury resort hotel and spa.

Initial blast is citrus and vetiver, with a hint of cedarwood. A dash of pepper matched to grapefruit and what seems to be bergamot are also detected. As it dries down and settles, the vetiver becomes fairly prominent and remains the dominant scent. Faintly present are a green and grassy note, with gives this scent some depth and balance.

The base is mainly vetiver and bergamot, and surprisingly the lemon and citrus top note carries itself mildly all the way through the life of the fragrance. It smells very nice, an expensive and distinguished smell that is very likable but definitely for the 30+ man who dresses to impress and is well spoken. Excellent work fragrance.

Longevity with a liberal application of about eight sprays (neck, shoulders, and chest) is about 10-12+ hours, and at least a week or so on clothes and fabrics. The projection is steady, and sillage is subtle but present and never cloying or headache inducing. You can go heavy on this without fear for a night out on the town.

This is a perfect signature fragrance for the professional man over thirty years of age who dresses well, speaks articulately and wants a scent that can be worn in any season and at any occasion that calls for class and intelligence. Smells very similar to 'Terre d'Hermes' by Hermes and 'Declaration' by Cartier.
25th January, 2018 (last edited: 24th October, 2018)

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

I've been wearing Lucky You for Men by Claiborne (now Lucky Brand) since high school. Twenty years later this scent is still a classic and must have for the Spring and Summer months. This is an essential fragrance for collectors.

First blast is fresh linens, cotton, Irish Spring soap, cardamom and a slight musky undertone. There is also some cedarwood and sandalwood for good measure. As soon as your smell it you realize nothing else out there smells like this. It is purely unique. Think fresh fabric softener matched to cedarwood and musk.

As is settles down, there's the familiar Claiborne musk note that comes along and smells fantastic. The fabric softener matched to Irish Spring soap note and is balanced out well by the base of woods and musk. Excellent smell. Masculine, fresh and sporty all at the same time.

With a liberal application of ten or so sprays (neck, shoulders, chest, wrists) I am getting 8-10+ hours of longevity, with moderate sillage and projection. This is safe for work, warmer days and close encounters. On warmer days, it performs and projects exceptionally well in the heat, and is never cloying or offensive.

Age-wise, this is more for the high school, college and early 30's set. I still wear this on hotter days in the summer, at the pool, outdoors at the lake or beach, at the gym etc. It also does very well in these environments and performs extremely well. On days when you don't want to wear any cologne or offend anyone, you wear Lucky You and smell like Irish Spring soap fresh out of the shower.

For the price, I would pick up a couple bottles of this. It's a unique, long lasting, fresh Spring and Summer fragrance that gets the job done. Highly recommended.
14th January, 2018

Bracken Man by Amouage

Wow. Another masterfully, masculine scent with great performance, sillage and longevity. Amouage's 'Bracken' is very similar to the brands other offerings 'Journey' and especially 'Fate'. The biggest difference is 'Bracken' has a very earthy, green feeling to, mainly caused by the cypress, clove and heavy patchouli base.

Cypress, lemon, bergamot, clove, nutmeg and patchouli power this beast into the next century. Its very strong, projects a good five feet out and lingers everywhere. The middle notes of cinnamon and some cedarwood come out slowly over the next few hours and settle in beautifully.

The base of patchouli and light musk is present throughout, but really begin to shine about four hours in. This is where the fragrance really becomes a masterpiece, with uncompromising masculinity and smokiness carrying on for most of the day. A classy, green, deep, dark and mysterious smell, akin to upscale Middle Eastern boutiques in someplace like Dubai or Istanbul.

Longevity with eight sprays (just neck and shoulders) was between ten to twelve hours and still going strong, with excellent projection and sillage all the way through. Skin scent would last easily 12-15+ hours. People will smell you and you will get compliments. Its lasts for up to a week or more easily on unwashed clothes or fabrics.

This is not as strong as 'Interlude' or 'Journey', but easily beats most modern fragrances in its performance and sillage. The ingredients are very high quality, and the scent is extremely well blended and crafted. Everything one can expect from the Amouage brand.

I can definitely highly recommend this to powerhouse fragrance lovers or anyone seeking pure manliness in a bottle. The price is well worth the performance and longevity you get, as one large 100ml bottle of this should last you at least a couple years using it seasonally or even once a week.
09th December, 2017