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Halston Woman Amber by Halston

Warm and cozy is right. It's a nice amber with a fruity top note, red currant seems right. I don't get any aldehydes whatsoever. I purchased my bottle on AmazonPrime for $15, Dec 2018.

It's nice, it's solid, it's not going to win any awards for crazy, new, or cool. Could easily be someone's signature, if they're easy-going and not snooty in their fragrance choices.

Drydown is a nice, solid amber. Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice; this is the adjective of choice for this perfume.

It's like a warm hug, smooshed into maternal bosoms.
05th January, 2019

Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain

Top notch vanilla, makes me sneeze upon application, then all is sublime and blissful in the world. Smells like a wonderful cocoa.

Stays very close to the skin, I don't think I'm overwhelming anyone with waves of perfume, but I get whiffs throughout the time I wear it. Lasts till the next morning if applied at night, or all day, and if you spray into your hair/hairline around the neck, it'll be with you till you wash that area well.

I love it, and it was an immediate purchase for me.

Similar to Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata, but better somehow. It's not just the price tag.
30th November, 2018

Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Blah blah blah, it smells good.

Best in cool weather, wintertime especially. It's like being wrapped up in a warm glove. People notice and say nice things.

Sweet, warm, and one of the only frags I can bear that's got patchouli. I'm sure that other people are correct in calling out notes of amber, vanilla, tonka, etc.

For me... it's a sweet warmth that I enjoy. That's my vibe, and I'm sticking to it!

Pro Tip: order from the French MFK site and save yourself a bundle. I'm in California, and the shipping is pretty darned quick with DHL!
06th July, 2018
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Jungle Jasmin by Tuvache

Smells fresh and floral, like wet/damp on flowers. Not really so much jasmine. I don't love it on my skin, but I like it as a room or linen spray. Guess that's what I'll be using it for!
01st April, 2018

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is kind of gross. Smells like sourness and cumin/oud/b.o.
Really no roses at all. It's oddly compelling, but it doesn't stink purty at all. All of these rosy, glowing reviews are... not the truth for me.
18th March, 2018

When We Cuddle And I Can Smell Your Perfume On My Clothes by Tauerville

A nice, warm, vanilla-y, cuddly smell. It's pretty vanilla. Pretty basic. Very pleasing. Reminds me of snuggling a new baby and warm, white, clean laundry on a warm, sunshiny day in a clean house.

It does not last all day.
10th October, 2017

Love in Black by Creed

I love this! Don't let the haters deter you!
Yes, it's strong, it's linear, it's violet. If that's what you're looking for, you have come to the right place. If not, then of course it will disgust you.
I have memories of trying out violet essential oil as a pre-teen, wanting something special and unusual, but it was too strong. I wish I had this then... but I've got it now.
It surrounds me as I drift into a violet-scented sleep. It's great during the heat or during the cold. It makes me feel strong.
Rock on, violet lovers!
07th October, 2017

Perfume Calligraphy Saffron by Aramis

Strong dislike. All I could smell were the very, very bitter and herbal marigolds. No saffron, nothing warm, nothing nice at all. It was horrible. I sold my bottle on eBay for a loss. Happy enough that it's gone!
07th October, 2017

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Bit more of a personal perfume than a room-filling announcement.

I like it because it's smooth, simple, and sweet. It lasts a good long while. Is it worth $300? Eh, I dunno. But I love the cachet and the branding, so... sure!

I purchased the 10mlx5 travel vial set with the golden atomizer from the MFK site in France for $235 and am quite pleased with my good deal.

This is an excellent "I don't know what I want to wear, but I want to smell good" perfume. It's like a refined, crisp white shirt paired with a good pair of jeans.

It is linear, but it's more expensive than what the other girls are throwing on from Sephora, so while it may be basic, at least it isn't common.

I hope this will be my go-to "I don't know what to wear, so I'll wear this" perfume for quite some time. It's just... easy.
07th October, 2017

Guardian by Solstice Scents

Thumbs up. I don't like the opening, which is aggressively herbaceous, but give it thirty minutes and a chewy, amber/incense starts doing its thang, and it's quite delicious. Addictive. I purchased a bottle and split it with another gal. I don't need it all of the time, but I'm glad to have 30ml.
07th October, 2017

California Chocolate by Olympic Orchids

Smells like one of those chocolate Christmas oranges, flavored with citrus, that you smack on the table to "open." Love it, it's very simple - citrus and chocolate intermingled. It's great on a cool, foggy night. I like to wear this when my mood is foul or grumpy and I need a positive boost. It really is just that happy.
25th August, 2017

Mmmm… by Juliette Has a Gun

Look, it's kind of synthetic, but there is something compelling about it. It's really best when worn with another yummy, gourmand fragrance. It's sweet, a bit synthetic, warm. Definitely worth a spritz! I like wearing it with Intense Cafe by Montale. Bliss!

10th March, 2017

Roma Imperiale by Profumi del Forte

I can only wear this when I have a severe headcold - it is achingly, cloyingly, sickeningly sweet. That said, it's very comforting when you can't really smell a darned thing. If I'm having a good nose day though, it's entirely too much for me, makes me nauseated. It's pretty much a straight, sweet vanilla. Kind of like getting buried in a pile of sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. Kind of gross, unless it's super cold and foggy outside and you can't smell. Sillage and longevity are grand and loooong.
10th March, 2017
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