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Bois d'Ascèse by Naomi Goodsir

the definitive scent of whiskey, wood smoke, tobacco and cedar wood.
very alcoholic in the opening. then I imagine myself and my girlfriend eating in the mountain hut with the fireplace lit. at the end of dinner our clothes smell of burnt wood smoke and cedar wood that comes from outside. all while I sip a whiskey and a friend next to me and I smoke a cigar.
some notes of amber, labdanum and oak moss.
excellent perfume but I would not buy it. too extreme for me. but I admit it's really good. 8/10
excellent performance.
04th December, 2018

03. Apr.1968 by Rundholz Parfums

no no no, it's not for me. I appreciate the effort to create something different from the usual incense ... but this is too much.
my eyes water from the power of this perfume. but in a negative sense.
imagine initially the church incense that runs through the wine. here this is the beginning.
the heliotrope is annoying and disgusting.
the notes do not mix, they feel distinctly.
sour fruit, gummy candies, bonfires, litchi, red wine, Italian sweet sparkling wine, cough syrup, christmas, vomit, whiskey, these are just a few words that this scent evokes me. if I thought that the beaufort perfumes were not wearable, this is the perfection of the non-wearable perfume.
nausea, disgust, maybe this is contemporary art of perfume? one could object that even the perfumes made
 da filippo sorcinelli and the perfumes of beaufort are perhaps borderline fragrances and contemporary art? but at least they evoke something ... they have a story they want to evoke. this is a mess and that's it.
nausea and vomit. excellent performance.
vote 0/0

ps: if sahara noir is similar, tell me that I avoid buying it.
04th December, 2018

Ennui Noir by Unum

perhaps it is the most mainstream scent of sorcinelli.
not that it's a defect. opens a little confusing, with lavender and something sour that then fades immediately. then it becomes smooth-creamy with a non-gourmand vanilla and not cloying but very present. an elegant fragrance without a doubt. I feel something very spicy - maybe the myrtle or the heliotrope. the vetiver is a vetiver not clean but there is. the patchouli does the rest by commanding all the notes.
excellent performance unlike other reviews. only flaw: being a rather mainstream, fashionable fragrance, for the high price you can orient yourself towards commercial perfumes ... but if you are a madman of sorcinelli like me no. 7/10 is not a boring perfume. Sorcinelli's hand is there and feels.

upgrade:I like it more and more, certainly with respect to the mainstream it is of a higher quality. known of the slight notes of tobacco and anise. really class .mainstream but in a classy way. 8/10 great fragrance.
22nd March, 2018
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Symphonie-Passion by Unum

Filippo is also a musician, more properly an organist.

He regularly holds concerts all over the world and inserts,
in addition to the conventional repertoire, the art of improvisation.

Among the famous inventors of this discipline is Marcel Dupré,

organist who lived between 800 and 900, born in Rouen (Normandy) and lived in Paris.

Filippo dedicates the fifth fragrance to Dupré and his Symphonie-Passion,

four-stroke opera born as an improvisation during a tour

in the United States and transcribed in three years by Dupré himself in 1921.

Considered almost "non-playable" music due to its difficulty,

Symphonie-Passion evokes exactly the smell that Philip warned

when he himself, on a journey to Rouen, approached the lighted organ of the basilica of St. Ouen where Marcel Dupré was present at the executions of his
father and where he later returned as a great established organist,

recognized all over the world.

That damp and dusty wind, fresh and spicy musky,

which also evokes mechanical and wood gears and coming from inside the instrument, is fixed in the memory of Filippo, who proposes it as extrait de parfum.

Flacon and stopper are faded to remember just the material and the color

of the body of that organ.

Well he did it. I smell a woody, damp instrument in a church.
Oiled gears,smell of a cashmere sweater not used for some time. every note is present but in such a way as not to overpower the other. sometimes there are scents of lemon but light, wet wood, cedar wood but not invasive, a vetiver not clean as in ennui noir, very sandal but also light here ... slight smell of peony ... little imperceptible moss.
non-acre lemon, cashmere, and damp wood win over everything gently. a smell of an old church bench mixed with a little used musical instrument, the smell of a priest who confesses you, perhaps the smell of a confessional.
a mystical, meditative scent. another great masterpiece. not a sillage bomb but a lot of longevity. 8/10.
only applause.
22nd March, 2018

La Liturgie des Heures by Jovoy

a church incense but not the one that comes out during the liturgy by the priest's burning-incense. but it is that wonderful smell that is felt in an empty church. smell of old church woods smell of the confessional, smell of the church benches. smell of church, this describes the perfume perfectly. 9/10 one of my next purchases. excellent performance.
01st December, 2017

De Profundis by Serge Lutens

what a disappointment!!! do not deviate from the sweet and floral lutens. it is only very green as the cemetery flowers. but has a too sweet and too feminine base. violet is too strong and even the plum tree and soil tincture and incense are nonexistent. too feminine. for nothing sad. too feminine. great performance. 4/10
27th November, 2017

Laudano Nero by Tiziana Terenzi

I immediately say that my expectations have been disappointed.
I had great hopes on this scent ... but I was disappointed. it is not a bad scent but is not a dark scent. it is a scent that changes too many faces.
it has too many facets. sometimes it looks dark, sometimes sweet, sometimes aromatic, sometimes spicy. it's not as dark as I thought. and then in the end I hear only brandy and licorice that is not listed(licorice) and much wood. it's not a bad smell but all this hype is unjustified. if you want a drunk sweet that sometimes seems dark ok. but my rating is 6/10 excellent performance. but strong disappointment.
24th November, 2017 (last edited: 30th April, 2020)

Hamdani by Parfums de Marly

a dark incense leather. great scent dark, perhaps among the best. but the performances disappoint. 7/10
price is really too high.
24th November, 2017

Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

is a 2-stage perfume. The first stage almost burns the nostrils, in the foreground it feels like a burning incense , as if it were gasoline. a great smell because it is blended with flowers, cloves and styrax. a smell of flowered asphalt. fantastic. in my opinion, the camphor is also present in a massive way. all this makes it a masculine, dark, gothic perfume. amazing. vote 10/10 the ugly part comes after half an hour when the scent unfortunately turns into a very feminine tuberous strong.I would buy it equally, but I must first smell une voix noir and de profundis and then decide what to 8/10.

will follow another 2 reviews !!!
02nd November, 2017

L'Orpheline by Serge Lutens

very sweet and floral opening, soap, soapy soap, musk is not as annoying as the white musk, it is a great musk.s, I confirm a mild metallic note and also a well-known cipriata.ora goes to the old style female side with hints of wood sandal.the incense fatigue. is almost imperceptible. there is smell of church but not strong. smells of some scent of narcissus rodriguez.
the smell is delicate, sweet and balmy. there is pepper in the composition. is a good relaxing scent for elegant evenings. but I expected more incense.
vote 7/10
great performance.
elegant scent to dine out, very delicate.
I believe overrated.

if you are looking for an expensive alternative to prada infusion of homme and prada amber this is great.

more on the female side.

little incense. very sweet moss.
02nd November, 2017

Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto by Unum

this is the darkest and extraordinary scent I have ever experienced.
from the beginning slightly citrus ... it becomes a smell of photographic film ... asphalt, incense.I leaves breathless, evokes melancholy, sadness and hope behind her cinnamon note. church, cemeteries, darkness of the soul, solitude, meditation. it is not a sad scent. is the scent of the lonely man who meditates, who is obscure but loves life. sorcinelli is an incredible character. and this fragrance tells all his story. organ, old books, bitter sweetness. this perfume sweeps into me my deeper and hidden memories and feelings.
impressive force. 10/10 the finest perfume that exists.
16th October, 2017