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Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum by Chanel

Just bland and boring like its name. Performances are good.
16th August, 2020

Nightingale by Zoologist Perfumes

It is a nice floral with a beautiful vintage feeling and some spice but it doesnít last long enough for it to be enjoyed fully.
13th August, 2020

Tramp by Lush

I own the body spray but itís very strong. A good deal for a true and nice patchouli. Itís too masculine for me to wear it on its own but I love layering it with something softer or sweeter like a coconut-based fragrance to give the fragrance a bit more character.
12th August, 2020
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Cocktail by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

This cocktail for sure has a (few) maraschino cherry(ies) on top. The opening is full on Ylang ylang with a bit of clear jasmine mixed up, and may be prunes with alcohol as a top note, without forgetting the usual candy lemon from Lush.

Great and original, as often for this house.
05th August, 2020

Hyrax by Zoologist Perfumes

Some kid had diarrhea in a just-cleaned-up hospital wing. Then someone put incense to hide it and failed.

Ok, this is well done, but donít wear it.
03rd August, 2020

Vanille 44 by Le Labo

Vanilla as a spice, as it should be. The incense gives it a peppery, dusty feeling while the amber comforts you even more.

An instant love for a vanilla fan. So different from others.
03rd August, 2020

Shooting Stars : Ibitira by Xerjoff

Ibitira starts off with a beautiful powdery Iris and then freshens yo a sweet eau de Cologne kind of smell. Lovely enough.
03rd August, 2020

Valentina Poudre by Valentino

I love this fragrance. Itís like a hypnotic poison gone all soft but staying strong.
01st August, 2020

Lipstick Fever by Juliette Has a Gun

A light, non sticky, almost only iris fragrance. Very agreeable but nothing special here.
28th July, 2020

Accento by Sospiro

A nice fruity floral that, for once, gives a typically masculine feeling. I wouldnít wear it, as a woman. It projects too much Vetiver for me.
28th July, 2020

Not a Perfume - Superdose by Juliette Has a Gun

Slightly better than the normal ę†Not a perfume†Ľ but only because you can actually smell something else than alcohol. Itís bitter and itchy in the nose. Performances are good. Iím tempted to make this a negative review but Iím leaving it neutral, because the name fits it and youíve been warned.

Edit: I wish I liked it because Iíve never received so many compliments about a fragrance. It doesnít go unnoticed and Iíve had people (men and women) tell me things like : if I could I would frenchkiss you right now.
27th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Jebel by Xerjoff

Another great one from Xerjoff. The opening has got a bit of a cough syrup feeling that goes towards a powdery rose and clean jasmine. Lovely combinations and great performances for summer.
26th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Wabar by Xerjoff

A strawberry and rose soap opening that goes a bit towards your usual masculine fragrance. Lovely and original.
24th July, 2020
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Natura Fabularis : 2 Violaceum by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The opening is more iris than violet, with a powdery feeling. Then comes in the sugar and acidity of violet candies and the bitterness of leather. Great!
21st July, 2020

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

How great! This tea has some smoked whiskey and honey in it. Very different.
It can make you think of a less cloying and more fruity version of tobacco vanille.
Super performances.
21st July, 2020

Bucoliques de Provence by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A light but lovely but different lavender, with some gentle powdery iris and spices. Nice.
21st July, 2020

Flower's Barrow by Gorilla Perfume

I think this is a love or hate one. Itís a lot of geranium (with its mosquito spray lemongrass feeling) and some powdery rose. I would like it if it didnít have those itchy notes. Thereís also something milky (like a rose milk shake) that I really love sometimes. Excellent performances. It ends up with some incense which is lovely.
21st July, 2020

Ouverture by Sospiro

What a gorgeous, totally unisex, balsamic fruity floral. Loved it at first sniff. Non cloying but sweet. Great performances.
17th July, 2020

Clove by Demeter Fragrance Library

Very oily, spot on, wearable and lovely for a Demeter. Low performances (like a Demeter).
17th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Oesel by Xerjoff

Itís amazing how different from anything else this fragrance can be, specially on the masculine fragrance market. Iím a woman. I love it. The opening is something very strong and balsamic. Then it softens to a lot of orange flowers and some amber powder. Gorgeous.
08th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Lua by Xerjoff

Light, clear, yet powerful and powdery. So well done for a floral, fitting a lot of noses and occasions.
08th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Dhofar by Xerjoff

I have a sample of the oil, and itís very usual for a masculine fragrance. Nothing to hate, but nothing impressive either.
08th July, 2020

17/17 Damarose by Xerjoff

A beautiful rose thatís not too itchy or sweet or acid like many other beautiful roses, but only a beautiful rose nonetheless
07th July, 2020

Champ de Fleurs by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A very nice mix of white flowers, with mostly a ripe jasmine, a fresh lily of the valley and an old tuberose. Much less cute this better than others of the genre. Great!
07th July, 2020

Shooting Stars : Shingl by Xerjoff

A sweet opening of fruit and candy volet that quickly evolves towards a sticky but powdery iris. Great and different. Good performances.
05th July, 2020

Mimosa Pour Moi by L'Artisan Parfumeur

A beautiful mix of heliotrope and mimosa, thatís got a soft and sweet Playdoh almond scent.
01st July, 2020

Poivre Piquant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Poivre piquant is actually very sweet, with a Tobacco Vanille style of honey. Quite different for a gourmand.
01st July, 2020

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Iím a woman, and I can say that Iím an absinth fan. But I donít find my beloved plant in this, while I find it in many green fragrance. This one is grey, opening with an earthy mix of thyme, rosemary and other dry herbs and leading to a Lush sweet spicy greenness. Great and different.
30th June, 2020

Mťchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Itís hard to describe, but itís very pleasing for a woman. It smells like my redhead skin when itís sun-kissed, with also some freshness from herbs and clean spices. Beautiful.
30th June, 2020

Natura Fabularis : 32 Venenum by L'Artisan Parfumeur

It leans a bit too masculine for me, but itís a beautiful herbal liquor with a lot of pepper in the opening. I also get a cologne-like citrus sweetness. A bit too average and weak for the price, though.
30th June, 2020