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Tainted Love No. 62 by Tokyo Milk

Warm, sweet, a very foody scent. If it really is as evil as its name suggests, it’s a subtle, passive aggressive evil.
26th March, 2017 (last edited: 04th April, 2017)

Blood by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

I think I'm slowly learning not to bother with dragon's blood scents, because they all smell like cough syrup to me. This one, alas, was no different.
26th March, 2017

Miskatonic University by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Heavenly! I’m not usually one for coffee, but I’m absolutely carried away by the creamy sweetness here.
26th March, 2017
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Vixen by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

First impressions: Very hippie, putting me in mind of a new age store. There are light flowers and an odd vegetable scent. I have to hunt hard for the spice.

After drying down: This fades into something more foody and honey scented, though not as strong as Snake Oil. It's a pleasant scent, but since I already have a full bottle of Snake Oil I doubt I'd buy a full bottle of Vixen.
26th March, 2017

Kali by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Very complex and layered. The chocolate and red wine is a great combination, with a floral background. Seems like a date night perfume.
26th March, 2017

Baobhan Sith by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Divinely evil grapefruit, ghostly and appetizing. I have an imp of this already, but it’s almost out, and it’s one of my favorites so I’m super happy to get more!
26th March, 2017

Spellbound by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Pure rose in the bottle, pure musk on my skin. It's a cool idea, so I hope it works better on other people's bodies.
26th March, 2017

Zombi by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This rose is sweet and dark, odder than most other floral scents. It’s a great woods witch perfume. I remember trying this in college and not caring for it, but perhaps my pallet has grown.
26th March, 2017

Bulletproof No. 45 by Tokyo Milk

Heavily smokey with a green, medicinal afternote. Not really my cup of tea, but I can’t fault the name.
26th March, 2017

Everything & Nothing No. 10 by Tokyo Milk

Soft and flowery, with a citrus base. More of a fairy scent than a witch scent.
26th March, 2017