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Cédrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne

The perfume opens with a beautiful bouquet of linden blossoms mixed with crispy lemon. I couldn’t help but think to myself: "This is irresistible, I pray it lasts and doesn’t turn into...." a monstrous synthetic grip. Oh, but yes it did. A grip on my mind, a grip on my nose, a grip on my lungs. A grip that lasts and lasts and lasts for an eternity. What a massacre, what gruesome crime and assault on the initial beauty of this fragrance. And it is not even hidden. The perfumer, it seems, didn't even bother to spare our senses, but is making a public execution – blunt, cruel and crude, for all to see.

I couldn’t even make myself to give this scent a neutral rating, despite my deep love for linden blossoms, and despite knowing that there were none in the formula. But I was willing to let myself forget it all, until that synthetic hammer smashed it all to pieces. What an ethereal perfume this could have been, were Atelier Cologne willing to approach it gently and carefully and consider the beauty more than the efficiency. I will take a short-lived perfume 100 times out of 100, as long as I love how it makes me feel, but I cannot obtain such a concoction that hijacks my senses and so shamelessly mocks what was a fleeting beauty – just because it lasts....
22nd July, 2021

Rentless by Lush

This is the first edition of Lush that really resonates with me and earned my sincere respect. It is a very intense, deep and dark fragrance, albeit relatively simple. Resinous, ambery, mossy and mystical, especially in the opening. Then, at least on my skin, it settles into a long-lasting aroma without further development or even dry-down. But I had no issue with that. A very pleasant surprise was the fact that I didn’t sense any bothering chemicals that might have been responsible for the longevity of the perfume. It was more like a mixture of pure essential oils with strong base notes. Hence the simplicity. But it worked wonderfully for me. Quite a unique perfume.

As with all perfumes – definitely try it on your skin and take some time before going for it. If your only consideration is the intensity of this scent – then perhaps Lush’s Lord Of Misrule or Molinard’s Vanille Patchouli will work better for you. They are really close to Rentless - and even closer to each other.
07th July, 2021

Junk by Lush

I really wanted to like this perfume, but alas. It is dominated by the blackcurrant aromatic approximation, which turns it into a flat fruity scent after a little while. Perhaps reducing the blackcurrant and adding some mint might make this a more beautiful, complex and elevating fragrance.
05th July, 2021
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