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Bois et Fruits by Serge Lutens

The first time I tried Feminite du Bois, I completely fell in love and sprung for a full bottle. Now, a few years later I finally got a sample of Bois et Fruits to try. They are very similar, with the same backbone of warm cedar, but while FdB has soft floral undertones, this has juicy peach and plums. I can't smell the fig, but that's ok because I haven't liked many fig scents (I hate Diptyque Philosykos and L'Artisan Caligna is almost as bad). I love this scent, and if I would have tried it first, I'm sure I would have bought the full bottle, but where it stands now, I already have something very similar.
10th September, 2017

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate by Comme des Garçons

Incense that is never smoky, but rather both cold and warm at the same time. I get the feeling of cold rocks laced with a hint of spice with a little bit of floral (jasmine?) peeking through. I love incense scents, but most seem too masculine for me to wear out in public, but I absolutely love this. It's wearable and warm yet mysterious.
12th August, 2017

Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me by By Kilian

Without looking at the notes, I would guess peaches and plums. But geranium and cinnamon? Possibly a hint of geranium, but no cinnamon at all. This is a sugary floral, rich with ripe summer fruit mixed with a hint of a sweet, velvety rose.
Normally I can't stand fruity florals, but Kilian is making me reconsider. This smells absolutely lovely and is perfect for summer, either for daytime wear or on a date. I can't help but associate fruity florals with younger girls though, and I feel that this may be a little too immature for me, and I probably wouldn't wear it to work. To me, it's a very feminine scent, and though unisex, I can't imagine it on a man. Then again, I've never smelled a fruity floral on a man before, and maybe it just needs the right person to carry it off.
I would buy this and wear it if it costs $60 or less, but I don't think it's worth the price.
09th August, 2017
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Oud Saphir by Atelier Cologne

At first spray, I get a blast of jammy fruit. I swear I can detect plum, though that's not listed as one of the notes. Almost immediately, the leather shines through. Its not so much as an animal leather, but rather the smell of expensive Italian leather or a brand new luxury car. Later, the oud starts peeking through, but it remains understated throughout, giving it almost a mahogany-like backbone. I don't detect neither the bergamot nor the pink pepper, but the vanilla makes this wood and leather concoction sweeter and a little more feminine. I was surprised that I like this as much as I do because normally I prefer wood and leather scents to be mixed with either florals or fruits, but I find this to be both beautiful and wearable. Though it has saphir/sapphire in the title, this scent appears to me as a rich, deep, reddish purple. Overall I would give this an 8/10 and is something I definitely want added to my collection.
05th August, 2017

À la Nuit by Serge Lutens

I had a sample of this, and when I smelled it straight from the vial, it was fresh, soft, and clean. It reminded me of a yellow candle with a name like "Sunshine." On my skin though, it was a beautiful, pure white jasmine smell, like a bridal bouquet. It was gorgeous, though linear and somewhat "virginal," as the jasmine never got that sexy, "skanky" smell and I could not get any traces of the musk. I then dabbed a bit of Creed's Santal Imperial on top and it was complete love at first sniff. It was almost too feminine for me and needed something masculine to make it a little less "pure."

Overall, I think it is a beautiful scent, though I wish it had more depth. By itself, I'd give it a 6/10.
04th August, 2017

Midnight Fleur by Nest

Though there are no fruity notes, the sweet vanilla mixed with the heady florals make it smell jammy. Like another reviewer said, the patchouli reminds me of Angel, but the florals make it more feminine. Definitely a rich evening scent. It smells good on me, but not captivating enough to make me want a bottle
02nd August, 2017

Walk of Shame by Smell Bent

This is a cold, harsh chemical smell. It smells like the stuff that janitors would use to clean up puke in an elementary school. I guess I can get some concrete notes, but no sexy musk, florals, or anything that seems human/organic. Can't wait to wash this off
02nd August, 2017

Holy Water by Demeter Fragrance Library

I used to own this and it was a fresh, watery, summer floral that drew lots of compliments. Unfortunately, the bottle went bad and it smelled sour, whether sprayed on my skin or the air. Looking to re-buy this fragrance.
21st July, 2017