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Join The Club : 40 Knots by Xerjoff

Too sweet and floral for me to be an aquatic, in fact I found it performs better in cold weather than in hot days.
Performance/price ratio too low: sillage aprox half arm. After 2 hours is barely distinguished at skin level.
Bottle and box are pieces of art...maybe I would buy a full bottle just for those. I will search sea elsewhere.
18th June, 2019

Myths Man by Amouage

I smell as main notes the ash, the labdanum, resins and some flowers...i can't really dissect this parfume more than this, it's a complex marvel!
Just let me give you the hint to not be stingy with this, even if has very good sillage and longevity at first spray:overspray!
When i bought the sample i used to spray just a shot to test my and my wife's noses, it smelled very animalic to me, my wife used this exact term: dung!
Then i decided to end it up quickly and sprayed 3 shots (for me 3 is ocerspraying for Amouages), my wife's reaction was exactly the opposed and spontaneusly asked about my parfum 'cause it smelled very fresh and i also can confirm there is a big difference!
This to me is one worthy to be called an artwork!
11th March, 2019 (last edited: 13th March, 2019)

Viking by Creed

5 stars overall.
It is very rare to find an aquatic citrous with this performance, long lasting, good projection and very pleasant to almost every tastes.
It can be represented as the ancestor from the north of Erolfa. Its aquatic is more of a lagoon than of a sea, a salty lagoon in bloom of Salento...
11th March, 2019
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Aventus by Creed

I must admit, i like Aventus, my wife do, other people does. I really love it and maybe one day, when my collection will be reduced to 3/4 flasks, one will be Aventus.
But I also hate it because it seems the "Allure Homme Sport of the high society": too widespread, the only limiting agent is it's price!

Apart that, a good balance of smokyness and freshness make Aventus a perfect fragrance for all seasons, sillage and longevity are very good. One must try it at least once.
11th March, 2019

Musc for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Can't tell. Honestly with this one i thought i have a strong anosmia (than i smelled Musc Tonkin:D ).
To me is just a nice soapy scent.
11th March, 2019

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

2 decants and a test in the Rinascente in Milan because i was not believing.
Apart the fact that i can't smell no ashish, no weed, nothing similar. But...are you crazy??? 180 euros for 30 ml (6 euros per ml!) for a flat ash/tobacco/smoke scent?
Has enormous sillage and longevity, but they are not enought to justify that price, even if you love simple edp with few notes. This seems to follow the rule "the bigger the lie, the more they will believe it".
11th March, 2019

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Great thumbs up for me.
Honestly i can't find the similitude with Cool Water. I could imagine Cool Water as a californian muscled oiled surfer, while GIT evokes me the image of a distinguished german man well dressed for the Sunday Mass in a fresh sunny day...maybe they share the same blonde hair.
Good performance.
11th March, 2019

Encre Noire à l'Extrême by Lalique

Surprisingly i found this weaker than it's EDT brother.
I love incense and if you are searching for a starting point, this could be the one.
As it's called "extreme" i was expecting something stronger or even darker than EN EDT.
11th March, 2019

Encre Noire by Lalique

Cheap but good crowd pleaser!
11th March, 2019

Memoir Man by Amouage

This was a blind buy based on the olfactory pyramid, so i admit i was expecting a fresher perfume (and maybe this is the fresher Amouage anyway).
Apart from that it's another perfectly blended juice. Basil and mint are well distinguishable at the beginning, than they leave the place to a clean vetiver + amber + tobacco + oakmoss. Smells very clean and i suppose this should be the most inoffensive of the Amouages.
I can realize that we cannot ask Amouage to get away from his DNA, but if basil + mint lasted longer and if the base notes had been with less tobacco and amber, maybe...
I must admit that i just went wrong expectating a sunny spring day at the countryside from a parfume that comes in a black dress and a black foggy box...from this point of view memoir is what he promise: a winter foggy morning in the woods!
11th March, 2019

Interlude Man by Amouage

Sweet woody incense!
Sweet in a very masculine way (reminds me the sweetness of "flying dutchman" pipe tobacco).
Woods, leather and incense equilibrate the parfume and madeit very smooth and mature.
Performance is on top, one spray could be more than enough for an office day.
What i find surprising in most of Amouage is their behaving (to my nose at least) depending on how musch spray you put on and how longer they are on your clothes...i smell them very different during the day. Other parfums, when increasing number of sprays, increase just their strenght and sillage, Amouages seems to turn into a slightly different fragrance.
I like it very much, and i can report other men liked it, women don't like it that much unfortunately.
11th March, 2019

Terroni by Orto Parisi

Just sampled from First in Fragrance.
Terroni starts with a note very similar to Interlude man (but more sharp), then after almost an hour Interlude dies and all that's left is Black i give my disappointment because in this juice as in BA i find more marketing than...juice. Nice bottle, nice red coloured liquid, a great hype around it's name and what it should evoke, all things that shares with BA but the content is not worth the price to me. It's a shame because the strenght and longevity and sillage, are all at highest level but at that price i WANT a 360 degrees parfum!
To my nose it's too flat, i can smell blonde tobacco, ashes and some kind of vetiver. I think Gualtieri should explore more ingredients than the 12/15 on his shelf.
11th March, 2019

Rose Musc by Narciso Rodriguez

This is WOW!
I usually find all pafumes in my collection as overpriced... not for this.
I gave this to my wife as gift and it's so damn sexy.
It is a triumph of rose blended with something remembers cambodi oud, is a very "rounded" and balanced fragrance.

Sillage is good at first spray, 2 and you're ok for a men hunt.
Longevity: from shower to shower.
04th January, 2018
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