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Roadster by Cartier

This is a typical Cartier scent meaning: Use with caution! It's absolutely sure to leave a strong impression. If you are looking for a scent that people notice, well this is the one. Just like many other Cartier fragrances: Less = more here. The spicy sharp notes are sure to make you nauseous and give you a sturdy headache IF you apply too much. So use one or two spays and but it back, that way you'll be able to enjoy the scent's true character: warm, woody, spicy, masculine, mint / vanilla, which otherwise will be overruled by the extreme harsh opening this has. Very unique. Bottle and name really reflect the smell. Projection is extreme so again, less is more. It prefer wearing this on colder days / winter time. I love it, but because it's so outspoken I only wear it every now and then, and definitely in moderation.
26th March, 2018

Versace l'Homme by Versace

I have about 20-25 colognes; mostly old school power houses like Kouros, Givency Gentleman (1978), Dunhill for men (1934), Lauder for men (1984), but this one always ranks on top of my list.
Brings back wonderful memories of the late 1980's.
I'm buying this since 2001 and do feel it changed a little from time to time but I could be wrong. There very well COULD have been 3 formulations but I'm not sure. I recently bought an old school bottle but it probably had gone bad since it lacked a lot of notes, so I'm not sure. I talked to a longtime perfume shop owner who was pretty certain it did not change. Could be explained by the fact that 'l Homme seems to smell totally different (and better) in warmer climates. At home (in Holland) I mostly get a sharp opening and the character only comes to play after a few hours (and not on the skin, but clothing only) That character is the true warm, deep, classic Italian macho feel that makes this fragrance so great! When on holiday in a warmer climate I immediately smell that warm heart, so I think warmer days work best with this one.
Projection differs from bottle to bottle. Had a 'shop bought' bottle that had poor projection, Now have a new one bought online which has incredible projection for a least 8-12 hours. Would love to hear from long time users; did it change? Nonetheless I'm very very happy they still make this Classic Conundrum.
21st August, 2017