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Individuel by Montblanc

I like this fragrance for the price, for the longevity, for the projection, but not really for the scent.

It smells like the 90s. There's a prominent berry note throughout the life of this. I can see it doing really well with the ladies. It seems like many of the floral, fruity, champagne-bubbly frags have that kind of magnetism about them, so it might be nice to keep a bottle around that fits that description. But I'll look elsewhere.

I found a bottle for $20, and for $20 this doesn't smell cheap, it just smells a touch outdated.

But keep in mind here, this neutral review is all about my taste. The fragrance itself is an absolute steal for $20, so long as you enjoy how it smells.

I see this as a more casual fragrance, warmer weather, daytime. Not for work, not formal, not on a date, not in colder months.

Scent: 4/10

Longevity: 8/10

Sillage: 8/10
02nd November, 2018

Prada L'Homme by Prada

Tried this at a fragrance counter and immediately related it to other fragrances, so it doesn't get any points for originality.

It has this powdery onset reminiscent of Armani's Code, and it didn't ever deviate from the comparison.

It didn't last long. It didn't project much. I really had to bury my face in my arm 90 minutes later if I wanted to smell it.

I can see this a safe fragrance as it's weak. It could be a dumb grab for some, but I have many fragrances in my collection that fill the same void and much, much better.

Scent: 6/10 (0 for originality)

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 2/10
23rd October, 2018

Versace pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace

This smells like an Olivier Polge creation, and that's a compliment.

When I bought this I had no oud experience. Now I have Creed's Royal Oud, Dior's Leather Oud, I'm ordering Varvatos's Oud, I'll jump down the TF oud rabbit hole next.

So know that my oud experience is just starting. That said, this fragrance is incredible. It lasts all day, it has a very complex and interesting mutation throughout the day; I love it and I hope it's here to stay.

The Versace 'Pour Homme X' name means very little. Dylan Blue is nothing like Original is nothing like Oud Noir. But I love all three for their own reasons. I think this series is among the best in the designer world at this time. But they are not flankers of one another, not at all.

I see this fragrance as a cool weather choice. It is on the more elegant side of things, so I'm more inclined to wear this with a collar than with a pair of jeans. Safe for work, albeit a bit daring. I'd put this on the same shelf as my 'power colognes' but I wouldn't rank it near the top.

I've gotten good, memorable reactions from this one.

Wear it to the office, wear it in Autumn, in Winter, at night. It's a true gem.

Scent: 9/10

Longevity: 8/10

Sillage: 9/10
24th September, 2018
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La Nuit de L'Homme Eau de Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent

I really like this juice.

I'd yet to find a lavender frag that did anything for me, but this one is blended so well that I might consider my mind changed. If you're a fan of The One, you'll like YSL La Nuit.

Dive deep into the reviews for this one, sure. But I think you could blind buy this and be ok (and I don't say that a lot). I have a hard time imagining someone not liking something about this.

It has a wide application range, but only for shorter encounters. The performance on this one is around five or six hours, and the strength has a fairly quick drop-off. Applied at 8:30 this morning this frag is gone by the time I get back from lunch.

I see this as more of an evening cologne, regardless of season.

Wear it on a date (not a first date), spray it on your dinner jacket before an event, wear it for close encounters, wear it at night when it's just you, your chair, your pipe. You can pull this off with a suit, but there might be a better choice.

I think I'll try the Parfum when this bottle dies.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 4/10

19th September, 2018

Leather Oud by Christian Dior

This is a tough one.

It's a fragrance that I can appreciate. I can smell the history in it. To smell this is to understand something deep and contextual regarding all fragrance. But I have a tough time wearing it.

Many reviews exclaim this as dirty. Many as masculine.

I don't see this as smelling dirty as much as smelling old. I feel decades older wearing this. I'm in my 30s (for reference).

It also doesn't really push the 'masculine' envelope either. I can definitely tell I'm wearing a unisex fragrance. If anything it opens on the feminine side.

It's called 'Leather Oud'. It neither commits to a deep oud nor a complex leather. If I want oud, I have it better in another fragrance. Likewise for leather.

It performs well. If I liked how it smells that would be a strength.

It's a neat one to have in my collection as a small decant. It helps me understand other fragrances better. But it is more a tool of a collector than it is a signature scent for a man.

Scent: 3/10

Longevity: 9/10

Sillage: 9/10
12th September, 2018

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

This was the first fragrance I bought as an adult male. It has a ton of nostalgia for me, but I think I can be objective here.

When I first bought this in 2009 there was nothing else like it. It had a subtle sweetness to it, a light yet rich spice and tobacco combination. This scent will forever remind me of changing seasons.

I want to talk about the EDT vs the EDP here, too. I think if you love this fragrance, owning both is the way to go. I don't see the EDP as a strict replacement for this bottle, because they are subtly different and consequently their applications are not the same.

The DNA is very much the same. In the opening they are nearly identical. Where they differ is in the dry down. There is something almost darker, definitely deeper, about the EDP. And there's a note that isn't present in the EDT. There's almost an incense or patchouli note in there. It's almost like the incense note in ADG Profumo.

But seeing as how the EDT doesn't have that note, it's a touch lighter, lasts a bit less. And for this reason I don't restrict it to colder weather. You can pull this off in the summer with relative ease. Not to say you would; there are tons of fragrances far better suited for the summer months.

Try before you buy. But if you love it, keep a bottle of both around. I haven't had much luck with the flankers for this one.

I'm wearing it right now at work: it's mid-September and raining.

Wear this one in the fall, when it rains, maybe in late March. Much better for daytime than a night out. It's safe for work, for a casual date. You can wear it at home, at night, in your favorite chair, reading a magazine. It's not right for a suit, the clubs, or intimate encounters.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 6/10

Sillage: 5/10
07th September, 2018

Versace pour Homme Dylan Blue by Versace

I do love this fragrance, and I'm not even a bit ashamed.

It is definitely Versace's crack at BDC, and this is better. It might come down to taste for some, but I really feel like this fragrance is doing everything BDC is doing and more.

It fits most any situation or time of year. Day/Night. Warm/Cold. Office/Date. It's not always the best grab for the situation, but it is never excluded from the conversation.

There's a bucket that I put a few choice, contemporary fragrances in. It's like an ambrox bucket. Sauvage, BDC, ADG Profumo, Dylan Blue. The list continues to grow. But there's a clear gradient:

Profumo > Dylan Blue > Sauvage > BDC.

I think the Versace is both miles beneath ADG Profumo and miles above the other two.

If you like BDC, replace it with Dylan Blue. It's half the price and performs as well or better.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 9/10

Sillage: 8/10
29th August, 2018

John Varvatos Platinum Edition by John Varvatos

This is a neat fragrance, but not only is it not for me, it's weak. I won't go so far as to say it's lazy, because there is some subtle originality to it.

Think Luna Rossa Black or JPG Le Male or 360 Black (I could go on) but with a more creative edge.

It's just weak. It will project for a couple of hours and then it kind of goes away. I will say that it can be a dumb grab in a pinch when you need a power fragrance immediately.

It will be powerful enough for a few hours, and you won't care if it causes any negative associations.

Wear this fragrance to break up with someone or before you have surgery.

Scent: 4/10

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 5/10
17th August, 2018

Polo Ultra Blue by Ralph Lauren

This is simply an improved Polo Blue. Replace your bottle of Blue with Ultra Blue.

At the very beginning it made me think it was Lauren's attempt to crack into the Sauvage market, but the sharp metal that comes from those types of fragrance lasts all of fifteen minutes. After that it dips right back into a very similar Polo Blue DNA.

It lasts about 4-5 hours reliably. It opens up more as you sweat, so choose warm weather and warm events for it.

This has the same application as Blue: To the beach, to brunch, on the golf course. It could be a work fragrance, but there are many better choices in that department.

Scent: 6/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 5/10
03rd August, 2018

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

This scent is safe. This scent is familiar and not terribly inventive.

The opening is sweet, a kind of fruity musk. There's a purple Starburst somewhere in my childhood. BDC EDP smells just like that at the onset.

Beyond that it dries into something a bit metallic, a bit generic. I detect an ambroxan that isn't listed in the notes. It fits in the same bucket as Sauvage, ADG Profumo, and Dylan Blue. I think it's near the bottom of these types of fragrance.

The EDP isn't too far from the EDT, so comparisons between the two don't carry much weight with me. This seems to be about the same in its scent profile but with a better performance.

Again, it is safe, and it works in most situations.

Wear it to work, wear it day or night, wear it socially.

This is the kind of fragrance worn by someone who only owns one fragrance.

Scent: 4/10

Longevity: 7/10

Sillage: 8/10
02nd August, 2018

Aura for Men by Jacomo

As a fan of CK's Contradiction I blind bought Aura on a forum recommendation. I don't hate the scent, but I probably won't re-up when this runs out.

Take its opening: green, bright, a touch synthetic and sticky. I don't detect a ton of complexity in the dry-down; the listed base notes don't make much of an appearance.

I can appreciate what it's trying to do. And the history that other reviewers here have delved into is valuable. But this fragrance has become more of an air freshener to me than a cologne.

If you have a teenager and they don't care about brands, I could see this being a nice starter. I'd rather my son smell like this than One Million.

Scent: 5/10

Longevity: 4/10

Sillage: 3/10
31st July, 2018

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

This is a good scent, not a great scent. This is an original scent, but not a powerful scent. I feel like Polo Blue is the lens through which I view most aquatics.

From the moment you spray it you know what it is. It is bright, fresh, and the melon, oh lord, the melon! I really appreciate the opening on this fragrance.

If you like Nautica Voyage, you can probably blind buy this with pretty certain success.

Where this fragrance falls short: its longevity. Applied at 9am this is faint by noon. It projects a fairly small radius. I wish I knew more about the dry-down, but I feel like it is still changing by the time it disappears. It is one of those fragrances where I feel like I never really get to experience the base notes.

A summer fragrance, for sure. Not quite for the beach, but definitely for a day on the boat, a day at the golf course, a day in the park. Not for nighttime, dates, or formals.

Scent: 7/10

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 4/10
31st July, 2018

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

I will say this every time about Varvatos fragrance notes: They are not very helpful.

I give this fragrance a thumbs up for how great it smells and how versatile it is. But its longevity is pretty lacking.

Applied at 9am it is faint and hard to detect by 1pm. I keep a bottle on my desk in case I forget cologne when I'm getting ready.

So if it doesn't perform particularly well, and it doesn't project much, why do I like it?

It's gotten me a few compliments, sure. But where this one shines is how many different situations it suits. You can wear this casually, formally, to the office, with a suit, with a pair of jeans. You get the picture.

And its smell is great. There aren't many in my collection that I could compare it to. Maybe a far superior and more creative Gucci Guilty Black?

I'm confused as to how the Vintage version of this fragrance has no problem lasting all day and this one needs a redux around noon. I actually spray my office with it before meetings. Its faint lingering in the air is conducive to making a room smell great.

Wear this anywhere, any season, any time, to anything. Spray it on yourself, on your clothes, on your sheets, in the air. It's an expensive and more luxurious Febreeze.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 4/10
25th July, 2018
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Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

This is Armani's shot across the bow of JPG Le Male. And they crush it.

It has the same essential effort to it: nighttime, dark, spicy, powerful. But it has a formal touch to it that JPG doesn't have. Beyond some of the intent behind this fragrance, the comparison with Le Male stops.

Powder. That's the first thing to detect. It is very present in the opening. There is a faint citrus worked into it, but powder is all I get up front.

It does dry down fairly quickly into something more complex. The spice is always well balanced with a vanilla accord that I can appreciate.

This is a great cologne. Not my favorite. Maybe it cracks the top 20 in my collection; there are some days I think 'this is my last bottle' and some days where I think I should always keep it around.

My ex demanded I wore it for most every close encounter, for whatever that's worth. Ultimately, I could do without the powder, but projection and longevity are solid.

I also like having something in my wardrobe that has this scent profile and isn't Le Male.

Wear this on a date, to an after-work office party, and never without a white collar.

Scent: 7/10

Longevity: 8/10

Sillage: 7/10
24th July, 2018

Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

While not much of a fan of original ADG, the profumo is quite good.

I put this in the same bucket as Sauvage, BDC, and Versace's Dylan Blue. But of this group, ADG Profumo is the clear winner.

First off, the atomizer on this bottle is high-tech. It is a strong blast and very easy to control.

The brightness at the onset is brilliant, the musk underneath is prominent but not overpowering. A bit more refined than BDC, more mature and sophisticated than Sauvage.

I get a solid eight hours on the skin. 10-12 on clothes. It has no problem performing.

I don't see this as an office fragrance. Rather I see it as a night out, a few buttons undone, something that attracts and then when encounters get close isn't cloying or distracting.

Scent: 9/10

Longevity: 9/10

Sillage: 9/10
18th July, 2018

360 Degrees Red for Men by Perry Ellis

This is amazing. There is nothing I've found like it. Comparisons to ADG baffle me, I simply don't see it.

It's a hard fragrance to describe. It's clean, bright, subtly spicy, and definitely worth a blind buy.

I will own a bottle of this for the rest of my life.

It lasts about four hours on the skin. Slightly longer on clothes. If there is one department where it's lacking, this is it. It doesn't last as long as the white or black versions of this, but it smells far better.

A great scent. Very versatile. Wear it in the spring, summer, or fall. Wear it to work, casually, on a date, to the golf course.

It fits most anywhere.

Scent: 10/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 6/10
18th July, 2018

Luna Rossa Black by Prada

This scent is boring and unimaginative. It is Le Male in a better bottle.

Buy Perry Ellis 360 Black for a third of the price. You’ll get a better fragrance that is in the exact same vein.

Applied at 9am and barely noticeable at 5pm. Call it relevant for about four hours. Decent projection.

I’ll rate this exactly how I rated 360 Black, solely on principle.

Scent: 6/10 (0 for originality)

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 5/10

12th July, 2018

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

I really like this cologne. I went through a 4.2 of Artisan and its longevity problems drove me not to buy another. But I'm fond of the creativity that comes out of House Varvatos so I bought this one blind.

Seriously. This fragrance is marvelous. It has a bright and bitter citrus opening that reminds me of neroli but is noticeably different.

In the drydown I find a deep, woody note and a jasmine note that delicately dance with one another without overpowering one another.

The notes listed on Varvatos fragrances always make me laugh; there are far too many to count, and they always seem really embellished. I feel like I'm looking at a brunch menu.

Here's what you need to know: it smells good, it's somehow both a fresh aquatic and a complex and masculine oriental.

I'm in my office wearing chinos, a chambray, and a pair of beaten leather shoes. And I'm wearing this. It's a great pairing. I get a good 5-6 hours out of it which, for a Varvatos fragrance, is outstanding. Objectively? It's OK.

You can wear this to the beach, on a date, on casual Friday. Avoid wearing it with a suit. There are better fragrances to choose for close encounters.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 6/10

10th July, 2018

360 Degrees Black for Men by Perry Ellis

While not a huge fan of cardamom-heavy scents I do enjoy the opening of this one. This is probably due to the subtle brightness in the accompanying ginger and spice. I almost detect citrus.

I don't get much in the middle and base beyond the nutmeg and suede. But the fragrance has a mutative character to it that I appreciate even if the changes are basic.

This fragrance is safe for most occasions, though its character is a touch heavy for really warm weather. It has a life expectancy of around 5-6 hours.

It's a good backup fragrance for the office or for a date. But I wouldn't reach for it ahead of many other bottles I have on the shelf. I probably won't buy another bottle when this one goes.

Scent: 6/10

Longevity: 5/10

Sillage: 5/10
06th July, 2018

360 Degrees White for Men by Perry Ellis

This intrigues. It doesn't dazzle.

It opens with a lime accord and a cardamom note that is so synthetic it almost smells like coconut. Its first impression is a synthetic, cream soda Dum Dum sucker note. It is a very candied opening.

As it dries down the cardamom shows up more prominently, but with a dirt vibe. It is a dusty kind of fresh-cut grass.

What you're left with at the end is the patented white musk that makes this stand out.

It seems to me that this fragrance lasts twice as long as some of the other flankers I've tried. So you get to spend some time with it as it grows and changes. However, what it's ultimately doing isn't terribly appealing to me. Candy>>Dirt>>Musk? When I'm done with my bottle that'll be the end of our relationship.

I'm not sure when you'd wear this. It's too daring for the office, too feminine for a date. Maybe wear it when you're alone (assuming you enjoy it).

Scent: 3/10

Longevity: 7/10

Sillage: 5/10
05th July, 2018

Versace pour Homme by Versace

I am quite the fan of this one. I get the feeling it purposely doesn't bill itself as an aquatic but do not be fooled, this is definitely a fresh, hot weather, somewhat blue fragrance. I think one could blind buy this and not be disappointed.

The top notes listed contain bitter orange and neroli, but the impression I get is a more piquant citrus with a very precise, sharpened-pencil cedar note. It is linear and does not do a lot of mutation over its course.

This scent is brilliant, but I wish it lasted longer. It projects well, though for short bursts. A generous portion applied at 8a is faint by 3p. Not the best office fragrance if you work an eight hour day.

Wear this in the heat. Take it on short, hot encounters. A casual date, a Memorial Day cookout, an outdoor wedding.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 3/10

Sillage: 6/10
03rd July, 2018

Aqua Amara by Bulgari

This aquatic is somehow linear and complex. On my skin it does not change from the first spray until I smell it on my clothes the next day. It has such a prominent orange blossom accord, but there's more to it. In addition to this bitter citrus, there is salt and a touch of musk at the bottom. But all three notes are there from the start.

This smells like the bottle looks. It is a drop of saltwater on the tongue at sunset.

Pair this with a linen shirt, short sleeves, buttoned up halfway. It will last all day, and you will be glad it did.

Wear it to the beach, to the pool, to a casual patio brunch.

Scent: 8/10

Longevity: 9/10

Sillage: 8/10
02nd July, 2018

Gucci Guilty Black pour Homme by Gucci

This scent is the definition of safe. It takes no risks whatsoever, not in its scent, and certainly not in its projection.

It smells like a nice men's magazine, literally as if you fan through the pages and smell the gloss and the conglomerate of five or six fragrances sampled in its pages. It has no identity to speak of, but it smells fine. It doesn't last. By the fifth hour of wearing it I have to bury my nose in my arm to drag out the last faint gathering of scent.

It is pretty much an office fragrance. But it could be a bottle you keep around to spray on your pillowcases.

Scent: 6/10

Longevity: 3/10

Silage: 1/10
02nd July, 2018

Voyage by Nautica

This is a fine aquatic fragrance, it just doesn't last. You can bathe in this and nobody will notice in an hour.

The scent profile is pretty straightfoward. It's driven by apples in the same way that herbal shampoos are.

If Pert Plus had an exclusive contract with Polo Blue, this is what their shampoo would smell like.

Scent: 6/10

Longevity: 0

Sillage: N/A
19th June, 2018

You Or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d'Orange

This isn't for me, but it's a good fragrance, albeit linear.

It contains three notes: roses, mint, herbs. What herbs? Who knows? But the rose is what really drives this scent. It somehow pulls off being unisex. And for a man, this scent seems more casual, both in terms of what you're doing and who you're with. It definitely goes the distance, especially if applied on clothes. I could put this on in the morning and smell it on my sweatshirt the next night, easy.

Not for work. Not for dates. Not for the night.

Wear it to church in the springtime. That's about how narrow it is. But like I said, for what it is, it does it well.

Overall Scent: 5/10

Longevity: 8/10

Sillage: 7/10
19th June, 2018