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Vétiver and Rum by Helan

A nice, refreshing, invigorating cologne from an obscure Italian house (to me at least). This has mostly pepper and vetiver, but a white vetiver and not a dank/dark one. The pepper lasts about 1.5 hours, and then the vetiver morphs into a wonderful soapy scent. My wife told me I smelled fresh and soapy.

The ingredients mention orange blossom and florals, but I don't get those. Sillage and longevity are fantastic. This has more of a spring/fall feel to it. This is not an aquatic in any way, although the box certainly makes you think it could be.

To me, this smells like a white rum shot was spilled on a wooden table in the woods, and then washed off with some expensive white soap. Unisex, but leans manly. For $39 USD, it's worth trying!
09th October, 2019

Cédrat Enivrant by Atelier Cologne

This was my first step into the world of Atelier Cologne. I purchased Cedrat Enivrant based on reviews and the notes, all of which are to my liking.

This is a very citrusy cologne to me, with parfum strength. It's marketed on their boxes that they came up with the concept of parfum strength cologne. It has quite good projection for a citrus scent, but to my nose is quite linear.

I don't get the variety of individual ingredients in each level (top/mid/base). To me, it's got incredibly natural orange and grapefruit, with some pomelo and lime thrown in. This is fairly sharp, almost more of the fruit's rind than juicy or candylike. It's pungent yet refined.

After about 30min., I find that a touch of cedar, mint and bergamot join the party, but merely as wallflowers. The star of this effort is the citrus, with a subtle backbone of the prior mentions. You really have to love summer citrus to enjoy this, but if you do, it will smell amazing sitting on the coast somewhere watching the sunset with a cold one in hand.
03rd July, 2019

Muschio Bianco / White Moss by Acca Kappa

Purchased this solely based on reviews, both here and via videos. I was expecting a weak performer, so I wasn't disappointed when I got the eau de cologne strength. The scent itself is nice- alcohol on the initial blast, which settles down quickly to a light floraly/citrusy/neroli scent. It's definitely unisex, with it slightly leaning more feminine in my book.

I like the clean feel it gives off, but man is the cologne version subtle. I mean I have to bury my nose in my arm to get any smell, so projection is non-existent on my skin. An absolute skin scent, meant only for the wearer and maybe someone who is with you in the throws of passion.

I would recommend this, but not for 72.00 USD for the cologne. I should have gone for the parfum strength, and even then it's not a mind-blower. It's clean and fresh, but nothing groundbreaking.
24th June, 2019
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Mr Taylor by Taylor of Old Bond Street

I blind bought this, simply based on my experience with other TOBS colognes/shave creams, the few reviews I read and the overall notes. This is an outstanding aftershave cologne!

It really does smell like an astute, distinguished, experienced gentleman. There is nothing youth-like here, no fruity or aquatic or millennial notions. This is pure class in a bottle, which happens to be extremely well priced. For less than $40USD, you cannot go wrong.

The splash bottle is wonderful, offering a perfectly balanced mix of barbershop powder, sandalwood, possibly a bit of cedar, musk and just a touch of greenery. What you get is a marvelous finish to a shave, with a scent that projects very well for an aftershave and lasts all day on my skin. The Mr. Taylor's shaving cream jar is the ideal way to start out the day, btw.

I would definitely recommend this if you don't mind smelling a bit dated, but very refined. My wife said I smelled a bit like her dad.....he used to wear something like this. That doesn't bother me, as I enjoy smelling and therefore feeling like I just walked out of a 1950's barbershop. This is one of the better TOBS; highly recommended!
25th June, 2018

Millésime Impérial by Creed

A summertime pleasure! I had wanted to try this for a long time, and finally had the opportunity. Starting out, this smells a lot like Creed Erolfa to my nose. So if you have Erolfa or are thinking about buying both, save your money and go with MI. I like Erolfa, but it's a bit pungent and harsher to the nose. MI is smoother, but still has many similarities to Erolfa. I don't think both are necessary in ones arsenal.

MI has a wonderfully-crafted mixture of melons, lemon, salt, light musk and Creed's almost constant signature bergamot. It's blended well, transitions nicely and leaves me feeling beach-side with white linen button-down. I like MI because it's not too marine, but also not too office. It's right in the middle: I am wearing this today to the office with a dress shirt, but could totally spray this on after a summer surf session just before heading to the shrimp shack for dinner and cold ones.

It does not jump out; be aware it will stay fairly close to the skin as so many Creeds do. But I find myself sniffing my wrist often, and this transports me outside to a warm and sunny place, filled with seagulls and Jimmy Buffet songs. You can't go wrong with MI!
19th June, 2018

Jardin d'Amalfi by Creed

A beautiful scent by Creed. Very very green in the opening, like walking through a grassy field ripe with pollen mixed in. Transitions to a light woody scent with a hint of saltiness. Bases out with lovely floral notes. My comment to those who say this is unisex: I don't agree. To my nose, it's totally feminine. I smelled like flowers from the time the basenotes kicked in, and ladylike flowers that is. So I would gear this much more toward the gals and not so much for the guys.
19th June, 2018

Équipage by Hermès

What a majestic cologne. Completely refined! Although this puppy came out in the 1970's, it has no loud, brash, arrogant or "MeMeMe" aspects. I found Equipage quite by accident, thus showing my true ignorance of historic colognes. I was looking into testing Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme, and saw folks mentioning this cologne as it's considered by some to be an 80's powerhouse-type. So, I thought why not, I'll test this too.

I disliked VC&A; I loved this! Equipage is a subtle mans cologne filled with distinction, white collars, restraint and the highest of class. I found this scent to have a perfected balance of rose, vetiver, barbershop powders and musk. Nothing overtly manly either, in that this is not what you'd wear if you're trying to pick up a random stranger at a club. Quite the opposite: this is meant for a loved one, a special date or most definitely the office/formal event. Sillage is moderate, projection closer to the chest.

What I really like about Equipage is that it's so nice to smell. That sounds weird, but I literally get a kick out of smelling my wrist and arm when I wear it. Quality ingredients are apparent, and the pricepoint is manageable without being pretentious. One cologne I have to relate this to is Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver, especially in the basenotes and after 2 hours of wear.

Would I recommend this - absolutely! This is a masterpiece of a cologne.
15th February, 2018

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

I just can't get my nose to enjoy this. A sweet, somewhat metallic, musky concoction. It meshes with the 80's vibe very well, some offerings which I've really enjoyed. This, however, just does not sit right on my skin and smelled like cheap drugstore cologne.

Literally, unbecoming stuff that a teenager would wear on a first date. It smelled like a hundred other colognes that all have the same linear, transparent, "cologney" scent. For sure try before you buy.
14th February, 2018

Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

My neutral rating is fairly generous, my leaving it being due to the bold statement the cologne makes and it's silage.

VC&A pour Homme is a definite specific taste, likely either being adored or disliked. To my nose, I smell like a 19th century harlot, sprucing myself up quickly between gentlemen callers. This, to me, is not so much an 80's powerhouse as it is a turn-of-the-century eye-opener.

I find this cologne to be pretty linear, with little change occurring on my skin. Upon initial application and through dry-down, I'm onslaughted with POWDER, florals and subtle musk. This may be the most "baby powder infused with sweet florals" scent I've ever smelled. It seems much better suited for a woman, not a man. Unless, that is, you lived in 1885 and still liked puffing a wig and attending debutante orgies.

This may come across as I detest the cologne; I do not. It certainly has staying power, harkens to a bygone time, and makes a grand statement. And I respect this scent for that. If you like these qualities, then you'll like the cologne. If, however, you are not keen on floraly powdered perfumes that march into a room way before you arrive (even with minimal application), then you may want to steer away.

A certain try before you buy, even though the full-bottle price is extremely affordable.
14th February, 2018

Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

I received a supposedly-vintage bottle of Lauder for Men after shave, with a completely gold top. The glass bottle is heavy, 3.3 oz, made in the USA, and when I opened it part of the plunger broke off into the neck of the bottle (making me believe this hasn't been opened in a long time and therefore is legit stuff).

Scent-wise, it does resemble the notes and potency that reviewers have commented on that vintage batches have. Obviously, after shave will not be in the same realm as an EDC from 1985, but even this stuff lasts and has some range! I have not tried the newer version, so I can't compare on that.

There is definite justification to label this a toned down quasi-80's powerhouse, and also the "older/refined gentleman" vibe that goes with it. It is a wonderful scent: subtle initial citrus, woods, some oakmoss, rich musk, and a lasting barbershop powder. After first application, I also hearkened to the days of my grandfather, splashing this on before work in the 1940's and smelling like a dignified, tip of the cap kind of man. It has a dated quality, literally smelling a bit aged but confident. There is nothing modern, sleek, aquatic or slight about this scent. It isn't a smash your nostrils scent like Polo green or Halston Z-14 either (both of which I like). This is a calmer powerhouse, something that folks would wear who didn't need as much attention as those who wore more popular 80's powerhouses.

I like that this is much more wearable by folks with good taste, complete assurance of themselves, and a guy's guy. You really can't pull this off if you're young and looking to impress the crowd; I can see lots of people pulling away as it doesn't smell like Issey Miyaki. This is the part that you may love: it's very unique, clean, not pretentious, completely wearable in cold or warm environs, and makes a statement for a man who enjoys smelling classically good and goes home to the family at the end of the day. I would highly recommend getting your hands on this, whether it's the vintage or newer release, and whether it's an after shave strength or EDC.
25th January, 2018

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

Not much else can be said about Grey Vetiver that hasn't already. However.....

I got my hands on the EDP, made in Switzerland. The only reason I mention this is because I've read in some places, reviewers who bought this and it was made in the USA. They didn't have good things to say (i.e. it was implied fake). Also, I believe the EDParfum has more kick and longevity than the EDT, so if you can get the parfum version, you might as well.

Regardless, I give this a wholesome 2 thumbs up. A very elegant, masculine, refined scent. Something a gentleman wears, not to make a huge statement, but because he enjoys smelling good and dignified. I can see this as both an office scent and a casual, picking pumpkins at a farm-type wear. For sure a fall/winter scent too.

I get a very soapy opening and overall soapy aroma through to basenotes (literally one of the most concentrated, liquefied, upscale white bar soap smells I've ever been exposed to). It's not a barbershop soap, or soapy talcum powder, just lovely rich soap. This is mixed with a light vetiver, not sharp at all. I have L'Occitane Vetiver. I love it! However, that is a sharper, slightly bitter, more traditional vetiver note. Tom Ford toned down the vetiver in this, to make it very equal to the soapiness. It's calm and subtle.

There is some citrus I get, and very very light woods. Can't say I get pimento or nutmeg, but I do slightly smell sage in the far reaching background. Silage is pretty good; sofar it's been 1.5 hours and I can still smell it very easily. The EDP is definitely not a skin scent, but it doesn't punch those around you in the face either. 1.5 foot range projection, so to me it's something loved ones and somebody in-line at a store would get to enjoy.

In conclusion, I can certainly recommend Grey Vetiver. It's another high-class effort by TF, and one that says "I'm cool, confident, don't mind getting my hands dirty but enjoy a crisp white button-down shirt too".
25th October, 2017

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

TF's Oud Wood is a very nice, albeit subtle scent. It is not the powerhouse that other TF's are, and leans more toward masculine than unisex in my opinion. It has average silage and nearly less than average projection.

Oud Wood starts out with a woody, somewhat ozonic, slightly aquatic feel to it. I can see how others have linked this to a piece of driftwood washed up on the beach. It dries down to a very nice vanilla/subtle wood note - classic TF vanilla in fact.

Overall, this really is a quality cologne that smells quite nice....initially I got some Acqua di Parma Essenza in it. I don't think it's remotely worth the high retail price (whereas I DO think Tobacco Vanille is), so I'd advise decanting instead.

I give this a thumbs up, but on the lower end because of projection issues, and the more linear scent that doesn't stand out much like other TF's do to my nose.
12th October, 2017

Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

My thumbs up is on the lower end, but.....

My first exposure to the house of Amouage. Jub25 is a nice scent, rich in frankincense, berries and patchouli. Decidedly a middle-eastern fragrance that could easily be for either lady or man. To me it's a gourmand cologne, nearly a foodie-scent that mixes incense and decadent cakes.

For my nose, the incense and blackberry are prominent from application to drydown, with a bit of woods coming into play at the end. Even though there are gobs of notes listed, I found this to be a fairly linear scent with those three notes standing way out there. The ingredients are of the highest quality (one can really smell this in J25), and that's what turned my neutral into a positive rating. If you enjoy high-end ingredients for the pleasure of smelling amazing individual notes, you'll love this cologne!

It does smell a bit dated (timewise), and would do best in cooler temperatures and more formal/evening attire. Silage is average and projection is pretty good too. Certainly not for a younger kid; you've got to be grounded and experienced to pull this off. I cannot in any way understand the cost of this cologne retail, and would recommend decanting with reputable online folks first before dropping nearly 300USD on a bottle.
09th October, 2017
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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

I'll keep this to the point if I can:

This is a must-try! It's mesmerizing, truly. One of the most elegant, refined colognes I've ever tried. I am usually a woodsy/citrus guy, but this has made me really respect the tobacco genre.

Scent notes are perfectly stated: starts off with a powerful sweetish-tobacco note, which calms down into a mildly-cherry and moreso-vanilla base. To my nose, those were the main parts of this cologne (which is actually of parfum strength).

I had never tried Tom Ford before, and I couldn't afford a 220USD 50ml bottle. So, I decanted from a reputable ebayer, and am now a TF fan. That might sound ridiculous based on one cologne, but the primary thing that stands out to me is the very high quality of ingredients. You really can tell the difference between a 30USD cologne and a 200USD sometimes, and this is one of those cases. I'm sure there are similar scents out there costing far less than what Ford charges for his "Private Collection". However, you can smell the difference AND feel it too.

This cologne lasts and lasts....over 14 hours on me. And the projection isn't some obnoxious hipster cologne reeking of insecurity and need for approval. TV stands its ground but in a gentlemanly manner; if you get close enough you'll be impressed upon but there needs to be that closeness. I personally like that in a cologne - it turns the right heads if YOU wish.

So to conclude, I heartily recommend you try this. It's a masculine cologne that can be purchased for far less than retail, and stands apart from pretty much everything else out there. Perfect for cooler weather and more formal settings. You don't need to be a cologne snob, a certain age or even love niche tobacco fragrances; you just need to enjoy smelling yourself a lot!
09th October, 2017