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Toy 2 by Moschino

Very sweet and juicy, the top notes are LOUD. I was hoping for a softer more mature scent with those basenotes but to be honest this is very Victoria's Secret circa 2002 to me. Smells like the high school locker room when everyone's spraying random perfumes and running to their next class.
21st October, 2020

Cocoa Woods by Nest

This is a nice simple fragrance that I especially like to layer with unisex or more masculine scents to warm them up. It is a really cozy, warm, very cocoa-powdery scent that reminds me of a scratch-and-sniff Christmas book I had in the early 90's, the cup of cocoa in the book smelled a lot like this cocoa note. Mellows quickly and sticks close.
06th September, 2018

Sun Saint by Pinrose

I mostly get sandalwood, coconut, musk, a bit of refreshing greenery that must be eucalyptus, and a bit of citrus. I don't think I can pick apart lime, yuzu, and mandarin, it just has a citrusy feeling. It reminds me a lot of Clean Sel Santal, and feels like an improved upon version of the Lime Coconut Bath and Body Works scent that I associate with my high school's locker room. It's light and fresh and doesn't stick around forever.
10th August, 2018
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360 Degrees Blue for Women by Perry Ellis

It's fine. Light pinky-white floral, on drydown it becomes just soft warm skin scent. Fresh and vaguely powdery, cleanly sweet. I have it in a 1.5ml vial. I think I will get some good wear out of it over the summer, but I don't think it warrants a full bottle, for me.
23rd May, 2018

Mon Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

When first applied, I find it really unappealing. Heavy, dark, alcoholic, movie-cliche-boozed-up-divorcee-in-a-dark-club, just a lot. It's almost headache inducing. Once it starts to settle in, I get more of the nougat and something vaguely green, and it lightens up. I also smell something like spearmint and Barbasol shaving cream in the can, and the dusty space under my parents' sink when I was 5 and would play with my dad's cologne collection and mix them all together in a bowl like a monster.
07th May, 2018