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Patchoulight by Hermetica

Very very peppery and woody on opening. I love it. Itís unusual but really appeals to me. Thereís some rose in here as well. After a while, itís reminiscent of White Linen, but much nicer. Dry, biting, masculine, crisp!
24th February, 2020

Slow Explosions by Imaginary Authors

Opens with sharp apple, rubbing alcohol, and leather. Itís fruity, bitter and dry. So much leather!

The alcohol is mostly gone after 10 minutes, but the apple and leather remain. Itís not my thing, but itís intriguing. I can appreciate what the perfumer was trying to do.
24th February, 2020

Vaninight by Hermetica

The opening is quite pleasant, spicy vanilla and almond and cinnamon. I feel like I can detect some cedar. The cinnamon remains and the almond gets stronger as time goes on. I think the almond keeps it from becoming cloying and overly sweet, and thereís a leather note that also keeps things a little punchier than just a plain vanilla scent.

Itís not one Iíd seek out, but itís interesting and unique. I have the sample set, and Iím really liking how each Hermetica is so different, regardless of whether I would want to actually wear it. This one is definitely wearable.
24th February, 2020
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One Umbrella for Two by FloraÔku

The opening is a giant wallop of blackcurrant jam, with an undercurrent of vanilla. Itís like someone smashed a vanilla thumbprint cookie with blackcurrant jam in my face.

This stuff has staying power: it was blasting on as strong as ever a couple of hours later. This is one determined scent!

I found it surprisingly linear, though after many hours there was a tiny hint of smokiness. All in all, itís a bit too sweet for me to wear easily.
24th February, 2020

Source1 by Hermetica

Smells so light as to be almost unnoticeable, but what I can smell is pleasant: mildly citrusy, with a slightly sour bracing note. It smells intriguingly like the adhesive you lick on an envelope.
11th February, 2020

Flash Back in New York by Olfactive Studio

Honestly, it smells like pickles to me. Pickles at the start and pickles at the end. Iím mystified. I like pickles, but I donít want to smell like one!

From doing a little research, I see that for some people, Le Labo Santal33 smells like pickles. Iíll have to try that one to see if it does for me too. Ah the mysteries of brains and bodies.
18th January, 2020

Amberbee by Hermetica

I think this is my favourite out of the sample set of 13! Fruity, honeyed, bright and warm. I can smell pineapple! No sharpness, just warmth and sweetness. I think it smells like a nice tropical cocktail. Itís cheerful, like a little ray of sunshine in the winter.
18th January, 2020

Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

Iíve enjoyed my sample so much Iím actually considering a full bottle of this.

Reading othersí reviews, I think Autoportrait must react differently on my skin to the majority of people writing here. I donít get any cedar, pepper, or citrus; instead, I get a beautiful, soft resin/balsam that is sweet without being too sweet. Thereís something in here that reminds me of a traditional Chinese balm my late grandmother used. Itís not at all sharply medicinal, just calming and lovely.

I find it difficult to pick out what notes are in here, but I love this perfume and find it comforting and warm. Itís fairly close to the skin, not much (but not zero) projection. Longevity on the skin is a few hours. I think this is one for if you donít necessarily want others to think ďoh wow, that person is wearing perfumeĒ but are wearing it primarily for yourself. Others will merely catch a whiff every once in a while of a delicious scent and wonder if itís you.
12th January, 2020

Between Two Trees by FloraÔku

Stale cigarette smoke/ashtray on first spray and continued unchanging until I scrubbed it off. I got my partner to put some on to see if it was just me, but it smelled like an ashtray on him too. Could it be the mate? Shudder.

Ugh! I canít figure out what the heck is making it smell like this, but this same thing happened to me with Atelier Cologneís Clementine California (Which smelled fine on other people).
11th January, 2020

Berlin by Gallivant

This is my least favourite from the Gallivant ďNomad Set.Ē Extremely sharp citrus assault on opening that went on and on; later, vetiver.

It gave me a headache, but to be fair perhaps I already had one brewing. I think for people who donít get a headache from it, it could be a cool, crisp, but rather generic masculine-leaning cologne. Inoffensive but also unoriginal. For some reason it really reminds me of a Glade Plug-In room scent.
05th January, 2020

Brooklyn by Gallivant

This was in the ďNomad SetĒ sample box of Gallivant EDP I received. I really wasnít crazy about the beginning of this one, but I am glad I didnít scrub it off because I loved how it ended. It is definitely not linear, and it moves very quickly.

The opening is very fresh, perhaps a blast of...neroli? A bit sharp, too bright; if it were a colour, it would be blinding white. To my nose, itís a bit unpleasantly harsh and synthetic at first, but that part mellows out pretty quickly and settles down to something more powdery. Weirdly, I donít hate it even though I usually dislike powdery scents.

It keeps morphing and morphing which makes it really interesting, and it progresses within one hour to the musky, ambery dry down, which is just lovely.

If the beginning is white, the ending is golden.
05th January, 2020

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

So odd...a big blast of pine air freshener and Bonne Bell strawberry Lip Smackers right off the bat. Like, what a weird combination. But itís surprisingly not unpleasantóat first. Thereís a bit of smokiness there as well, but maybe thatís the hemlock? As it develops, there is a distinct note of plastic mingled with the strawberry that reminds me of a strawberry scented doll my friend had when I was a kid. I would not want to wear this, as I find it far too cloying, but it definitely transports me to another time and place: my friend Sarahís bedroom when we were about seven years old, playing with dolls.
03rd January, 2020 (last edited: 29th March, 2020)

Tel Aviv by Gallivant

This is my favourite of all the Gallivant perfumes in the Nomad travel/sample set. The opening smells like the beach in a Mediterranean country: aquatic, white florals, maybe ylang ylang and jasmine. (No citrus for me whatsoever, nor do I smell the blackcurrant bud.) After about 30 minutes, it becomes clean, crisp, bright, fresh, almost icy, a ďcool airĒ smell like you get at the ice rink. On drydown: now perhaps some citrus is emerging, getting a tiny bit warmer though still cool and crisp, no longer chilly, slightly less aquatic. A hint of white musk; very sheer. I really like this one. Good longevity.
03rd January, 2020
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A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

This literally smells like the charred remains of a burned object. It gets stronger and projects more and more as each 30 seconds ticks by.

Eventually I had to wash it off, but afterwards, I could still smell it ever so slightly if I put my nose right up to my skin...and there was a faint, faint smell of leftover campfire that was not unpleasant! I felt kind of compelled to keep smelling it. However, I could not handle the intense smoke at the beginning. I think this is more of an experience scent than a wearable one.
29th December, 2019

Replica Music Festival by Martin Margiela

Much to my surprise, this is my absolute favourite of the ten scents in the Replica Memory Box. I didnít care for it when I sniffed it straight from the bottleóseemed too incense-y. But on application, the most wonderful things happened: first, a very fleeting note of apple, then a bit of the incense, then a subtle patchouli with hints of wood that developed into the most complex, lovely fragrance on my skin. I canít really detect the cannabis, or at least if itís there itís not what I expect cannabis to smell like.

These are not at all the kind of notes I usually like, and Iím blown awayóin a good way. I am actually thinking of splurging for, if not a full sized bottle, definitely a 10 mL travel spray. As you can tell, this stuff has really bewitched me.
14th November, 2019

Replica By the Fireplace by Martin Margiela

I have a sampler set (ďMemory BoxĒ) of Replica scents, and this is one of them. When I first got the box I didnít even try this one on my skin after sniffing itótoo smokey, I thought. However, after reading a few reviews that said the smoke really takes a backseat to the vanilla, I thought Iíd give it a try. Iím glad I did, because I like it a lot better on my skin. Unlike sniffing it from the bottle (campfire all the way) on the skin the smoke immediately becomes a subtle note mixed with the vanilla, like toasted marshmallow. If you donít like sweet you wonít like this, but if you do, itís not bad. On the down side, it is fairly linear. I wouldnít buy a full bottle, but Iíll use up my little sample bottle.
02nd November, 2019

Replica Jazz Club by Martin Margiela

I can see why it would work well for others, and it has a certain amount of complexity I can admire. However, Iím disappointed at this one. I get none of the top notesófrom the get go, itís all rum and tobacco and something else I canít put my finger on, but I donít like it. It really doesnít work well with my body chemistry, I think, and it ends up smelling quite generic, like a drugstore menís cologne. But boy does this cling like a mofo! Gooooood staying power.
02nd November, 2019

Cafť Tuberosa by Atelier Cologne

I love this. It's so different from the other Ateliers I've tried, which I liked, but were all either citrus or floral. It smells exactly like, well, Paris to me. It's like being in a cafe with French women wearing expensive perfume.

I get mocha, subtle patchouli and a little vanilla. But, I must emphasize it's NOT overly sweet. I also have to say I don't get much in the way of floral from this one.

I have a travel size of this but would seriously consider a bigger bottle.
05th May, 2018

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

I burned some sauce in a pan tonight and am having a hard time ridding the house of the burned smell...well, I think we all know it's not a good sign that it reminded me to write this review of Breath of God.

Reading these other reviews, I honestly wonder if there was something wrong with the sample I tried. The only notes I detected were campfire smoke and sickly sweet powder. No vetiver, no citrus, no pepper...just eyewateringly awful stench. And it could not be scrubbed off completely for all my effort. This one is a nasty lingerer.

I can't emphasize enough that this one is a try before you buy if ever there was one.
25th December, 2017

Nirmala by Molinard

The comments about the sweaty mangoes made me laugh! On me, Nirmala just smells like a warm, complex, fruity patchouli. The sillage and longevity are moderate. I really enjoy it as a cool weather evening fragrance. Total thumbs up for me, but I can see how it has the potential on someone with different skin chemistry to be too animalic and unpleasantly BO-ish. But on is like an inviting tropical evening.

(However, every once in a while it reminds me of Coty's Vanilla how's that for weird? Shades of high school.)
05th December, 2017