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Pegasus by Parfums de Marly

I really like this one.
Light but strong and long lasting.
I'm a bit late for the house of PDM.... but I'm enjoying the two that I now own. However I do find this a little overpriced as a house in general, but this is still worth checking out.
Very Mass appealing and will be liked by people around you.

Overall scent 9-10
Performance 8.7
Sillage 7.5

If you like sweet powdery, this could be for you.
24th January, 2021

Club de Nuit Milestone by Armaf

Love this.... very fresh and long lasting.
In agreement with the projection being soft, but this does hang around in the wearer's own bubble for at least 7hours at least on myself. Excellent frag at this price.

Overall 9-10
Performance 8-10
Silage 5.6-10

28th December, 2020

Colonia Intensa Oud/ Colonia Oud by Acqua di Parma

Had this for a while now, but forgot to put out my thoughts on this one.

So this is a very leathery dry scent in my opinion, very masculine and very unique.... I havent smelt anything that is similar apart from colonia Leather. But I think this is better than that one.
Spray this on your skin and the Leather and Oud are dominant throughout and you will be noticed for a couple of hours, then it becomes a nice and smooth blend. Very pleasant.

Personally I think this performs better and lasts better when it is warmer, but still decent for the cooler temp.

Overall 8- 10
Longevity 7- 10
Sillage 7- 10
14th December, 2020
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Cuir Cannage by Christian Dior

Had this for a while now, just forgot to give it a review.

So in my honest opinion, this is fantastic. Yes it is very powdery floral, silky smooth and almost buttery.
Smells fantastic, spray this on and it is deffo leathery and Oriental, then get more powdery as the first hour passes. Iris and I think I pick up on the Jasmin notes too. I find this very Unisex.
Classy and prob better suited for a dressed up occasion. This is like a older cousin of Dior Homme.

Overall 8.5- 10
Performance 8 -10
Sillage 7.9 -10
13th November, 2020

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

I really like this. Mainly because if you put this on, guaranteed nobody else will smell like you do, however nobody else may like the way you smell either.
You need to like a very dry Masculine Alpha Male fragrence, so you need to wear with confidence.
I love it, bold and deffo old school vibe.
Stays very linear with no sweetness whatsoever.

Overall scent 8.4-10
Performance 8-10
Silage 7.9-10
24th September, 2020

Imitation Man by Amouage

This is a very enjoyable dark brooding almost like a Gothic kinda vibe.
Herbal, and animalic, all the notes are blended very well and to my nose give off like a black liquorice vibe, which I find very enjoyable. But this is far from Mass pleasing but deffo worth a try.
I own quite a few Amouage and I rate this amongst my top 6.
Not everyone will appreciate this tho.

Overall Scent 9.5-10
Performance 8.5-10
Silage 7.9-10

Another solid and bold scent.
14th September, 2020

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Very strong on the opening... fresh yet very peppery, I do really like this smell, however the thing I dont like about this is the popularity of this. In every super market you will smell this unmistakeable scent, infact you can smell this everywhere. So I dont really get all the negative that this gets.
I have the EDT version which has really good performance and lasts a good 8hours with no problems.

Overall Scent 8.9-10
Longevity 8-10
Silage 8-10
10th September, 2020

Italian Leather by Memo

I like the Memo line
Although the leather here is blended with lots of herbs and lots of green notes, the outstanding note in this has to be the Tomato Leaf, it may not be liked by the masses, but I think it is fantastic.
This also has touches of sweetness coming from the vanilla.
Myrrh and Clary Sage add to this lovely green note.
In my collection this is quite unique.

Far from traditional Mass pleasing designers out there, so a big thumbs up from me.

Overall Scent 7.5-10
Performance 7.8-10
Silage 7-10

19th August, 2020

Aoud Lemon Mint by Mancera

As far as Mancera goes this is average in performance, good but not as good as lots of the other Mancera scents.

Fresh lemon with light Oud hiding behind Jasmine and a lighter note of Patchouli.
Despite the name this has a darkness to it, making this good choice for evenings and cold weather and ok for warmer.
I like this but try before buying, not for everyone.

Scent 6.9-10
Performance 6.8-10
Sillage 5-10
07th August, 2020

Black Aoud by Montale

Rose in the opening, very strong and medicinal, but this is possibly one of the best rose and oud combo.
Dark fragrence with a touch of Patchouli thrown in the mix.

This frag stays strong for around 2hours, then goes to me poudery.... and this is where I feel this scent is very appealing. Lovely with close simiularities to Black Prestigium.

So for me this and Black Pestigium from sister house Mancera are my faves when I crave that dark Gothic Black Rose.

Scent 7.3-10
Performance 9 -10
Silage 8.9 -10

26th July, 2020

Oudrising by Montale

Well this came out of the blue for me.
I thought my collection of Montale was complete, this is a refreshing change of pace for Montale, opens with a bright and very sweet grapefruit and Lime... after half an hour comes in a very nice almost edible Vanilla with a lot of Amber.
Then these two notes take over with a tiny hint of Oud.
Blended with perfection.... has similarities to Blue Amber. Very nice and very Unisex in my opinion. Lovely scent bubble all around you for 7+ hrs.

Scent 9.0- 10
Performance 8- 10
Silage 8.2- 10

Recommended to all the Vanilla and Amber fans.
24th July, 2020

F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

I like this..... I dont love it... bit I like it a lot, creamy Lavander and very smooth and powdery.
It could easily be a signature scent for an office.

Scent 7.9
Performance 6.9
Silage 7.0

Decent everyday ware and for the price I would deffo recommend.
22nd June, 2020

Portrayal Man by Amouage

Well I dont understand all the negative comments on this.
If you like Violet, this opens up with a very potent Violet Leaf..... I absolutely adore this.

If you like Fahrenheit... this is quite similar to the original one back in the early 90s.
I am sure given time this will catch on and appeal to the more Niche noses.
Fantastic Frag this one. Prob in the top 5 of my amouage collection, deffo worth going trying this one.

Overall 9.0-10
Performance 9-10
Sillage 10-10
Longevity 9-10

26th March, 2020
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Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

From the opening, all the way through....this is smooth and warm cozy, it does remind me of Tom Ford F**king Fabolous.
Both have the very high quality Tonka in them.

So this is very unique and very cozy, just like TF very unisex.
Lasts above average on me.
Love it.... so hoping the next Dior offerings are Orientals.... Rouge Traffalgar is very nice, so looking forward to 2020.

Scent 10 -10
Performance 7.9 -10
Sillage 7 -10

Try if you like Dior Homme Intense.... this has the coziness of DHI
30th December, 2019

Russian Leather by Memo

Lovely this fragrence house.
I can smell all the ingredients here, especially the Cedar and Pine. Very high quality straight out of the bottle.
Very herbaceous and green, I love Leather but here it is in hiding, but it is still very nice and addictive smelling.
Green and fern like and very easy to wear for any male over 20s.

Scent 9- 10
Performance 7.5- 10
Silage 7- 10
Fantastic green fern smell, clean and fresh.
10th December, 2019

Red Tobacco by Mancera

Well a lot of people say that the opening on this is too strong and abrasive, I dont get that..... it is strong but I love that.
It calms a little after the first 2 hours, but continues on in a fairly linear way.
It does get noticed in good and bad ways. Deep and heavy tobacco with sweet spice of saffron.
I like the creamy Vetiver note that pops up after 10 hours, yep 10 hours..... this I would deffo put in the beast mode category! Excellent strong juice here.

Scent 9.5- 10
Performance 9- 10
Silage 9- 10
07th December, 2019

Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This is nothing ground breaking, fairly pleasant.... extremely light and not unique both in the opening and then it just fades after 4ish hours.
Safe to wear anywhere and anytime coz not many people other than yourself will smell this off of you.

Performance 3.5 -10
Scent 4 -10
Longevity 4- 10

Overall I would give this a 4- 10
Below average.
05th December, 2019

Gris Dior / Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior

Complete Masterpiece. Yes it is quite sweet, and very powdery floral, but Classy, this is the most classiest scent I have ever sniffed, beating Baccarat rouge in my opinion.

I have wore this more than a few times now, and it is a soft powder beast, lasts and lasts, i do feel it would smell better on a woman, but Wooow this is Sexy and addictive.
Highly Highly Recommending this if you dont mind sweet powder bomb.

I love this, possibly in my top 3 Maison Dior collection.
Gives off on my skin a lot of Violet, like a fizzy Palma Violet.

Scent 9.5 -10
Performance 9 -10
Sillage 9 - 10

Incredible 11hr + on my skin.
11th October, 2019

Accord Oud by Byredo

Wooooow, I love this one. Masterpiece.
As some have said it has similarities of Tom Ford Oud Wood, but all I can say is this beats TF hands down, it has more staying power and smells far superior in my opinion.
I also feel this is better than Amouage jubilation 25.

And I am a big fan of TF and Amouage, but Byredo is an awesome house and from what I have tried so far, seriously addictive .I may have to try more from this line.

Accord Oud lasts on my skin for 10 hrs + easily and has gotten me a couple of positive compliments so far.
Initially it was Oud Immortel that I was after as that really caught my attention, and I am deffo going to get myself a bottle of that, and I cant wait.

Deffo recommended try for anyone that likes heavy classy woody frags.

Scent 9.5-10
Performance 10-10
Silage 8.9-10

Highly Recommended, go try this.
05th October, 2019

Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford

I like this, I dont love it.
On the first few mins, I get new packaging as you open toys as a youngster, smells really good, not quite fabulous.

After an hour or so a soft smooth leather scent.
At first it is easy to feel this scent will last for a complete day and maybe into the night, but not on me, just maybe average.
Blended Fabulously tho.

Scent 7- 10
Performance 6- 10
Silage 5- 10
12th September, 2019

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

This is pleasant to smell, decent.
None offensive, office and every occasion wear.

Opens very fresh and citrusy.
Then goes into the woody incense stage which is ok.

Nothing ground breaking, but deffo worth a try.

Scent 7- 10
Projection 5- 10
Sillage 5 - 10

Around 5 hours on me before skin scent
04th September, 2019

Aramis Tobacco Reserve by Aramis

This is a bit of a hidden gem, and managed to get this at a bargain price too.
Almost niche quality too.

Sweet warm tabacco, very high quality stuff.
I personally love the smell of this one.
Works nice in the warm evenings, looking forward to wear through the colder season.

Excellent buy..... if you like sweet tobacco, I highly recommend this.

Scent 7.4 - 10
Performance 8 - 10
Silage 7 - 10
29th August, 2019

Aqua Universalis by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Although this is quite a soft scent, Soft projection.... and Soft performance.
However what a very Clean bubble, and a decent amount of time enjoying being in this ultra clean bubble.
Enjoying this one a lot more than expected, and this house of MFK top Quality stuff.

Scent 7.9 - 10
Performance 5.5 - 10
Silage 5 - 10
Overall 7.4 - 10
27th August, 2019

Acqua di Giò Essenza by Giorgio Armani

Summer in a bottle.
Glad I got this.... especially in the hot weather.
Know I know why ADG is one of the best selling Frags of all time, and this is the edp version.... and quite hard to find.
Lasts all through the work day.
So glad I got my hands on this.

Scent 7- 10
Performance 8.3 -10
Silage 6.5 - 10

Good Fragrance
30th July, 2019

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

Well I've had this for a while now,
This is a nice skin scent, doesn't project off the skin much.... but the pleasant scent is one just for the wearer.
Nice, very different. But nothing to scream about.
So if you want a Scent that will get attention or get you noticed..... you will have to look elsewhere.
Still worth a try tho.
Nice powdery dry down.

Scent 5- 10
Performance 4- 10
Silage 3.5- 10
29th July, 2019

Black Prestigium by Mancera

This is some potent juice.
Yes I agree with other reviews... it starts very harsh and brash.
However the development is nothing short of fantastic.
Floral opening, Rosey.. Violet.. Iris
Very thick and heavy, dense.

After an hour or so... smooth and velvety, this to me is the best part.
And it goes on and on, Orris root heaven. With a ton of powder.
Reminds me a bit of Tom Ford Noir, but much more layers and more punch.
I think I get a heavy dose of Ambrette in this. This is a Scent of high quality that will gain attention of people around you. Good Stuff
(Baby Powder)
Scent..... 7.5/ 10
Longevity .... 9.5/ 10
Silage..... 9.6/ 10
14th June, 2019

L’Homme Prada Water Splash by Prada

Fantastic scent.
This is Classy and completely stunning smelling.

A bit late in discovering this Prada line, but I feel I need to sample more from the Prada range.
I'm a big fan of Iris, one of my fave notes.... But this takes it in a very different way, soapy fresh and clean. Perfect smell. Very versatile. Light but above average longevity.
6hrs then gets close to the skin, but perfect for the warmer weather.

Scent 10
Longevity 7.5
Silage 7
16th May, 2019

Lucky by Christian Dior

Smells good, very uplifting and fresh.
Another that will suit me when I am sat in the comfort of home.... Totally relaxed night in Scent.
Authentic Lily of the Valley.
22nd March, 2019

Jasmin des Anges by Christian Dior

Got this in a miniature bottle after a Dior purchase.
Uplifting fragrance. Very very nice Jasmine.
As I like the Jasmine note, I think I will struggle to wearing this, as unsure of the Scenario this would suit.
But this is a good scent Jasmin of the Angels... Yep very Angelic, maybe a nice night in frag.
Lovely smell. Maybe if I'm being honest leans too close towards a femmanine floral, however I like this.

16th March, 2019

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

Hats off to Mr.Demachy, absolute wizard with the art of Perfumery.
Genius, another Masterpiece and no. 1 choice for the dressed up occasion.

I love Dior Homme and all are slightly different from each to own all, imo.
DHP is a excellent blend of smooth leather... And the performance is mind blowing.
Perfection in a bottle.

Scent 10-10
Performance 10-10
Sillage 10-10

12hrs + off class and unbeaten by any other Designer scent out there.
Highly recommended.
15th March, 2019