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Sweet Oriental Dream by Montale

It has not the well known Montale DNA in it. A gourmand mix of honey, vanilla and almond. And it's different from 80% of Montale's products meaning the rose notes are well hidden in the back.

The opening is too powdery but after 15 minutes it becomes very pleasant and sweet. I am a fan of honey so it's obvious i like this perfume. After the drydown Sweet Oriental Dream is honey at its best.

A good perfume but i don't find it that oriental. Longevity is very big and sillage is above moderate.
06th September, 2019

XJ 1861 Zefiro by Xerjoff

Great from the begining till the end!

The incense, floral, spicy and fresh notes take me back in ancient Greece with Olympus Gods and Achilles fighting for his glory.

It is not overwhelming but it has a great personality.

Sillage is ok and lonvegity is above medium.

One of the best from this luxurious house.
05th April, 2019

Shadow for Him by Ajmal

My first blind buy from this house and i am not disappointed.

The opening is fresh but after 5 minutes the incense, musk, sandalwood and patchouli enter the scene giving it an interesting and very distinctive smell. It is not a true arabic scent in the first hour but the oriental feelings come later. Sometimes the floral notes are dominating the incense totally and for me it's not that ok but it's a good perfume after all.

I think the best use of this Ajmal is during summer.

The price is too good to be real. I got it for 36 $. No comment..

Sillage is moderate and longevity is good (minimum 6 hours on my skin).

Thumps up? For sure!
18th December, 2018
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Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

No! Just no! It smells like a drunk man puked all over your clothes ( pungent puke smell mixed with processed alcohol).
13th November, 2018

Casbah by Robert Piguet

I don't understand why Casbah is compared with CDG Avignon since it is way closer to Montale Full Incense.

Casbah gives me a superb incense note and the religious feeling i am searching for in this type of fragrances.

Compared to Full Incense, Casbah seems a little bit more complex and more versatile. Full Incense is linear but a great perfume also.

Logevity is decent ( smaller than Full Incense)

Sillage - Medium.

Ovearall is a must buy for incense scents lovers.
30th October, 2018

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I tested it and first it smells like the smell you get when you enter in a mainstream perfumes store (Sephora for example).

But after 10 min it changed in a very good way and i sniffed my wrist all day long.

The cherry on the cake is that after 1 hour i felt very close to me a great incense scent. First i didn't think it was from my wrist but it was indeed from L'Homme Idéal. Perfect!

Thumbs up 100%!
22nd October, 2018

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Classy and luxurious sweetness it is unisex for sure, depending on your PH.

It is linear and with good longevity. Maybe too much tobacco for my taste but the honey solves this problem after the dry down

11th September, 2018

Black Afgano by Nasomatto

Deep, dense and damn strong, BA sits on the top list of strongest perfumes ever made by humans.

On my skin, this bomb has incense, bitter oud, spices, sandalwood, green notes and coffee. I don't get the cannabis at all.

It's rather chaotic than mysterious. A similar scent but not that close as some say, is present in Fortis by Les Liquides Imaginaires but Fortis is indeed mysterious in a gothic, religious and spiritual way.

BA is a great perfume, nevermind what haters say.

Sillage and projection - people can smell you from 2 meters plus.

Longevity - 2 sprays is more than enough. 3 or more sprays and you can instant kill some fainted hearted.
11th September, 2018

Oajan by Parfums de Marly

Cinnamon, patchouli, musk, osmanthus and honey mixed with smoky deep notes...yes! A real masterpiece and a great gourmand.

I got plenty of compliments and the silage and longevity is very good also.
30th August, 2018

Aventus by Creed

I tested tones of perfumes in my life. Some of them was awful, some was neutral, some of them was good and others were great, real masterpieces. Many times after the first testing i said WOW!! At WOW section for me enters masterpieces like Interlude, Safari Extreme from ASQ, Laudano Nero, Amber Absolute, Casa Moratti 1888, Black Afgano, a few from Clive Christian and many others.

But Aventus is not even close to WOW for me. It's a good perfume, with quality notes but that's all. I got some fresh notes and some pinneapple hints.

I dont get why many people say Aventus is one of the best niche perfumes ever. It is a medium piece and not too versatile.

The price is waaaay too high. I'd pay for Aventus maximum 30-40% of its actual price.
02nd August, 2018 (last edited: 18th August, 2018)

Oud Save The King by Atkinsons

Smoke, oud, tobacco, tea, suede and iris, combined in a decent way. It's classy and elegant but not to harsh or oppulent.

The dark notes remind me of Laudano Nero but not that much.

A good perfume but the price is to high. Not to mention the bottle is a total kitsch.
14th July, 2018

Lyric Man by Amouage

Interesting mix between rose, musk, incense and fresh notes. It smells misterious but also seductive.

I think when you first sniff this scent, it depends on your mood you have in that moment. Lyric for man is one of rare perfumes that attaches 100% to your state of mind.

Another good one from Amouage.
09th July, 2018

Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

Oriental, elegant and mature, i really like it. It should be used on some special occasions, not when you go to gym.

I get compliments every time i wear this perfume.

Projection and longevity are strong.
15th June, 2018
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Al Ta'if Rose Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Yes! A rose masterpiece by a luxurious arabian house.

Taif rose smells different than a normal rose scent. It's stronger and a little bit spicy but it's elegant, erotic and classy. Some musk is present after the dry down.

Longevity is medium.
14th June, 2018 (last edited: 30th June, 2018)

Casamorati 1888 Fiero by Xerjoff

Fresh and sweet, Fiero fits very well in cold days but during summer too.

It's not Wow but it smells very pleasant if you are into italian fresh scents.

The wood cand be noticed after 1 hour from opening.

A nice fresh perfume but on my skin it doesn't last more than 3 hours.
14th June, 2018

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

I am surprised in the good way about the opening of this Dolce perfume. Classy and interesting and the dry down is fine for a mainstream perfume.

The minus is at longevity. In 2 hours it almost faded away.
13th June, 2018

Lalique White by Lalique

A french fragrance from the opening to the end, i can smell an interesting combination of spices, wood notes, musk and some florals.

Not too complex but it is ok. I dont get the fresh idea from it but it's a good medium scent. The dry down smells a little but medicinal but not too harsh.

Longevity is not the best atribute of this scent but anyway i wasnt even have great expectations before trying. On my skin, i didnt find any Lalique that last above medium.
13th June, 2018

Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

Smells like a dog urinated on some rose bushes. Nothing special, this may be one of the worst scents from TF.

It's very cloying and in the first hour it is almost impossible to bear.
11th June, 2018 (last edited: 19th June, 2018)

Interlude Woman by Amouage

I am extremely surprised many people say this is a lighter and less powerful version of Interlude Man.

To my nose it has nothing to do with one of the most complex scents ever made, called Interlude Man. It is not even close to it.

11th June, 2018

Arabian Wood by Tom Ford

Only in the perfume's name you can find something oriental. In the rest is a classic TF scent.

Floral, spicy, synthetic wood (like in some Dsquared scents), not very complex and i am still trying to find a hint of incense in it but i can't.

TF can surely do better than this.
11th June, 2018

Casamorati 1888 Lira by Xerjoff

An interesting perfume but not a masterpiece. Xerjoff could do better in the "sweet section" of its products.

The opening is ok but after half an hour it becomes too powedery and too sweet. Sometimes the powder feeling sits on the first place, sometimes the overwhelming sweetnes replace it and gives me a cheap sweet floral smell.
08th June, 2018

Casamorati 1888 Regio by Xerjoff

Quality and class without any doubt. This fragrance is not for everybody and if all you know about perfumes fits in a Calvin Klein bottle, you cant understand Regio. Elegant from the first seconds, this scent is oriental but also an western perfume in the same time.

+ quality, complexity, elegance, freshness mixed with oriental notes, projection, bottle design

- price, versatility
08th June, 2018

L'Anarchiste by Caron

I still have half of bottle with original formula. Maybe the most metallic scent i had ever sniffed and tried on my skin.

Cinnamon, musk, mint,tobacco, mandarin and some spices = a very interesting perfume by Caron.
04th June, 2018

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

An old school good scent. And yes, it's unisex IMO. Complex, not too versatile but with a giant projection and longevity.

04th June, 2018

Azzaro pour Homme L'Eau by Azzaro

The original was way better and all i can say is that i smell a soapy commercial freshness. After the dry down some small hints of jasmine appear but..that's all.

04th June, 2018

212 VIP Men by Carolina Herrera

One of the worst perfumes i ever tried in my life. It has nothing and i mean nothing. No class, no natural notes, no versatility, no nice opening or dry down, no decent projection, nothing!

It intends to smells fresh or something but it fails big time.

There should be a "2 Thumbs Down" option for rating this kind of scents.
02nd June, 2018

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Synthetic at its best. Powdery synthetic scent. I dont get anything in it, it's too lame to separate the notes. I only get some "artificial" lavender. Hmmm...

02nd June, 2018

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

A simple but good perfume. It smells like vanilla candy and amber but it has more quality than usual mainstream scents.

I am surprised many people have complaints about longevity cuz on me it lasts 9 hours +.

A nice choice for cold days.

Too bad it was discontinued.
02nd June, 2018

Opus III by Amouage

Opus III is a good perfume if you look at the bottle but you skip the Amouage logo. This liquid has nothing to do with oriental luxury scents.

It is floral and complex but not very versatile.
31st May, 2018

Baldessarini by Baldessarini

I'm not into fresh fragrances but Baldessarini is a really nice perfume. Not too fresh nor too spicy, it is very well balanced.

The presence of tobacco is a plus.
31st May, 2018