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Black Afgano by Nasomatto

I tested this today and just had to leave a review. When I first applied this it reminded me of something Iíd smelled before. Make that two things: Chergui by Serge Lutens and Sahara Noir by Tom Ford. In the TF I got too strong of an Oud note that was sour. In Chergui I get a sweet honeyed tobacco but after a while it becomes too much... Black Afgano is a better combination of the two.

I get a rich Oud + Tobacco smoke with a honey sweetness. The Oud grounds it and gives it a woody affect. The tobacco is sweet and smoky. If never becomes too sour but it also keeps the sweetness from becoming too overbearing. I get no cannabis or hash or whatever note that is that makes people go crazy on their drug experience anecdotal rambling but I must admit my knowledge of said paraphernalia is limited at best. I can recognize the smell of ďweed smokeĒ but I donít find it pleasant at all and this scent I do. The way it pulls on me, I donít think anyone would think I was smoking the green stuff but they would probably think Iíd been smoking something akin to a sweet cigar.

The projection on this brings to mind a word I see so often in the fragrance community that makes me physically cringe, but if ever a fragrance deserved the title itís this and that is: Beast Mode. A swipe of this to the skin caused knock out sillage, and I gotta say Iíve had this on a little more than 8 hours, maybe going on 9, and it hasnít budged. Itís dried down to a sweet lingering smoke, almost like what youíd smell at a bonfire but still undeniably present. Iíd say this could have at least another 8 hours left in it. And thatís with a dabber mind you. Iím actually worried what an entire spray might do.

I kept trying to convince myself that since I have and really like Chergui (which I kept because I had nothing like it) I could wait to use that up before purchasing this... but it could be years before that bottle is finished and this is soooo much better to me, itís a masterpiece of its kind and why should I settle? Oh who am I kidding. I need this, and I wonít be satisfied until I get more of it.
19th April, 2019

Black Vanilla by Mancera

Iím beginning to think that Mancera might be my winning house over Montale, which has been a reoccurring disappointment with every scent I test. The past three Mancera scents Iíve tested have become outright loves and straight to the want list and this is no exception. (Funnily enough, all three of those scents had Ďvanillaí in the title!)

Black Vanilla is the most decadent bowl of vanilla pudding/ice cream that smells good enough to dip your spoon into. Itís so thick and rich yet absolutely deletable. I catch occasional whiffs of peach, more like a candied peach ring type of smell but it fades in and out and the most noticeable thing to me is the smooth creamy vanilla. I could imagine a coconut note being present but itís not what comes to mind. No florals to speak about on my skin. And thereís no need for any. This stuff is good enough to eat (if it wasnít toxic for you)

And speaking of toxic, this scent performs almost to the level of seeming dangerous. Without a doubt this filled the entire room, with one dab to my wrist I seemed to become completely saturated with this scent and could almost imagine it dripping down my entire body and onto everything I touched. Longevity was about 12 hours of this level projection alone, with at least 6-8 more hours being a lighter skin scent. Which may be due to the fact that I was rolling around in my sleep and perhaps transferred some of the scent away. If sleep had not come between us I might have lost my mind to a sugar craving.

This stuff is no joke and for only the biggest gourmand enthusiasts. Be prepared for a long ride with this scent and if you donít like excessively sweet stay far away, youíve been warned! Until I own more of this beauty I think Iíll be haunted or endlessly plagued with cravings, so a purchase by the end of the year is crucial. Iím so impressed with this house/line!
17th April, 2019

Pur Dťsir de Lys by Yves Rocher

I drained a decant of this before seeking a full bottle. Once I received said bottle I realized the juice was beginning to turn as this had a strong celery note on top of the lily. Realizing that I could do only two things: power through the bottle as a bed time spray or throw it out I chose the first one. And Iím so glad I did!

Iím lucky that once I primed my juice via several wearings the fragrance smells good as new. There is a greenness still but the integrity of the lily is still there and the vanilla has re-emerged. It took getting through about 10% of the bottle for it to smell this good again but it was a fair price to pay versus throwing the whole thing out. And I have a feeling losing another 10% will make it even better. The juice on the bottom is probably best kept and what was sitting on top began to turn.

Regardless of all that, I didnít entirely hate the fragrance the way it was, celery note and all. I donít have many green fragrances in my wardrobe and the lily note was still detectable so it was nice and refreshing. I like that the vanilla note is now noticeable too though as Iím a sucker for sweetness. Iíd say the strongest note is now lily, then green notes (this may be musk?) and a sheer vanilla last. I am loving this once again and so happy I gave it a chance!

I would recommend this scent if it was still being made, but unfortunately itís discontinued and either hard to find, or occasionally pops up for a bargain... and this is probably due to the fact that it has turned. If you find yourself in this predicament Iíd say donít lose hope, try to get rid of about 5-10ml via using it as a room spray or layering with a more pleasant scent until it becomes bearable. There might still be some liquid worth saving at the bottom.

Test if available but purchase at your own risk. Would love to find a green lily scent as pure and refreshing as this someday. Until then Iíll cherish my newly revived bottle.
17th April, 2019
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BibliothŤque by Byredo

The only thing I can smell in this is the overly sweet syrupy peach + plum and vanilla. This smells like a whole lot of perfumes Iíve smelled before, all mainstream designer. LVEB, Marc Jacobs Decadence, My Burberry Black, Dahlia Divin... the list goes on. It carries a sweet syrupy note that all of those have and it does so at a much higher price point. I would make a trip to your local Ulta/Sephora and ask to smell their top 5 ďsexy night timeĒ fragrances and I guarantee youíll get something that smells pretty much identical to this. I get no leather or florals. Stewed peaches in simple syrup. Thatís all the potential this reaches on me. I wouldnít recommend this and Iíd never desire to wear it. Just thought I would warn someone who hears the hype train surrounding this brand.

There are many scents from this house that have been accused of smelling exactly like some other mainstream designer releases. Iím beginning to think the perfumer or owner of this house is running a sham and intentionally ripping off customers who buy into the trendy minimalist aesthetic of their packaging/marketing.

May test something else from them in the future but I have no motivation or desire to do so.
15th April, 2019

Choco Musk by Al Rehab

I thought it was about time I leave a review for this little beauty. I have the 6ml oil. I usually wait until the end of my review to talk about preformance but I think it needs to be said up front that this is a powerhouse BEAST of a scent. With one or two (if I'm feeling daring) drops to the wrist- I literally just tap the ball once onto my skin- this scent will fill a room. It will last for hours, until I rub or scrub it all off of my wrist. If I put it behind my ears or hair, it will last until the next day. It never loses it's strength and for an oil it has better preformance than over 90% of other perfumes I've tested in the eau de parfum concentration.

The scent is pure chocolate. It has what I detect as a slight metallic tang, like the metal mixing bowl you might be whipping your chocolate confection in. For others, it is a biscuit smell and I can see that while I'm reading it. When I'm not it just translates to metal mixing bowl or whisk, dripping with warm chocolate. This is the yummiest scent I own. The compliments and attention I get when I wear this are unmeasurable. Everyone thinks I smell like chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, anything with chocolate I've been pleasantly accused of, and I have to tell them it's just a chocolate oil, much to their shock. Most people are convinced I am carrying around some sort of dessert in my purse. That's a testament to how potent and yet realistic this scent is.

With a price that I can't believe and yet I feel blessed that I am able to easily spend to afford such a luxury. I am tickled by how inexpensive this scent is for the quality you get. I would recommend this scent to anyone seeking a chocolate scent, a gourmand scent, a sweet scent, or just anyone in general. For people who recommend or seek out perfumes costing exponentially more than this I ask why? Give this one a chance first, and test them side by side to see which one you think it worth it's asking price. I know which one I'm sticking with.

Two big thumbs up, I'd grow an extra to give it three if it was humanly possible. This is absolutely amazing. Please test it out. If you don't like it I'm sure there will be someone in your life more than willing to take it off your hands, just make sure you instruct them this is not ingestible!
10th April, 2019

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

I blind bought this and now I'm kicking myself for doing that. One, because no Montale I have tested to date has wowed me enough to own, and two because not only did this scent prove my previous point, it smells exactly like a fragrance that I already own. That I paid less than a 10th of what this costs. I still enjoy this scent but knowing the other scent in my wardrobe smells pretty much identical, and almost a bit better, I can't imagine choosing this one over it.

The scent I'm talking about is Al-Rehab Choco Musk. This one smells exactly like it. To me they both smell like pure chocolate sauce, with a hint of a metallic note, like you could be making brownies in a metal mixing bowl. Many people complain about that in the Al Rehab and say it's because of how cheap it is, it must be in the low quality of the scent. But I have to say that in this Montale that metallic note is actually stronger on me. There is almost as much emphasis on the metal as there is the chocolate. That may be their take on some "dried fruits" or whatever but it's undeniably taking away from the rich sweetness of the chocolate and somehow makes it less decadent.

And where the Al-Rehab has at least 12 hours of longevity and insane projection, with only 1 drop to the wrist filling an entire room, this one doesn't match up to that. It's good performance don't get me wrong, with at least 8 hours of longevity and great sillage, but it's no one drop wonder...

I just can't justify having this one over the Choco Musk, to me it is a better scent across the board and with an unmatchable price. I also find it annoying that Montale lists a bunch of notes that you clearly do not smell and leaves out any mention of chocolate despite including it in the title. It's like they're trying too hard to be ironic without stating the obvious, which could be misleading for some people who might take a notes list for a fragrance too literally. I don't and still find it aggravating. Like I said, it seems as though they're trying to make it seem as though they are creating a specific scent without mentioning the note in their pyamid list so it seems more impressive. It's not, and this house has done very little, if any, to impress me on anything.

I was stupid enough to blind buy this because it came up for a crazy good deal and I believe it's one of the brand's most notorious and highly rated scents. But I can't really find anything redeemable in this so it might be time for me to throw in the towel and give up on this house. There might be one or two more that I'll test but I'm not going out of my way and I certainly won't be buying any more (not a single drop) of their fragrances until they prove to me otherwise.
10th April, 2019

Magie Noire by LancŰme

I never would've imagined falling in love with this scent, but that's exactly what happened. I received a sample of this and randomly selected it out of my "mountain" and had no idea what to expect because I hadn't looked at reviews or notes or anything, I just knew that this was a vintage scent and had no idea of if mine was the older formulation or not.

After the wearing I have reason to believe that it is the reformulated version and here is why: It's considered a chypre and heavy on the animalics/oakmoss. On my skin it's a lovely soapy floral. It's like rive gauche with it's heady green roses but take away the aldehydes. I get a hint of sweetness but I'd never have guessed honey. It's way too subtle, like the natural sweetness of flowers. They lie on a bed of woods, no green oakmoss. I would've guessed sandalwood or cedar as there's a touch of creaminess in there and nothing sharp about it. I didn't really get much of a development from top to bottom notes, and that could mean that it's either a vintage with it's top notes evaporated or that it's the newer formulation that they simplified to make it mass pleasing.

Either way, it manages to be wearable with a vintage charm. Old school but not so much that I wouldn't wear it in modern times, but I might feel a bit self conscious wearing it out in public. I would be paranoid that someone else would think I smell too "mature" or dated. This is a scent I would wear for myself cozied up at home maybe a hot cup of tea or coffee and a mystery book. It might be dark and storming outside. For some reason for a scent that is so pleasant and sweet (feeling) this evokes a dark nature. Like a beautiful rose bush deep in the forest where beasts and monsters might be lurking. Like the temptation that led Aurora to prick her finger on the spinning wheel.

This scent is so pure and precious yet contains an elusive darkness that calls to me. This scent doesn't feel as though it's entirely meant for me and yet I know that I will yearn for and seek her out anyways. Maybe when I am older and wiser, and "riper" if you will, the scent may feel more like it belongs on my skin. But regardless I would still like to seek a small bottle to own in the meantime, brought out and worn on special and specific occasions. Whether I wear it or it wears me...

I might need to seek a newer bottle in store (though I can't imagine where they would stock this over the 500 LVEB flankers) to compare and see if this matches my sample. If not, I will start hunting for a vintage bottle reasonably priced. Hoping the oakmoss isn't a standout in either; The one I have is perfect as it is.
10th April, 2019

Eaudemoiselle Absolu d'Oranger by Givenchy

I really liked this fragrance and wanted to love it; it was almost borderline, but waiting until the drydown decided the fate of this fragrance and that itís not for me. Which sucks because at first I was confident I was in love with this and would be adding it to my want list.

The top is amazing, I get a creamy vanilla and orange blossom mixed with the tonka bean. It was a totally unique combination. Normally I donít like how orange blossom smells on me by I was hooked. Waited a while and this sadly started to develop a weird animalic note, like animal fur mixed with that creamy vanilla which started to turn into a melted milkshake. The tonka bean faded after the top which was weird, usually it sticks around on me until the end. Animalic notes are usually the result of jasmine or Oud on me and this has one of those and whatever ďprecious woodsĒ are so Iím pinning it on these suspects as to why this fragrance goes sour on me.

Not that I needed to add anymore fragrances to my mile long want list, but orange blossom is such a tricky note and this one almost worked. For some reason when I find I have trouble with a note, it just makes me that much more desperate to find a fragrance where it works on me, because most of the time I find thereís always an exception out there. And I make it my mission to find the one that works. Pathetic, probably. Iíll keep looking.

For someone who likes orange blossom fragrances this will probably be a hit, I recommend testing if you can find it. Sillage and longevity were really good too.
27th March, 2019

Journey Woman by Amouage

Iíve finally found one! A peach/apricot fragrance that smells exquisite. Teamed with honey & osmanthus, this smells a bit similar to this houseís Sunshine, but this is more fruity.

Iím in love with a $200+ perfume that smells
like peaches & cream/honey and I am not ashamed to admit it! This is absolutely amazing, thereís a depth to it that I canít find in any designer or cheapie frags I own that showcase such notes. I canít get over how good this smells. I wanna take a nap in a hammock in the sunshine surrounded by this fragrance but I might wake up surrounded by bees... and their knees, ha!

Sillage and longevity are amazing with this one, with all the Amouage fragrances Iíve tested I can say you honestly are getting what you pay for not only with the well executed note pyramids that smell of high quality ingredients, but killer performance as well.

One last thing: is this discontinued? I couldnít find it on most retail sites that sell Amouage, only grey market discounters... if it is, itíd be a real shame and Iíll need to purchase a FB immediately before it goes away. I could honestly see myself wearing this all year, including the hot weather thatís about to be here any day now. Maybe applied lighter in the summer and saved for the more fancy occasions, but Iím worth it and this fragrance brings me actual joy from smelling It.

27th March, 2019

Emporio Armani Because It's You by Giorgio Armani

When I tested this in the winter I thought it was a yummy juicy scent. Now that the weather is warming up here a bit, I find the notes to be a bit more bland and watered down. The neroli and musk are more prominent whereas in cooler weather I detected the raspberry and vanilla very noticeably. The performance is also less impressive in this higher temp. sillage is much closer to the skin and longevity is average. I found it twice as strong and that it wafted nicely around me during cooler weather especially on a sweater.

My nose might just be getting a bit exhausted of all the scents I've tested with raspberry lately. It seems to be the fruit of choice lately in almost every designer release and while I used to think it was sweet and refreshing I'm now starting to find it a bit overdone and adding less flair to the scent than I once thought. This was definitely better a few months ago than when I tested it today. I'll probably put it away in my cold weather fragrance drawer and pull it out again in the fall.

Since I purchased a small bottle, I'll still probably wind up using this up even if I just layer it on top of everything until it's gone, but it's unfortunate that I hadn't tested it more than once before making an impulse purchase. I've got to stop doing that and make myself use up the entire sample first, maybe testing over the course of several months before I make my final decision...
25th March, 2019

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

This started out absolutely delicious! There was a juicy raspberry note with sweet oozing honey. After it sits on the skin for a while, the fruity top fades and the honey seems to have dripped off of my skin and left a very generic soapy floral. This is the work of the orange flower (orange blossom by any other name) which always becomes such a bore on my skin and smells like watered down vegetables.

If only my skin amplified the honey for longer, or any of the patchouli (which I get none of). I really love the opening of this, it had me thinking I must have a bottle of this! Glad I waited an hour or two to find that this is a very generic soapy floral in disguise.

This scent does not deserve its packaging. Not even the opening I thought wow whatís this sweet girly little thing doing in a bottle like that? Then on the dry down I was thinking ďwho are you and what have you done with my lady million?Ē This scent totally transforms into a scent that smells like a cheap gift set youíd get as a present for Christmas or your birthday ( the ones that have like 12 different products all in the same generic scent and a few spa tools)

Maybe it stays pretty or smells better on someone elseís chemistry. And that gorgeous opening alone prevents me from giving this a thumbs down but I can confidently say I will not be seeking any more of this. Glad I got to try the iconic gold nugget scent but thereís nothing golden about this for me.

Sillage and longevity are actually pretty good by mainstream designer perfume standards. I got really good sillage during the top notes, then average once it dries down until I can barely detect it after around 6-7 hours later. This is nothing out of the park but itís also not bad by todayís standards: is it just me or do they keep making fragrances weaker every year?
24th March, 2019

Jasmins Marzipane by LancŰme

I was extremely disappointed in this fragrance. After testing lavandes Trianon I was misled into thinking this was an entire line of gourmand florals, but with the name marzipane in the title alone there were some preset expectations for this to smell sweet. Unfortunately what little there is to this scent is barely sweet and barely anything. Allow me to further elaborate.

When I first applied this to my inner wrist I could barely smell anything, a wisp or a floral perhaps but it was so weak that I applied another swipe in the same spot on my wrist. And then again. Until my wrist was glistening wet from the perfume. I was shocked that even with such a generous application I could still barely smell anything. What I did smell was a medicinal to the point of being sterile ďjasmineĒ with not even an ounce of personality. This jasmine is so weak and watered down, itís been stripped of any character and depth that is so vital to its charm. I stress again that this smells sterile to the extreme that I feel as though this reminds me of a hand soap which may be placed in a hospital bathroom that a nurse might use.

There is the tiniest detection of sweetness. Iíd pinpoint it to be the almond wood, as even this sweet note is so diluted and bane that it must be shrouded by some sort of natural barrier like tree bark thatís severely masking its true scent profile. Reading the notes list makes me almost want to laugh out loud...

Where does LancŰme get off listing an entire pyramid of notes slapping some hand soap grade level dilution of a fragrance in a bottle and having the nerve to call this ďexclusiveĒ and charge the money they do for this scent. Itís highway robbery! Itís a disgrace and totally out of character considering how many of their nonexclusive fragrances have insanely good projection and complex note compositions that actually deliver.

What shocked me the most is how different this is to Lavandes Trianon in almost every aspect of perfume there could be. That one is sweet aromatic yet complex, this is boring and linear. LT is noticeable and performs well, this is so wimpy and weak I feel sorry for my wrist having to put up with such a mediocre perfume.

And one might hope that a scent with such a horrible start might end on a slightly better note: this one does not. The longer it sat on my skin, the more I got the impression of a lightly soiled baby diaper or fragranced panty liner. Iíve smelled some horrible and offensive scents but this almost filled me with rage.

Much to my relief this scent easily scrubs away, which is exactly what I did. Longevity must not be too bad, but sillage is ridiculous for how much I had to apply and still barely notice it unless I stuck my nose against my skin. I would never recommend this scent to anyone, and this might even make my top 10 list for the worst fragrances Iíve ever tested. LOATHE ENTIRELY!!!
24th March, 2019

Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana

This is a very sweet tropical floral fragrance but I believe that this is overall a bit generic and misleading. First of all, thereís nothing about this that would allude to any kind of garden. The only floral note I can distinguish is Ylang Ylang, but itís been dipped in honey and sugar. I donít get any almond, and Iíve always believed Ylang Ylang perfumes smell a bit coconutty anyways so I guess you could say this is a coconut vanilla floral. I see that frangipani is the listed floral, but I am getting the signature creamy milkshake vibe off of this I always get in ylang ylang perfumes. No other florals like magnolia or neroli, and no woodiness either.

This is heavily dense and sweet. The vanilla is a bit overkill if Iím honest, they couldíve stuck with the creamy floral notes and amped up the sandalwood to add some depth. This is a pleasant scent and would work for anyone with a sweet tooth in their perfume tastes.

I found it to be quite potent too for the duration of its wear time. Above average sillage on me but with only moderate longevity of about 5-6
hours. This is still better than the other Ďdolceí fragrances in this line, but it really has nothing in common with those anyway besides the bottle template. I wouldnít recommend this over other tropical florals but I can see this being well liked by many. Pretty but not unique enough for me and dare I say, a bit too sweet.
24th March, 2019
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Rose 31 by Le Labo

I'm not denying that this is a fascinating rose unlike any I've smelled before. It's full of exotic spices and woods, never goes too powdery or sharp like some rose orientals wind up becoming. This is incredibly well done and unique, certainly worth it's price tag, for those who do not have a very specific scent association like I do.

I'll just briefly mention it so you understand why this fragrance and I will not be able to rendezvous again. When I was a girl, I had a babysitter who would take me to school and would also bring a few other girls to school. We would stop by their house and sometimes they wouldn't be ready so we'd have to go in and help them. There were four of them, so as you'd imagine the house was in total chaos. They had 2-3 chihuahua dogs and had a tendency to leave 'puppy pads' out everywhere. There house had the smell of this perfume. That's not to insult this fragrance, on the contrary I'm looking back now and I'm impressed that there house actually probably didn't smell that bad. I never thought their house smelled disgusting or anything, just that it was always a mess and I didn't understand why I myself had to help someone else's kids get ready myself when I was the same age as them and needed to get to school. But now I'm rambling, so I'll close...

It amazes me that some fragrances can take you back to a specific time or memory like this. I never experienced it before when I used to hear other people talking about it I thought they were just being overly fanatical or trying to sound more intelligent about fragrance, but now I totally get what they're saying. I can't explain it but I know it's true, and sadly in this case it's making this fragrance undesirable for me.

I still recommend this as a must try for anyone who likes rose fragrances and wants to venture into the niche realm. This is one of the most interesting ones I've smelled to date. I really do appreciate the craft and beauty of this, it's just my brain that can't love this one.

Sillage and longevity were good, but not amazing. Around 6-7 hours with average sillage on me.
20th March, 2019

No. 22 Eau de Parfum by Chanel

This starts out beautiful on me I smell the bright aldehydes and the creamy ylang. Then all of a sudden the jasmine starts to unfold and becomes intensely indolic, and this winds up smelling like a creamy floral covered in urine.

I'm pretty sad about this because I thought I would really love this but sometimes jasmine can be a miss on me, and this was one of those times. If you don't have that problem I recommend testing because this still has the class of a signature Chanel fragrance, I can almost reach it but my chemistry messes it all up.

Longevity is good with average sillage. It's not as strong as I would hope for this price point on a supposed Eau de Parfum, but it's not bad either.
20th March, 2019

Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf

I bought this on a whim because I was craving a super sweet caramel. I barely even glanced at the notes list because I've seen so many reviews for this fragrance over the years on Youtube and various perfume discussions so I just "knew" that it would be a success and I didn't even feel the need to brush up on anything before purchasing a small bottle.

I kind of wish that I'd read more into it before purchasing because this really didn't satisfy my cravings in the way I had hoped, but it's still a pretty, sweet fragrance. I definitely get the caramel prominently but it's mixed with a very fruity smell. I would've guessed coconut- it's very coconutty on my skin. I now see that peach is a listed note, which luckily doesn't ruin this fragrance for me like it does in many designer fragrances, but it must be why I am getting this strange fruity smell with the caramel. It almost puts me off of this but then I smell the caramel and I tell myself that it's good enough to keep on... for now.

It's not my favorite caramel smell and I remembered in the middle of my insane craving binge that I do have a caramel scent that I like better than this (Viva La Juicy Gold) which also has fruity notes but in there it isn't right in the forefront with the caramel like it is in BonBon.

Since mine is the small bottle it's nothing to get too worked up about and worry about selling it off or giving it away, I'll keep this adorable bottle and spray it frequently (perhaps with my better caramel scents) to get rid of it, keep the cute little bow and never worry with repurchasing again. I wouldn't be recommending this to anyone asking for a prominent caramel scent like I've annoyingly seen on almost every single post where someone asks, but maybe it's different on other people who particularly do not have an aversion to peach. Again, it's not that bad in here but it's also not very great either. I'm slightly on the fence still so I'm giving this a neutral, but it will probably never become an absolute dislike either.

Longevity is moderate around 4-6 hours, but the sillage was actually surprisingly really good. It projected about the same amount of strength for the entire wear time, which isn't very common and is better than I expected, so there's another positive for this fragrance. It's nothing to scoff at, especially for someone who's looking for a sweet girly scent anyways, but I think there are better ones out there and probably for a more reasonable price, albeit it'd be hard to turn down the fabulous bottle!
19th March, 2019

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

This was a blind buy that came out surprisingly like I expected. I hoped for a sweet honey, and that's exactly what I got. This is sweet syrupy honey to the max and I don't really get any of the other listed notes, I would've imagined vanilla to be in the base as this is so sweet. Luckily this doesn't go animalic one bit so I'm happy that this works on me. I don't have anything else to add on the notes or the smell except that this is incredibly sweet and if you are expecting the citrus or patchouli maybe to test this one on you first cause I didn't get anything else besides the honey, honey ;)

Also when I was first reading about this scent I noticed words like "bomb" were being thrown around frequently which led me to believe that this would be a powerful, heavy hitting scent. It surprised me that about 5 hours in (maybe even sooner) I could barely detect this scent on my wrists. Sillage was also just average on me it never got very strong or overbearing like I thought it might. Of course this was with only 2 sprays so I might try my normal application next time to see how it goes (I usually apply around 6 sprays).

If you desire a super sweet linear honey with good but not overwhelming longevity and sillage, look no further than this. I can't help but wonder if there are maybe some cheaper alternatives to this kind of scent in the drugstore/celebrity fragrance world, but I'm happy with this for the time being. My 50ml should last me quite a while with all my other scents and I'll happily move on once it's done.

19th March, 2019

Burberry Brit Sheer by Burberry

I used to enjoy this and thought I wanted a full bottle but Iíve come to the conclusion that itís not necessary and the scent isnít that great overall. I love the initial blast of citrus and lychee when itís first sprayed. Itís a zingy sweet smell that cheers me right up. Then I forget about the scent for a little while (about 30 minutes to and hour) and all of a sudden thereís this cheap pencil shavings note that comes through. It must be pink pepper or some cheap cedar note because it makes the entire thing smell very synthetic and cheap like a calgon body mist I used to own. If it werenít for that note Iíd probably buy this and wear it quite often in the heat. I canít get over that pencil shaving note itís not something I care for so therefore this scent is not for me.

Longevity and sillage arenít very good either very close to skin projection and 3 hours tops. I donít know if my sample is from the reformulation or not but I wonít be looking for any more to find out.
18th March, 2019

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

A little while back I thought I was infatuated with this scent. It turns out it was just a pleasant like, testing it today I realize I have no desire to purchase a bottle of this. I certainly like the smell and wouldnít turn down a free bottle but itís nothing special. To me this smells like a very pretty shampoo. Iíd enjoy for my hair to smell like this but I do not need a perfume that smells like this.

If you are in the market for a fresh girly smelling perfume this is a good one and Iíd recommend it to a young girl getting into perfumes. The scent is non-offensive but nice and the bottle is charming in a sophisticated way not a tacky hot pink with rhinestones femininity.

Longevity and sillage are not the best, but again for a young girl who doesnít own perfumes or is used to body splashes this wonít be much of a disappointment. For someone like me who already has a selection of fresh floral scents to choose from, some of which last all day, I canít justify buying this, although something in me tells me I need to anyways... (probably that cute bottle, itís hard to resist!)

I feel indifferent about this scent overall but itís still a very nice one and I donít want to deter other people from testing it so Iím leaving a positive review instead of a neutral.
18th March, 2019

Floral Curiosities : Poet's Jasmine by Ineke

I found this perfume online for an amazing deal- too good to pass up- so I decided to blind buy. After testing and wearing I think this perfume is not really suited for my chemistry but Iíll keep it and perhaps layer it to find a good combo for this.

When I first sprayed it on my skin, I got a true jasmine note. Then a very bitter scent started to unfold and overpower the jasmine. It smelled citrusy like lemon rind/zest, very bitter and acidic with no sweetness. The jasmine smelled a bit muted and itís sweetness was gone too like flowers who have been sitting in a vase for several days and might have started to decompose. It almost smelled a bit like bad breath to me. This phase was very unpleasant and I thought this might need to be a gift to someone else who likes a nonsweet jasmine...

This phase lasted about 30-45 minutes before it reached a more pleasant drydown. Now the jasmine has gotten sweeter and seems rejuvenated. There are some sweet woods and a powdery feel. But this scent is still far from great. Itís a tad boring. I didnít get any of the spices like star anise or cardamom. The notes used smell very generic like cheap diluted essential oils you might get at the grocery store. Lasting power and sillage leave much to be desired. As the drydown approaches I have to bury my nose to my wrist to smell anything.

From a niche house Iíd expect more but considering what I paid and the scent overall I am not upset about this not lasting. I think I will try layering as I mentioned previously. I think with a sweeter oriental scent this might really come alive. But by itself itís a bitter flat and underwhelming little thing.
12th March, 2019

Rain & Angelica by Jo Malone

A very pretty yet distinct thought provoking fragrance: when I smell this I am transported to a field of tall grass and flowers in the rain. The ďwetĒ sensation of this perfume is unmistakable. One might confuse it for a soap used to freshly shower with or clean shampooed hair but it smells as if you could still be IN the shower. Itís crazy but intoxicating and I find myself excited to put this on more than any of my other ďfreshĒ scents. I didnít think I could pull off green scents but theyíre starting to become one of my beloved groups in my fragrance collection. Especially this time of the year something about fresh greens and florals is just so satisfying.

I know this scent is hard to find so I might not ever be able to repurchase if I use what I have up, but I think this combo of notes (Angelica + Rain/water) could probably be done by other houses as well and Iím excited to look further into them.

Longevity and sillage are not spectacular but I donít really need them to nor expect them to be. As fleeing as the sensation and smells of an abated storm is in nature, so is the preformance of this perfume. It sticks around long enough to please the wearer and strangers that come close enough for a few hours, then modestly drifts away. It doesnít need to show off or impress anyone but I imagine that someone would get quite a few compliments while wearing it out because itís just naturally beautiful.

If I were to smell this on someone (guy or girl) I would probably be overcome with the strong urge to just lay my head on their shoulder or bury my face in their hair. Itís that subtly inviting, like looking up at the clouds from a fluffy patch of grass and the sun shining down, but in perfume meets skin format. Amazing.
11th March, 2019

Portraits : The Tragedy of Lord George by Penhaligon's

With this one I get tonka bean and lots of it. I couldíve sworn I detected the herbal signature of lavender in here as well but maybe thatís the shaving soap? Iíve never used any so Iím not familiar with the associations to that and what scent it even has. I do unmistakably smell lavender in this undeniable fougere accord. I also smelled a cooking spice when I first applied it, cinnamon or nutmeg, like holiday baking... but that has gone away. Maybe it was the brandy? Does brandy have a spicy cinnamon smell? Again I wouldnít know.

I love this fragrance regardless and donít care that itís marketed to men Iíll wear it alongside all my other delicious lavender + tonka combos. This one smells so well done, like Tom Fordís F. Fabulous without the leather and green notes.

Sillage and longevity are a-maz-ing. I am almost overpowered by myself with just a little dab to the wrist (singular wrist) but itís divine so Iíll live with myself for the next several hours; this stuff is pretty tenacious. Longevity is 3 hours so far and still going just as strong, but I have a feeling this one is gonna last all day.
09th March, 2019

Wild Rose Oud by Mancera

I think Iím anosmic to the musk used in this fragrance and itís pretty heavy because I can barely smell anything.

If I lean in really close to my wrist (almost close enough for my nose to touch) I can smell a rose with the faintest hint of Oud that pairs so well with a fruity rose but itís so weak and light.

Itís interesting that both Montale and Mancera are houses that have a reputation for making powerhouse fragrances but with most that Iíve tested I can either barely detect them or they have average performance at best (around 3-4 hours). I wonder if this musk is something they use in all their fragrances as a base which is making me anosmic...

For this reason I give it a neutral like, and cannot recommend seeking this fragrance out. There are much better Rose + Oud combos out there in my opinion.
09th March, 2019

Ambre Tigrť by Givenchy

An amazing multi-faceted amber! Which isn't as easy to come by as you might think. Amber is used as a throw around cheap base note in almost every mainstream release you can think of. It's most often times found cozied up right next to patchouli on a list of base notes, and the two have started to become interchangeable almost to the point of in-recognition in many fragrances.

The vanilla gives this sweetness, but it's not the herbal chocolate lended to amber by aforementioned patchouli. The labdanum gives it a resinous wood with the tease of a powdery accord (one of my favorite 'textures' in a fragrance for lack of a better term at this point in time) but not enough to lean into standard subpar oriental drydown. Granted, this is the loveliness of an oriental drydown without the few hours of fruity floral mess that a house like Givenchy might normally employ in a mainstream release. Ambre Tigre doesn't beat around the bush. Entirely linear, which means you'll know exactly how you feel about the scent almost as soon as it touches your skin.

Multiple short whiffs right on top of each other reveal a waxy, hidden incense. Like the sensation of blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and the smell that immediately follows, but it's gone in a flash.

I'm loving these fragrances with a stripped down note pyramid lately. It's easier to get an idea of what you're smelling and appreciate the scent for what it truly is, and not worry about getting only 3-4 of the 20+ notes promised in crazy marketing bubbles (sometimes not even the notes that sparked your interest in the first place!)

This is a delicious beast (Tiger, if we're being on the nose) and another one added to the list of future purchases for fall/winter. Sillage is great and longevity is as long as you want to go without showering it off. (for me around 8-10 hours after application)

If you've just about given up on 'amber' fragrances due to the lack of clarity and smelling like just another version of "_____", give Ambre Tigre a try.
06th March, 2019

Wild Pears by Montale

Before reading the notes list on this page (curious to know if those are accurate?) I got authentic CANNED pears in syrup. These are unmistakably pears but smell like they are drenched in sugar. This is what I expect to smell whenever other fragrances list pear as a top note but I've never been delivered such authenticity until now.

I'd say that this creation is on the verge of brilliance if it was by any other house, say Demeter. But coming from the supposed exoticly charged house of Montale that comes out with a new oud fragrance every week (or so it seems) and with the price tag that comes along with this fragrance, I'll have to confidently say it's a pass for me.

This scent does deliver on it's promise for the most part. I'd say the fact that they were able to create such a clear association to a specific fruit using everything BUT that note is pretty wild so I can see how the name fits. But the longer I smell this and see the notes a slight suggestion of 'banana' is coming to mind, so I better leave this review and be on my way.

This scent did spark a childlike joy within me so I will cherish and use my sample up happily. If you would like a straight up sweet pear smell I'd say look no further. I haven't found any other fragrance to come as close as this one did. Sillage and longevity were average, which again doesn't match up to this house's reputation for me and is another negative but if this were any cheaper (say under $50) I'd probably pick up a bottle just for layering purposes alone or use as a luxury body spray before bed.

06th March, 2019

Gucci Bloom by Gucci

I'm surprised that this has been the commercial success that it is, given its notes are often accused of making a perfume smell like an "old lady" (the words used by many people who are inexperienced in describing perfumes, not I). A few years back I myself didn't enjoy heavy white florals and thought that I loathed jasmine in perfumes. It turned out that I just wasn't smelling the right ones that were blended in a way that I could love. And once I did I began to appreciate white floral perfumes, which allows me to own and enjoy this one like I do today.

Because this is strictly floral and nothing but the floral, and they are some of the strongest heavy hitters in the floral perfume world (tuberose, jasmine, honeysuckle) it could have easily been too overwhelming, but Morillas has managed to blend and create a solid release under a mainstream name that showcases an under appreciated genre in designer scents, and do it in a classy way that is easy to understand by people of all ages. There will be some people who still do not "get" or like this scent, but I've seen a lot of people warm up to the idea of this release who might have been saying the same thing I did a few years ago (jasmine perfumes smell like p**p!) I've seen it on the dressing tables and Instagram pictures of many beauty influencers who's signature scents used to be Vera Wang Princess and Pink Sugar. This is quite a step in a direction of different and seemingly more mature. This perfume brings the hope that perfume houses might start creating and releasing a variety of scents in their showcase, rather than 94 of the same exact scent with a different colored bow on the bottle. (Now granted, they have released 2 flankers of this scent in particular already, but anything that is the antithesis of LVEB mean I'm not arguing.)

To bring it all back to what this scent smells like and not necessarily its role in the marketing and release world of designer fragrances- this is a pleasant and "crowd pleasing" white floral. Unless you really just do not like floral perfumes, this will not your ruffle feathers, but a test on skin is still recommended- no matter how tempting those influencer's dressing table pics with this bottle may be. On my skin, this does go a bit indolic in a way that if it were any stronger I would've recoiled away in disgust, but it is such a light touch to the lushness of these florals that I really do not mind. In fact, it adds a touch of intrigue to this scent that causes me to keep whiffing to see if that's really what I smell. I wind up huffing myself like a crazy person, before I decide on the fact that I find the scent oddly pleasing and comforting.

I've read a lot of reviews that suggest many people do not get this slightly animalic smell and instead have only found a basic nonoffensive white floral smell with a touch of greenness, so don't let this turn you off of testing. I'm used to my white florals always having a woody amber/vanilla base so it could just be that I am unfamiliar with the smell of a true floral fragrance completely exposed. If you are too, this is a really good place to start.

Sillage is actually really good with around 5-6 sprays I smell myself all day, which means this fragrance lasts all day. I sprayed mine last night and I'm smelling it well into the morning all around me. I'm not sure if this means anything, but my bottle's atomizer is very fine as well. When it sprays, I almost do not feel any liquid touching my skin, and I feared that my bottle may be defective. But the performance on my skin tells me that this bottle just has unique mechanisms that allow a less saturated application and more skin/clothing to be fragranced. This is probably why I experience such great performance and I'm greatly impressed by this as I have many perfume bottles, and I don't remember any of them having this feature.
05th March, 2019

Want by Dsquared2

This is so sweet but there's a strong buttery note to it that puts me off. I want to love this and I have a slight suspicious that my remnants of this decant might have gone slightly off and that is why it smells so much like butter. When I first tested it I was enamored and don't remember that being there...

Regardless this has a creamy vanilla scent that I still think is very pleasant, butter and all. If this ever goes down to about $30 a bottle I'd pick it up but it's a little too risky at the price it's at currently.

The longer it sits on my skin the more I start liking that butter note. I may pick this up anyways in the fall if I haven't fell in love with anything else by then... I detect a slight floral and I'd normally be inclined to think heliotrope cause of the creamy gourmand aspects but I have a suspicious that this is a type of rose. It's a buttery sweet rose.

I probably seem like a spaz cause I'm typing this as I go, but after about an hour I've decided that this is a love and I Will be buying a bottle. It really grows on you.
04th March, 2019

S Eau Florale by Shakira

To be honest there isn't really anything special about this scent. I smelled it when it first came out and was blown away by how delicious I thought it was. I was much younger then and exclusively into candy sweet scents so that probably explains my fascination with this. I recently found a big bottle discounted for a price that was too good to pass so I picked it up.

Many years have gone by and my tastes have matured a little too much to love this scent like I once did. But I'm glad I made my teenage dreams come true at some point in life and own this scent. I'll be using it up without a problem and then move on to something nicer.

It smells like berry fruit punch with a lot of sugar. Nothing more to it. Not bad by any means but nothing of real substance that makes me want to take another sniff. I spray it on and think I smell nice enough to chill at home and go about my day without second guessing it.

Lasting power and sillage are not as good as I remember though. When I sprayed it that one time in the mall I remember it lasted the whole day and into the next morning before I showered. This one lasts about 3-4 hours with modest sillage. That might also be because I didn't realize this at the time of purchase, but my bottle is considered the "deluxe edition" and the bottle has shimmery liquid. Which may be impacting the scent's performance, given the glittery goop that is taking up perfume volume space in there. Had I known this I would've skipped that deal and held out for a regular bottle, as I have no desire to look like I've been playing in craft supplies or wearing something from Claire's. But I digress, this is still a good scent that I am happy to have in my collection, and I can't be mad at the price I paid.

I recommend this to people who enjoy young juvenile scents, or if you are a youngster yourself this is a good one to check out. Get the biggest bottle online for under $30 and skip the shimmer edition unless that's your thing.
04th March, 2019

Love, Chloť Eau Intense by Chloť

I just reviewed Chloe, Love (original) and since I owned this one previously, decided to drop in a write a quick review explaining the differences between the two.

I definitely prefer the original Love, but I could see where someone might like this one more. It definitely has a lot more going on in the notes, but I actually prefer the simplicity. Imagine original Love, or if you're unfamiliar with it, a smooth iris/orris powder. Add a heavy dash of heliotrope, amplify the talcum, and throw in some animalic musk (peru balm?) and you've got a skanked up version of Prada Infusion d'Iris. I remember this one being sweeter, but the powder was so much more intense and combined with that musk (gave a bit of a sweaty sensation), I just found it a bit too overwhelming. I was too intimidated to wear it out so it just sat in my collection unused. Even alone, I felt like the fragrance was wearing me and bossing me around, trying to convince me that I was some sexy vixen who needed to retire into my boudoir to entertain gentleman callers when I was just trying to relax in my sweatpants.

For someone who likes those types of scents, I think you'd be well off seeking out the Intense version of Chloe, Love. But I believe this one is also harder to come by. Sillage was very strong, almost seemed to burn my nose hairs if I sprayed too close to my sniffer. This was probably done intentionally because the scent begs to be worn down in lower regions of the body, which only adds fuel to the fire of my associations.

It's a neutral rating for me because I couldn't wear it, but it's not a bad scent at all, and if you like skanky musk/powder bombs, you'll probably love this one.
03rd March, 2019

Love, Chloť by Chloť

I just bought this and am wearing it today- I'm already in love! I used to own the intense version but that one has a very strong musk that makes it go a bit animalic. This is more delicate and clean, but make no mistake, it is not weak by any means. I get a very noticeable sillage and average longevity at around 6-7 hours.

This is a powdery iris that is blended so well that it almost smells like cream. I definitely detect the rice powder that gives it that milky sensation. The powder accord doesn't veer too synthetic and it doesn't smell like baby powder. This is a taclum scented perfume, not a perfume scented talcum if that makes sense. And it doesn't smell dated or like it could be out of place on anyone. This could be used by women (people) of all ages who just want a no nonsense pleasant powdery perfume.

This really reminds me very much of Prada Infusion d'Iris in the eau de toilette formulation (the one with the frosted glass bottle) but this one has better performance and the iris is less pronounced, but still detectable. I have, love, and need both in my collection. I consider Prada to be my Spring/Summer powder go-to, and this one could be suited for any time of the year.

I never know if this one is discontinued or not, I hear different things from different sources all the time, but I'd say regardless if you can find this at a reasonable price or even at retail, it's worth it. If you like Prada Infusion d'Iris or powdery scents in general, I highly recommend this. I do not however, recommend the Love Intense unless you like a bit of naughtiness in your scents.
03rd March, 2019