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MAAI by Bogue Profumo

Modern Chypre Extrordinaire

Its really good. Initially kind of camphorous. Civet aldehydes jasmine. Its awesome. 5 stars, top 10 for me.
16th September, 2020

Extreme Speed by Michael Kors

Herbal Updated Fragrance

As designers go, and on the lowish end of the designer spectrum moving toward cheapy, the Michael Kors line just isn't something that gets love. This one is pretty nice though. Its really got some herbal smooth suave thing in the opening. Sage, in all its sageness, not one of those clary sage notes that just is for filler, this one is very present. Cypress is the main player. Its got some of that violet ambiance. I like this one a lot. Dumb name, but the bottle is actually pretty nice. Pictures don't look as nice as it does in person. Feels good. I found it lasted well into the evening, though in the drydown it became pretty aromachem, but hey, its a Michael Kors. This would be a step up from most of the stuff you see in this realm. Pretty well blended, but the materials in the backend show some of their cheapness.
16th September, 2020

Eternity Flame for Men by Calvin Klein

sweet blah

Its not good. It smells like something from the early 2000s not well done. Kenneth Cole Reaction melon, its sweet. They say pineapple, but its not pineapple. Its melon. Pineapple is sharper. Lasts well, sweet. Really cheap. Nothing flame or fire like.
16th September, 2020
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Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

Dior Dry

Iso E, violet (i think im the only one who gets this), cashmeran, cedar. Its super polite. Lasts all day easy. Great blending. Demachy is all about these semitransparent frags. He does em well. Wears well. This is a movement frag, to be experienced as an aura in the air. Good stuff. Dry and masculine. Thumbs up!
15th September, 2020

Knize Ten by Knize

Cuir baby powder

Opens with some tan leather, mechanics rag note, flowers, and powder. Gets powderier as it dries. Kind of butch to me, but my wife said it smelled like her grandmother. Lol. It smelled moreand more like talc the further it went. Nice roundness and density. I like the fragrance, but its juat not quite all together a winner for me. Im going neutral.
15th September, 2020

Bois Mystérieux by Guerlain

Myrh Leather Saffron

It has the same smell as Songe, but it is a bit different. It is less challenging, and a bit more massly pleasing in the base. Ultimately the breathy animalic nature is gone, but the medicine still remains. Myrh is kind of overdosed in the opening. The base smells a little cheap. I was wavering on up or neutral. I like the bottle, I like to wear it. It is just not my favorite in the line. And when you've smelled Songe this one kinda smells like an imposter. But it is much better than the average dreck, so I went thumbs up. Pricing, it should be $120 or less for the 4.2 oz bottle. Performance was pretty heavy. Longevity good.
13th September, 2020

Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale

Fake real oud

I've always thought this one would just be another of the Montale ouds, so harsh and synthetic that it makes me wish to get it off. But this one is one of the only synthetics that seems to go after the actual smell of oud. Its got some cheesy opening, animalic. The leather is the chemically tan stuff. Astringent tobacco of the best kind, not trying to smell like a cigar, but giving that bitter medicinal vibe. The oud is synthetic smelling, but the addition of the leather and tobacco start to give it a more realistic profile. I find this rather enjoyable. A couple hours in it reaches a more polite profile, though it is still leather, tobacco and oud.
This is a really good one. I hate metal bottles, but I may make an exception for this one if the price is right. Thumbs up.
13th September, 2020

Essence No. 6 : Vetiver by Elie Saab

Good vetiver

So this is half bright vetiver half rooty. Im no expert on V, but id assume hatian and java are combining to that effect. Its got some citrus up top. Papyrus is dry ad dusty, the clove is bacground noise. Those who hate clove should be ok, though its noticale. The blending is master level. This is a top shelf vetiver. Thumbs up.
13th September, 2020

Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois

Department Store EDP

This smells exactly like the Gap store, and the upstairs of Younkers at my mall. Its like new clothes, shoes, carpet, cleaners, the whole works. I find it super strong.
If I try to pick out notes I get saffron, violet, musc, and etc. This could be a distinct great signiture. It is ultra versatile. It has an accord feel that is entirely hard to nail down. It smells good. Price is a bit steep. Might buy it eventually. Would work well for times where you are not looking to make a statement, though it is certainly unique. I've gotten quite a few moments while wearing it that I've mentally connected Narciso Rodriguez for Men from the Musk and violet. It is impecably blended, but down feel a bit "6 note composition" at times. Thumbs up. Its one to try. Even if the notes dont speak to you, this may be something that suprises you.
12th September, 2020

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

This is a good fragrance for me. And in the opening it is really great. Spicy cardamom (which I don't normally find spicy, but it lends here), with some coriander, a smear of pink pepper and some powdery waxy fatty aldehydes, built on an airy base of vetiver, in the vein of dry bitter leaves. I found the performance a bit light after the first hour. It initially feels like it will have heft, but the airy nature takes over, and it fizzles.
12th September, 2020

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Pink pepper fun

Its not the spice cabinet I wish it was. Its a pink pepper frag, pretty sweet, pretty loud. The only aggressive thing about this grenade is the strength of the projection and juice in general. Not the composition, which I find nice and people pleasing. No one smells this on someone and thinks its daring. But thumbs up, since I think they did a pretty good job overall.
11th September, 2020 (last edited: 13th September, 2020)

Lui by Mazzolari


I dont find this animalic. Its a dank patchouli. Its got some fruity background flavors, and a creamy somewhat pissy air about it. Its a patchouli in the way Givenchy Gentleman is, with 70s patch. Its got sweet amber woody chems fron 2006 as its base. Those aromachems are no longer so novel. Something in the base smeks cheap to me. There are better blends. Low neutral.
10th September, 2020

Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d'Orange

Playdough Vetiver

I get rooty vetiver, almost ashy, but not quite. Below that is a gross plasticy playdough vanilla. Its a poorly done note. There is some blended spices in the far back, id suppose thats the frankincense and myrh, but it just reads as a tiny bit of spice rack whispering. The balance is off, though there arent really any sharp edges, the vetiver and vanilla do not mesh, and are sort of like two rocks sitting together. Not well done in my opinion.
10th September, 2020
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Private Label by Jovoy

Niche GGA

Hoo hoo boy. I like this one. Its a leather patchouli wood. Its got vetiver, dry and stark. The labdanum gives this a bit of a booze aspect. In the heart, I don't see the note, but I feel some tobacco, or something interacting to give me that impression. Birch gives her a little smoke. Its good. Good strength, nice bottle. I'm impressed. My first Jovoy I've tried, and its a winner. Thumbs up.
07th September, 2020

Oud Palao by Diptyque

Brown Rose Oud

Its a rose oud, dirtied up by patchouli. The papyrus almost gives it an incense quality in the heart. It does smell like Diors Oud Ispahan. Performance is also similar to Dior, read enormous. It smells really good. So does Oud Ispahan. Whatevs, its a thumbs up. I won't buy a bottle. If I want this I'd buy the Dior. But Diptyque does decent work, and this fragrance isn't rough.
07th September, 2020

Oudh Infini by Parfums Dusita

Hardcore animalic

Its all natural. Musk, civet, oud, sandalwood. It is so stinky right away. Lots of fecal oud and civet. The civet and musk are pissy. The sandalwood is creamy. Its so rich and potent. It really takes probably like 2 hours before this is a kinder frag that people will not find offensive. It all smells so natural and beautiful. The quality of the ingredients is just top notch. Reminds me of Bortnikoffs and Areej le Dores, but this has more of a classic french perfumery build to it. Its a happy fragrance. Its almost full bottle worthy for me, at like $450 for 50 ml this bad boy is exspenseev! That opening to me is just a bit challenging. It'll probably stay a sample.
07th September, 2020

Tam Dao Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

Sandalwood EDP

Its a very sandalwood forward edp. Simplistic, boring. Yea, i suppose. But its nice. Its a nice sandalwood accord. There is only a shade of that pickle dust vibe, but its got cedar and amber in there. It doesnt try to go sweet. Unisex for sure. I prefer the EDT. There is added weight here, which atually helps, as the EDT is a bit light, but this one becomes a bit more muddled. Its got a natural feel and smell to it. Not harsh. Neutral.
06th September, 2020

Afrika-Olifant by Nishane

Leather Oud wannabe

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "What if I took Leather Oud and made the base all kinds of generic woody ambers?" Here is your answer.
It has that "Day at the Zoo" opening that is also present in Leather Oud. I assume this is their stand in for castoreum. It does smell like an animal pen without the manure and urine. But as it dries down it becomes a bit lame. The same woody-amber from Sultan Vetiver is in the base, along with a smoke aroma, and a bit of spicy incense. Its also got some of that ambrox from the base of Ombre leather, the part that sorta smells like an amber. Lasts through showers.

The one fragrance that really comes to mind a lot for me is Al Oudh by L'Artisan. They have a really similar feeling, but this one feels like it has a bit more heft to it. I could see someone who likes this fragrance, but feels like it just has a bit of cheap base, I'd recomend Al Oudh. If you like Al Oudh, but find the performance a bit lacking I'd recomend this. This does have some more glaring synthetic animalistic qualities in the opening that are more missing from the L'Artisan. I prefer the L'Artisan. It feels better composed and blended. This one is a touch choppy.
06th September, 2020

Hemingway by Masque

Well executed dark vetiver

In the opening the vetiver is dry and dark. It has a rooty quality, and almost tenderly smoky. Interesting thing about this frag in the heart a liquor aroma shows up. Some say rum, but it is almost like vodka. Kinda like the alcohol from the filler almost becomes a note. Theres some woods, some kind of dry grassy cedarish type thing. I don’t get any rubarb, or any colored sweetness of any sort. The ginger is really only a background thing to sparkle the backside of the initial vetiver. The patchouli as well is just a thickener, meant to shade the vetiver down to the ground, and remove any hints of soap. There is some kind of kitchen spice in the heart as well that I am unable to place or identify. The whole thing feels complete. It’s a fully fleshed out idea, of a fragrance of standard complexity, and very well executed. I can see this wowing few, but I really like the way it sits. The weight is there, but the fragrance has a transparency that can make it wearable in any situation. Its fairly introspective, brooding, and not at all cheerful. Honestly I feel it would be a bit much for the office, just in its general demeanor.
05th September, 2020

Sultan Vetiver by Nishane

Aromachem Guerlain Frankenstein

Vetiver bright, opening like Guerlain. It has a pretty big soapy aspect to the opening jumping up from the neroli, and it smells clean. There is a amber in the back giving it an updated feel. There is also some very background sweetness that is of the green variety, almost in a kind of blue-green color. It smells quite good, and is pleasing to the nose. Most people will be fine with this fragrance, as long as vetiver is not a solid no for them. In its heart the neroli fades, and the woody ambers creep forward, like a boogieman coming up to ruin a good smelling fragrance. In the base, it is just abnoxiously woodyamber chemical overload. The amount they used is just enough to get it to blend in in the top notes, but that same amount, when you get to the base ends up smelling cheap to me. This final dry down reminds me of K by dolce and gabbana. Its that same aromachem. Its grating, it lasts forever, and the public will probably think it smells good. At this price range I expect better than this kind of aromachem base, unblended with other things to make it of interest. Thumbs neutral, almost down. Saved because it is pretty good in the opening, and it can be found discounted.
05th September, 2020

Fig Man by Carner Barcelona

Fig fougere

Its a fougere, dry fern like, classic interpretation. But laying on top is a nice polite fig note. Its really well done, balanced. Its got that fougere dust bunny mothball thing that comes about when they are super dry. Soft Lawn and Fougere L'aube come to mind. Handsome bottle. Middling performance, with a polite profile, and 4 hours apparent longevity, lasted probably 8 on skin and clothes if you dug in. Perfectly acceptable for its style. Thumbs up, well done in my opinion.
05th August, 2020

Shooting Stars : La Capitale by Xerjoff

Beast mode gourmand

It ultra sweet, candy gummy strawberry, with some coffee and caramel. Actually smells pretry good. Good quality, high price though. Just radiates out. Smells very strong and persistant. I didnt get much evolution really, dry down faded this or that, but the scent kept its profile and charector. Too sweet for me, but.of obvious quality. Neutral.
05th August, 2020

Black Gold by Mancera

Floral masculine

I'm not picking up any oud, so I don't know about that. What I am getting is a classic masculine lavender, with some powdery violet, nutmeg, and a background stripe of quiet vanilla and bubblegummy cinnamon. I like this style, it makes its presence felt without becoming ostentatious. Longevity was more average for me, as opposed to many saying it was plus. Thumbs up on the fragrance juice. As a fragrance from a decant this one is a winner... but

Side note: The packaging here is horrible. This is not a dark fragrance, or a gold pallet fragrance. I know that the gold cap more just denotes the line, but the name itself is Black Gold. That would usually mean oil, or oud, and this is focused on neither. Or it could just denote the feeling of black, dark, emotions or something, again, no. That is the type of thing I find unexcusable in a fragrance that Id own, so this is off of my list for consideration based solely on that. Do better, Mancera.
02nd August, 2020

Sedley by Parfums de Marly

Updated aftershave

It smells like a 90s aftershave. Which I actually quite like. It almost has a sort of Gucci Envy mint thing going on. It covers the same territory as Viking by Creed, but does so in a bit more of an aromatic way to me. Updated retro 90s scent that is unmistakably masculine. This is a pretty good offering by PdM, much better than the average of theirs. Its not grating, or obnoxious. Fairly well behaved, it doesn't shout. I got fair longevity. After a full work day I could smell it under my shirt, but it was not something thats presence could really be felt with movement or anything. I'd say it was so withdrawn that if you were not searching it out it would not be there after 4 hoursish. Its nice. Thumbs up for the fragrance. You can decide for yourself whether Parfums de Marly is something that you would be willing to spend your money on, that is not for me to judge.
02nd August, 2020

Royal Oud by Creed

Cedar water

It is a dry composition, but has a fresh water feel. Its zesty. The overarching feel is cedar. The pink berries are a background player. This is not a contemporary sweet thing that you find oversold. I find it of tangible density, but has a lightweight feel. Its nice, and the effect is a good one for wear. It doesn't clobber people, but sits very appropriately. So, cedar over pink berries and galbanum gives it a herbal feel. The musk that runs underneath is clean, but not laundered. It seems to be the usual Creed musk, for anyone who knows what that smells like. Each piece of this is cleverly proportioned I find myself thinking. I don't see any limitations on this fragrance day/night summer/winter casual/formal. Seems like it could be fine for it all. Extremely versatile without being boring. I like it, its a thumbs up.
22nd June, 2020

Les Déserts d'Orient - Encens Mythique d'Orient by Guerlain


Its got a lot of rose up top, obviously. Its really zingy, slightly medicinal, metallic, and green. I get a fleeting greenness that kinda feels like the prickly stem of the rose. The incense is there, though blended in, and overshadowed early. It is a dark rose fragrance, though not black. It is not gothic. It is more of a deep red and dark green kaleidoscope. It is very piquant in the opening, but mellows out.
20th June, 2020

Oud Assam by Rania J

Real Oud

Starts cheesy/stanky. Its got some rough personality in the first half hour that is going to smell quite bad to a significant portion of the population. It settles down after that, bringing forward the incense, though the oud is still the central player. Its nice to have an oud without rose.

Say whatever, its interesting.
18th June, 2020 (last edited: 25th August, 2020)

Purple Oud by Christian Dior

Rorshard Oud

Ive been puzzling on this one a bit. I get pink pepper and saffron over synthetic clean oud and iso e super. Its dry, it sparkles. Its got the sweetness from the pepper, spicy from the saffron. It really is a nice fragrance. It does bear quite a bit of resemblance to Sycamore. So many people seem to be writing very different things about this one. It has no barnyard that I can find, it doesn't stink. Kinda safe and daring at the same time. I quite enjoy it. It hasn't seemed to perform super strongly. Say, 6 hours longevity, projection average. Good enough. I did a side by side with Oud Isphahan and Leather Oud. You can pick out the note they have in common, there is a thread, This is the clean brother.
18th June, 2020

Granville by Christian Dior

Its a regular masculine. Oakmoss, pine. Kinda soapy and clean. Its nice quality. Nice blend. I'm meh. Neutral. Could almost go down because of the price, but the quality of the ingredients and blending save it.
18th June, 2020

Gris Dior / Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior

Its a rose/patchouli. Its all rounded off and blended together. Its got some mossy greenness in the opening, but that disapates fairly quickly. It has some sort of soda/candy streak running through it that perserveres in the background throughout the opening, heart, and drydown. Quite an interesting little trick. Sandalwood, cedar, moss, patchouli, rose. Its funny, rose and jasmine can dominate a frag so easily, but here I really like their interaction. Rose is more prominent, but I really feel the jasmine is present and dynamic. Ingredients smell like high quality. I find this really really nice. It is more feminine than masculine, but I could see someone comfortable pull it off of either sex. Solid thumbs up.
13th June, 2020