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La Douceur de Siam by Parfums Dusita


Flowers on flowers. Opens up with rose. Just had me thinking, oh, just a rose frag. But then its yellow florals. In an hour the incense and sandalwood are more aparent.

Really well blended. Nice ingredients. Very feminine.
05th January, 2021

Millésime Impérial by Creed

One of a million

Weak, even at first spray. By far the weakest Creed Ive tried. Its salty and fruity. Has that creed base that feels fine, but a bit more watered down than in their standard ilk.
Just comes across as a fruity salty frag. Unremarkable.

Based on the inflated price im going thumbs down. It would be neutral at about $55.
04th January, 2021

Jaïpur Homme Eau de Toilette by Boucheron

Elegant and dated

Cinammon spiced baby powder.

Spicy. Cinammon, cardamom, and carnation. Has quite the gentlemanly vibe. Oriental. Fantastic blend, nothing harsh. Ingredient used well.

This will feel dated to those who are not fragrance community members. Feels older than 1998.

Thumbs up, its really a well done fragrance. Cheap, at like $30.
30th December, 2020
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Mélodie de L'Amour by Parfums Dusita

White Floral

Jasmine, tuberose, GARDENIA. Just a bunch of nice white florals. A bit of sweet pissy honey, but not too much. There is something petrol like definately in the base. I cant place it, or have never smelled it before. Its almost like dusty gas. Great ingredients, great blending. Great presentation. Smells natural. If overpriced luxury white florals are your thing id recomend giving this a try.
Thumbs up.
29th December, 2020

I Love New York for Fathers by Bond No. 9

Well, i was expecting worse. Laundry musk, a sightly herbal fruity melange of a dash of this and that. Utterly unremarkable though. Nobody will hate this. Good fathers day gift. Like a bad tie. Mediocre.
28th December, 2020

Guess Suede by Guess

Cheap Fragrant Liquid

I get weak suede and sweet cardamom. I had to try it 3 times before i got a decent read on it. Its like a muted aftershave. Feels like there is no mid or base. Top, then gone. Feels so thin and reedy.

For the price, i cant think of much id put lower on my list, and its like $20.
28th December, 2020

Original Vetiver by Creed

This is talked about as a happy friendly vetiver. A expensive Mugler cologne. Id say it does smell like the Mugler, but it has more vetiver. The Mugler is a citrus clean soapy flowers. This is that with a vetiver backdrop. I smell the vetiver similar to the Guerlain in the background. Ultimately this is a standard fare, soapy clean and green fragrance. I found longevity decent and projection a bit below average. This was from an authorized spray sample. I could see getting this someday, but I was hoping for a little more Creed basenote magic that I did not get. Even though this is a low priced Creed, I'm still docking it for being expensive. Presentation is quite nice. The gradient green on those Victorian looking bottles. Pretty nice. Neutral. This reminds me as well of the Elle Saab Vetiver, for what it is worth. I think I liked that one a bit more, even if they costed the same.
24th December, 2020

Le Pavillon d'Or by Parfums Dusita

Interesting blend

Its an interesting blend. Iris, oak, mint, and fig. Sharper noses will then feel the heiotrope. Its a strange frag tht will, i think, not find many who make it their shining star, but it is capable and interesting. Not overly synthetic. A few edges are bared in the pursuit of that uniqueness. Its pretty expensive. Presentation is fantastic. Neutral, may go up.
20th December, 2020

Quorum by Antonio Puig

80s frags

Its a nice polite 80s frag. Its got the same 80s smells and charectoristics, but they are smoothed out a bit. Pine, leather, moss. Obviously reformulated, but still balanced. Seems to have avoided the bare chemically nature many fragrances get when theyve moved downmarket to a cheaper price range. Does have some dry cigarette ash smell. Quite nice. Cheap. Thumbs up.
19th December, 2020

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

Designer oud

Well, it smells like your average fake oud. Kinda like an oud/rose, mixed with a cardamom pink pepper frag. The result seems like an "almost, but not quite" fragrance. Like it kinda falls apart in the mid. I dont dislike it. Im going neutral, with a fairly high price tag i think that is generous.
18th December, 2020

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraîcheur by Lolita Lempicka


The opening has a strong anise/dry wood. Its bitter and violety, but tangible in depth, though it is thin in longevity. It burns down to basically sheer transparency in like an hour. Then it is there, but as a soft SOFT skin scent.

The opening reminds me of Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisee, with that burnt rubber vetiver. Maybe its the olive wood, or the ivy, but whatever it is, it is not a good smell. It just smells bad and not really interesting. Thumbs down.

All this was from a manufacturer sample. It had leaked, so it may have gone off from the air, though it was sealed in a plastic packaging.
18th December, 2020

Essence Musk by Ferrari

Suprisingly competant

Laundry musks. White bitter citric melange. Clean, with a bitter quality. Doesnt smell harsh or overly synthetic.

Im going with a thumbs up here. As a cheap car fragrance this may be the best one ive tried so far. The Essence line from from Ferarri is a cheapie hunter gold mine.
17th December, 2020

Touch for Men by Burberry


Its a mishmash. Opens airy, bitter and herbal. I was trying to place it blind, and kept thinking citric, but bland bitter citric. I was thinking cheap fake yuzu, but it says mandarin. Rough. Fairly powdery and floral. Cheap tonka, vetiver, and laundry musks in the base. The base feels less composed, more just dumped after a decision, which if built from the ground up is fine, but it seams to not coellese into a singular voice.

That artesima in the opening is the not pleasant to me. It feels poorly blended in. The citris is of poor quality. The base is ok for a cheap fresh aromatic. But the base seems amatuerish. Feels like it should be a car company fragrance or something.

Lalique White comes to mind in the same vein. White is higher quality, better blended, but thinner in the base. Thumbs down.
08th December, 2020
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Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

90s frags

Meh. Its sweet aromatic in a 90s way. Its nice. I just dont care about it much one way or another. Missing some personality. Neutral.
08th November, 2020

Ormonde Elixir by Ormonde Jayne


It opens with a tad bit of oud to open up. I've only tried Ormonde Man, and not Woman, but this definitely smells the same as that, if you have tried it. They are the same fragrance, but tweaked. Man is a bit more pine smelling, and Elixir is a bit sweeter. After the oud blends in in like 10 seconds, a bit of some soft cotton candy sweetness is very very present. The drydown of this one is really fantastic. It is kinda weak on me, though others say it is strong. It has proper volume, but is a bit short on the longevity category. It just smells so good I don't even care though. I love this fragrance. Even more than my full wearings I spray it on my arm all the time. I just love the smell. It goes a bit powdery in a classy way to end. I could wear this every day and be satisfied. Made it to my top ten, I might even back it up, which is a rarity for me. Presentation is fantastic. Only thing Id say is that if you were not caring about as much subtle nuance, the Ormonde Man would get you pretty close. There is really only a difference with the added 1% of Cambodian oud that makes this so much more expensive. $280 for 50ml is quite expensive. This is refined though, and I love it.

As for the opening oud, its got some tiny foot/cheese to it. I'm suprised its cambodian and not assam. I assosiate assam with cheese.
28th October, 2020

Knize Ten Golden Edition by Knize

Knize Ten with a growl

I realize that a leather forward fragrance doesn't seem like it would need a leather flanker, but that is kind of what this is. It takes the regular Knize, which is a tan leather with hand lotion and flowers, and reduces the ancillary notes. It them amps up the leather by giving it an animalic growl. Its got a little grit in its voice. If the original is just a little too "nice" for you, this will hit home. For me, it is quite nice. I'm a person who appreciates a little naked masculinity in my fragrances, and that hits here. Thumbs up.
17th October, 2020

T. Habanero by Rania J

Tobacco Oud

I saw somebody say that this is what Tom Ford Tobacco Oud dreamed of being. That is accurate in my book. Its got a nice tobacco note, which is less like pipe tobacco, and more of a drying tobacco leaf. Really nice. On the top it has some indian oud, of the cheesy variety, but it is smooth. It has a sweetened calm that softens the acidity of the tobacco. I assume that sweet soft nature is due to the pink pepper and cardamom. It is a really nice fragrance. Great blending, great ingredients. Caps are a little tacky, but otherwise the bottles are really nice. The only thing keeping this from being a home run is that it is a bit lacking in staying power. It has appropriate volume, but probably below average duration. Not poor, just below average. As it is, this is a borderline buy for me, since I do not have general longevity issues. People who have issues here will probably do best to look elsewhere.
17th October, 2020

Dune by Christian Dior

Its an aldehyde vanilla floral woody with a soft mandarin top. It smells really good. They did a good job with this fragrance. It has a gentleness to the composition. Smells super classy. Mine was a new version, and I think I'm gonna be buying this for the misses.
11th October, 2020

Hyrax by Zoologist Perfumes

Plant animal

Its a vegan flavored animalic. Smells semi credible as an animalic, like tofurkey. In the drydown, it goes all woody amber. Listen, i expect better from Zoologist. They usually do better work than this. It fooled me on the first wear a bit. Second time, trash.
It is not the animalic nature, that some people dislike, that turns me off. It could be something that I like in the opening. It seems bold, it seems strong. Indeed it is quite potent. But when it dries down to the base, it is a poorly composed chemical base. It leans in to some of the woody amber aromachems that blend in well overall with a fragrance, but unbalance a fragrance dry down, say 6-8 hours after application. Frankly, it smells bad to me. Chemically and harsh, like a clone company ignoring the final stages to sell a quick bottle.

Thumbs down.
30th September, 2020 (last edited: 17th October, 2020)

Dryad by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Dry green

I put it on. Ah, dry green fougere. Read some reviews. Chypre? I feel like a must be having a tough time distinguishing. Dried down to still a fougere to me. I dont know. I experienced a dry green fractured mossy fougere.
30th September, 2020

MEM by Bogue Profumo

Opens with medicinal lavendar, orange and grapefruity smell that gives one the impression of a great smelling citronella candle. Theres a yellow ylang, labdanum, and whisper of civet. Its a nice composition, smells like a good quality, blending is good. Unisex, would smell great on anyone. Just not maybe for me.
29th September, 2020

Oud For Greatness by Initio

BR 540 Pour Homme

I feel like this fragrance is BR 540 meets Creed Viking.
Opens in medicinal synth clean oud like in MFK. Saffron gives it some fruity/floral zing, and nutmeg gives it a kind of new age barbershop kind of smell. This is what makes it like Viking. The overall vibe is spicy BR 540 that can more easily be worn by a man.
Way strong, too much. Super synthetic. Composition and blending, average. Feels a little Tom Ford Private Blend basic. Meh, neutral.
28th September, 2020

MAAI by Bogue Profumo

Modern Chypre Extrordinaire

Its really good. Initially kind of camphorous. Civet aldehydes jasmine. Its awesome. 5 stars, top 10 for me.
16th September, 2020

Extreme Speed by Michael Kors

Herbal Updated Fragrance

As designers go, and on the lowish end of the designer spectrum moving toward cheapy, the Michael Kors line just isn't something that gets love. This one is pretty nice though. Its really got some herbal smooth suave thing in the opening. Sage, in all its sageness, not one of those clary sage notes that just is for filler, this one is very present. Cypress is the main player. Its got some of that violet ambiance. I like this one a lot. Dumb name, but the bottle is actually pretty nice. Pictures don't look as nice as it does in person. Feels good. I found it lasted well into the evening, though in the drydown it became pretty aromachem, but hey, its a Michael Kors. This would be a step up from most of the stuff you see in this realm. Pretty well blended, but the materials in the backend show some of their cheapness.
16th September, 2020

Eternity Flame for Men by Calvin Klein

sweet blah

Its not good. It smells like something from the early 2000s not well done. Kenneth Cole Reaction melon, its sweet. They say pineapple, but its not pineapple. Its melon. Pineapple is sharper. Lasts well, sweet. Really cheap. Nothing flame or fire like.
16th September, 2020

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

Dior Dry

Iso E, violet (i think im the only one who gets this), cashmeran, cedar. Its super polite. Lasts all day easy. Great blending. Demachy is all about these semitransparent frags. He does em well. Wears well. This is a movement frag, to be experienced as an aura in the air. Good stuff. Dry and masculine. Thumbs up!
15th September, 2020

Knize Ten by Knize

Cuir baby powder

Opens with some tan leather, mechanics rag note, flowers, and powder. Gets powderier as it dries. Kind of butch to me, but my wife said it smelled like her grandmother. Lol. It smelled moreand more like talc the further it went. Nice roundness and density. I like the fragrance, but its juat not quite all together a winner for me. Im going neutral.
15th September, 2020

Bois Mystérieux by Guerlain

Myrh Leather Saffron

It has the same smell as Songe, but it is a bit different. It is less challenging, and a bit more massly pleasing in the base. Ultimately the breathy animalic nature is gone, but the medicine still remains. Myrh is kind of overdosed in the opening. The base smells a little cheap. I was wavering on up or neutral. I like the bottle, I like to wear it. It is just not my favorite in the line. And when you've smelled Songe this one kinda smells like an imposter. But it is much better than the average dreck, so I went thumbs up. Pricing, it should be $120 or less for the 4.2 oz bottle. Performance was pretty heavy. Longevity good.
13th September, 2020

Aoud Cuir d'Arabie by Montale

Fake real oud

I've always thought this one would just be another of the Montale ouds, so harsh and synthetic that it makes me wish to get it off. But this one is one of the only synthetics that seems to go after the actual smell of oud. Its got some cheesy opening, animalic. The leather is the chemically tan stuff. Astringent tobacco of the best kind, not trying to smell like a cigar, but giving that bitter medicinal vibe. The oud is synthetic smelling, but the addition of the leather and tobacco start to give it a more realistic profile. I find this rather enjoyable. A couple hours in it reaches a more polite profile, though it is still leather, tobacco and oud.
This is a really good one. I hate metal bottles, but I may make an exception for this one if the price is right. Thumbs up.
13th September, 2020

Essence No. 6 : Vetiver by Elie Saab

Good vetiver

So this is half bright vetiver half rooty. Im no expert on V, but id assume hatian and java are combining to that effect. Its got some citrus up top. Papyrus is dry ad dusty, the clove is bacground noise. Those who hate clove should be ok, though its noticale. The blending is master level. This is a top shelf vetiver. Thumbs up.
13th September, 2020