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Light Blue Forever pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The opening is a bleghy amount of grapefruit rind. The bitter violet goes with that to make this smell like a grapefruit that was sprayed with pesticide and bug spray, then the zest ground off for this fragrance. Its like Sundrunk without the orange. The mid is still that grapefruit and bug spray, the dry down a salty vetiver musk. I didnt find it pleasant, though it is very loud. Niche, sure. Novel for a designer. Better than any other Light Blue flanker, which is saying very little.
12th June, 2021

Light Blue pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

New bottle

Newest formulation, from a tester at Ulta sprayed 3 sprays on a blank arm.

Bad. Amonia egg smell. It legit smells bad, as in worse than nothing. There is a hint of some fragrance that doesnt stink in there, but whatever chemical they dosed this reform with these daus stinks and overpowers everything else.

Bad bad. Thumbs down to the floor at any price. I wouldnt buy this for 5 dollars.
22nd April, 2021

Cuir Intense by Guerlain

Osmanthus Cuir

Beast mode melt your face all day long baby. Except, when people look for beast mode they also want it to smell nice. This is a cuir, so it's not overly nice.
It opens with that peachy apricot osmanthus smell and tan leather, with the tanning chemicals still on it. You know how some of the modern leathers take that black leather and aggressive ly chemical it up with medicinals and herbs to make it spiky and pungent,? This is the tan leather version of that, with apricot in the opening.
Lasts too long, read days. Projects too heavy. Nice bottle.

The whole line has an aggressive theme under it that is probably love it or hate it.
I feel like this is a fragrance without a home. Its not mass pleasing enough to attract young beau's, and it's too loud and aggressively chemical for older folks. I like the smell in the opening, it's just too strong for me at the end of the day.
16th April, 2021
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Acqua di Giò Profondo by Giorgio Armani

The initial blast is Mandarin Profumo, mid is Essenza plus incense, drydown Essenza.

There is that egg smell from Essenza, so if you dont like Essenza, you wont like this. That egg smell turns me off, though that mandarin opening is really nice.
12th April, 2021

Tiffany & Love for Him by Tiffany

Im neutral here. Its smells fine. Like a clean fresh smell. Slightly herbal. Bland. Umremarkable.
25th March, 2021

Acqua di Gio Absolu Instinct by Giorgio Armani


Orangy cream over powerful woody ambers.

28th February, 2021

cK Everyone by Calvin Klein

I don't really know what to say here. I didn't find this to be of good quality or smell in really any category. In the deep dry down it felt ultra thin, like an aftershave or cologne. But then, I usually get some sort of ultramasculine vintage type smell with a lot of those. This to me is not bracing. Though I understand it should not read as masculine as it is the definition of an ungendered fragrance. I found the opening meh, and a bit sweet. The mid was just a faded watered down version. The base was maybe just a quiet musk or something, clean, inoffensive and barely there.
17th February, 2021

Gentleman (new) by Givenchy

Interesting that this little diddy gets savaged. I think it is a pretty good fragrance. There is something a bit off and synthetic about the opening fruity pear thing, but as that dies down they actually did a good job on the mid and base here. That is so rare these days in a mass pleaser. Its got some dry woody vetiver stuff in the mid, that almost feels like a fractured version. It is a clear white woody thing. The iris hold. That pear in the opening mixed with the iris gives that facet a Ultra Male thing, but at an appropriate volume. I like the bottle. I like most things about this one, and think I might pick up one from this line. It does smell masculine, though in a clean way, and not an overly trying to be the sexy man with an upturned collar.
17th February, 2021

Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy

I do not like this one. Its got some gourmand streak in it that smells gross to me. I do not want to smell like this. I was trying to place it as coffee or carmel or something. I even read nothing that gets me close in the notes now, so I guess just that vanilla was interacting with the nutmeg or something. The end factor is that this is something that I don't like. Like a sucky updated version of A*Men.

17th February, 2021

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana


Slightly boozy. Quiet. Tobacco and some spices. Not an overly tobaccoy tobacco, if that makes any sense. This is the sweet kind of tobacco that doesn't smell like Tobacco Vanilla or a cigar. Its gentle, but smells good. Price is a little high still, in my opinion, but its not crazy. Neutral.
17th February, 2021

Mr. Burberry by Burberry

Eau de Mall

I like this one. It has the basic mens fragrance dna that is not sweet. Sort of the same vein as Gucci Guilty line. Boring, sure. Generic, I guess. But that is a trope that is well traveled for a reason. This is something that everyone can wear, it will always smell good. Its aromatic and masculine. Another from Kurkdjian that does clean and aromatic well. The base is a little thin, and it may not have the legs that some others have, but that is a positive for me. A lot of times that distance to the finish the fragrance is carried by some ugly smelling chemicals, that I do not detect here in high doses. I'm going to give this one a thumbs up. I think this is a super solid entry, though it will be breaking no ground.
17th February, 2021

Mr. Burberry Indigo by Burberry


This to me goes on as an herbal fragrance. You can tell that this is a Kirkdjian, in that he does a good job blending in with clean overtones in his frags. He's great at balancing. This even smells competent through the openings and mid. In the base it falls apart and smells like a weaker version of D&G K EDT. This can actually be seen as a plus for this, because the basenotes of that one do not smell bad, but they are overpowered to the point of jarring. So this would be something that would be a better version of that there, and then it just smells better than that one in the opening and mid. All in all I could have gone up here, though there is just something about that last transition that just sticks in my craw, so Im going with a neutral. Really though, good for Burberry. I think this is pretty well done for the price. I can see people being very happy with this one. You will smell much more grown up that with the sweet nothings.
17th February, 2021

Jimmy Choo Man Intense by Jimmy Choo

00s updated

I totally get the melon. So I was smelling this, and was getting tons of Kenneth Cole Reaction. I told the wife it smells like an early 2000s fragrance, with some woody amber base from Invictus. Look up the notes, yep. About right. Honestly, its fast food, but it smells really good. They did a good job.

Basically, if you want an updated Kenneth Cole Reaction, with a more ample base on modern chemicals, this is a fine entry. Decent looking bottle. Its cheap too. I don't think I really want this, but I can see this being a good choice for someone in the market for this type of fragrance.
17th February, 2021
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Jimmy Choo Man Blue by Jimmy Choo

Middle ground

If you want a lower level designer blue, this is a good way to go. When going up against its contemporaries, such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, this is pretty good. I like the bottles. The price is fantastic, at like $35 dollars. This would be a great one for a person who is not into fragrances to pick up and use as a daily driver. The base is some beh woody ambers, but can't avoid that these days.

17th February, 2021

Explosions d’Emotions : Skin On Skin by L'Artisan Parfumeur

What this smells like to me in the opening is coconut. Its not in the notes, and I don't see anybody else drawing that from it, so make of that what you will. There is some fake flowers, bitter skin type smell. I think this smells feminine, in a way that it is a sensual skin scent for women. Ultimately there seems to be something somewhat clashing in it. It turns me off and makes wearing this a sort of unpleasant experience. But not terrible. Neutral.
01st February, 2021

Mon Numéro 10 by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Sweet and spicy

Well, it is a Bertrand Duchaufour fragrance. It seems like one of his. He does a sweet and spicy thing a lot of times. The opening here is aldehydes and cardamom with pink pepper politely present. I was waffling back and forth on some sort of booze, and after reading the notes I see cognac. I totally get that.
The opening reminded me of Metalliq from Tom Ford, and that is aquanet aldehydes and vanilla. This differs in that it brings in the pink pepper, but also is just a better more rounded fragrance. Like the fully fleshed out idea instead of the sketch. Pretty nice. I wish it had a little more body to it. Not that it is weak, it seems of appropriate strength. I just like this type of aldehyde frag to have a little more punch and teeth to even out the smooth nature that is the creamy vanillic backside. Neutral.
30th January, 2021

La Douceur de Siam by Parfums Dusita


Flowers on flowers. Opens up with rose. Just had me thinking, oh, just a rose frag. But then its yellow florals. In an hour the incense and sandalwood are more aparent.

Really well blended. Nice ingredients. Very feminine.
05th January, 2021

Millésime Impérial by Creed

One of a million

Weak, even at first spray. By far the weakest Creed Ive tried. Its salty and fruity. Has that creed base that feels fine, but a bit more watered down than in their standard ilk.
Just comes across as a fruity salty frag. Unremarkable.

Based on the inflated price im going thumbs down. It would be neutral at about $55.
04th January, 2021

Jaïpur Homme Eau de Toilette by Boucheron

Elegant and dated

Cinammon spiced baby powder.

Spicy. Cinammon, cardamom, and carnation. Has quite the gentlemanly vibe. Oriental. Fantastic blend, nothing harsh. Ingredient used well.

The cinammon up top reminds me of a kinder smoothed out Paul Sebastion. This isn't a million miles away from that, but you can tell that it is better blended, better ingredients, the whole lot. It is noticably powdery, in a good way. It has that type of amber from Obsession for men, but without the balsamic. Take obsession, remove balsam, add a bit more cinnamon up top, and finish with more powder.

This will feel dated to those who are not fragrance community members. Feels older than 1998.

Thumbs up pretty hard, its really a well done fragrance. Cheap, at like $30.
30th December, 2020 (last edited: 15th February, 2021)

Mélodie de L'Amour by Parfums Dusita

White Floral

Jasmine, tuberose, GARDENIA. Just a bunch of nice white florals. A bit of sweet pissy honey, but not too much. There is something petrol like definately in the base. I cant place it, or have never smelled it before. Its almost like dusty gas. Great ingredients, great blending. Great presentation. Smells natural. If overpriced luxury white florals are your thing id recomend giving this a try.
Thumbs up.
29th December, 2020

I Love New York for Fathers by Bond No. 9

Well, i was expecting worse. Laundry musk, a sightly herbal fruity melange of a dash of this and that. Utterly unremarkable though. Nobody will hate this. Good fathers day gift. Like a bad tie. Mediocre.
28th December, 2020

Guess Suede by Guess

Cheap Fragrant Liquid

I get weak suede and sweet cardamom. I had to try it 3 times before i got a decent read on it. Its like a muted aftershave. Feels like there is no mid or base. Top, then gone. Feels so thin and reedy.

For the price, i cant think of much id put lower on my list, and its like $20.
28th December, 2020

Original Vetiver by Creed

This is talked about as a happy friendly vetiver. A expensive Mugler cologne. Id say it does smell like the Mugler, but it has more vetiver. The Mugler is a citrus clean soapy flowers. This is that with a vetiver backdrop. I smell the vetiver similar to the Guerlain in the background. Ultimately this is a standard fare, soapy clean and green fragrance. I found longevity decent and projection a bit below average. This was from an authorized spray sample. I could see getting this someday, but I was hoping for a little more Creed basenote magic that I did not get. Even though this is a low priced Creed, I'm still docking it for being expensive. Presentation is quite nice. The gradient green on those Victorian looking bottles. Pretty nice. Neutral. This reminds me as well of the Elle Saab Vetiver, for what it is worth. I think I liked that one a bit more, even if they costed the same.
24th December, 2020

Le Pavillon d'Or by Parfums Dusita

Interesting blend

Its an interesting blend. Iris, oak, mint, and fig. Sharper noses will then feel the heiotrope. Its a strange frag tht will, i think, not find many who make it their shining star, but it is capable and interesting. Not overly synthetic. A few edges are bared in the pursuit of that uniqueness. Its pretty expensive. Presentation is fantastic. Neutral, may go up.
20th December, 2020

Quorum by Antonio Puig

80s frags

Its a nice polite 80s frag. Its got the same 80s smells and charectoristics, but they are smoothed out a bit. Pine, leather, moss. Obviously reformulated, but still balanced. Seems to have avoided the bare chemically nature many fragrances get when theyve moved downmarket to a cheaper price range. Does have some dry cigarette ash smell. Quite nice. Cheap. Thumbs up.
19th December, 2020

Armani Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

Designer oud

Well, it smells like your average fake oud. Kinda like an oud/rose, mixed with a cardamom pink pepper frag. The result seems like an "almost, but not quite" fragrance. Like it kinda falls apart in the mid. I dont dislike it. Im going neutral, with a fairly high price tag i think that is generous.
18th December, 2020

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin Fraîcheur by Lolita Lempicka


The opening has a strong anise/dry wood. Its bitter and violety, but tangible in depth, though it is thin in longevity. It burns down to basically sheer transparency in like an hour. Then it is there, but as a soft SOFT skin scent.

The opening reminds me of Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisee, with that burnt rubber vetiver. Maybe its the olive wood, or the ivy, but whatever it is, it is not a good smell. It just smells bad and not really interesting. Thumbs down.

All this was from a manufacturer sample. It had leaked, so it may have gone off from the air, though it was sealed in a plastic packaging.
18th December, 2020

Essence Musk by Ferrari

Suprisingly competant

Laundry musks. White bitter citric melange. Clean, with a bitter quality. Doesnt smell harsh or overly synthetic.

Im going with a thumbs up here. As a cheap car fragrance this may be the best one ive tried so far. The Essence line from from Ferarri is a cheapie hunter gold mine.
17th December, 2020

Touch for Men by Burberry


Its a mishmash. Opens airy, bitter and herbal. I was trying to place it blind, and kept thinking citric, but bland bitter citric. I was thinking cheap fake yuzu, but it says mandarin. Rough. Fairly powdery and floral. Cheap tonka, vetiver, and laundry musks in the base. The base feels less composed, more just dumped after a decision, which if built from the ground up is fine, but it seams to not coellese into a singular voice.

That artesima in the opening is the not pleasant to me. It feels poorly blended in. The citris is of poor quality. The base is ok for a cheap fresh aromatic. But the base seems amatuerish. Feels like it should be a car company fragrance or something.

Lalique White comes to mind in the same vein. White is higher quality, better blended, but thinner in the base. Thumbs down.
08th December, 2020

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

90s frags

Meh. Its sweet aromatic in a 90s way. Its nice. I just dont care about it much one way or another. Missing some personality. Neutral.
08th November, 2020