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Dua Man by Dua Fragrances

Dua Man is a very well made fragrance. I have two bottles and have compared the 2020 fragrance to a 30ml sample of the Le Male first formula of 1995 to 2006. An almost exact match. The only difference is that the Le Male has a slightly sweeter vibe in the vanilla, whereas the Dua is more spicey vanilla, if I can say it that way.

So, let's begin.

When Dua is applied, the first thing that you'll realize is the bold mint, lavender and definitely vanilla nuances. It's strong upon application, it immediately releases the nuances, but then goes bold on the minty vanilla vibes along with the artemisia and cinnamon, tonka bean, etc,.

The bottle price was $60 for a 30ml when I purchased it, but if you want near 1995 performance, then this is it.

Dua behaves like all Le Males do; it goes on long lasting, leaves a scent trail that's close to LM, but is toned down a notch.

Dua is a Parfum extract that's oily, not an EDT. Do not expect 100 percent Le Male, but expect 99 percent.

This will make all of us LM lovers very, very happy. Kudos to Dua Fragrances.
11th January, 2021

Versace l'Homme by Versace

Definitely a must have! The batch I have is manufactured by Giver SA. That's the vintage scent. It starts out lemony, spicy with a slight ting of ginger, petitgrain. It then goes in a cedar, sandalwood type scent, mixing well in the drydown with the leather, oakmoss and labdanum. It's classy. Lasted 8 hours on me with decent sillage, definitely a cooler weather scent. Very, very nice.
07th December, 2019