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Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense by Guerlain

Oooh, I love this. The lavender is kept to the minimum. Much more patchouli and tonka. Both are very soft. Very intoxicating. Deep. Even a bit boozy. Sweet, but in a rich and non-cloying way. Strong, lasts well. Very, very, very good.

Denser, deeper, more patchouli-bitter and more grown up than the original Mon Guerlain. You might say the original Mon Guerlain is better balanced, but I love this Intense take on it. It's darker, woodier and, yeah, more intense.

If you want a Mon Guerlain that is the opposite of Intense, choose the EDT - these two sit at the opposite spectrums of Mon Guerlain world, Intense is rich, thick, dark, dense, intoxicating, with very strong base notes. I could see someone who likes delicate perfumes saying Intense is a bit masculine for them (for me it's not, but I get the idea). And EDT is very bright, airy, spring-like with some tangerine and tons of slightly medicinal lavender.
05th September, 2020

Mon Guerlain Florale by Guerlain

To my nose Mon Guerlain Florale behaves quite similarly to Mon Guerlain EDT, but EDT has way way way way way way way way way way way more lavender, while Florale focuses on, well, other flowers. No patchouli in the base, tonka is also not prominent if there is some, and there seems to be less vanilla than in EDT, too (and considerably less than in EDP, of course. That leaves the drydown to be more musky/generic and quiet. While the top notes are sweet and rather airy, the drydown is very unremarkable compared to EDP and Intense - but it might be a good thing if you like your perfumes on a lighter side. Stayed on my skin for 3-4 hours or something - a bit less than the EDT does.

It's still a very nice perfume, but probably my least-liked in Mon Guerlain series. (For the record - my favourites are probably Intense and the original EDP at the moment, so if their drydowns are too rich for your liking and you like airy florals, this or EDT might be a good choice for you.)
05th September, 2020

Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

It's named so well. It really does smell like Greece a bit - or at least like my memory of it. Very airy, a bit watery - but not aquatic, no way! - and very lovely. The fig is very noticeable, too - the fruits, the leaves, you can smell all the fig tree in here! (And if we're talking about fig scents, it's brighter than Diptyque's Philosykos to my nose - not as milky. And Molinard's Figue is much more citrusy - this Jardin is very subtle and sits nicely in the middle.)
05th September, 2020
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Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès

The yellow bottle is a good choice for this scent - it does feel the sunniest in the Jardin series. Also one of the loveliest. A bit fruity. A hint of floral greenness, light, airy. Uplifting. There's something in the scent that reminds me of dandelions a bit. Yeah, the dandelion flowers in the spring field!
05th September, 2020

Happy Juice by Nocibé

Ouch. Not much happiness here. This "Happy juice" not only is, but actually smells cheap. And that's a pity, because I love nice and inexpensive scents, but this is just a mess of chemicals to my nose (your mileage may vary though). I couldn't discern any of the notes, just the (thankfully!) light synthetic aroma of something vaguely resembling a light fruity-floral. I did spray some on cloth, too, and that was much better next day than anything on my skin - a hint of light, bright and clean musky aroma - so you might like it if you're not picky and you like to keep it subtle - but I washed it off my skin with delight.
I hope other scents in this Douglas line are better, as I like the idea of a collection of fun and affordable scents in cute little bottles. Unfortunately, I am much happier smelling of shampoo and soap - heck, even of sausages and mustard - than of this.
10th August, 2020

Girl of Now Forever by Elie Saab

Sweet. Very sweet. Yet somehow not suffocating and quite cozy. Almond is very prominent. A bit fruity and brighter at the start, then becomes almondier and sweeter. Not creamy, feels more rough in texture because of the aromachemicals used. I wouldn't buy it for myself, but I liked it enough to drain my sample in six wears. It is nice.
21st July, 2020

Café Chantant by Nobile 1942

It's an uplifting vanilla scent with some not too synthetically smelling cherry on top and a lovely name. Café here is a place and not a drink. They are laughing and eating pastries, and the festive mood is conveyed nicely, it is a lighthearted perfume. Other than that, it is nothing too special for me.
03rd July, 2020

Narciso Eau de Parfum Rouge by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Eau de Parfum Rouge was created in 2018 by Nadege le Garlantezec and Sonia Constant, it showcases the soft, hal-clean, half-animalic, soft and alluring signature Narciso Rodriguez white musk over the vetiver and cedar base like all the Narciso cubes.

Here, more tonka is added to the base notes and rose and iris sit at the top. It's the heaviest, densest, dirtiest and muskiest of all the Narciso cubes to my nose, and the most intense. It's also a bit powdery, but not in a sweet and cuddly way the Poudree is, it's somehow... more aggressive. Red colour seems to suit it well. To me, the redness, aggression and powderiness of Narciso Rouge is somehow comparable to Guerlain's Habit Rouge.

It is a very good fragrance, but it's probably my least favourite Narciso cube, as I find it a bit overpowering and a bit too dirty-animalic to my taste. It is a bit easier to wear when you spray it, but as I have a dab bottle, I noticed it becomes much heavier and dirtier when dabbed – probably because the top notes are less pronounced. I overdo it and choke myself about every other time I wear it.

The Narciso Eau de Toilette Rouge came in the end of 2019 and has lily of the valley instead of iris, and therefore is much airier, prettier, more spring-like and easier on my nose than the EDP – because iris is not my favourite note as you might have already guessed.
28th April, 2020

Narciso Rodriguez for Her L'Absolu by Narciso Rodriguez

For Her L'Absolu was created by Aurélien Guichard in 2015 and it took me two tries in the store to fall in love with it. The first time I was thinking it's a bit too intense and pushy, but I liked the darkness in it. The second time I just took out my wallet and the deed was done. To me L'Absolu is the sexiest scent I know. When I wear it, I feel as if I was wearing a silky underwear, stockings, heels and a corset – even when I'm in leggings, woolen socks and a hoodie in reality.

The top notes are Jasmine & Tuberose, head notes are full of Musk, and base notes consists of Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood according to BN. I feel a dark and sensual blend of Narciso Rodriguez signature Egyptian musk, white florals, amber and some patch when I smell it – but it's blended that way that it's hard for me to discern the actual notes. It does smell dark purple and is a bit witchy. And absolutely gorgeous.
28th April, 2020

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez line has a very distinct touch and feel – as if all the fragrances would be a part of the same idea. The thing uniting them all is Egyptian musk that Mr. Rodriguez found in his travels to Egypt and fell so hard in love with that he decided – all his fragrance line will showcase this exceptional scent, partly clean, partly animalic and very soft.

His perfumers actually use a blend of many different synthetic musks to create the ultimate NR musk. It is done so because quite a lot of people are anosmic to one or another type of musk, and the goal here is to showcase the musk instead of allowing a part of population to be unable to smell it at all. That's why there are so many differing opinions on NR fragrances – some say they are subtle, work friendly, lovely and squeaky clean, and some say they are dirty, sexy and attention grabbing. The truth is, as almost always, somewhere in the middle. And what a gorgeous smelling middle it is!

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT is the first fragrance of the line and the most popular of them all. (The pink EDP bottle came a bit later and started causing the confusion, because the EDT is a black bottle which comes in a pink box, and the EDP is a pink bottle which comes in a black box... And then just think about all these identical For Her rectangles and Narciso cubes that all look identical except for the colours and the juice inside. That Narciso guy is evil and I'm sure he knows it.)

For Her EDT was created by perfumers Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian in 2003 and has the top notes of Osmanthus & Orange blossom, head notes of Musk and base notes of Vetiver, Amber and Vanilla. I can't say that I'm getting any amber or vanilla here, to me For Her is a soft, purring and heartachingly beautiful musk and osmanthus scent with woody undertones that make it less fluffy and give it more character. (The pink EDP has Peach and Rose in the top notes instead of Osmanthus & Orange blossom) and is a bit fruitier, sweeter and less woody/vetiver-y than EDT. Also, EDT seems to be just as well – if not better – lasting on my skin, so choose the one you like more.)

They're both are great, they're all are great – but For Her EDT is the one that made me fall in love with Narciso Rodriguez scents, it still makes my eyes roll back every time I sniff it, it's just so sensual and elegant and soft.
28th April, 2020

Musc by Carrement Belle

Quite a lovely musk scent. Very soft at first, then gets a little flour-y/powdery/chalky in feel. Clean (white musk) and a tiny bit dirty (civet) at once. In the deep drydown the dirtiness fades and I'm left with a slightly sweet, a touch floral and very pleasant musk. Thumbs up.

Perfumer: Frank Jammes
Notes, according to the text on carded sample:
top note... sensual, musky
middle note... flowery, voluptuous
base note... warm, wild

Notes, according to the internet:
Amber, Civet, Cotton flower, Blossoms, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Melon, Raspberry, White musk, Ylang-ylang
23rd April, 2020

Kasar by Téo Cabanel

It's a leathery-woody and mildly spicy fragrance. Pleasant. A bit smokey. They say it should have oud, but it doesn't have the ugly rotten oud scent I dislike, maybe just a hint of medicinal scent when I bury by nose into my inner elbow. Marketed as masculine, but to me it feels fairly unisex, or at least it suits me. Smells good on me. Seems to stay quite close to the skin.
22nd April, 2020

Modern Princess Blooming by Lanvin

A lovely fruity floral, very fruity-sweet. Grapefruit and mandarin are almost undetectable, they're staying somewhere in the background to brighten and freshen up everything so that you don't sink into the glass of sugary water uncontrollably, because a very juicy watermelon is all over this. I was afraid it would feel too watery-calone-y-whatever-y that makes me nauseated in aquatic fragrances, but it doesn't, as the wateriness of the fruit is conveyed in a friendly manner. Flowers (they say it's jasmine and osmanthus and I'm not arguing) weave into the watermelon, giving it softness. The fragrance does feel soft and almost fluffy and it's quite lovely. It's very summery and juicy, and very sweet, but somehow that sweetness is tamed by talented perfumer Nathalie Lorson and it never becomes cloying. I'm sure it will have fans among girls as it is cute and pleasant, but it's absolutely not my style and I'm not sure how long will it take me to finish my carded sample spray. But it might take me less time than I imagine, because wearing Modern Princes Blooming is actually a small pleasure - just like biting into a juicy sugary watermelon can be. Though honestly, do you want to wear that melon all over yourself? But maybe sometimes you do, and for those days Lanvin has you covered.
22nd April, 2020
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Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Femme by Gucci

A year ago I tried it in the shop without huge expectations (as I had several peel off testers of original Guilty and it was merely okay for me) and surprisingly really enjoyed the huge and slightly sour blackberry note sitting in the deep woods. I asked for a tester vial, depleted it, asked for more and after I depleted that, I knew that this reluctant trying out at the shop was actually a beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or should I call it addiction?

It's primarily berries and woods to me, but I was pleasantly surprised when sometime around my 4th wear I noticed that the leather note is actually quite prominent and very beautiful. The deep, dark rose here isn't big, it's quite subtle on my skin, and it complements the berries nicely. I do love being in a cloud of this unsweet and a bit calming scent. It feels elegant, but not the stuck up kind of elegant, it's more youthful and cozy and a bit carefree kind of elegant to me, very fitting for a rock concert as well.

Even though the blackberry and the deep calming woods are the most prominent things in this beauty, I think it could be classified as a rose-patchouli scent, as it does feel a bit like a kin to its successors and predecessors Juliette Has a Gun's Lady Vengeance & Mad Madame, Initio's Atomic Rose, Twilly d'Hermès Eau Poivrée, Malle's Portrait of a Lady and the like. They all have many differences, but share the sombre mood and deepness. Guilty Absolute pour Femme sticks out of the bunch with its fruity sourness, piney coldness of cypress and slight bitterness of leather in the deep drydown, making it almost a chypre-like scent (of course, in modern sense of the already dead style).

Although the scent IS rather linear and you can smell all its components from the top notes through the drydown, but it does slightly change through the course of the wear, giving all the components time to shine. At first it's the strong unsweet blackberry taking the lead, then gradually the woods, the rose and the leather show up. Together they form this sombre, deep, calm, intoxicating and slightly cooling scent. To me it gets more masculine as it dries down, and I'm guilty of loving it.

Remember what I've said about a beautiful friendship? It's more than that, it's grown into love. It's my scent for sure. I'll definitely, absolutely be getting backups of this.
16th April, 2020

Assenzio / Absynthium by L'Erbolario

A very unique fragrance. It's green, herbal, slightly cooling and calming, coriander and artemisia are very prominent. If you want to smell the green fairy sans booziness - here it is.
Just like all the L'Erbolario scents it is of good quality and lasts all day. If you like aromatic, herbal, green and a bit quirky scents, it is definitely worth trying.

Thumbs up for uniqueness, though my feelings about it are more neutral - I just don't seem to actually want to smell like it.
15th April, 2020

Matthew Williamson - The Collection: Incense by Matthew Williamson

The first five seconds seem medicinal, but it quickly fades away and leaves me with a nice and quiet incense skinscent. This would be perfect for work, travelling or being around people who dislike perfumes - one of those that are just for you, not for everyone around.
Official notes state - Labdanum, patchouli, frankincence, but I'm not smelling any patchouli here. It's mostly just incense to my nose, a bit smoky, a bit warm, a tiny bit churchy - but light, not enveloping, gently swirling around my wrist and inviting to sniff it constantly. I succumb to this invitation.
15th April, 2020

Alibi by V Canto

At first I thought my sample was off - but after two minutes when it developed more, I understood that it's not off at all - it's just very medicinal, a bit smoky, incensy, leathery and strangely compelling. At first it was Very Smoky and Very Medicinal to my mostly unrefined and untrained nose, but with time it develops into a more woody/incensy/vetiver fragrance with hints of salt and leather. It's still medicinal up close - there's quite a prominent adhesive scent on my skin when I put my nose to it - but the overall scent is interesting, cool and calming, and quite remarkable. The drydown is dry, woody and smoky, and very polite. The adhesive scent goes away in the end. It stays rather close to my skin and it won't fill a room, so it might be safe for work if you won't overspray. Longevity seems pretty good. Seems like a good alibi to me.

13th April, 2020

Néroli & Orchidée by L'Occitane

A very soft and romantic floral. I can see a mom, a teacher, a bride, a kind girl in a summer dress or anyone who wants to feel bright, lovely, romantic and slightly innocent wearing it. It's a perfect fragrance for spring days (or for winter days when you want to be reminded of spring), for first dates, for family visits. It would be a lovely gift for a young girl as her first perfume or for your aunt who loves beautiful florals. It is lighthearted, long lasting and couldn't hurt a thing - it's safe for any occasion. Not exactly my cup of tea though, as I'm not much into lovely florals, but really no bad thing can be said about this fragrance - it is pretty and well made.
Sweet-ish neroli is the most prominent note to my nose, the orchid and the fig milk and the clean musk blend into it later, creating a soft, bright, romantic and pretty scent.
Recommended for the lovers of soft florals and sweetish neroli.
12th April, 2020

Wild Wind by Gabriela Sabatini

I never liked it. I got it (not the EDP, the lighter deodorant spray in a glass perfume bottle) when I was a teen, and the bottle remained almost full for almost 15 years or so. It has always smelled a bit like body odour mixed with vomit and something watery, until it went off and actually started smelling like that, and I got rid of it. Only later did I understand that my nose just cannot handle calone and watermelon impressions - they all smell off and incredibly cloying to me.
08th April, 2020

S Oliver Original Women by S Oliver

I got this as a gift from my dad and I gladly used it up through the course of several years, because it's always like that with gifts - they remind you of a person who gave it, therefore wearing a gift perfume feels like a hug.

Otherwise I'm not really recommending it, as it is pleasant, yes, but also pretty bland and unexciting.

It has pleasant and cheery top notes, some slightly floral apples, peaches and bergamot can really put a smile on your face, but it lated dries down to quite a generic shampoo-y scent. This will not excite you and won't last long, but also will not bother anyone around and is perfect for office.
08th April, 2020

Borobudur by Erik Kormann

After spraying I'm greeted by a very interesting, invigorating and pleasant blend of orange, pepper and piney woods - or at least I think I'm getting piney woods. It conjures me a view of forests and of Christmas. It is lovely.

Unfortunately this beautiful start morphs into synthetic woods later and that bothered me a bit at first (then I wrote: "I was jumping in excitement during the first hour, but after that I came back and changed my 5 stars rating to 3. It's not that I'm against some synthetic woods, I can enjoy them quite well, but not for niche prices and not after such a promising start. The first hour is superb though").

But after subsequent wearings I fell in love with the drydown, too, and corrected my rating yet again. I guess I just came to terms with the fact that I love the smell of Javanol. (The perfumer is Alain Alchenberger; Erik Kormann is known for his love of Javanol, an aromachemical that creates a somewhat fruity sandalwood scent, and it is used extensively here - or at least I read about that somewhere.)

The orange stays for the whole course - just a hint of it, but still. I must admit that this scent has the most gorgeous opening ever - citrusy, woody, smoky and both calming, energizing and alluring, absolutely to my taste. Take my words with a pound of salt though - it might not be a masterpiece for you, but it is exactly my wooden bowl of oranges.
06th April, 2020 (last edited: 17th September, 2020)

Lumière Noire pour Femme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A beautiful rose and patchouli scent. It seems like there's some bright greenness underneath, too - like a light shining through darkness, truly. It's probably the narcissus - all narcissi smell like "some greenness" to me anyway. Some people say they get urine smell from this, but I don't. It's a beautiful, mature, dressed-up and deep rose and patchouli to me.
06th April, 2020

Acqua Colonia Lime & Nutmeg by 4711

A very light, very pleasant and very refreshing cologne. It starts with juicy lime, then nutmeg moves in and gives it a slightly musky-nutmeggy-nutty feel. The two notes fit together very well and the cologne seems much more than the sum of its parts. I also feel like there should me more notes listed than lime and nutmeg, as I think there are more things going on in the background, but my nose is not that experienced to dissect everything.

It's a light cologne and a refresher that's meant to pick you up and then fade away, yes, but if you spray more, it will linger on your skin for a bit longer than you think.
06th April, 2020

Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermès

It's beautiful, green and slightly mossy. The moss is more prominent to me than grapefruit here, but pleasantly so. I'd say it's bright, but it isn't exactly bright because of the moss that makes it darker and slightly bitter. It's almost a year since I tried Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, so my memory might be faded, but it seems like Eau is much more about grapefruit and Concentré is more about moss and vetiver. It's less happy and bright, but stays with you much longer. I like both.
06th April, 2020

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

A light orange scent, a bit green. Very pleasant, very light. Orange juice-y and sunny. Behaves like a cologne. My hand cream overpowers it - note to myself to be careful with other scented products when wearing something so light.
Orange and orange juice lovers should try it - it's a very good and naturally smelling orange (juice).
06th April, 2020

Tiger by her Side by Sana Jardin

Lots of patchouli and resins. A little bit of subtle sweetness underneath to tame the sourness of patchouli and the spiciness of spices. This tiger has soft fluffy paws and purrs on my wrists. A very cozy and beautiful scent. A fantastic name, too. It lingers on my skin until morning.
06th April, 2020

What Would Love Do? by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

The start is somewhat lemony, and then the resins (benzoin?) start showing through. It starts to get a bit sweeter until the resins take it over. I'm not getting much lavender in it, but I can feel some when I'm searching for it. Patchouli is not in official notes, but it seems like I'm getting it there, too. A pleasant citrusy and balsamic scent, and a great name for it.
06th April, 2020

Rose Jam by Gorilla Perfume

It's a sweet and punchy jammy gourmand rose, but you can perceive some fresh greenness when sniffing close to the skin. There's no patchouli in official notes, but somehow it seems to me like there is some, too, or maybe it just has some Angel-like vibes to it. Beautiful scent.

And I'll just second what teardrop said - the body spray is more like EDP here, and quite a nuclear one. You're going to smell of gourmand roses all day. A very good bang for your buck.
06th April, 2020

Twilight by Gorilla Perfume

Oh, this is truly aromatherapeuthic to me! Very calming, very cozy lavender-tonka scent. Tonka here is sweet and cacao like. It's called a body spray, but it is much more stronger than that. This feels both as a dessert and a calming drink before bed, an epitome of loveliness and coziness. Great for days and nights when you just need a scented hug and a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
06th April, 2020

I'm Home by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

A cozy burnt cocoa scent. Unisex. A bit resinous. There is some sweetness, but not a lot. It's more burnt than sweet to me. I'm not getting much vanilla though - it seems like the sweetness comes mostly from resins and not vanilla to me.
Now after trying out several Lush scents I'm starting to understand what is that "Lush smell" they talk about - they all do have something in common indeed, some crudeness, rawness, slight darkness and heaviness. It seems like there's at least a bit of patchouli in all of them (though that's probably untrue and that's just my nose). They all feel slightly unrefined, unelegant, unshaven, messy haired, true to themselves, cozy and satisfying - like boots and flannels. Grungers and punks, and troubled souls, unite – and feel at home!
06th April, 2020