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Percival by Parfums de Marly

I finally found the perfect use for this fragrance, flying long haul!

Anually I do a couple/few long haul flights 10-13hrs+. I was tossing up between Percival, GIT or Original Vetiver.

Yep I picked Percival and this thing rocked! The whole time from leaving home until arriving at my destination 18 hours later I was catching whiffs.

It is such a clean, pleasant shower gel type feel. If you want to stand out i do not recommend this but it will sure keep you smelling shower clean for a long time!

I do really enjoy this but i do not think it's worth the price point.


20th November, 2019

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Classy, elegant and safe

Not the best from Chanel but not the worst, I do really enjoy this however it does seem a tad generic.

Has good performance and longevity.

Recommended for formal occasions but safe enough for casual wear.

11th November, 2019

Viking by Creed

A big like for me

Although this doesn't project much it definitely had good longevity for me, it sits quite close to the skin which is a shame.

I do love the salty, mint, pepper vibe about this fragrance

All in all

30th October, 2019 (last edited: 31st January, 2020)
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Galloway by Parfums de Marly

A big like from me.

Great scent
Very good longevity for a freshie
Decent sillage
Versatile enough
Cool bottle as with every PDM

30th October, 2019

Carlisle by Parfums de Marly

As soon as I smelt this I knew a bottle had to be in my collection.

This is so smooth and masterfully blended and now one of my favorite fragrances.

Awesome smell and awesome performance!

Loses a point for versatility.


27th September, 2019 (last edited: 28th September, 2019)

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

I do enjoy this fragrance and so does my partner, everytime i wear this she can't get enough of it!

I get good performance

11th September, 2019

Beach Hut Man by Amouage

I didn't like the opening of this a first but now i really enjoy it. This has happened on a few of my now favorites.

My main love of this is the drydown it is great, along with the quality and longevity of this.

16th August, 2019

Interlude Man by Amouage

This such a unique frag and a strong one at that.

I tested this in a shop two times before buying a full bottle and i do love this stuff. In saying that i find it very situational and definitely not versatile.

So the on the day i received my bottle i put about 2 sprays on and my partner came home from work about an 2 hours later. I kid you not as soon as she walked in the door she started choking and even in the room where i applied it she had to air it out opps! She does like it just not when shes tired from work and wants to sleep though! I have over 70 bottles and i know this one is powerful because she has mentioned a few times she can smell me in the next room. I have not had this with any other fragrance (I have other big hitters ie Aventus, Reflection Man, Pardon, Epic man, Eau Sauvage 2012, Ursa, Layton etc)

I love the sweet incense in this but the star of this for me is that Oregano note. It just lingers around and i do really enjoy it.

All in all a great release but it does lose a point for versatility and half a point because as much as this stuff is potent its not as long lasting as some would say. Although i have the magnetic cap so i believe these have been reformulated.

Bottle looks awesome also


30th July, 2019 (last edited: 24th August, 2019)

Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

I love this smell, it is simply great.

However for me it seems to settle close to the skin way too soon (within an hour). This makes me sad because boy does it smell good.

Dispite this i will give it my tick of approval.

26th July, 2019

Layton by Parfums de Marly

Well i do enjoy the smell but i don't seem to get the performance others rave about. Which sucks because i really like this.

The first few times i wore this i noticed quite a few woman would smile at me, however no compliments or mentions of my smell so who knows. . .

My partner thinks its 'alright'

Awesome bottle!

With all this in mind it's just a neutral rating from me.


26th July, 2019

Epic Man by Amouage


I love this stuff however. . . I don't get the performance i would expect. I tried this in store a couple of times and damn it lasted all day plus some. I then brought a bottle and altough it smells the same it just doesn't seem to last all that long?

In saying this almost all of my high end niche fragrances seem to suffer this same fate, am i going nose blind from the big hitters perhaps?

Don't get me wrong this will go the distance it just seems to settle close to the skin within an hour or so. . .

Dispite this it does get my approval, the smell is epic. . . It really is. I will give the benefit of doubt for performance.

Scent 8.5/10
Sillage 6/10
Performance 7/10
Value 7/10

19th July, 2019

Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) by Christian Dior


I own both this and the 2017 version and this one just edges it for my pick. Slightly more darker and mysterious.

I do get the rubber vibe but for me its in a good way.

Update: I was at a local shop and saw this sitting on the shelf, I immediately bought it! I managed to get a good deal also. I now have 2 bottles in my collection and boy am i happy!

17th July, 2019 (last edited: 16th October, 2019)

Nisean by Parfums de Marly

This fragrance kicks some serious ass.

Boy do i love this stuff however it is definitely not a daily wear and best kept for special Occasions.

The performance is insane. I have sprayed this on me in my room and walked in the next day with the smell still lingering in there. Crazy!

Refined, smooth, sophisticated

Best in class

15th June, 2019 (last edited: 26th July, 2019)
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Eau Sauvage Parfum (2017 version) by Christian Dior

Fresh and masculine

Out of the 60 bottles i own this one performs the best for me. I can smell it all day, the projection is beast.

I am not sure if i go nose blind with my other big hitter fragrances but this one just seems to cut through the air and perfom the best.

Which is really good cause i absolutely love the smell of this. Luckily i have managed to find a 2012 bottle which i shall have soon! I can't wait to compare them.


Have received the 2012 version and it only slightly edges this one for top place. Both are great!


01st June, 2019 (last edited: 26th July, 2019)

Journey Man by Amouage

This stuff smells great and lasts all day! One of few perfumes i will get whiffs of throughout the day.

Will always be in my collection

06th May, 2019

Spicebomb Eau Fraîche by Viktor & Rolf

Ahh he baby of the family and what a baby it is!

I own this and Extreme but not the original as i can not stand the cinnamon in it.

This is definitely a toned down and more relaxed apporach, one i really do enjoy. I actually find this quite up lifting during the cooler days with that peppery spice it has going on.

This definitely doesn not perform compared with the others but it has it's own time and place. Ie out of the shower fragrance or early morning i find great!

29th April, 2019 (last edited: 09th June, 2019)

Spicebomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf

I really enjoy this fragrance. The obvious tobacco, vanilla and spice mixes very well within this. I find it a very sensual and great date night scent.

The performance isn't great which kind of annoys me but i think this may project a little further than i anticipate. It definitely lasts long but i just don't seem to get that projection or sillage i would expect.

In saying this i have had quite a few compliments with this and it is definitely a head turner.

I think the price is fair and i will be getting another bottle when i run out.

One of the coolest fragrance bottles period!

29th April, 2019

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford


Probably my 3rd favorite Private blend after Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood.

This is invigorating, fresh, green and clean! The opening reminds me of a greener and more refined Bois Du Portugal by Creed.

I really truly adore this fragrance and glad i got to purchase it at a reasonable price.

Id love to say it will always be in my collection but that really depends on its availability and price if it's to be kept vaulted.

To me a great scent but not worth the massive amounts most places are asking. I would happily stick to Bois Du Portugal for less.

If the price wasn't a factor it would score higher!

Update: I have secured a second bottle for a decent price, they will be used on special occasions only to last as long as possible 😁😁😁

23rd April, 2019 (last edited: 08th November, 2019)

Original Vetiver by Creed

A classic, fresh and clean scent with a hint of dirty.

I do really like the smell of this however at times i experience performance issues with it.
Sometimes i will smell it deep into the day other days it just disappears for me. Although im sure it still lingers, this annoys me.

Will a buy another bottle. . . Potentially.

23rd April, 2019 (last edited: 11th September, 2019)

Millésime Impérial by Creed

This smells damn rich and full of life. It is certainly a shame it suffers from poor performance.

However it will always be in my collection as my Fiancè absolutely loves this. She calls it the baby maker and everytime i wear this her eyes grow wider, her smile perks up and she can't stop getting close to me. For this reason alone i will always have a bottle at the ready for special nights with her.

Definitely one of my favorite holiday fragrances also.

It is so refined, rich, fruity and full bodied.

If it didn't suffer with performance it would score higher.

23rd April, 2019 (last edited: 29th April, 2019)

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

So this is my story for SMW.

It was my third Creed and one night my Fiancè asked me to get my fragrances out. Out of probably 10 i had at the time she absolutely loved this and Pardon by Nasomatto. She just couldn't stop sniffing it and even started wearing it herself. . . Then a couple of days later i dropped my bottle and it shattered. I was gutted but got straight online and ordered another.

A week goes by and she goes to put it on again and instantly didn't like it and now she hasn't worn it since. She keeps saying it smells different everytime i wear it now. To me it also smelt different with more mandarin, tea but less musk and black current to my nose anyway.

So does SMW also suffer from batch variations? I can say Aventus certainly does as i own 4 bottles of different batches and they all have a uniqueness i like about them. I also own multi bottles of other Creeds but these are the only obvious ones to me thus far.

Im not fussed about batch variations too much but i haven't read too much into SMW having this issue. So i was more curious than anything!

Anyway i do really enjoy this fragrance but for me it seems weak and doesn't last as long as I'd like. Considering other than my Fiancè i haven't had a compliment and is hard to gather how it performs.

But i do adore this scent and that opening is just gorgeous to my nose and the dry down is very good too.

It would score higher if i felt it performed better.

23rd April, 2019 (last edited: 29th April, 2019)

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

So Aventus was my first Niche fragrance and now i own 4 different bottles.

How does Club De Nuit compare?

Close I'd say about 75%.

The opening is alot more harsh but when you get to the dry down it is similar. That's about as far as it goes.

It is nowhere near as refined, blended well or full of life as Aventus. In saying that for the price it is a really good fragrance and a step in the door to the world of Aventus.

I am on my second bottle of CDNI so don't think im just a stauch Aventus fan boy. I really do enjoy this fragrance!

However there is only one King.

But this is a review of CDNI at the end of the day! For what it is this fragrance kicks some ass there is no doubt it can perform! And the price is a sure bonus. Highly recommend this.


23rd April, 2019

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

A true delight to wear.

Definitely a masculine, refined and confident fragrance.

It will always be in my collection.

23rd April, 2019

Himalaya by Creed

As with some of my favorite Creeds this took me awhile to appreciate just how good it is. At first i really disliked this (blind buy). However now i am almost out of my 75ml bottle and will definitely be getting a 120ml this time.

This has actually garnered me quite a few compliments and a few people have even asked how i smell so fresh and clean. This in my opinion is the yellow version of GIT and i find i enjoy it more in the cool months.

Will definitely remain a staple in my collection and can't wait to get a big boy bottle.

That feeling when you get out of the shower on a cool morning and that fresh citrus blast peppers you is magic!

However i do wish it performed better!

I just received my 2nd bottle of this (100ml 2016 batch) when I opened the parcel I found the bottle had leaked about 10ml, clearly the ring beneath and atomizer was loose. Anyway i got a small refund to compensate for this as, I decided to keep the bottle because this thing had BEAST performance on me..I'm talking projection and longivity that just goes and goes!

The bottle I had prior to this lasted about half as long.

I can't wait for the cooler months because this will be my go to cold morning scent!


22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 31st January, 2020)

Bois du Portugal by Creed

The first time i smelt this i couldn't wait to wash it off. There was something in it which i thought was coriander that i hated.

However this also happened to me with Green Irish Tweed and Himalaya. Both of which are in my top 5 Creeds now. With this in mind i brought a bottle at a good price and now it is almost tied with Green Irish Tweed for second place. And definitely my favorite Creed for Fall and winter.

I really do love this fragrance now but like alot of great things in life you must give some time to appreciate it. I do get the old fashioned/mature vibe to this but I'd lean to more a timeless classic.

Im 28 and when i wear this i feel confident and invigorated!

Out of all my Creeds (15 bottles) i find this performs very well on me probably only second to Aventus.

The opening is dominated by bright Lavender, Cedar and Bergamot. After about 30mins is fades into a gorgeous woody drydown with a saltiness of the ambergris coming forward while the lavender lingers around. In the later stages of the drydown it goes into a creamy sandalwood salty gourmand almost chocolatey hint amongst it.

I have worn this and woke the next morning and smelt something lingering, i smell my arm where i applied it and it has this rich subtle chocolatey sandalwood scent which is very close to the skin. At first i thought that's not Bois Du Portugal but this has happened quite a few times.

This has so many different stages and even after wearing it many times it is still surprising me! It is very complex considering the amount of notes also very refined and balanced.

Although mainly suited for formal events or nights out it can be pulled off in any case by the right person.

Funnily enough my most compimented Creed followed by Aventus.

It is truly a timeless classic and will always be in my collection.

I currently have 3 bottles and plan to stockpile a couple more to ensure this is with me for life, that's how much I love this stuff.

22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 24th December, 2019)

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

This was my second Creed. A friend of mine was coming back from the Philippines and i asked him to get me a bottle from Duty Free. It was 20% off.

That day i had a family gathering and couldn't wait to put it on. Oh boy i really disliked it! It took a few weeks and multi wearings to start appreciating this.

However fast forward 4 months and i have almost run out of that 100ml bottle and have brought a second 75ml.

It took a while for me to get there but now it is simply a great fragrance to me. It will forever be in my collection and is tied with Bois Du Portugal for 2nd place in my Creed collection.

My favorite go to Clean, fresh and green fragrance.

It is almost winter here and i can't wait for spring so i can wear this again!

22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 26th April, 2019)

Pardon by Nasomatto

To me this is classy, masculine and sexy all brought together in the most beautiful way.

Definitely a sensual scent perfect for a meet and greet or date night. If you want to make heads turn use this.

Everytime i smell this i can't get enough of it, its just magical juice.

Performance is great and it really excells in cooler months.

It will forever be in my collection.

22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 23rd April, 2019)

Royal Oud by Creed

I really like this however i have yet to receive a compliment and find this is a very situational fragrance ie. Formal events, weddings etc

But i will still wear this whenever i please as i find it very refined, regal and smooth.

Performance is decent and definitely excells in the cooler months.


22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 23rd April, 2019)

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

I love this scent however it does suffer from performance issues.

Will i buy another bottle. . . Yes.

I really do love how it smells and has to be probably my favorite take on Oud. It is just blended so well!

I just wish it performed better for the price.

22nd April, 2019 (last edited: 23rd April, 2019)

Aventus by Creed

Having owned this fragrance for a little over a month i finally got a big compliment from the most beautiful woman serving us at a work meeting. After buying a round of beer she said someone smelt 'ridiculously amazing' then asked if it was me, having a partner i played it down but boy it felt good! Living in New Zealand i have not yet come across anyone who has even heard of Aventus so for me its hands down a cut above the rest.
I have had many compliments with this but none like this.

Personally i love this fragrance from the first time i smelt which was almost a year ago to owning 2 bottles within the last month. I really struggled to justify the price but now i don't think i can ever look back. The performance is great on me even long after i can no longer smell it my partner will say she can. I've even smelt it the day after applying it and even after a shower the next morning. The dry down is one of the best in my opinion and no clone i have tried has been on par with Aventus. It is also very versatile i have found.
The sillage is good also. Though i only seem to get the compliments when applying 5+ sprays to really hit that projection limit.

Scent 9.5/10
Sillage 7.5/10
Longevity 8.5/10
Versatility 8.5/10
Overall 9/10
07th February, 2019 (last edited: 08th February, 2019)