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10 Crosby Silent St. by Derek Lam

It doesn't project very well and the lack of depth and complexity does nothing for me. I understand some people want subtlety but I pay for the effects of the juice. Otherwise, I'm just paying for juice alone that I can hardly use. It smells like a musky lotion on me but maybe it's my skin's chemistry. Derek has a great line for creating unique scents that perform wonderfully but this one does not do it for me. It is best layered underneath something that needs a musky tone but other than that, I don't like it as a standalone scent.
16th July, 2019

Delina by Parfums de Marly

When I first wore it, it reminded me of Florabotanica by Balenciaga, but more elegant. Florabotanica is already elegant enough but there's a richness to the depth in which Delina balances its rhubarb and lychee. The performance quality is quite the same and it's a real head turner! It's no wonder why this fragrance is so expensive. You can smell the depth of every note and you can smell it on you for a long time. Others can smell it on you as well, for it has a moderately inoffensive sillage. One of the best things about it is that it is suitable for almost any occasion so if you splurge on it and it's your signature, you can guarantee that you will be using it for everything.
16th July, 2019

10 Crosby Something Wild by Derek Lam

Heavy with vanilla, subtle with wood. It is best layered with another fragrance in the line, perhaps something fruity like Drunk On Youth or lightly floral like Afloat to balance out the heavy vanilla. However, most men love it when I wear this fragrance as men generally do when I wear anything with vanilla in it. It's wonderful when layered and adds such a deep, rich undertone to many of my lighter fragrances. If something is too fruity and airy or aquatic for you, this is the perfect layering fragrance to spice up the evening. However, it did not get a thumbs up for being a good fragrance by itself. The drydown works for me, though.
16th July, 2019
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10 Crosby 2am Kiss by Derek Lam

It's very unique. At first, I thought it was overwhelmingly spicy. Seems to have a top note of cinnamon. After about 15 minutes, it dried down to a very pleasant spicy, gourmandy, woody smell. I can definitely smell a sugary amber. Might even have caramel as another reviewer noted. It's not for everyone but as someone who's always on the hunt for unique scents, this one takes the cake. Would love to wear this in the winter on a date. The name and color assigned to it is very appropriate.
15th July, 2019

Miracle by Lancôme

Very elegant smelling, but the lasting power and sillage was nothing special. I like the overall composition of the notes, they generally work really well together. The only off-putting note for me is the ginger but I know a lot of people who like earthy aromas will like it. Overall, it's on the safe side for Lancome, sweet and fresh for an office vibe.
13th June, 2019

Mediterranean Honeysuckle by Aerin

It smells very fresh but has disappointing sillage and performance. Did not last very long. Since its presence was so subdued, the individual notes weren't as easy to detect. I'm glad I got a small sample of this one and will skip out on the full size. However, if you just want something subtle for the office and you don't like to make a big impression with your fragrance, this might be the one for you.
13th June, 2019

Nirvana Amethyst by Elizabeth and James

I am immensely in love with the Nirvana line but this one is my least favorite. Something about honeysuckle with cedar doesn't sit right with me. It's very vintage smelling if you like that sort of thing but it lasts moderately -- nothing too exciting. I will say that one of the pros is that it smells elegant and the packaging is lovely. Not my cup of tea. It also smells like it may have some lavender hints as well but it's not listed anywhere on the internet.
13th June, 2019

Burberry Body by Burberry

Honestly, I think I may have received a bad bottle because it smelled like it had been on the shelf too long and not quite as fresh. It didn't last very long on me and was a very subtle body scent. The peach was extremely subtle and I was hoping for more tartness. It's more of an intimate scent than anything else.
13th June, 2019

Cleopatra by Tocca

Overall good composition that is reminiscent of Narciso Rodriguez' For Her, but less youthful. Tuberose is tricky sometimes and if you pair it with the wrong notes, it ends up smelling like an old lady perfume. It's a bit too herbal and earthy for my taste and the grapefruit + tuberose kind of exaggerate each other's earthiness and it doesn't come off as graceful, youthful, or as seductive as the fragrance claims. Overall okay performance and low lasting power of a few hours.
13th June, 2019

Replica By the Fireplace by Martin Margiela

The idea of a crackling fireplace in a bottle is very appealing and I love layering under some of my favorite scents to warm them up for the winter. As a standalone scent, this simply just doesn't work with my skin chemistry but smelled wonderful on a friend of mine. I bought it because of a testing strip and loved the smokiness and woodiness of it. However, on my skin, it made me smell like a sausage. I think my skin naturally brings out balsamic flavors and muskiness. I was so disappointed but I will commend this brand for its creativity.
13th June, 2019

Unconditional Love by Philosophy

I thought I would like this because I liked Amazing Grace but this was an absolute flop. I do smell the subtle raspberry and the slightest hint of lily but other than that, this fragrance smells more of alcohol than anything. I've smelled many eau de toilettes that outperform this by a mile. This was inexpensive but still beyond disappointing and it does not last at all with terrible sillage. I gifted it to a friend who likes subtle scents but even then, it's not her favorite. Again, it's inexpensive but not at all worth your money. If you want to avoid expensive designer brands, check out your local perfumer and skip out on this.
13th June, 2019