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Cool Water by Davidoff

This rating is for the vintage, original Script-Logo version.

I had the original in 1988, and outstanding memories of it. To me, it always smelled slightly different, but complex, depending on the day, weather, etc. I only recently rekindled my interest in fragrances. So I got a bottle of the current issue and tried it--nothing like I smelled mostly like Windex. I wondered what happened? A little research led me down the path of the IFRA regulations, and the supposition and general consensus that CW was ruined by reformulation.

I tried to buy a vintage bottle from eBay, but the first one that I got was a fraud--smelled rotten, not even a nice Windex smell, lol. I returned that and did more research. The vintage bottles are the ones where both "Davidoff" and "Cool Water" are in a script font (like an original MXR Phase 90 if you are a guitarist)...found one from a reliable seller, and cracked it open....

And there it was, the memories of being at the beach or always wanting to be there, the lavender, the complexity, the slightly-different each day morphing of the scent, of a nicer time, when things made more sense and there was a world of possibilities. Yes, I paid a bit too much, but it was like a time machine in a bottle, and it reminded me that I still have roads and beaches left ahead of me and the drive to make things happen. Too much to expect of a fragrance? It's the power of olfactory nostalgia. That's what I paid for, and why it's the number-one-of-all-time item in my fragrance collection. It makes me happy, and I am glad to have it back. I missed it...and only the real thing would do. It reminds me of who I am. The current version is nothing like the original, and the original is amazing--just be aware of the difference.
12th June, 2019

Very Cool for Men by Tommy Bahama

This review is for the new formula, with the metal cap.

I have tried most of the TBs, either by buying them or finding samples. This is weak, and it smells like Lemon Pledge. For about 20 minutes. I gave mine away to a family member as I find that it also irritates my eyes in the initial application, unlike every other fragrance I own. By process of elimination, I narrowed it down to this as the culprit.

I can't recommend this, even after at least 10-15 good wearings, due to the longevity issue and the non-compelling scent. The eye irritation might just be me. With a stronger base, it might have lasted longer, but the veltiver used here is too weak to carry it. Some folks say that it works well as a skin scent after a shower, fair enough. But not worth keeping in my collection. I am not inclined to seek out the original formula, as I already have the TB Men original. I have to put in a good word for TB St. Kitts, which is amazing--but not Very Cool. Sorry.
12th June, 2019

Tommy Bahama for Men by Tommy Bahama

I finally got a now-vintage 3.4oz tester of this at a half-decent price from eBay. I am not one to typically throw down excess amounts for fragrances, but I had to try this one, having read about it so much here and on other sites. And also because the TB St. Kitts Men is one of my-all time favorites (I have stockpiled about 5 of them now from TJX). I have tried most of the other TBs as well, either by blind-buy or in samples. I still have Maritime Deep Blue and the newer TB for him in my collection.

I have to say that I was not disappointed in this. It's of a totally different higher order than anything else in the line. I am guessing it was discontinued due to IFRA Standards meddling? In any case, it's one of the few spendy items in my collection, along with some vintage Cool Water (I was an original wearer in 1988, love vintage Script-Logo CW, and absolutely hate the new formula, which smells like Windex).

First, it's stronger than all the Set Sail line colognes, and lasts longer. The performance is on par with, or slightly under Maritime Deep Blue. It's largely subtle but it does persist. I got a blast of pure bergamont at first, but then I realized that there were other scents creeping in...amber, a hint of ginger, and pepper. It just smelled...well, both relaxed and expensive. The bergamont stayed until the whole scent faded out, a few hours later. It didn't morph or evolve much during the wear. I get the vibe they were going for and it's what I feel that the entire brand identity is about--beaches, cigars, Hawaiian shirts, palm trees, brandy. Definitely a keeper if you can find it and are willing to pay what the seller asks. Yes, I spent too much, but it was on my radar for so long that I needed to see if I needed it. Yes, I needed it as the capstone to my TB experiences...and will need to use it sparingly!
12th June, 2019
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Tommy Bahama for Him by Tommy Bahama

I gave this a few solid wearings to be sure, to be fair--but ultimately I didn't like it. It does open with a watermelon-ish, tangerine-ish candy vibe that goes from Jolly Ranchers to SweetTarts fairly quickly. Reminds me of that time in the '90s when I briefly owned Joop! (I'm sure it doesn't smell exactly the same, but it's the same overall impression--why would a guy want to smell like this?) There are some odd notes, something a bit rubbery for lack of a better term, lurking under the surface. When it does even out, it has mostly faded down to almost imperceptible--and it's not that strong to begin with, like most of the Tommy Bahama line. For me, that's not a problem with St. Kitts because the original scent is perfect, and I do not need to blast everyone in the room with what I'm wearing. Maritime Deep Blue is stronger, but these are still basically EdC/skin scent level. Tommy Bahama for him isn't that great to start with and the sweet spot is gone before you know it.

I debated on giving away the rest of the bottle, but I think I will keep it around. I wouldn't rebuy, and will use sparingly--I see it having limited use for summer outings, and yes, the overall vibe is fairly fun (and somewhat different/unique, though I don't particularly care about uniqueness--I'd rather have something useful), but TB for Men is not well accomplished enough to be compelling. Stronger, longer-lasting, more even-keeled, and I might have had a different judgment. This is based on getting a $20 bottle at a discounter, as well--at full price, very much not worth it.
31st January, 2019

Maritime Deep Blue by Tommy Bahama

I wanted to like this, and ultimately did...but it took a few days of uncertainty. It does smell like a forest at the edge of a beach--and I get more forest than beach or ocean. That might be the juniper, which also adds the suggestion of Christmas trees to the mix. Some of the opening notes just don't seem to blend at first, but it does even out. It is stronger and longer lasting than most of the other Tommy Bahamas that I've had--but it's still basically skin scent after a while. That's actually fine with me because I prefer subtlety. It works well as a base layer under the shirt, because of the lingering dry-down. It's worth noting that it does get positive reactions from females--one said that it smelled "manly", in a good way. Interestingly, they smelled it far longer than I actually could. What smelled like nothing to me after a while was still noticeable to others. I find this far superior to the regular Maritime, which I took an instant dislike to as it smelled like rotten-apple scented baby powder. Deep Blue goes from Christmas to musk, and is very good as a covering scent for a hot day. It's not going to displace St. Kitts as my favorite TB, or the newer formula Very Cool as my second, and I might not get another bottle unless I find it at a discounter. But I will enjoy this one and even though I wasn't sure at first, I actually do like it now.
24th January, 2019

St. Kitts for Men by Tommy Bahama

I started my recent re-interest in fragging with a blind buy of a bottle of Tommy Bahama Martinique, and then discovered this site. That particular bottle didn't do much for me, but a little research here revealed this hidden gem. I know that a lot of folks like St. Barts, and I did try that, but it gagged me on the opening. St. Kitts smelled a bit...interesting at first, but I grew to quickly love it. My nose is not as well-trained as many around here, but I do get the initial blast of starfruit (and maybe lime) drying down to marine-ish, wood-ish scents. I bought four bottles of it since it's been on sale at TJX, and wear it most days. It works for me, but then I am always thinking about the next time that I can get back to a beach, so it always lightens my mood. Totally worth $20 at the discounters--and yes, it requires a good dousing for full effect, and it doesn't last long. But while it does, it's fun.
15th January, 2019