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Memoir Man by Amouage

Memoir Man smells like burning palo santo incense and I love it. The open has a harsh peppery, vegetal note that I believe is the basil, which is super odd and it is probably elevated some by the vetiver. Luckily, this note fades completely in first 15-30 minutes and you are left with a lovely guaiac wood and tabacco fragrance. Everything else is super muted and subtle.
24th November, 2019

Imitation Man by Amouage

This is an amazing fragrance and one that I had to own. I have a few fragrances that are exuberant or flamboyant in some way so Imitation Man provides some elegance and peace. I find this to be a versatile fragrance for any season or occasion. It is primary leather and floral without seeming like a generic leather scent. This has good projection, sillage, and longevity. Those around me seem less impressed by this one, but to me, it is refined and understated yet still worthy of the value and opulence that Amouage demands.
17th May, 2019

Opus XI by Amouage

This is something else. And not something I could see myself wearing. It lists woodleather as a note and that is what I mainly get. But, Opus XI is not just a woody in leather fragrance, it smells like a place more than a personal fragrance. Like an old cabin and a horse’s saddle. For the right butch man or woman, it could be alluring.
13th May, 2019
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Epic Man by Amouage

Epic Man is the pinnacle spicy fragrance for me. The pink pepper is lifted up by the frankincense and really, the scent seems to just lift up as if dragged by a magic wand. The spices always play as a team, never outshining one another, and are not afraid to singe for some attention. The base is amazing and showcases Amouage’s restrained use of oud. It is a smoldering fragrance that I can’t imagine wearing if the weather was above 70 degrees.
12th May, 2019

Journey Man by Amouage

The Sichuan pepper note is always sour to me in Journey Man. Opus vi by Amouage uses this same raw material in a way that showcases its floral pepperiness while subduing the sourness. It is a spicy/ woody fragrance I just cannot seem to enjoy.
12th May, 2019

New-York by Nicolaï

This fragrance reminds me of noire 80s action movies like Terminator or Blade Runner. Every 1980s dad probably wanted to smell like this.

New-York is a very good mix of the right parts of traditional masculine fragrances and is very of its era while being timeless. It has a good blend cumin and leather without being too forward on any note. It is safe and versatile.
04th April, 2019

Panda (2017) by Zoologist Perfumes

Panda (2017) is absolutely delightful. The first time I sprayed this I actually burst into laughter. This is a playful scent without being immature.

I mainly get notes of an iced fruit tea with a singeing ozonic almost alcohol smell. I get 14 hours as a skin scent and the sillage last for a good part of that. I could see this being almost sickly and overpowering if you were to spray it on your chest rather than your nape.

Great scent. Great performance. Crowd pleasing. Definitely purchased a full bottle.
01st April, 2019

Tonka 25 by Le Labo

This is a lovely spicy & sweet fragrance. It is perfect for winter nights and is just so warm and cozy.

It reminds me of l'occitane’s eau de cade but less dry and with the obvious addition of tonka bean and a well-balanced musk.

So, maybe it is not worth the extra $200 but if you can afford it Tonka 25 is a great scent.
19th January, 2019