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Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi

Big blast of talcum powder on the opening(J&J, Zwistal). I don't know what Zwitsal and J&J use to scent their talcum powders but it must be more or less the same notes listed here. Patchouli seems to come in later. Maybe it's geranium. It's definitely white musk, not an animalic musk.

A boozy note then joins, reminds me of just a transparent hard liquor. Inoffensive, likeable. Fades away. The talcum powder vibe keeps the lead role, so the question is: do you wanna smell like that? I don't know myself. Maybe on a rare occasion yes.

29th June, 2021

Aqua Motu Intense by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

What is this supposed to be... Some sort of a weird room scent?

The only time I've smelled something close to this is at my doctor's office. Some sort of ethereal disinfectant with some linden tree extract in it. Yes, lily of the valley too and it does smell like a beach but this isn't wearable.
27th June, 2021

Casamorati Lira by Xerjoff

Might as well wear a 10$ drugstore vanilla-bergamot gourmand. My first and last dive into Xerjoff. It's nice but it's just ethylvannilin and bergamot, forget the other notes, I got mislead to. This could also be mistaken for a vial you add to cake batter.

There is a thread on here somewhere about a drugstore competitor, it's 30$ though, not 10$: Laurence Dumont - Tendre Madeleine. Didn't try that one myself but you're welcome.
26th June, 2021
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Tres Nuit by Armaf

Never tried GIT but Très Nuit is a nice enough scent. It's just that the lemon verbena in it is not quite my thing. Feels a bit dated wearing it.

I am also guessing the Creed has more ambergris in it and is thus superior. I can't really detect any ambergris in the Armaf. But Tres Nuit is certainly not a bad scent.
25th June, 2021

Le Mâle Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

Beat my expectation. I heard it was: "just a mix of Le Male and Ultra Male". And it is actually! For the most part...

Except there's also the costus note you get from Essence du Male. It's sort of a sweet, coconut mixed with a milky lychee fruit note. And a lipsticky iris.

There's definitely A LOT more notes than advertised. My guess is:

TOP: mint, artemisia, bergamot, cardamom.
HEART: costus, lavender, iris, cinnamon, cumin.
BASE: sandalwood, black vanilla, maltol and/or ambrette.

Okay, it's not groundbreaking, I'll admit. We had Le Male and Ultra Male already. But this is still an undeniably good perfume and a lot of (especially non-fragrance community) people will tell you you smell good if you wear this around them.

This is a solid 7.5 or 8 even to me. For me, if the sweetness was toned down and ambergris would have been added like they did in Le Male in the Navy, then I think we could have had a 9 out of 10 scent but that's really personally speaking.
25th June, 2021

Cher Wood by Molinard

It smells very... mysterious. It's a well balanced perfume. Cher Wood is definitely elegant and classy.

On every note, the volume is never loud and is dialed up only as much as necessary to make everything work with eachother. Personally I get: a very distant, minimal oud, that's the main 'mysterious' note. And I love that they've used so intelligently. Also there is a very nice, more clean than animalic musk. A very very real smelling vanilla (like the pods), a wet wood (very subdued if that's cedar) and hints of patchouli growing on a forest floor.

No or very little vetiver and the aquatic notes are something else guys... Beautiful and not calone or anything else you've ever smelled in your typical blue/aquatic scent.

It's a suede like, distant tropical fruit and flower combo in which all the other ingredients are coated (if that makes sense). It makes the notes appear to have been soaked by either rain, or a river or tropical beach even, depending on how you interpret it.

I'm giving it a thumbs up even though I won't be buying a full bottle. I have a Notino sample.
23rd June, 2021

Park Avenue South by Bond No. 9

I seriously have buttwipes that smell like this. The peach and apple are so synthetic... And they have managed to capture the scent of whatever the moisturizing agent is in those buttwipes I have.

My opinion of Bond no.9 was that it's a premium house. Cooper Square was my first and that gave me a feeling of okay, I don't particularly like it but they do seem to have skill, so I'll give 'em another try. But Bond no.9 guys: Putting out an awful product like this is just not done.

I have tried this one, Cooper Square, So New York, and Signature Oud Perfume. This is the worst one.

Musk, amber, jasmine? Undetectable.
22nd June, 2021

Bond No.9 Perfume Oud by Bond No. 9

It is called "Signature" now, not "Oud Perfume".

It's a nice rose/oud: it's very commendable they have managed to tone down the oud to a level that might actually make it sell to westerners.

That's why I'm rating this positive. Appropriate dosing is something I can really appreciate.

All other ouds or rose/ouds I've tried so far seem like they all have the oud dosages at Middle Eastern or South East Asia strength.

Of those, only Montale Black Aoud gets away with it by adding a gourmandish sweetness. If find the latter and Bond No.9 Signature equally worthy, just depends on your taste.
22nd June, 2021

Black Prestigium by Mancera

It's a very medicinal smelling oud. Not in a good way.

Black Prestigium feels like one of the nicer smelling incense sticks (with sandalwood/cinnamon/nutmeg) and some astringent smelling liquid medicine that is purposely scented like that to avoid overconsumption.

There are also sandalwood and powdery notes in it. These are the only positives to me in the scent but they are totally cancelled out by the astringency.

I would rate it neutral if it was my first Mancera but I've lost patience with them.
22nd June, 2021

So New York by Bond No. 9

It's not bad. This is not unisex though because some do classify it as that.

In the opening I am immediately reminded of Lancôme Hypnôse and Mugler Alien but those 2 are better than this.

In stead of going sweet however, So New York adds a sourish blueberry jam to the mix. I get no sweetness of tonka nor of anything else. I also don't get espresso or warm milk so that's just marketing.

I doesn't feel like it has that many notes in it. I'd say jasmine, muguet, white musk and then whatever gives it that blueberry jam like scent. Is it the mirabelle?

Better go with Alien or Hypnose girls. Older women might appreciate the lack of sweetness though.
22nd June, 2021

Black Line by Mancera

Careful if like me, you're not into oud: this does have oud in it and it's not listed.

Given the notes I was expecting Mancera to come up with a take one 1 Million, just for the sales. But it's nowhere near that. It's bitter and non sweet. Luckily for me it's not a real oud bomb but at the same time Black Line doesn't really go anywhere either.

With Montale's Black Aoud for example, you really go hard into rose+oud territory with a nice gourmand twist. With this, well it's like an EdC or toned down version of Black Aoud that is also totally not sweet. I think sweet is good to complement oud, or mask it I should say in my case.

Black Line is oud, make up powder and a sharp rose (the rose is non synthetic though and convincing, I have to give 'em credit for that). The powderiness is nice and is probably the white musk and the patchouli. Maybe some iris too.

Doubting between neutral rating or negative. Since I rated MFK Oud Satin Mood negative for its harsh oud and synthetic rose note, I have to give this a neutral. Montale's Black Aoud is the better choice imo.
21st June, 2021

Baldessarini Ultimate by Baldessarini

In the same genre as Azzaro Wanted by Night but this is way better.

It's more natural, does not have this artificial sweetness to it nor the cloying incense (not listed in its notes but it's there). Plus, it actually has tobacco in it or a very close impression thereof and that suits this type of scent. I didn't get tobacco from Wanted by Night.

At first without looking, I thought Baldessarini Ultimate's ingredients were: pepper, tobacco, vetiver, geranium, patchouli, ambroxan. Not correct, but that was the vibe it gave me.

The green part of it is very convincing and natural, and the incensey part is toned down so it doesn't cloy. The resinous side of it can be mistake for a hint of ambroxan. Of the heart notes I can only detect jasmine, real not hedione. Lovely scent.
20th June, 2021

Moonlight Patchouli by Van Cleef & Arpels

I get a lot of suede (leather) from this on the opening, almost ambergris like but a very clean, non animalic one.

The patchouli really shines 5 minutes after spraying, a very clean, soapy patchouli as we know it from Prada l'Homme. Moonlight Patchouli however, smells more expensive and more complete. A bit more dated too I have to say (in the opening) but it gets more modern in the dry down.

To me the heart of this scent consists of patchouli, suede leather and a sweet cocoa accord that is very reminiscent of l'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme. Finally, a subtle very natural rose comes out. Reminds of how MFK does rose, meaning it's done right (more on this later).

About an hour in, the sweet cocoa accord wanes, and you're left with a nice 'oudless' and slightly sweeter version of MFK Oud Satin Mood. Quite the twist. That's impressions of 3 other fragrances I get from it during its morphing process. And I'm not quick to compare a scent to other scents.
19th June, 2021
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Mercedes-Benz Club by Mercedes-Benz

It's a citrus bomb on the opening. Makes you think okay this is just gonna be another cologne style scent...

But shortly after the opening, the juniper starts tilting it from "just a cologne" to a very classy smelling scent.

Further minor touches such as a very minimal cardamom, tonka and to my nose cedar (might be the ambroxan too) really increase its likeability.

I'll be checking out more Benz scents. This is my first one. I never really liked citrus colognes but this one I do like. Next time I'm in the mood for citrus I'm reaching for this.
18th June, 2021

Legacy by Cristiano Ronaldo

The tier this is in, is that of the worst EdT's Adidas has ever put out. Don't get me wrong, Adidas has respectable EdT's as well (such as the 'Extreme Power Special Edition).

But the marketing with this one is just deceiving. Fancy bottle, gold and brown, but crappy juice inside!

Ambergris? No, just a screechy ambroxan at most. There is this peppery sting to it as well, seems like an accord of pepper-nutmeg-ambroxan-cinnamon.

Iris-violet-patchouli-vetiver? NO. Synthetic apple and the aforemention peppery synthetic mess is all you get.

It's a mediocre-to-bad gym scent at the very best.
16th June, 2021

Palladium by Porsche

Seems like vetiver off the top, geranium, patchouli. Actually the vetiver might be just an impression.

It's certainly not overly sweet so don't be put off by the "amber Xtreme" note. Neither is it a cardamom bomb.

What it is, is cologne reinvented. Lavender mixed with geranium is often found in colognes and aftershaves such as Aramis, Wilkinson and Gilette EdC's as well as their shaving soaps. If, like me, you like those scents but think they smell dated, then maybe it's time to try Palladium.

It can compete with MFK Masculin Pluriel.
12th June, 2021

Cretus by LPDO

Excellent clone of Creed Aventus. I like this one a lot more than Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man.

It opens with a mouthwatering lemon and pineapple but also an old school musk at the same time.

Cretus has that gentleman musky vibe that you won't get in CDNIM. I find CDNIM is being overhyped for its longevity which is mainly due to the lemongrass essential oil in it and that is actually NOT what Aventus is about. In Cretus you can really get most of the listed notes, it's not an abstract take on it. I especially like when the vanilla becomes apparent.

26th April, 2021

Cuba Red by Cuba Paris

Worst Cuba I've had so far. It's pure pencil shavings and pepper on steroids. And I'm not quick to say cedar smells like pencil shavings.

Maybe it's just a bad batch but this 2-ingredient scent is awful and obnoxious.

I got this because I wanted a new tobacco. Unfortunately there's no tobacco whatsoever in mine.

27th March, 2021

58 Avenue Montaigne pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

Ambergris? No. There is a leatheriness that reminds me of cashmeran but it's as good as absent. This scent is like a non sweet Invictus that is more synthetic but only if you know calone. You could also think it is not that synthetic and at times it even smells like french charentais melons. Might be the cardamom doing that. It's not a bad top, it can get cloying but it makes a decent use case for the calone.

I also get an overall feel or accord that is present in many of the Adidas EdT's, that fragrant punch they always have. It's loud and cheap, which is good. That would make it an okay pick I'd say for someone on a budget. Maybe a student hitting a club. Or gym.

It does resemble Adidas Ice Dive (2001) a lot now that I try it for a second time. This Dupont is almost in that tier smell wise except that it does slightly better performance and DNA wise.
11th March, 2021 (last edited: 28th March, 2021)

Hawas for Men by Rasasi

This gets praised like insane so I had to try it.

Invictus is much better in the opening. Hawas lacks the fruitiness and refinement of Invictus there.

In fact in the open and early drydown it's not that far off from another Invictus clone I have here and that one was like 5€ from Aldi. You know, the all calone and some musk type. But Hawas gets better surprisingly.

When fully developed, Hawas is worthy competition for Invictus but me personally I want a scent to be good right off the bat. Several of the fruity notes as well as the oakmoss and ambergris combo (the notes that make Invictus) only come out after more than an hour on me.

Until that time, it lacks Invictus' crowd pleasing factor. It's also not the best club scent / chick magnet because it never gets that likeable, sweet fruit bubblegum vibe. That's very apparent when you've applied them side by side like me now and go from one the other.

However it does outperform Invictus. Mixed feelings. If you are a fan of Invictus I would advise Hawas and layering the two. I'm not that into Invictus and Hawas' development takes too long for me, so it's a neutral from me.

26th December, 2020

Eau de Gentiane Blanche by Hermès

In the opening, this is one of the soapiest scents out there. It's up there with Prada l'Homme. Both remind of a classic white soap bar but then go their different ways.

Eau de Gentiane Blanche goes more towards an aloe vera like smell which is likely what the Gentiana flower smells like. Color wise, it would be a light (and later on very dark) green bar of soap whereas Prada l'Homme would be a light purple one.

I liked the opening of EdGB a lot but not the drydown because it turns pretty much a darkish green in the end and loses the soapy vibe for the most part. I'm actually doubting between neutral and negative now. I'll have to give it a thumbs down in spite of its very nice opening. The drydown is not something I want to be smelling like.
26th December, 2020

Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake

It's a sharp, raw lavender as if you're smelling the plant itself. Imagine that green stem, scraped, that's also in there. I could swear I get some geranium too, also a stingy, sharp one, putting the fragrance in your basic shaving cream/aftershave aisle.

When it's dried down, a weird extinguished fireplace smell also surfaces. With some matches and firewood next to it. How do you even get a smell like that in there?

105 GBP for 100ml? This is a 10$ grocery store aftershave scent at most and not even a good one because of that drydown.

26th December, 2020

L'Anarchiste by Caron

Smells like rain at first, a 50/50 mix of rain in the city and in a forest.

Then come out fresh cut red wood, pepper, and a recognizable mint - orange blossom - mandarin. A grassy, wet vetiver too.

I also once had a powdery, aldehydic experience in the heart and drydown. Wearing it again now, and this over it's a cedar powerhouse to me.

It's one of the most natural smelling scents I've had so far.

Not bad. Later on it becomes mainly sandalwood-musk-vetiver. Very unique although not my thing.

25th December, 2020 (last edited: 02nd January, 2021)

Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck

This is assuming that my decant that is labeled 'Mandarina Duck Black', is in fact Pure Black.

It's like a sweet earl grey tea. I assume the sweetness is the tonka and the flower combo gives me that earl grey vibe.

If you like that tea (and tonka) a lot, this might be for you. That ethereal aspect of black pepper and a very toned down vanilla are also there.

Not bad but I can't say I'm blown away.

I do have to add that this has monstrous projection!
25th December, 2020

Habit Rouge Sport by Guerlain

I get tonka and rose just like in Adrenaline (Enrique Iglesias) but it's much more subtle here. That surprises me because neither are listed as a note.

Definitely a red fragrance. Powdery (patchouli) heart. It does have that Guerlain quality to it. But it seems you'll have to spray a lot of this to get it to perform. Mildly woodsy base.

If you like this one and want it cheaper and on steroids, I advise you Adrenaline.

I see now that it's not on sale anymore. Since I have a decant I'll give it a neutral - where I otherwise would give a thumbs down because it doesn't perform.

I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that my decant may have been diluted, you know to stretch out the bottle it came from.
25th December, 2020

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

It's like a more animalic, more masculine but at the same time watered down Arpège. Is this a good thing?

Well, no, if you were going by the notes pyramid, you wouldn't expecting this. Woods, Toffee, Leather? Forget about those 3.

It's a make up powder like, ointment like scent. With a VERY in your face animalic musk. (Real deer musk?)

It doesn't go well together. At all.
24th December, 2020 (last edited: 02nd January, 2021)

Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier

I get a tarty lavender and vetiver with a nice gourmand, anisy orange note.

Eventually it dries down into a sharper lavender/vetiver/patchouli. Maybe it's just a strong green patchouli (since I don't see vetiver listed).

It nicely retains a sweet undertone for contrast. Is that the 'yuzu' note? I don't know but it's somewhat anise like to me. Well done, not my thing but it is a nice scent.
24th December, 2020

L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

Opens with anise, sort of like Spicebomb's top notes. Doesn't turn spicy at all though fyi. It's probably the white amber accord giving an anise feel to it.

There's a very zesty orange underneath. Mildly woodsy base. Likeable.

Herbal, soft, and sweet at heart. You know like some green scents keep a gourmand heart (e.g. Le Male). It fits nicely in that genre but it's not for me. Does feel like a 2000-2005 release to me I have to say. Not very modern.

In the drydown, instead of retaining that anise, it morphs into what smells to me like a an imaginary transparent honey would.

Agave syrup is what comes to mind. I personally don't get almond.
24th December, 2020

Tuscany / Etruscan by Aramis

Talk about a classical cologne.

So I'm putting it more in the aftershave and classical barbershop fresh category. It is more suited to older guys. Pulling this off below a certain age (I can't put my finger on) will be challenging. Very citrusy in the open.

It has now dried down. And I am surprised how it now smells similar to Wilkinson shaving soap. Or is it a Gilette product? Anyway, it's a pleasant smell.

This in my opinion lowers the age barrier but again I can't quite put a number on it. On me, I just can't pull it off I'm afraid but I do enjoy it.

24th December, 2020

Black Magic by Sebastiane

Well you'll definitely stand out. It fills up a room in no time, a house even.

It fills it up with a mess of awful, pungent notes as you can smell them walking around in damn gardening DIY store. Just crude stuff. And that even includes a mix of whiffs from the fertilizer section together with the freshly cut flowers and the horrid scented garden candles aisle.

I hate it. This really has such a prominent (regular) grass and crushed green leafs note in it, not vetiver like at all. The grass note is plain pungent and it get even more disgusting as things get punched around by an awful rose, patchouli, and a frangipane note from a vial you add to a cake. I think they really made this junk in the aforementioned way.

In the end you can tell it's the rose note that becomes dominant but this is a rose crushed in its entirety. You crush it together with some of your lawns grass, throw in all the other stuff into the beaker and there's Black Magic for you. You've been warned.

23rd December, 2020