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Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga

Smells like Northern New Mexico on the edge of the mountains on a warm sunny afternoon just before the rain comes to settle the dust and scents.I think that's a good thing; may be a little on the masculine side, it is dusty but not bitter. A wonderful blend that recalls the scents I grew up in.
15th October, 2020

Le Petit Chocolatier: II Praline by Nobile 1942

Received with Le Petit Chocolatier: I, II, III. Found this to be my least favorite, but am not fond of pralines, and found this a less developed scent on my skin it read as nearly unchanging with moderate sillage and longevity.
14th October, 2020

Le Petit Chocolatier: I Confiture by Nobile 1942

Like walking into a favorite chocolate shop. Delightful top-notes, scrumptious chocolate orange peel,flowers lean with more intense chocolate smell. A good chocolate that starts backing up top notes in a delicate way, the increases in intensity though mid and hangs on well through drydown.
14th October, 2020
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Lumière Noire pour Femme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Sophisticated blend of right rose and spring flowers beautifully greens, balanced background. A tiny dark note weaves in and out. This bring an attentiveness, and wondering if it will bring danger or excitement. It continues through the dry down of warm embracing as the scents deepen. Moderate sillage,good longevity, and I found no notes discordant or unlikable.
14th October, 2020

Byzance by Ormonde Jayne

I wore the original for years, still have some.The new one has similar notes and accords, but it's just not the vintage, as always.
I think of the new one as if it is a translucent ghost; the same shape and movement as the original, but a wavering shimmer in front of the ample, solid, luxuriant fullness of the original. The bottom notes seem to hit closer to the vintage.
Still it is a pleasant perfume, sillage is pulled in a little, longevity is good. Probably if I hadn't loved the original so much I'd enjoy this. It is just neutral as compared to what was before. Same could be said for us all.
12th October, 2020

Byzance by Rochas

Working on board a 21 day South Pacific cruise, way back in the 1908's, when the Sun Princess carried 600 people instead of 6000,I'd been in every day trying different perfumes out.I was just entranced on the lush romanticism of Byzance,it was one of my first perfumes.
When I returned to work in cold hometown, used to spritz in my leather gloves for winter.It was wonderful to smell the tuberose, lily of the valley, jasmin and those wonderful bottom of orris, cedar, amber and heliotrope scenting and warming the air with a baroque flower arrangement when it was snowing outside.It was lovely, and I just found the second 'gift box' buried in some old curtains in my cedar chest! YAY!!! I've tried the new formula, nice enough, but a rather faded version of the original.
12th October, 2020

Mown by Hendley Perfumes

This is the scent of short prairie lawn,fresh cut with a flower bed marking the edge. Here is where you doze on a sunny afternoon reading in a meadow, nothing but you, grasses, wildflowers and the openness of nothing horizon to horizon. Newly plowed fields and in the distance wild grass being burned off.
In some ways also takes a trip through seasons, bright flowers and sunny hay up front with early flowers moving to warmer darker earth and leaves that move toward fall and the end of the scent.
12th October, 2020

Ysatis by Givenchy

This was my first 'grown up with a job' real perfume. It fit the 1980's perfectly, EVERYTHING in the 80s was Over-the-top BIG: hair, 'wall of sound' music, shoulder pads, scarves, and sillage. No 'people with allergies' back then. Met my husband while wearing it, he still loves it when I put it on for special occasions. And as someone above noted, I realized to my surprise that I am now "The grandmother". Time. Wow.
I'm down to half a bottle of the EDP travel spray and a tiny crystal bottle of the perfume. After the initial 'wall of smell' it does settle down some, and wears well if applied with a light hand...or not.
12th October, 2020

Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

No surprises,yet another classic and lovely feminine scent..see Five Oaks above. .

Slow dry down, but range of scents and seamless blend with good longevity. No "razzle dazzle" or surprises, they aren't needed. Vanilla is not my favorite, and it is strong here-kudos to Perfumeformoi's for clever "smelling like a doughnut",true and funny.

I feel it's an ageless scent: plan to send a small bottle to my niece of 24, and my Grandmother of 99. I always think of her in White Linen, but she's still adventurous and up trying out new scents.
10th October, 2020

Scent No. 30 - Hay Incense by Cognoscenti

BLASTof incense top. Mellowed but bitter
08th October, 2020

Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Tried sample of Eau de Toilette in small set; nice longevity and hints of wonderful scents and notes that don't QUITE reach fruition. Definitely going to try as EDP.
08th October, 2020

Au Coeur du Desért by Tauer

If LADDM is a lovely walk on the dunes to the spice market; this is the desert stones of ancient cities, where residual scents of traded good scent the air -- drier and more intense. Good longevity, dry down is a play of scents that evolve like the lights striking the stones of Petra, letting highs and lows slow into a long slow slide of desert sunset.
08th October, 2020

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Trial of EDT from mini-bottle of set, unknown year. Scent was nice initially, faded off rapidly, fading scent was nice; may try in stronger formula in future.
07th October, 2020
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Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

Had EDT in small bottle, nice fresh open, then fades away quickly, by 2 hours I get nothing, even with strong dose. Too high maintenance for me, and not scented to my nose to try perfume worthwhile.
07th October, 2020

Eleventh Hour by Byredo

Spicy pepper opening. Unfortunately, something in it, in the initial fifteen minutes to an hour; a citrus and bitter scent that reminded me way too much of my father's cologne (a green bottle used liberally for Church or when they went out for the evening is all I remember). I wear a large number of 'male'ish scents, this one was a step over for me. It mellowed out over time, but that one note as off putting to me. Definitely encourage a sample before buying.
06th October, 2020

Diaghilev by Roja Dove

I really wanted to LOVE this, as generally enjoy a well made chypre, and this had many positive reviews, and notes I love. I tried a sample from reliable source -- several different times,in fact. I just didn't "get" the blissful experience others seem to enjoy. There were moments I enjoyed in the dry down. Then I'd catch that gritty bitter underlying tone that made my nose wrinkle for the first few minutes always seemed to be in the background like an annoying gnat,longevity was 4-6 hours.
Guess I should be glad I didn't fall in love with it, given the price! I may try Misouku as it has been mentioned as a similar scent.
28th September, 2020

Nudiflorum by Nasomatto

Lovely green,light floral, musky scent that seems to sparkle and evolve throughout a long dry down. Like the few other Nasomatto scents I enjoy, it hangs close to the skin and lasts well into early evening.
28th September, 2020

Gransenbon by Tartine et Chocolat [Givenchy]

Purchased a vintage "EDT sample in box", faded "French" looking 2" tall pink cardboard box with 3 ml/.10o fitted scent container with stopper (no drop tube).

I do not know if it is the age of the product, or as noted in earlier review , the faintness of the scent but it was ephemeral, a distant swish of bridal bouquet flying by, then gone. Within an hour I could find no traces. My nose is not "a nose" as perfumer,but it is very sensitive, if it disappeared to me, I am comfortable most would no longer detect it. I would agree it would be great for pre-teen or office, but need longer scent to even judge it properly. For now, it will go to my niece, so not a loss.
28th September, 2020

Heliotrope by Etro

Initial blast was frankly unpleasant to me; happily I couldn't get to a place to wash it off....and hung onlong enough to have a LOVELY surprise..but mellowed nicely and cozy scent with decent longevity. Definitely going for a second trial, putting it on a bit earlier so the first hit is over by the time I leave home.
25th September, 2020

Dolce & Gabbana pour Femme (new) by Dolce & Gabbana

Quick early blast, then a period where the scent seems to pause and slowly fill the air with strong vanilla base tinged with a nice heliotrope and sandalwood support. Definitely a "yummy"sweet scent, but the vanilla overwhelmed the experience for me.
25th September, 2020

Dent de Lait by Serge Lutens

Trial bottle, initial sparkly floral, at two hours settles into a warm creamy slightly almond drydown that is very lightly floral. Reminded me of a spring morning when bulbs and dewy flowers freshen the light breeze flitting the curtains, but nothing startling or exciting. Cosy.
25th September, 2020

Heliotrope by Demeter Fragrance Library

Agree with Abbiss, burst of very sweet scent...then it disappears leaving a faint alcohol. Got it in a 'mixed trial' exchange..won't even pass on.
25th September, 2020

MAAI by Bogue Profumo

To me this was a MACHO male scent, and I rarely characterize any scent as gender-specific. I came of perfume age in the blasts of the overblown 1980's.To me this smelled like the skanky too-old guys still at the bar at last call. The initial charred animalistic smokiness almost did me in. It did mellow but the unpleasant almost metallic civit ran the other fainter of heart ambers and florals away leaving a little puff of an old fire pit the morning after camping.
12th September, 2020

FEB.14,1912 by Rundholz Parfums

I love bergamot and anise notes and the licorice present in the top note are well balanced. Now a confession, I initially wasn't enthralled with the wrist/elbow test,and can usually get a good sense of the scent this way. Giving it a third try I fumbled and dumped at least half an ounce of it on my clothes (linen/cotton). Happily working at home but no time to spare to change, so just blotted it as best I could and went on. Later, I realized, I REALLY liked the dry-down. So maybe the day or the quantity, I wound up enjoying the floral and final scents.
01st September, 2020 (last edited: 07th October, 2020)

Gheorghe by Strangers Parfumerie

To me a confusion of scents battling it out on my skin. Strong initial whoosh then scents swirl and combine in chaotic around...there are some nice scents during drydown to what is to my mid-age nose an 'old man' cologne. Not awful, but not my style.Perhaps more a male cologne after all? Love Salted Mango, this one isn't as ... fun.
14th July, 2020

Slow Dance by Byredo

Frankly I was very pleasantly surprised by this perfume. The inital tone was warm and slightly sweet. As it dried down, that pleasant odor I didn't recognize (opopanax?). This scent seemed to hold the rest of the scents as it developed; it became lightly floral, spring-time notes. A delight.
What stunned me when I read the fragrance notes was that patchouli and vanilla were the end notes. I usually avoid anything "patchouli" and with few exceptions, avoid vanilla in scent mixtures.
This was blended with skill and it's a scent I'll keep to wear for close and intimate situations. It did fade fairly quickly through early scents and even vanilla had faded out (on me) in 6 hours or so.
12th July, 2020