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Behold, Patchouli by Gallagher Fragrances

A lovely scent that has a gorgeous light Indian patchouli anchoring the cascade of notes that are blended like a nice musical piece. it opens brightly as different citrus notes twirl and tease gracefully into mid-tone chorus of chocolate, frankincense, amber, tonka and..cream soda (flashback to Girl Scout picnics as a kid).
While the list of notes is long; they are so well blended they seem to dance around entertaining you until it settles down to the longest finale of sandalwood and musk settle down with the last of patchouli.
Thanks to American Perfumer for sticking this sampler in with an order, I enjoy finding new US perfumes, and this one particularly overcame my previous phobia of patchouli (courtesy of a sister spilling a cheap bottle of oil down a heating vent as a child).
03rd January, 2021

Wildfox by Wildfox

Opened to fruit, light florals, very little incense or absinth scent. Not a bad scent by any means,feminine and floral, but not much underneath to give it depth.
15th December, 2020

Lil Fleur by Byredo

Nicely blended scent, I thought it would be more of a sprintime wear, but the base notes (nice warm vanilla!) make it feel good now. Not a FB purchase, but I'll enjoy the sample.
03rd December, 2020
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L'Oudh by Tauer

Despite trying oud/oudh in high quality perfumes, I DO NOT LIKE OUD, it smells "uber-skanky" to me. I brings a "disgust" response, nose wrinkles,frowning, I pull back before I even process it. Almost as if it were a poison-- my brain issues a warning for, like chicken gone bad, burnt eggs, curled milk. Given Tauer's other scents I am sure this is well done, but it's my last attempt to "understand" a popular note.
03rd December, 2020

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

A thousand better reviews elsewhere. I felt it is too sweet for anyone over 25 or under 60.The anise and vanilla at dryown was nice. I also got the plastic smell in much of it, which was unpleasant.
For a grown-up lovers of licorice, anise, fennel, check out Runholtz Feb.14, 1912, it's a gloriously blended woody aromatic that manages to blend it's multiple notes into a sophisticated unique and wearable scent, starting with the licorice.
Neutral on this because I can see younger nieces liking this, they'c call it 'vintage' -- or perhaps my grandmother who is still rocking scents age 99 (roller ball applicators only due to arthritis).
02nd December, 2020

Allegretto 7.2 by Berceuse Parfum

Instead of herbs, lavender and vetiver, on my skin, this immediately blew out a twenty minute cloud of bitter viscous dark and skanky industrial-ish smoke, maybe a hint of vetiver in the background.
I held on, as many of my favorite scents aren't at their best up front. The underlying bitterness, almost an old musk or civit-like smoke didn't subside, although I could smell tiny tendrils of mint and and one point caught the vanilla briefly. It was so bad on my skin and to my scent I scrubbed it, or tried. Longevity is unlikely to be a problem.
I noted this perfumer also did Bogue Maai, another scent I think is similar to this. I often wear scents tilted male, but think this is one on the MALE side. My husband sniffed it on paper and didn't find it as off-putting as I did.
If you like this "dark and mysterious" bitter type scents, definitely give this a try -- but would recommend a sample first, this is NOT a blind buy. And not Beethovan, but a tune more dissonant and atonal - Stravinksy or Scriabin?
01st December, 2020

Jontue by Revlon

Found this old bottle (still in the box should have been a hint) when cleaning out a cupboard, thought I'd give it a try. Never wore it as a young woman, maybe my daughter left it here? Doesnt' seem her style, so no idea. I gave it a go, and after two hours I now I remember why I never wore it.
Opening is nice citrus and floral then "it" starts. I don't know exactly what the scent "it" is, perhaps the musk or patchouli -- both of which I have an ongoing love/hate relationships with depending on their strength an strength. I'll let this wear run out, and put it in my donate to women's shelter box, someone will probably love it.
30th November, 2020

Jovan Musk for Women by Jovan

Nice sweet, warm, "wrap up in a sweater sit down with a good book"scent. I am not generally a musk fan, and have to say I appreciate it much more in the dry-down. May try White Musk if I find a bottle somewhere cheap.
30th November, 2020

Kenneth Cole Signature by Kenneth Cole

A leftover from the past that somehow survived two moves? Nice notes, flashback to an early era with initial BLAST. But still, has once you hit dry-down, it has a pleasant patchouli (not always my favorite) a little musk, then the anamalic I just can't stand...Scrubber, and donating to group home for their Christmas packages, as still have the box and it's pretty full.. yeah, should have been a hint.
30th November, 2020

En Passant by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

It takes awhile to 'warm up' and have any scent on my skin. It's a pleasant lilac with cucumber floating on a watery base, lily coming in and green notes. It is a floating scent, seems to have no grounding, and sadly on me only around 2 hour longevity. Scents are true and lovely, but not a FB for me.
29th November, 2020

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Decided to sample as on 'top ten inexpensive quality scents', and they nailed it. It's not my usual type of scent, not usually into gourmand sweet, but this one is very nicely put together.
I don't know that I'll wear it on a regular basis. I'm of an age this might smell like Mom who just left the bakery or kitchen rather than a sexy delicious vibe <grin>.
Still, after a hard work day when the smells of a kitchen full of fruit and baking, with the woodfire in the kitchen seems like a nice smell to relax with. Can't compare to BR540, but there is sure a large market for this.
25th November, 2020 (last edited: 02nd December, 2020)

L'Air des Alpes Suisses by Tauer

I was looking forward to trying this scent, and given my appreciation for Tauer scents, I had high hopes. But, wasn't what I was hoping for, it was almost too much air and not enough scent to hold my attention. On two trials,all I got were all very lightweight, light flowers, spices, even the wood notes or amber never really developed to an anchor the scents. The Suisse l'air seemed to be up at the top of the mountain, far way from my skin.
25th November, 2020

Grimoire by Anatole Lebreton

A magical scent I don't have the words to totally express; the positive reviews above fairly well describe it, it's a strongly earthy, woody scent on me, which somehow becomes ethereal in the journey of drying down.
Feels perfect in these cold short days of winter,a scent to burrowing down through dead leaves and end season herbs and flowers. A good scent to hibernate in, ideally with a pile of good books covered in dust awaiting the luxury of time to read, at last until the sun returns.
Probably wouldn't recommend as blind buy; it is an unusually complex blend that may be hard wear for a woman in traditional office or for formal evening events.
24th November, 2020 (last edited: 05th December, 2020)
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Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Sharp opening almost jolts you to awareness. I didn't think there could be 'too much' tuberose, now I know there can be, at least to my nose it was just totally overwhelming. I enjoy the dry own an think it's best about two or three hours in when some of the coconut and melon join in to moderate the sweet white rating. I know some people love it, and from a distance I could see myself sniffing a trail and being enchanted, just too intense a scent for me to wear. I love 90% of Ropion's blends, and that's okay, I always give them a trial run or two, he is an absolute master with scents.
23rd November, 2020

Joop! Femme by Joop!

Like many here, back to a bright chypre I wore as a younger woman. I think it's actually better on me now; as if I've grown into the scent. Now better able to appreciate the depths of the scent, power of the florals -- and to realize it's not necessary to spend $150-$400 for a bottle of elegant, well-made perfume.
Unlike some other reviewers, this is not a workplace scent in most US offices, where many scents I love can no longer go without complaints (only quiet no/low sillage allowed). So,it will be a go-to for evenings and weekends. Glad to have a bottle again.
21st November, 2020

Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed by A Lab on Fire

I enjoyed the scent. The fruit opening was warm an sweet without being jammy; rose and heliotrope are well done and one of my favorite combinations. The all those savory base notes come tumbling in -- that's were I 'get' the 'messy..rolled out of bed' bit. I'll keep and use the sample, but too pricey for FB.
19th November, 2020

Lilacs & Heliotrope by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)

Enjoyed the perfume, the scents are all wonderful notes, but despite the varietals, the lilac seems to go too quickly. During dry down the heliotrope carries the floral, with musk and benzoin remaining.
I love the lilac scents, they are so true to the actual smell.
On third try I'm liking it more. Thinking it's that I may prefer the scent off my skin, in good candle or incense? I will keep the sample around until spring and see if it doesn't 'fit' better for wearing then.
18th November, 2020 (last edited: 19th November, 2020)

After My Own Heart by Ineke

I was entranced by the initial scent,perfect lilac note introduced by the gentle top notes. Then over time, it just slowly fades into a mushy drier-sheet smell of musk and something floral synthetic. Sounds like a similar experience to most other reviews here.
18th November, 2020

White Flowers Eau Fraiche 1.41 by Yosh

This scent is exactly the definition of the name: "White Flowers". They are nicely blended; but for me it was just too much unrelenting floral sweet. There seemed to be nothing holding down the crystalline projection of the freesia, gardenia and jasmine. If you want a nice sustained scent for spring or summer, this may be a good option.
18th November, 2020

Eiderantler by January Scent Project

An interesting scent with a great name and curious (in a good way) presence. To me the notes waxed and waned, dancing through several seasons.

It's a white cool winter, that first sharp ozoone-menthol you almost non-scent you get as you step outdoors on a cold day with the groun covered with snow. It's a clean cold air with a hint of woodstove smoke.
But wait, there is early summer with first cut hay and spring violets in rich loam of summer. Summery vetiver and amber melds into leaves crunching underfoot and being burnt as the cycle prepares to repeat.

It is a scent that seems to be a bit demanding of attention in a subtle alerting your nose it has changed, so sniff AGAIN, and I DO like that. I have had a lifetime for chypres, fougeres, orientals,etc -- something new and interesting is fun at any stage of life.

Or,as MrMorel noted in his review, it MAY be because I am a middle-age aunt (no ceramics but spin and weave) living in the subtropics and missing four seasons. It's on my Christmas wish list for a FB.
17th November, 2020 (last edited: 20th November, 2020)

Camellia by Aroma M

This Aroma M "Camilla" perfume is an organic perfume in which the delicate scent of Camellia is supported by other florals: neroli, jasmine, gardenia; spiked with a touch of geranium; warmed by rose, and deepened by frankincense base. It is a clean light floral scent, but with a deeper presence through the rose and frankincense.
Being oil based, this lovely camellia languidly yields to the other florals, and then the frankincense -- a lovely scent all the way through. I did not catch the geranium scent at all, and to my nose the rose is a barely-there scent.
It is available at American Perfumers, Lucky Scent, or the Aroma M site (currently sold out there).
17th November, 2020

Agua Magnoliana by Fueguia

At the start this magnolia is wonderful, a well-balanced blend wafts out from the body, supported gently by a background of jasmine and a deeper note of sandalwood. This sandalwood is a great addition, as it, and perhaps the choice of Amazonian Magnolia, keep the scent from becoming too sweet or 'white floral'which is unusual for magnolia-based scents.
It is a masterful and substantial blend; unfortunately is only sustained at this pitch for a couple of hours. By hour four the magnolia scent has faded, leaving sandalwood with a hint of jasmine --still pleasant, but missing the star note.
Overall, is an expensive and well-made perfume, if you're willing to renew scent frequently, or looking for something more substantial or perhaps masculine (compared to Malle's Eau de Magnolia which is also wonderful,but a much brighter, greener, and longer-wearing scent) I would definitely consider this scent option, even at the higher price point.
17th November, 2020

Hana Hiraku by Parfum Satori

A feminine blending of unusual notes of melon and misu with classic florals presented here as a very classy, subtle, long-lasting scent that is interesting throughout dryown. The melon works so well as a seamless transition to florals, and the misu does add a unique depth I enjoyed. With almost no sillage, it would be a perfect office perfume, or for summer refresher
16th November, 2020

Magnolia Grandiflora Michel by Grandiflora

Citrus blends uncomfortably here with the white floral top note. It start out bright and floral-soapy projects strongly, but it's not pleasant to my nose. There is a darker note under this that become more intense during dry down. Possibly sandalwood, more likely patchouli (which I tend to dislike so this may be just a personal bias).
Lovely Magnolias are available from Malle's Eau de Magnolia as noted above; if you can find it, Fueguia Aqua Magnolia is a very classy, subtle long-lasting scent that is made from Amazonian Magnolia, and is true to scent of the flower.
16th November, 2020

Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

A pleasant scent, on my skin wears as 'thin' and is gone in 3-4 hours from a sample from credible source. It is a feminine floral with a few twists that give it a familiar but pleasantly unique summery scent.
16th November, 2020

Soleil by Fragonard

Wonderful bottle; picked up at estate sale, 1/3 left, dark yellow liquid. Minimal top note, pleasant light floral with some deep bitter note running under the scents that was unpleasant until amber and wood base notes came in. not one i'd buy, but it IS a great bottle, deserved a better scent.
14th November, 2020

Héliotrope Gingembre by Fragonard

Nice, comfortable and well blended scent, would be great for winter holidays. Mild orange evolves to the smell of apple cobbler dessert held together by vanilla, caramel,and Tonka bean for luscious support. The arrival of rose and heliotrope blend seamlessly from the first hour. It's nicely blended, each scent has it's role, and plays well with others. No fireworks here, but a comfortable and wearable scent --no OOHs and AAHs, but nothing here to offend. My sample was a few years old, and the formula rather weak.
12th November, 2020

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

The reviews of the notes above,I had a similar experience of an enjoyable opening over the first hour. The following scent development was nice, but to me read MASCULINE, and I'm a gal not afraid to snitch a spritz's of a guys cologne just to see what it does. On my skin after the first hour there was a bitterscent that doesn't suit me, almost a 1970s male cologne element, as it was increasing, My first Tauer scrubber. I'll leave the little sample as a gift next time I snitch cologne.
12th November, 2020

Pardon by Nasomatto

This scent has been well described elsewhere on this list. On my skin, it was so tightly blended I had some difficulty pulling out particular scents. The tended to emerge then not be there. Magic? Or my newbie nose more likely.
Smooth scent for men or women, would be great for office. I like this, but if I'm spending this much, will stick with his China White and Absinthe, both of which I wear nearly every work day. Like all his scents it has good longevity, perhaps slighty shorter than the other two above.
12th November, 2020

Lys Méditerranée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I snuck spring into the office today. Looked out on yet another dark dank dreary day and headed for work. With me is this polite scent, riding close to my skin under my jacket up the elevator. I hang my jacket on the back of my chair, inhale deeply -- and magically, in my office is SPRING: scented by blooming of tiger lilies, orange blossoms, muget peeks in later in the day, ferns. and a little ray of sun to brighten my day.
In meetings and conferences as I tuck my chin in my hand as if considering some topic, and take a discreet sniff or two and try not to smile. Still, I'm the only one who knows spring is here.
At the end of the day, I smile as we ride down the elevator and I head back out into the rain and darkening skies of November while enveloped by spring.
11th November, 2020