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Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

An exceptional gourmand. It smells like a combination of fresh pastries, vanilla bean, high-quality sandalwood oil, and a spicy component presumably from the clove, nutmeg, and maybe saffron. The sweetness tones down on my skin very gradually over time while a slightly animalic musk creeps in. I have a tough time with vanilla-centric perfumes and gourmands in general, but this really works for me. I think it is the way it wears on my skin. Many gourmands have a thickness to them that I find cloying over time. Dries Van Noten avoids this, creating a nice airy scent cloud. It also does not smell like any particular food per se, which is a good thing in my book. Though it is hard to describe without mentioning the foody components, it is blended very well and those components are unified into something that is as addicting as it is hard to pin down. Performance is great. It sticks to clothing for days, but as mentioned, I do not find it cloying in the least bit. It is office appropriate and unisex. A great fragrance. 9/10.
22nd April, 2021

Ormonde Elixir by Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Man is about as close as it gets to the perfect office fragrance for me. Others seem to share this sentiment. Elixir has the same black hemlock and cardamom signature as Ormonde Man, making the two perfumes obviously related. The Cambodian oud in Elixir is probably the most drastic departure from the scent profile of Ormonde Man. It is not a skanky or animalic oud. It is clean, woody, and intoxicating. Elixir is very pungent, surely due to the high concentration of fragrance oil, where Ormonde Man is really quite diffusive. Elixir can be overwhelming to others in close quarters, so I could not see myself wearing this to work. I do, however, often wear the OG to the office in the morning and spray Elixir on after a long day of work. A perfect pair in that respect.
21st April, 2021

Tabacaurum by Sultan Pasha

This is probably my favorite Sultan Pasha creation. Outside of tobacco and honey, which I find are the most noticeable components of this blend, the numerous other ingredients are blended too well for me to coherently dissect. I do pick up a very nice natural oud and sandalwood when I focus my attention. In my college days, I had a roommate that would smoke hookah and burn Nag Champa incense every night. A sweet scent cloud would permeate the entire house, and this attar brings me back to those times. The nostalgia factor is what elevates this above the numerous other Sultan Pasha compositions that I love.
21st April, 2021
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Cuba by Henry Jacques

A very refined and classic tobacco fougere with uncommon depth. The juniper and lavender combine for a very aromatic and green top. Geranium in the heart keeps the composition on the edge of barbershop, and an excellent natural tobacco note emerges but never overwhelms. Vetiver, patchouli, and musk are in perfect proportion in the base, with no one note dominating the others. The entire thing is so well-blended. I find it the perfect balance of vintage and modern. I would call it timeless, which I am finding is a hallmark of this house. I am reviewing the pure perfume oil. There is serious depth to this perfume. Projection is a bit above average for a perfume oil. Longevity is very good, with slow and noticeable progression from top to base notes.
21st April, 2021

Géranium pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

This is so unique and fun to wear. It has a barbershop vibe for sure, but this is far from a common fougere. The bracing geranium and cooling mint make this refreshing the second it touches the skin. Both notes stay present throughout, but do slowly give ground to the warm and lovely base. Performance is average, but I love the top notes so much that I have no problem spraying once or twice more throughout the day. I guess this has the reputation for being a polarizing one, which I find odd given how pleasant and easy I find it to wear. Ropion is perhaps my favorite perfumer, and this is a another worthy addition to his impressive run of perfumes for Malle.
21st April, 2021

Ma Nishtana by Parfum Prissana

I have found my holy-grail incense fragrance in Ma Nishtana. It does not smell like the airy Catholic-church incense of Avignon or Cardinal. It is like being immersed in a thick cloud of smoky incense in a humid temple where the stuff has been burning without pause for years. With the smoke comes waves of oriental spices and thick amber. Brilliant creation. This projects well and lasts for a long time. It transports me in a way that only a few other fragrances I have encountered on my journey do. Very spiritual. 10/10.
22nd September, 2019