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Quasar by J del Pozo

Very nice, fresh unobtrusive, aquatic suitable for everyday wear. Different from the common aquatic scent out there. Too bad it was discontinued. Longevity is an easy 10 hours and sillage moderate. Totally recommended! Overall 8/10
13th September, 2019

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Boring.For the masses.Non existent personality. Just OK. If you want to smell like one million (at least) other people then this is for you. Is it not why they named that way ? Overall 6/10
13th September, 2019

UDV Night by Ulric de Varens

A spicy synthetic mess. Overall 4.5/10
13th September, 2019
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Y by Yves Saint Laurent

This must be the most synthetic scent i have ever come across. It reminds me of new plastic toys that you just unwrapped from the box. Powerful longevity and sillage nevertheless.

Very mediocre. Overall 5.5/10
13th September, 2019

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Not bad, not bad at all. Generic but pleasant. Longevity and sillage are both leaning to the bad side though. A nice, everyday, mild, never overwhelming scent. You cant go wrong with this one. But nothing special. Overall 7/10
13th September, 2019

Denim Black by Denim

Too synthetic, not horrible, not good either. My sister despises this one..and to be honest it does not worth a penny. Overall 4/10
13th September, 2019

Casamorati Mefisto by Xerjoff

At first sniff i must say i was a bit disappointed, all i could perceive was lemony grass. All this hype got me expecting a masterpiece. Well, it is not. Certainly quality stuff and a fresh scent. Truth is i enjoy the opening more than the dry down where everything calms down and the frag reminds me of a grown mature man -or woman. So and so.
01st September, 2019 (last edited: 10th August, 2020)

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Vacation in a bottle! Pretty relaxing and calming. Definitely a summer scent. However i feel like it leans a bit feminine, been told so too sadly. Overall 8/10
01st September, 2019

Oud Minérale by Tom Ford

Well...this thing is awesome if what you seek is smelling like gasoline. I cannot see though why someone would enjoy emitting such a sick smell. It is one of the worst fragrances i have tried. And i honestly wanted to like it so much...
20th July, 2019

L'Aventure by Al Haramain

Very interesting and dynamic.The opening is an explosion of fruits, i feel like i am swimming in a pool where the water has been replaced by tropical fruit-juices. Such a good deal! Longevity is pretty good and sillage too. Overall 9/10
14th June, 2019 (last edited: 06th September, 2019)

Millésime Impérial by Creed

What an elegant fragrance! Every element seems to have been so carefully integrated in that cologne and the result is simple but unique. Does not remind me of any other fragrance i have tried, it certainly has it's own identity. Very discreet, very nice. However, does it really worth spending so much money on a cologne, when there is plenty of other -not as pleasant, but good enough- fragrances out there?? It's up to you to decide. Overall 9/10
02nd June, 2019

Missoni Parfum pour Homme by Missoni

Personally i find this one quite alluring. Overall the scent is citrusy fresh,especially at the opening. This fragrance can be worn at everyday basis, but be careful! 2-3 sprays will do the trick just fine. If applied more then the scent may become a little obnoxious. Mpph endures on my skin for about 10-11 hours and sillage is also very satisfying. While it is not mind-blowing, it certainly is a safe - nice option worth trying.
Overall : 7/10
02nd May, 2019 (last edited: 10th September, 2019)

Luna Rossa Eau Sport by Prada

This fragrance is the definition of cleanness and freshness. Amazing scent, but poor longevity. I find this one to be the best from the series of luna rossa. Wish it lasted longer. Nevertheless, it fulfills perfectly it's cause,that is, it is the most suitable fragrance i have worn for excercising.
Overall : 8/10
02nd May, 2019
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